The Message; In The Palm!

His love is the tree of life, planted at the center of my heart; rooted deep within my soul!

His name is a symbol of true victory, His love is triumphant; my heart will forever be a prize!

His heart is full with so much passion, He loves so deeply; enough to die for you and me!

His love is so expressive, expressed through the greatest known sacrifice!

He has our hearts concealed within the palm of His hand; yet my heart feels so free!

Jesus, Your presence is truly heaven, to me!

Hosanna; blessed be!


The Message; Being Used!

Careful what you ask for, yes be mindful of what you pray for. We pray, asking to be used by God, but forget that we are still just a child, of God; a child doesn’t always know what they’re saying. Sure, we believe that we CAN do all things, but are we truly willing to DO all things?

• Don’t ask, if you’re not truly ready to be used.

• Don’t seek, and then hide when it’s time to be found.

• Don’t knock, if you’re not ready to go through the open door.

When you seek God, asking for something, remember that with that something; God also gave His love! If we forget to be thankful, yes, if we forget to be forever grateful, then God surely must feel like the one; being used!



Are you broken and hurt, run into the open arms; come.

Overwhelmed by the weight of this life, there’s peace for your troubled heart; come.

Does your heart thirst for something more, there’s a well that will fill your soul; come.

Do you want to trade your sorrows for joy… unspeakable; come.

There’s beauty within ashes, from the ashes a heart is made new; come.

When you’ve finally come to the end of yourself. That’s the place where you will find comfort for the brokenness, a refuge from life, water for your thirsty soul, and joy to trade for your sorrows. Jesus is waiting with arms wide open; Come!


The Message; this is war!

So many people are in a fight, a fight for their heart; this is war.

Hearts are under attack, the heart is in a battle; this is war.

Violence sweeps across the nation, darkness wants to sweep through the soul; this is war.

Thou the battles are fierce; hands up, with hearts wide open. Take heart, the battle scars will fade away. This is war, but you won’t loose; God fights for you!


The Message; from the inside!

I’m going to let my praises rise; from the inside.

My delight for You comes; from the inside.

Your love fills my heart; from the inside.

Let Your love set my soul on fire; from the inside.

All the praise, every single part of my worship; comes from the inside. Your name will be forever glorified; from the inside… of me!