Fun Friday; Passionate vs Faithfulness!

Passionate, Faithfulness; two true heavyweights. They, might seem in the same weight class. Spoiler alert, one will emerge greater, than the other. Both, have stand alone power… in their own right. But together, the combination will be epic. Both, know how to press in, and accept the challenge. Never backing down, when the day calls your heart out. So, deliver a heartfelt moment, worth remembering. The heart and soul, both getting a ringside seat. Watch a-bout, how they intend to square off. Passion, for short, has a deep desire. Give chase, pursue the prize, with vim and vigor. The downside, to Passion? Becoming easily distracted, by a wayward heart. Faith will never be, a short-handed approach to Faithfulness. Faith, needs to be the substance. That Will, produce the evidence… Pound for pound, the strongest muscle in the body; the heart. Passionately, a heart will step to the podium. But the soul, tells a heart. You have enough faith, to fight through every adversity. One, looks to take center stage, have the top billing. The other, looking to take the stand. With hard work, and dedication; be the greatest. Some days, the battlefield is the mind. Going toe to toe, with the heart. But, when love prevails. The stand, becomes shoulder to shoulder. So the outcome will be, heart to heart!

Even, in a knock down, dragged out… encounter. Passion, will surely rise to the occasion. With a Passionate, bob and weave routine. Forgetting, true Faithfulness, doesn’t waver. When push, and shove collides. Faithfulness, will always counter with the right… extension of love. With, no pun intended, just love extended. Without feeling the need, to brag, or boast. Passionate, feeling it, eagerly comes out swinging. But Passion, without the right follow-through; doesn’t produce the intended desire. Faithfulness, not into perpetually; keeping your guard up. It’s a-bout, knowing; Someone’s in your corner. With encouragement, love, and devotion. A heart dependable, remaining true. Regardless, of any extenuating circumstances. To be, or not to be? A Passionate heart, with a Faithfulness soul? Strong in feeling, but drawing strength. From what you believe, to be your unwavering truth. Being Passionate, shows a heart with promise, likened to lionhearted. But, without the right stamina, found in a faithful heart. Even, the best intentions, lacks the steadfast zeal. Why, when Faithfulness delivers. Passionate… feelings, takes a step back. Refocuses, never feeling; it’s time to throw in the towel. A mind undecided, becomes a heart, double visioned. A heart, needs to be intentionally trained. To allow the soul, to have what it needs. The fierce confidence, to fight the good fight. The right demonstration, will make comPassion favorable. To rank higher, on the disregarded scorecard!

When the day, seems like the fight of your life. The feeling like body blows, a heart feeling in tatters. When, your back’s against the ropes. Dig, deep into your repertoire. Let hope become the rope, that will always have your back. Life, best fought with a surrendered heart. Passionate moments, sometimes fade. But, for every committed moment; Faithfulness, never show fatigue. Having a strong faith, requires the heart be consistently in practice. So, it won’t be stunned, by an unexpected jab. Breathing, sometimes optional. Most days, you have to gather up your pride, and put it back in your heart. Then tell life,“is that all you have… to offer?” I am Passionate, my Faithfulness, will become undisputed. Passion, in heart the woven fabric. But Faith, needs to be the thread. Sometimes, the day won’t let you catch your breath. It can hit below the belt, bringing you to your knees. Take the moment, to give your soul right clarity. With a gut check, let the heart decide. Will it be, a Passionate stance, displaying a graceful heart? Or will the moment, let Faithfulness display, how to stick and move? Sick to your faith, and Move… with renewed momentum. Wordplay, will never be smack talk. When you’re Passionate, about setting up, the right hook. So, let your Passion, be a heart forever guarded, with grace. So your Faithfulness, will emerge showcasing, the victor’s crown. Say won’t, or could never be. Faithfulness, will surely prove you wrong!


The Upper Room!

Love, make my whole heart, your upper room. In there, you will get the glory. For, what am I? But only, what the love has made, my heart to become. I need you, to forever be… in this place. A life, filled with your fragrance. A heart, living breathless in the presence. A soul present, basking in the light. How, can my heart ever keep secrets? You show up, my soul bares them all. Let the love, take my soul… to new heights. In this place, the upper room… of my heart. In every season, love will be the reason. In every test, you bring out the best. In my weakness, you give my soul rest. The essence, of true contentment. In being, with the love therein. Love, you keep my heart accountable. Hold my soul to the fire, make new heights attainable. Tell every fleeting breath, it is well, with my soul. Breath on my faith, so when; the day becomes heavy. My heart, will have the strength. Stand and sing; Amazing Grace. To hear how reassuring, becomes the sound of your love. In a time such as this, may my heart be known. In the stillness, in the quietness. A silent prayer will resound, for hearts in need. Love, because of you, I’m able to breathe… easier. Even though, darkness forever looms. Trying, to snatch every breath. Sift the heart, like wheat. I don’t need much, just you; and the remnants left behind. For that alone, will be enough… to sustain the heart. Nothing, can ever be worth more. Could ever be compared, to finding living hope. More, than words can say. What a heart, can ever pen down. May every thought, be the same question; “how deep is the love?” Love, you’re the breath of life, and you’re welcomed here. To flood this place, fill the atmosphere, with what a heart truly long for. Full, moved; deeply, with the breadth of love. My soul, won’t ever taste anything as sweet. Without, my heart first knowing. The sweetest love, will forever be. In the Upper Room, communing… with the heart!


The Symphony, A Hymn!

Strike up the band, prick my heart. For thee, my soul will take a forever stand. Sound the trumpet, let the love blow my mind. Tug on my heart, make it your stringed instrument. To your heart, tether my soul; three strands strong. A soul, tuned to the breadth of your love. Let the anthem resound, until my soul resonates… the truest love. Let it be, heard loud and clear. In my heart and soul, your love will be a sympathy, an angelic hymn. Playing within my soul, the greatest love song. For a heart set free, triumphant in thee. Beat the drum, let the love beat out of my chest. Call my heart, into thy love, rapture my soul. So, I can hide, myself forever in thee. Thy love, has plucked my soul. In your love, no repercussion will ever be found. Just, the sweetest melody; holding me close. The orchestrater, of my love symphony. A love, likened to a musical, with a lyrical sound. A heart draped, textured within a crimson love. Becoming so instrumental, for the taking of every breath. In every season, in every stage of life. May the resonation, be you’re my first love. A heart, singing thy hymn. A soul, dancing a breathless dance. As Your love, dances with my heart. The poetry in motion, with a poetic love. Descriptive, becomes every breadth of love. In heart, in mind, in body, in soul. To be a life well lived, it’s with specificity. Love, in its simplicity. That will change not, just forever will be. A Symphony, A Hymn!


A Song in The Night!

When, your heart is going through the darkness. A soul restless, seeing shadows. Reflections in the night, what’s in the passing… moments. A heart, reflecting on the day. Trying not to let, the darkness make your hopes seem, fleeting dreams. Don’t let your heart, drift off… into what’s another daze. For suddenly, a light will break through the dawn. Showing your soul, in the wake. There will be a reason, for the heart to be inspired. To keep on going, through whatever becomes the season. Pursue the day, but chase after the truest love. Sometimes, the day takes you through the valley. Sometimes, the tempest will become a flood. Just know; tears, doesn’t mean your heart is losing. When your soul, needs something with substance. Something, your heart can forever rest on? It’s found, within the word. In everything, there’s a song. A love song, with such a simple melody. The breadth of love, with an embedded richness. That will strike, the loveliest tone. To eclipse the night, and soothe the soul. A peace, letting in a crimson light. In the moonlight, under the starry night. A song can be heard, playing in the twilight. That will, surely leave you breathless. A heart and soul, clustered together. Swaying to the rhythm of love, within a calming presence. A heart, knowing a love song. That’s lyrically vital, and so deeply moving. That leaves an impression, deep within the memory. When it’s all said, when it’s all done. May it truly be, a life well lived. That lights a path, with a word. To encourage your heart, and show the way. So at the end, the love will bare much hope. With, A Song in The Night!



Suddenly, as if you knew my heart; needed to behold, how amazing, your love appears. When the day, tries to make hope disappear. Love makes it becomes, it’s fear no longer seen. In a heart, that needs to know the breadth of love. When, words can’t be found. So my heart can explain, how the love is moving. How you see it, but yet can’t find it. The words, to say; it’s Magical. How your love, so early takes the breath. You will know it, to leave no doubt. The love, has moved… your heart again. All your soul can say, don’t it again. The magic, would be unbelievable. If my heart didn’t know, the love has a tell. In the stillness, the moment becomes, another breath- taken. Love, the word truly unparalleled. When there’s no strings attached, but for the heart. Love becomes the spell-bound, tethered to the soul profoundly. How beautifully delightful, to see all the ways. Your love can Magically remove, stress from everyday life. A love, with the power to be called, Super, Natural. A heart, being in a place. To know that it’s not with eyes, love becomes Magical. But with the heart, you believe in what, can only be perceived. How amazing, and phenomenal; the taking of every breath. A heart, fixed in a gaze. As captivated becomes the days. A soul amazed, that such a love. Would want to show, a heart, how glorious it is. To know the awe, and see the extraordinary wonder. In the Magical embrace, that seems too good, but so very true. The love is Magical, yes; but the excellence divine. A love, that will be mind-blowing. Only if and when, your heart believes. The beauty becomes truly known, first embracing in the Accept.ance. True Love, will never try to deceive, but fabulously reveal. The true difference, not letting the heart be distracted. With a love that vanished, in a breath; likened as magic. When the soul needed to know, a heart mesmerizing. With a love, meant to be beautifully seen, as Magical!


Don’t Ever Feel!

Don’t ever feel, you’re not enough. That my heart, won’t always love you. Don’t ever feel, my love won’t deeply respect, and honor you. Don’t ever feel, there’s a moment I won’t want you, or won’t need your love. Don’t ever feel, my heart will spontaneously come bust… ing in. Recklessly take your love, just to keep it all to myself. Reckless my love will be, whenever I need, to relentlessly chase after your heart. Don’t ever feel, I don’t want to know your heart. My love, forever wants to be. A man of action, a man after your heart. Forever for me, never about knowing, a feeling. But being in a place, where love transcends emotion. Don’t ever feel, I won’t always cherish your love. That my heart will ever stop holding, let my soul ever let you go. Someday will never make me forget, what your love has truly come to mean. All the love your heart, has so graciously lavished on my soul. Don’t ever feel, I need your heart to believe, your love to always know. My heart, will forever be. Whatever, your heart needs it to be. Your love, is enough… for me! Apr 19, 2021

A Designed Original!

A heart becomes a portrait, seen with many interpretations. But meant to be portrayed, through one perspective. The design, was masterfully crafted. To resonate, as a flawless masterpiece. The true excellence, based on what kind of love’s deeply applied. Though the heart, can become blind, to always see clearly. The love, should never forget; what truly needs to be seen. The story, embedded deep within the canvas of the heart. That brushes against the breadth, and captures the imagination. A design that clearly shows, that there’s a light of love, reflecting within the canvas. In each line, there a creation. Every pattern reveals, that every layer of love, leaves a lasting impression. The representation, that surely reflects the heart of the artistry. The One, who not just formed, but created. What’s seen, through the genesis of love. The plan, unveiled in blueprint. What is felt, what provokes an emotion; forever shape the heart. In the colors, the love, the breadth, and the depth. Forever seen, through the right lens. It doesn’t matter, who tries to block the light. A shadow, is still a reflection. Don’t let any unbeliever tell you, you’re not thoughtfully, and wonderfully made. You are created, to live in the masters peace, by design!

It doesn’t matter, what people say, or what they do. They can’t change, how amazing each and every day becomes, when grace is found. God’s love, portrayed in every gentle brush. Don’t you dare, say your portrait is already finished. He’s, taking His time. His love, cares about every little detail. Let His love, fix your gaze… only for His heart. Let it, work on your smile. Shape what becomes, your own unique personality. And through whose eyes, you can truly see yourself? An occasional glimpse, into the rear view. Only shows, how far you’ve come. Not all the places, His love plans to take your heart. He’s done, working on your posture. I hope you can truly see, how incredible you are, in His eyes. Poetry in the motion, love deepening with the loving devotion. The kisses of love, seen etched upon the heart. Live your life, gracefully. Run the everyday hustle, faithfully. Let the true breadth of love, breathlessly move your soul. Until the work of art, is completed. Don’t ever think, you won’t get through it; what becomes the circumstances? Hold your head high, don’t puff your chest; just open your heart. You won’t know, what’s truly possible. Until, you know your true worth. A heart ready, to not just shine, but radiate love. My heart, here only to remind you. It doesn’t matter, what comes against you. Just who, paints the finished picture for you. For your heart to be seen, A Designed Original!


One Breath At a Time!

The spotlight, sometimes ends up on me. When it, should always be on Your heart. Every time, the love makes your presence known. But, my heart has to roll out the red carpet. Invite you in, to honor the breadth of Your love. Your name, it’s in lights. In the sun, the moon, the stars. It shimmers, forever in the light of heaven. A love, written on my heart. In the entire universe, nothing could ever eclipse the breathless beauty. Your love, famous beyond just words. It’s the most famous love, my heart will ever know. It plays such a vital role, for a heart struck by the greatness. But how, could the word famous ever describe Your heart? When Your love, transcends even sight and sound. So, before I go any further. I want everyone to know, the words my heart pens. They’re not from a script, my heart chooses to memorize. These words, anyone can find them; resting forever on my soul!

Love, is an action words. Knowing your heart, my soul knows; it’s the greatest love of all. True love, not about an act one, but sense two many times. Your love, moves my heart to act. Draw closer, to know the true depth. Google, can search Your name. But it can never know, how it has changed my heart. Your heart, unsearchable, but knowable; at very same time. Why, after so many years. The love, my heart still receiving. Forever perceiving, the truth therein. In my soul, there absolutely no deceiving. For nothing else, will ever compare. When you’re a heart griped, by the endless love. A soul absolutely riveted, to hear when Your heart speaks. To be heart, left in awe, captivated by the awesome wonder. For a love, worthy of being center stage. My heart and soul, forever sold out. For the love, had me at hello. Why, would my heart ever need a refund. When my soul, knows the promise is true. Your love, will be my Forever. For Your name, is signed permanently across my heart. Now a love on display, for the whole world to see. Your love, not just a performance I know. But a breathtaking lifestyle, One breath at a Time!


Beautiful Love!

The beautiful sunrise, the breathtaking moonlight. In the brightest star, in the beauty of the heavenly. In a clouded day, indescribably beautiful the love becomes. A love, that could never be captured; in the most heartfelt poetry. The stunning beauty, portrait of a love so beautiful. Portrayed, through the heart of an artistic masterpiece. More desirable, than watching the spring as it blooms. A love so beautiful, that when it’s truly felt. The heart can’t help, but to beautifully radiate the essence, glisten in the afterglow. A love so alluring, likened to a moth captivated, in the ravishing fire. The sweetest lily in the valley, swaying heart and soul; with the glorious trumpet call. A soul breathless, by the beauty of the crimson rose peddles. A love so red, falling effortlessly into the bottom of the heart. To explain the exquisiteness, just how spectacular the beauty. Provokes an overwhelming response, but yet; no words can truly be found. To make known, how extraordinary. Adequately explain, what’s in a glimpse. An aesthetically feeling, will stimulate the senses; but forever engage the heart. A beauty so delightful, the appeal a love so divine. A love, purer than the sun. Brighter than the daylight, warmer than sunlight; forever my sunshine. A love, easy on the soul; gentle on each breath-taking. More lovely, than the most moving… angelic song. For it’s a, Beautiful Love!