When Pen…

Your love, has such a way with my heart. Your love gives my heart the ability, to express what was buried deep within. It might seem, my heart has a way with words; but it’s not so. My heart is just the pen, Your love the ink. A crimson love, what flows endlessly. Words, captured by the heart; stirred up deep within. But first, my heart had to learn how to deal; with a wayward mind. So my soul could know how to pour out the love, within a heart… moved by words. When pen meets paper, love will forever be the story. A heart trying to write down, every single drop of the love. Within every stroke, love illuminated through words. Undeniable, the love never having to be questioned. Intentional, evident when the love resonates. My heart doesn’t need a ruler, straight and to the point; how depth of love is measured. I won’t to tip toe, around my insecurities. There’s nothing impressive in the writing, it’s the love that makes the story breathe; through a love deeply felt. A heart speechless, letting the love speak; through each word!

How deep is this love, the length, height, and breadth; beyond simple words. My heart watches in true amazement, how fear is just shadows; that doesn’t cast a single doubt. There’s vulnerability, in being broken. But love can never truly flow deeply, if the unknown is what becomes the focus. Forever changed, a heart and soul gelled within, love divine. Stop my heart, let Your love be the only thing; that moves my soul. Let the love within overflow, a heart sharing a thousand stories. Expand my heart, contract my soul; let every moment be breathless. Let every breath within my lungs, be a heart captivated by the overwhelming breadth. In my heart there’s life, Your love is what flows. If You were to ever remove the love, my heart would surely have nothing; worth writing about. As long as You live deep within, the love will never end. Every time when Pen, meets paper; may it be undeniably clear, the love… is You!


Pull It Down!

Pull it down, pull every single one down. Every weapon, every stronghold; pull them all down. Lay your burdens down, not your soul to be trampled on. Don’t give in to the culture, what is normalized. It’s time to realize, behind every scheme; there’s a plot, meant to become your grave. The thief has plans, but God has His plan; to Not let you be destroyed. You were made, to bind; not be bound. Weapons are formed, but You are Made; in the image of God. Weird the sword, in the name of Jesus. That’s how, Generational chains are broken. Tear it down, the veil; pull it all down. Don’t let anything blind your heart, from seeing the truth. The fight, is for the soul; the next generation. No one, has the power to nullify; void your worth. Even if, you gave it away; Take It Back. All power is given, not taken. Whatever you continually wrestle with, whatever roots you need to pull up? Don’t hesitate, the time is now. Anyone, or anything that has a hold over you? Jesus’ name, it Will be Cancelled!

Though the struggle is real, and the battles are fierce. Speak life, over every circumstance. Your health might be failing, but don’t let your resolve; ever be a heart knowing defeated. Cracks in your armor, doesn’t mean your soul is losing. When you can see in the spirit, that every opposition has already been cancelled. Your soul shall surely live, in the peace. The cracks, the attacks; just distractions, to get you off track. Just remember this simple fact, that when you boldly act; a conquering spirit, becomes the knack. Don’t ever throw a quiver, pull an arrow out of your emboldened quiver; and aim your arrow high. In the natural, the blood is under the flesh. But in the spirit, the flesh forever thrives; under the blood… Whatever comes, trying to steal your destiny? God wants me to tell you, it’s Cancelled. Declare, Proclaim; Receive, your victory. Pull it down, and every day; keep Pulling it Down!


My Cinderella!

You stepped into my life, then slowly entered my mind; then, I didn’t want you to leave… my heart. Let my love whisper into your soul, tell you what’s on my heart; your love. A lot of wine, two hearts in twine. Your love slow dancing with my heart, under the moonlight. Love finding the way together, by a love so divine. Five minutes to midnight, the moon so right; it’s a full heart. Neither one of us, have learned how to say goodbye. Cinderella, your love is not a mystery. Your heart is the treasure, worth pursuing. The adventure, what each day will bring. Let me hold the door, let me take your hand; your love has me by the heart. The love is strong, but; if you should ever feel the need, to question this heart of mine? Yes, I’m going to love you true; until the end of time. I know you want it too, forever. The love feels too good, for it to ever be wrong; you’re my Cinderella. Puff, the love is magic; where as the years gone?

Changed, God predestined the love of a virtuous woman; to help soften the heart of this man. In the midnight hour, your love shimmers like the star you are. The love in your eyes, soft and refreshing. Your presence, like a gentle summer breeze. The wind in your hair, the sun on your skin; the breath of God within your heart. A love so sweet, like tender drops of honey. Your smile, lights up every single one of my nights. I don’t have to wish upon a thousand stars, this love is not a fairytale; it’s one in a million. My heart knew years ago, a love so real; was written forever in the heavens. This love is ageless, as we walk together through life. Hand in hand, barefoot along the sands of time. My heart admirers your soul, as it frolics and dance… to the light of God’s love. Captured by each of my loving graze, a love so dear. Better than I was, more than I am; knowing your love. A perfect fit, the day your love slipped into my heart. Beautiful are your feet, and lovely the heart of my angel!

Darling, when I cause the rain to fall. Put your head on your pillow, rest assured and know; my love will always be there, in the morning. Cinderella, even if our stories get crossed. Your love the beauty, my heart the unlikable beast. Know that forever, how the story ends. Sleeping beauty, everyday; I kiss an angel good morning. When we touch, whenever our lips meet. Candy, what I call you girl. Even when we get old and gray, upon your heart, endless love; I will love you like that. Time may change, your brown hair gray; but that’s okay, I’m not in love with the changing times. Though the year, my heart will hold you close. Every girl wants to be a princess, and every sweet lady; should be treated as a queen. Today, I celebrate you; and thank the good, Lord. For thinking my heart worthy to share, the love He put within your soul. My Cinderella, your love is still dancing… with my heart!



If loving You, makes my heart guilty of needing Your love? Then I will gladly, confess my needy ways; in a court of public opinion. If wanting to love You, until my last breath has gone? Makes me guilty, wanting to wait to then… to exhale. I cannot tell the lie, have my soul deny the undeniable truth; breathless, how I choose to forever live. The plain and simple truth, I have already embraced the fact. Needing Your love, will never be the apology; uttered from within these unwavering lips. Your love moves, underneath my every breath. So much so, that my actions have made this heart of mine guilty. Confession of this love, not do to the want; but every much the need. If, you believe you must. Go ahead, question my motives, interrogate what this love is truly worth; everything. Throw the book at my heart, the word; written deep within my soul. You can put my heart, into a predetermined boxes; my soul won’t be swayed. For this I will take the stand, stand out; what my heart will do. I will stand up, vigorously defend this love. Words, they can never slander my resolve. Smears, only bother a heart worried; about a meaningless reputation. I’m not guilty, for aiding and abetting. It’s in-bedded within, the love is not hidden; it’s boldly on display. This is not a crime, but I can’t deny the passion!

My heart, will never rescind the love. You can never lock away a heart, when the love breaks every chain. A so called trial, is just a test… of character. A soul sitting speechless in the stillness, captured by love. But, if the truth ever gets you twisted. Guilty in your eyes, doesn’t change the freedom; I have found within. I plead guilty, to be a heart captivated. I don’t fear, being found guilty of loving deeply. For, when it’s all said and done; works and deeds can be judged. But no one, can truly judge the heart. A shackled mind, means a heart still bound; not willing to confess, to a soul conviction. A heart can never say, the love is free indeed. If the love, is always hidden. For a soul, to live deep in love; the heart has to first make the choice, to be unapologetic. True Love, doesn’t need a twisting of the arm; the begging, or the pleading. So yes, if loving You makes me guilty, of needing Your love? I gladly confess, that I am he. Guilty by association, Your love, My heart; what this will forever be!


Song Inspired; Run to You!

Much, that others don’t see; I know, You see it all. The good, the bad; the ugly within my own heart. But, whenever I run to You; Your love always takes the time, to listen to my heart. In You, how I find my peace. A place where You would always meet me, the place where searching; meant always finding, my greatest joy. In a silent river, even on a not so sure riverbank. When it was the heart of a scared little boy, it was You; the one that ran to me. Who knew, just You; that I would get to this place, still needing You as my anchor. Your love is always so strong, it held on to my heart; when the nights became a raging sea. A river running into a wide open ocean, an ocean becoming the rising calm. Drowning, never became the problem; breathless, the place my soul needed to get to. Here, still needing You. Now, the need for You more than ever. Forever, knowing that tomorrow; the need will be even greater!

For years, I played the part; someone always in control. But I know now, it first started with the surrender. Giving all of me, the needing to let go. So my heart could find how, to arrive at this predestined place. Whenever I felt alone, You were always there; hovering, over every breath. You held me in your arms, when I needed to be close to your heart; to keep my heart safe from harm. You stayed, not just because I needed You; but because You, never stopped wanting me. Every day, the coming home. Turning up… was the key, to always see Your love waiting; never wanting to leave. There’s nobody, that will ever care as much for me; the same way You do. What’s the true sense, trying hard to find dreams. If not finding You there… in the midst; for every shared moment? I need You Here, to wipe away the tears. I need You Now, to kiss away any lingering fear. I need You Forever, so I can always; Run to You!

What if I held it forever, would my heart still be able to breathe? What if a tidal wave of emotions, made my heart feel so overwhelmed? Would the air in my lungs, be enough to sustain my soul? What if I tried, to gaze forever into your heart? Would a mere glimpse, be the endless shimmer to stop my heart; become a breathless moment? What if, the rhythm of my heart was erratic, would anyone truly be able to tell that it’s Your love; that steadies heartbeat? Tell me, what if; I stopped holding my breath? How would my soul, know how to truly breathe?

This song inspired, was released in 1987, and was part of the bodyguard soundtrack and movie; with Whitney Houston, and Kevin Costner. August 9, would have been her birthday day. From her first album released in the 80’s, you can see that God gave her an incredible gift. But unfortunately, her life is also a perfect example. To show that if we don’t truly guard our heart, we can end up straying down a darkened path. The light of God’s love hovers, but it’s for us to NOT; let the darkness eclipse, the enlightened way!


First Love!

Still, always, forever; my first love, that will never change. Hell, death has no hold. Your love called to my heart, and my soul ran out of my grave cloths. Your love is still the anchor, my soul securely tethered to. Your love did what no other would, fought to show that my heart had worth. You won my heart, You have my soul. Your love is my song, every lyric, every verse; it makes my heart sing. Your heart is the light, shines like a lighthouse. It’s what guides my soul, through the darkest nights. It’s my strong tower, the only fortress my heart has ever known; a refuge in the storm. My greatest joy, what it’s always been. Lover, oh my soul; still yearn to know Your heart. Heart to heart, that’s the encounter; for my soul to taste the sweetest love. Your love is the fire, the flame upon my heart. The love still burns deep, my soul is forever set ablaze. The beautiful exchange, so beautiful a transformation; what You’ve made out of my soul. Breathless, what You’ve made my heart… become. My heart truly adores You, every breath I have… it’s yours. Nobody else, will ever get me, get this; My First Love, it’s You… Abba!

When I talk about first love, for me that’s literal. I grow up, without knowing a true earthly father’s love. Even though, I was an only child; I never had a close loving relationship with my mother ether. I was the first born for my father, but he didn’t embrace the daddy role. My mother had left me in the Caribbean at about age four, to build a new life for us in another country. Off and on, I was able to visit my father. At age six, he put me on a plane; never to inquire about me again. For the next twenty years, we only had one encounter. When I was sixteen, my mother planned a trip to the Caribbean. When I was reunited with my mother, and because she was a single mother; she enrolled me in a boarding school/home. I lived there, from age six to ten. Even though, we could go visit on the weekends; my mother didn’t drive. So therefore, I didn’t always get the chance, for the change of scenery. Fast forward to being married, I wanted my father to know his grandkids. I heard he was in the U.S visiting, so I took my eight year old son at the time on a plane; to go meet his granddad. Eventually, he also got a chance to me the entire family. He’s now in his seventies, with failing health. And the one child, he hesitated to lay claim to, is the only one he has a relationship with now; to help defray some of the health cost!

Maybe, that helped drive my heart; deep into an introverted silent river, where my heart spent many years. My heart, could have gone down so many paths. But God, His love hovered; stayed with me there, embracing my soul in the stillness. Then took my heart out of the river, and placed it in an ocean; encompassed my soul with His love. So I can now tell you, why I know deeply. The love that glistens profoundly, upon the river of my soul. Predestined, when He set the stage, for a true love encounter. He will always be there for you, every step of the way. Just like you, I can share a thousand stories; things we encounter along the journey. My life isn’t special, it’s the love within; that changed the meaning. I said that, to say this. Knowing God’s love first, what made it possible for my heart; to know a better relationship. I wasn’t planning to share all this, but felt I needed to explain the why; First Love? My friends, let me ask you this? What brings your heart, the greatest joy? What do you know, you can always hold on to; when your soul, is in the middle of a hurricane? When the water just won’t recede, where do you go for refuge? But most importantly, in a time such as this; what’s your, First Love?



People sometimes forget, how Powerful Words can be; Written, or Verbal. Words have the true ability, to inspire a heart to Achieve greatness, or forever Agonize the soul, into Everlasting defeat. Kind Words can Motivate, give you real Hope; especially when you don’t feel you have any. Unkind words, can take deep Root; until a soul is barely surviving, from a heart lacking the will to Thrive. Words, they have the ability to Paralyze, with so much fear. Some words, can absolutely Crush the Spirit, leaving a heart Broken for years. Words, we have so many to choose from. Use the Power within words, to Speak life, build up self worth; in you, and those around you. Choose words that truly Inspire, Encourage, give Hope; instill Peace, bring Joy. Let your heart be True, the love within be Faithful; Espouse truth, within… Words!


Knowing, Lost!

Where would I be, how would my heart ever know love? How could my soul truly know, there would ever be a forever; if not for You? Lost! What would have become of my heart. I would easily be lost, within such a vast forest, if not for one tree; Life. You can’t know where it starts, without first knowing to what your heart is rooted? Que sera, sera; “whatever will be, will be.” But for me, that will never ever do. Don’t want to be a heart, like a ship lost within the darkness. In the Here, and the Now; where you find a heart connection; for there to be two souls forever connected. Thank You, for knowing me, for wanting me; for loving on my heart. When no one else cared, You’ve always been there. Within my silent river, You were the calm; as my soul slipped deeper in an endless drowning. You know my name, You know my heart; at hello, You surely had my soul. Why, I don’t wince. When the day creeps up, trying to scare me with the unknown. Your presence hovers, underneath every breath. Your love, what became the air, for a heart learning how to truly breathe. A soul beginning to know, I’m living through You. Your heart, what my soul gets to feast on. Your love, it’s my daily bread. What’s a heart to do, when being lost; is such a good place to be? What can a man say, when he knows lost; is heard as a song in the night. Even when, an illness came to blindside my heart. My faith in You, where my hope is always found. A heart never lost, never alone in the midst, of whatever I face. I get lost, trying to find words. Here I am, Now; Forever. In a place, where my heart is still Knowing, Lost… without You!


My Alabaster!

On to Your heart, my love, let my soul pour it out. Wash Your heart, with every drop the love… inside. I’m not ashamed, to break down. This is how, you raised up my heart… to be. Forever humbled, knowing the true breadth of Your love. I know Your name, but Your heart; what’s been so many decades of my chase. You breathed on me, yes; Your love breathes in me. Breathless, don’t let my heart know anything else. Your heart, still my first love; forever, and a day. Completely I’m Yours, complete; when You made my love Yours. You have my heart, every day; it will be the surrendered. Take my soul, at your heart the forever be; the surrender, of my every breath. I don’t worry, when the day cast my shadows. Your love, always there to fight for me; with Your perfect love. Your love is, the sweet fragrance; the aroma within my incense. The true essence, that emanates from within my Alabaster. Receive it, I want to give it all; my love, poured out only… onto Your heart!

So many, seek wealth; yet never willing to be, a heart on display. Show that Your love is the only thing, of true value. For a soul to forever have, and hold so dear. To be an offering, the true texture of a soul. To be a heart deeply touched, transformed by the purest kind of love. A heart forever translucent, through the light of a crimson love. The love now the outpouring, like water. Changing a once silent river, no longer to be… just bottled up emotions. This love is how I fought what I battled, by not letting anyone else; label what a heart is truly worth. A box, what so many have tried to put my heart. What they failed to see, the hand on my life. A heart being molded, to be a scented Alabaster. A love, to fill every void. Take the place, for whatever was seemed missing. A love affirmed, as my only foundation. Why this story, will never be about a made man; but a heart made, by a love so divine. Here I stand, but this my soul will forever be; grateful. Such an expensive price, for my Alabaster heart. A soul loving the freedom, to be a jar of clay; gracefully broken, at the foot of Your heart!


Inspirational Friday; #4 (20/20)

* In a time of uncertainty, there’s still hope. Even though darkness looms, faith is a light. Therefore keep the faith, therein hope is found. When don’t lose sight, God’s love hovers. In the midst of it all, let your soul sing; with a heavenly sound! Save a copy, and have a blessed weekend!