Grace, you have showed my heart so much love, a love undeserved; my soul is forever grateful. Grace why did you move toward me, why does your love continue to move me; your love is so unwavering!

Grace please tell me this; why do you love me so? Your love is a treasure, more precious than silver and gold. Grace you’re so close to my heart, how I cherish your worth; so beloved!

Grace your love and kindness blows my mind, my heart is overwhelmed by your presence; your love brings tears to my eyes. Grace there’s no words that would adequately express your worth, your beauty is beyond compare. Breathtakingly stunning, nothing will ever compare!

Grace when you found me, I was lost, broken. My eyes were wide open, but my heart was blinded. The darkness that hovered over the surface of my heart was great, but your love was so much greater!

Grace you’ve been so faithful to my heart, a true companion for my soul. Grace your love is powerful, strength for weakness, is found within your embrace; hold me… forever!

Grace, you are the love of my life, a love beyond compare. I’ve made so many mistakes, but yet; I have Grace. Your love has set my heart free, I’m so in love with you. Mercy, your love has forever captured my gaze!


Into Words

My heart has something to say; let me try to put it into words. There’s this love, a love that has forever blown my mind; how can I truly put this into words?

This love is amazing, this love is so beautiful. But I would be absolutely remiss, if I didn’t mention that it’s truly wonderful; this is just me trying to put it into words!

This love is nothing short of glorious, but more than that it’s magnificent. So I can’t believe that my heart is absolutely struggling; trying to put this into words!

This love is so much more, more than my heart and soul will ever deserve. I’m just so grateful, that my heart can even attempt; trying to put this into words!

There’s not even a single word, that will adequately define this feeling; this truly is an indescribable love. This love sees into my soul, but is forever a part of my heart; but yet, I can’t put it into words!

My soul is so overwhelmed, my heart cries a river; this love fills me, this love is the ocean. My soul is drowning, trying to fathom the depth; my heart wants to know the length and breadth of this love? Can anyone tell me why; why can’t I simply put this into words? Maybe it’s because my heart is so full, trying to explain the lover of my soul? This love is within my soul, the words are within my heart; but I just can’t, put it into words!



Have I truly given You everything, and nothing less? I’m trying to give You my best, but I should be given You my all. You deserve my every breath, every single beat within my heart. Your love is my soul, but are You the soul reason; why my heart, even wants to live and breathe? Why was I so hesitant, when it came to total surrender? Was I once bitten, then became twice shy? My heart needed to be BOLD, maybe I just needed Your love to CAPSIZE my soul? After all, I promised to make my heart Your everything!

Was my love ever fooling You, or did I just have a foolish heart. Time has gone, and I now realize. That I’m passionate about a lot of things, but my heart is only moved by one thing; Your love. You’ve given my heart so much of Your love, a true sacrifice for sure. I said that I would completely trust Your love, You see into me; but do I trust You enough to to show You everything? I am letting go of my heart; everything is Yours to have and to hold. Change is never easy, but necessary; for growth!

Words are not even enough, to express that Your love is everything. You deserve the very best of me, but sometimes I sure do question; can my heart ever be everything? So my soul cries, tears on my pillow; my heart is a lonely place, without Your love. You deserve much more than just my everything, but everything is the place to start. I’m ready to let Your love take control of my heart, I’m scared that on my own, I wouldn’t truly give You everything; until my heart became Completely Yours. But just my heart alone, to me, that’s just not everything; without my soul!


The Message; In The Palm!

His love is the tree of life, planted at the center of my heart; rooted deep within my soul!

His name is a symbol of true victory, His love is triumphant; my heart will forever be a prize!

His heart is full with so much passion, He loves so deeply; enough to die for you and me!

His love is so expressive, expressed through the greatest known sacrifice!

He has our hearts concealed within the palm of His hand; yet my heart feels so free!

Jesus, Your presence is truly heaven, to me!

Hosanna; blessed be!


A Healthy Appetite!

Oh hearts, what are you tasting, hearts what are you taking in? Don’t let it be about what’s eating you; let a healthy appetite permeate within. A potato can be made into a hash, but chew on this hashtag; #LoveDeeply. Let your heart be a sweet potato, love will be the gravy. Don’t ever water down the love, let your heart soak it up; let the love nourish your soul, from a healthy appetite!

Feed your soul, let love flourish within; hunger for the constant touch. Crave it daily, until the aroma of love forever lingers. Let your heart be needy, there’s absolutely nothing wrong in that; feast on a healthy appetite of love. Fill up your soul until your heart becomes bigger and better, stronger and stronger; make love your everlasting portion. Let love become the butter for your bread, the sugar in your tea!

Let love give you an unquenchable appetite, with a heart that’s longing, a heart that is truly yearning. So thirst for love, let it be a true lasting desire. Love is a passion, let it give you a healthy appetite… for more. Oh, I’ve tasted; my heart has tasted, the sweetness of love. My heart is full, but will forever feast; on a healthy appetite of love. One heart can affect change, but two hearts beating as one; can revolutionize the world. But first, you truly need to have the desire; for a healthy appetite, of love!



Sweet love, how sweet is thy love. How my soul does sicken; whenever my heart just can’t seem to feel thy presence. My eyes swells, then the rain falls; Your love moves the tears. Your love knows no bounds within my soul, my heart is forever bound up within thee; Your love is the remedy!

Day and night, night and day; Your love moves quietly, as it paces throughout my soul. My heart is desperately trying to keep up, with the rhythm of thy love. Your love quickens my heart, quench my desire I pray; Your love is the only remedy!

My heart shall make haste into thy bosom; to find comfort within thy loving embrace. To gaze endlessly into thy love, to let thy beating heart ease the pain and sorrows. My heart aches for thy love, the fire of thy love rises up within my soul. One day the heartache and pain shall cease to be no more. When my soul finds rest within thy love; the perfect remedy!

Just a spoon full of sugar will do, my heart’s already addicted to the taste of Your love. Your name slips easily off the tip of my tongue, my lips don’t even need to say another word; Your love is the sweetest indeed. Your love weakens my knees, but strengthens my heart. I can now stand with boldness; Your love was the remedy!

Even when my mind tries to resist Your advances, my heart gave in to Your embrace. Pray tell; what am I to do, I have a heart condition? Your love is the cure, Your heart is the treatment. Pour into my soul, make my heart green with envy. My love for You is the sickness, but Your love is also; the remedy!


Pretty Words!

I admit, it hasn’t been easy; learning how to be truly vulnerable. Learning how to express my heart, getting prepared to share my story; this real love!

I’ve always had this fire, burning deep down within my bones; but the flame of truth would sometimes flicker. My heart seemed to be always chasing, seeking; but when you truly don’t know better, you find yourself chasing the wind. I thought I was chasing after a love that would make my heart breathless, and fan the truth within my soul. I’ve never needed pretty words to move my heart; I knew faith was what moves mountains!

So I spent a lifetime trying to measure up, but my heart just seemed bigger than the rules. It wasn’t about what I was doing, but about what was already done. My heart just needed to grow in stature, and faith; but all around was just pretty words, not the substance needed to build a heart. They were nicely put together pretty words, but I still couldn’t measure up; they were pretty, but they were just words!

So my heart had to study, yes, my heart had to listen. To when true love spoke into my soul; within a whisper, within a small, but still… I had to truly listen. My words sometimes get caught up within a flow, but they will never get in the way. I don’t need pretty words to know how to feel; I just need faith… to believe. I’ve learned that pretty words are truly meaningless, just like chasing after the wind; if they’re not forever grounded, within real love!


The Message; Being Used!

Careful what you ask for, yes be mindful of what you pray for. We pray, asking to be used by God, but forget that we are still just a child, of God; a child doesn’t always know what they’re saying. Sure, we believe that we CAN do all things, but are we truly willing to DO all things?

• Don’t ask, if you’re not truly ready to be used.

• Don’t seek, and then hide when it’s time to be found.

• Don’t knock, if you’re not ready to go through the open door.

When you seek God, asking for something, remember that with that something; God also gave His love! If we forget to be thankful, yes, if we forget to be forever grateful, then God surely must feel like the one; being used!


Mathematics 101

Before my heart could breathe, there You were; testing my heart. Who knew that one plus one; would equal one… heartbeat. Your love subtracted the negativity; my heart became positively transformed. Your love was added as one, but then You carried five… times the love; into the depth of my soul. My heart didn’t have to add anything else into the equation. Your love is truly everything; plus nothing, minus nothing. My heart can’t even calculate Your worth; the variations are truly endless!

Trigonometry wasn’t my best subject, so please tell me this. How could this heart of mine ever extrapolate; the true length and breadth of Your love? School is in session, teach my heart; my soul is eager to take notes. The subject’s Your love, but I want to learn everything possible; about the intricacies of Your heart. I will study Your heart, and find out why Your love has become the only relevant fraction; to truly understand every facet of my soul?

Even when my heart is at rest, Your love is still at work within my soul; it’s all I dream about. Your love is greater than anything I’ve ever known, but never less than; amazing! Don’t ever subtract Your love from my heart, my soul would never be able to formulate that equation; nothing could ever be equal to Your heart. Your love seems to be multiplying endlessly within my heart. Your love has captured my imagination, but Your heart’s truly beyond my comprehension!

Let me sum it all up; nothing will ever be able to divide my heart from Your love; my heart will forever beat to the rhythm of Your love. The math is not difficult, when Your heart is at the center of the equation. The square root of two hearts, will forever be one… heartbeat; mathematics 101.



For years my heart and mind have wrestled with the notion; that less, is More? My heart truly hungers for more of Your love, but my mind struggles to accept; that less of my love, will truly give You More of my heart? The plain and simple truth is; for me to have More of You, I will need to make love less about me, and More about You!

How can I ever expect to have More of You, if what I pursue; makes You feel that it’s just about my needs. I once was blind, but now I see; less of me, will truly leave room for More of You. Knowing this has become half the battle, my mind will never have to fight; Your love has already won my heart.

My heart now has the opportunity to experience Your love at its abundance; less begets More, of Your amazing love. I will give You More of my love, but pledge to give You; All of my heart. But I won’t stop, until You don’t just have all my heart; but also every bit of my love!