The Quiet Beauty!

My friends, may your heart know; your soul take hold, see, touch, and feel. The quiet beauty, found in the true breadth of love. The quiet light, the night light; shining on pages. When the ink dries, the light illuminates, the story is told. A heart exposed, shows a soul laid bare. May you, know you can always. Rest your eyes, lay your heart. On the breadth, that lies within. God’s love, what lays the bedding. What will be the comforter, when the days are cold. Where my soul, finds a peaceful rest. Pull back the cover, slip into the ambiance. No fluff, no pretense. Just a love story, to press up against your soul. Be encouraged, let faith be the living proof. Love, presses through the twilight, to become the dawn. That will enlighten, the living hope. That’s a quiet beauty, found in every heartbeat. Leaving the heart, overwhelmed, and speechless. Love, a song in the night. There’s, always a story time, when love becomes the tale. On the wings of love, hold the breadth. Chase the butterflies, chase your dreams. Be sold out, may all your dreams come true. May your book, have reflections of the book. Highlighting, an inward look… to the love within? When, the word presses up against your heart. Breath is taken, words seems lost. You lose your breath, so search your heart!

To find, how a Like, turns into Love, and the Appreciation? Words, can never truly Press in. Until the love, is illuminated by the light… within. Every subtle shift, reveals hidden shadows. Places where, the love didn’t eclipse. When the Word is deeply Pressed, into the heart. The ink will say forever, you have a place within the soul. You can’t iron on love, or try to apply with a well known adhesive. All by itself, love will be the glue, to fix what is broken. Love is the pillar, never meant to become a statue. Looking, but never doing. Love is the quiet beauty, always looking for a moment, to leap into action. Does your love, have substance; with food for the soul? Does the word move, a heart feeling touched, as the love took your breath? Under the quiet, LOVE is that bold. It has, a quiet confidence, boundless the quiet strength. To hold your every breath, not let you exhale. Even the quietest love, can profoundly move your every heartbeat. To face every fear, and the quiet struggles, courageously. A heart, knowing how to find, quiet moments… to just breathe. This piece, for all the hearts. Radiating a bright hue, in every clustered page. Knowing, the heart is the living proof; that love transcends. When it becomes more, than just a pretty Word. In itself, love radiates a crimson presence. The power, when the Press; starts in your soul. A heart changed profoundly, the love expressed; becomes life changing. Even if, words become lost. Chase the butterflies, let your heart resonate. A soul being inspired, by the Quiet Beauty… in love!


Losing Your Breath!

Take my breath, to a place where words are Lost. The place, where the heart is Found… breathless. It would be, to the moon and back. But the actual fact, love should stop at nothing. Until the soul, gleans a glimpse into the heavenly. Why reach back, for what was? When the heart, can have a clear view into forever, see into the depth. Love, still the gauge. To take the heart rate, test how faithful each heartbeat. To say so, say so. Would a fleeting beat, still be a matter of fact. In the stillness, could there be a degree, to separate? What the heart needs, to be the breadth, in my lungs. If I’m running, you must be chasing. Your love is the wind, the breadth worth knowing. Why, I find myself the one chasing, your heart. To find within it words, that speaks into my soul. The butterflies chased, the soul captured. The heart swept away, by the breadth in the wind. Breakthrough, happens in the twilight, a breakthrough to the dawn. Your love, broke down the walls, through every breath. Taken, you have my heart and soul. In an ocean, how can a soul fathom depth; when the heart, will end up drowning? How can a heart know, when you’ve reached new heights? When heaven, became part of your soul? A heart, still needs to press into what lies ahead. Learn, what lies in the deeper places. Not, by holding the breath. But, letting your soul be held, by the breadth. Take every breath, and hide it.. in the clefts. What do you do, when you lose your breath. You keep searching, even though the heart becomes speechless, finding words. What do you do, when your words run away, and you’re trying, to catch your breath? What do you do, when your heart is captured by a presence, held breathlessly forever by the love? You, tell the story. The pen will bleed, the ink never running dry. The heart runs out of words, but; there’s always a pent love. What do you do, when you can’t hide a heart, misplace your soul? It’s held, in every captured muse. Seen, within every verse. But still, I keep ending up losing, my breath!


A Poetic Love!

When pen met paper, breath was taken. Love was spilt, the heart collided. Love the ink, crimson the color, a heart the pen. Capturing, writing; love penned down, every poetic encounter. The moment, became the feeling. Poetry, poured through every eMotion. Words with movement, spilling the beauty. The overflow, what the soul can’t contain. Love, etched deep within the crevices, of a blank canvas. A heart, moved by the breadth. To capture the essence, spill the soul, tell the story; when pen… Love pouring, poems with reflections. A crimson love, with textured hue. Poetry, a voice with whispers of love. Filling the heart, with food for the soul. The melodies, playing an endless love song. Living, not life abundant. If love’s not lived, poetically within a heart. Every breath taken, to show how deep the love. Vulnerability, in discovering the ways; to give every breath. A heart captivated, trying to know. How much muse, lingers in the breadth, in every captured love. When love, becomes more than words. The ink dries, making the love forever. Deep love, more than pretty words. It’s poetic, to move, to inspire. The heart, the instrument. The soul on a journey, to meet the heavenly. Love in a poem, flowing through the heart, touching the depth of the soul. When love flows, the soul becomes a river. When the pen bleeds, the ink reveals. How a poetic love, spills into the deepest place. Every time, pen meets paper. Let clarity, be every line. My heart will pen, the paper will capture. Words will speak, what’s captured in; A Poetic Love!


Only, If Love Says Yes!

Choices, what a heart makes, to shape each decision. That paints a portrait, of the true artistry. That a heart is not just made, it’s molded… by love. The heart, takes a breath. When love, lets it exhale. In the darkness, the fog of life, can blind the heart. But, let love be, the song in the night. The persuading light, the ray of hope, piercing the dark. The gentle whisper, heard in the stillness, of your soul. Love, what makes the heart say yes. Even if, the thought a resounding no. Let love be the anchor, the firm foundation. That makes the difference, seeing the truth. Never let love be, just a chance encounter. When love, takes you by the heart, hope will never be lost. In the darkest moments, love will always shine the brightest. What other force, could ever be greater; to eclipse the light… of love? Love says, I got you, I get you, I know your heart. It gives of itself, the true essence within. Love doesn’t tell you, how to live life. It encourages you, to live your best life. Live it true, letting the heart be, love on display. Even, when no words are heard. Love speaks, softly. Holds you, gently. Engages you, always. It’s meant to be held, close to the heart. So it can be felt, deep in the soul. Love, the ocean, a heart hopes to drown in. Every day, be grateful. Knowing, that in every wake. You know how to take each breath, clothed in the right mindset!

Love, will always take you by the heart. Forever look for ways, to feed the soul. Even if, the heart starts down the right path, but becomes a winding road. Even, at the crossroad, a heart not knowing which way to turn. Love reminds you, hope is never lost. Sometimes, we don’t always know which move to make. Just, don’t let love become a game. Heart beats are moving, but the heart seeming the pawn, in a chest game. The true meaning of love, not profoundly valued. As the greatest gift, not kept heavily guarded, but easily yielded. Love, doesn’t just survive, it thrives. The heart, the most valuable tool, in the chest. The heart and soul, in harmony. Every heartstring, an instrument… of a resounding love. Love, says I will do it, be a light. Act, to always show kindness. Love in action, not seen as random. Love says, what I have inside. I will give it, again and again… without question. Give, my very best? Absolutely not. This can only happen, when love says yes. Then, the heart shows up like a warrior. Roars like a lion, becomes a mighty conqueror, for whatever rises up. Love, has the strength to move you, with just the breadth. It’s the lifeline, when the tide tries to take you under. Love, has the power to save. Love, bows to grace. ComPassion the fruit, love at the very core. Hear me please, don’t let a heart have to plead. Mercy said no, so love, could say yes. Love, will never act alone. The heart, has to agree, give permission. Love should be, in the things we do, in the things we say; the thing, what sways. But only, if love says yes!



Wings, soaring. The canvas, painted with the color of love. The breadth therein, shimmering in the light… of the heavenly. Fear, shadows of the past. Floating away, with the wind. Faith soars, when hope is found. Under the surface, a heart has much potential. But only seen in the open, can the beauty be captured, the love be felt. Love, created to be a beautiful display. Not dressed up, by a fleeting disguise. When, nerves tries to get the best. Through an inner peace, find the courage, to chase the butterflies. Let, your faith rise up, dance like the wind. A patterned hope, shapes an unstoppable destiny. Chasing dreams, how a heart takes hold, of the essence within. The quiet beauty, that makes the soul bloom, the love unfold. The metamorphosis, from what seems expected. To being a heart, knowing the strength; to be beautifully changed. Change, never easy, but necessary, for growth. Lift it up, your wings. A mind transformed, a soul colorful. A heart poised, to lift up everyone. With the inner beauty, the wings of love. The light resonating, the love not swayed; by the ups and downs. Every day, resurrect a prevailing hope. A heart, showing a triumphant spirit. A soul, exquisitely living; your best life, through a love never ending. In the least, show resilience. A heart, graceful, humbled. If, life tries to confine your soul. Break free, of the mundane. A heart, doesn’t have to be majestic. For the love, to be divinely reflective. Catch the breadth, chase the butterflies. Spread the love, show that your heart… has wings!



I try, to be a simple man, with a quiet heart. Every heartbeat, dances to a simple rhythm. To the beat, or not to the beat. Never the question, when love moves your soul. My heart, knows the simplified melody. To a simple song, the essence in a simplistic verse. I Love You. A soul, indulging in one simple pleasure. Give love, my undivided devotion. Living, in the moment, embraced by the beauty. The slow waltz, to endless love. The breadth, held forever… breathlessly. To know it, is want it. To have it, is to need it. The abundance, that draws you in, holds you close. Moving you, to share the love, without question… if deserved? A fire, what keeps love blazing. The soul from becoming, a heart so cold. The warmth, should radiate a simple love, feeling like a gentle touch. Every day, love drawing the heart and soul even closer. Just, the path where the soul, finds the greatest truth. The purer the love, the less the heart needs to work. For the love, to be justified. How, the heart conquers the day, navigates a complex world. Avoiding the mind feel, letting the heart level the field; whatever enters the battlefield. To make sure, love wins every time. Deploy, just one simplistic thought; Just breathe! Let love, fight the battles, cover up the battle scars. For the days, the heart falls… short of being Just. This, the absolutely must. Don’t try, to justify. Rise up with the dawn, brush off the dusk, pursue the relentless chase. And give Love, Just this; Every breath!


A Story; Peeling, Back the Layers!

Love, do you mind, if I just hang around you? Sit here, be still; in the presence, and gaze forever… into your heart. You, will never have to worry. My love, won’t bite. My heart, just wants to feast, on a delightful love. You, won’t ever have to wonder? If I, would monkey around with your heart. But let this, truth be told. In the past, before my soul knew true love. My heart, has gotten in some monkey business. From a distance, my heart could see the love, feel the draw. The love, drew my heart, to swing your way. Swayed my soul, to come closer. I hope, the line doesn’t get twisted. Love, not about what’s on the surface, but what’s inside. Love is a choice, that requires action. Pulling back, the layers. To let the love, become much deeper. Finding the love, that’s beyond words, leaving the heart speechless; priceless. Seeing, not the same as letting it; get closer to your heart. The double take, every breath. This, the heart’s confession. When the heart, gazes upon a special love. Breath, taken, and the soul… waiting to exhale. Even when, my faith in love was green. Love, remained so ripe. For the taking, a hold of the heart. The tree with life, whispering love… into my soul. Telling me a tale, the love, will keep my heart close!

A heart, needs to go out on a limb. So, the soul can know, love as the greatest gain. You, don’t have to go bananas. In the stillness, that’s how you learn. To live your best life, in the moment. Not letting, love slip through your fingers. The heart races, sometimes it chases. But, let the pursuit, be a substantive meaning. In the jungle, called life. I’ve searched high, and low to find. Love, in of itself will resonate, its own profound beauty. It’s made to become, nourishment for the soul. Let, the roots of love go deep. A love that makes, every heartbeat, feel some kind of change. The taking of your breath, to a higher plane. See the one tree, but don’t let your heart, miss the forest. Love, precious in the finding; but deeper, with the giving. The color of love, fresh and vibrant. Decorative in scope, deep like crimson, forever the becoming. A heart knowing, how peeling back all the layers. Showing that deep down, love’s the tastiest passion fruit. Tender, fulfilling; gentle on the heart. Fruits of the labor, not about getting stuffed. But letting love, feed the heart and soul; as you indulge in the breadth. Love, too divine to just throw away. Even, if there’s a slip? Don’t let love become, a broken heart. Let the breadth of love, peel back the veil. To reveal all the layers, within the heart. A love, deeply overwhelming, and forever consuming!



Never, do I ever want to see the day. Where love, is a sight, but unseen. Seen in the eyes, but can’t see how it truly shines… brighter, when not a reflection. Love is a moment, the moment. Time stopped, time spent. Timeless, in the stillness. My heart, astonished to now see. How much love persuades the rain, to cascade from my eyes. Clouds come in mass, shadows try to cast. But, there couldn’t be a single doubt. Love, is forever. In the natural, in the spirit. Even in the mist, there would never be this. Love, and my soul, not dancing in the bliss. Once, a man that thinks, not a man that drinks. A man, with bottled up tears. Now, Never needs to be asked. To pour out the heart, through a crimson hue. Love, designed to be a perfect fit, for every heart. Never, allow anyone to break your stride. Let love forever be, the crimson tide, the soul cannot hide. Never let, anything get in the way, true love being complete. Don’t, let a king sized ego. Be a bed, too small to lay your head. Hearts, falling out of wed, and of love. Catastrophic, the agony and defeat. Love, losing the pursuit. Arrest it at the door, farewell evermore. Love, I would Never want to live a day; without you in my heart. Even a second, would be the reckon. Never, will I ever let my heart drift from the sure, to drown in the deep. Without, my life preserver. My soul, knowing love, is an ocean, the depth to fathom. Sometimes, I Never see it coming. The rain falls again, love brings the tears again. The flowers bloom again, the clouds loom again. The sun shines again, the days pass again. Love, calls again. My soul, stands tall again, my heartbeat stalls again. My breath, taken again. Love, the taking, the giving; the breadth in my lungs. My heart, the same again; Never!


Tell It, to My Heart!

Whisper, it to my soul. Tell me, why waves become? It’s a heart swept away, into the breadth, into the crimson tide. The silent river, deep in a heart stirred. The soul, colliding breathlessly, under the quiet. Love, breath the essence into my soul, and it will; tell it to my heart. The embrace, the endless slow dance, with no end. The love song, playing; I’m forever yours. Tell my heart, love’s in the breath taking. Not, just in an emotional reaction; but in, every passionate response. Tell it to my heart, how to profoundly know, where to always find you? So, in the darkness moments. I can, be found still lost, for words. Knowing, how your love has always been close, to my heart. The evidence, it’s breathless. My confidence, stirred; never shaken. My breath, held deeply… in depth of your love. Every time, your love calls. My heart, will answer the call. To hear, how your love will always be, pressed up against my soul. Even when, thoughts try to sway. Tell my heart, Your love will be the way… to find true solace. To tell me, that I’m held, loved; will forever be… in love. And if, my heart ever needs a reminder; how deep the love? Let my soul, find the love, in the deepest place, of the ocean. The depth, to fathom. Your love, whisper it to my soul, and it will surely tell it, to My Heart!


Song Inspired; God Help Me!

When, my heart is disturbed. Seeing, that there’s so much darkness. My mind, flights the urge; to become cantankerous. So, it becomes another wrestle, between the heart and mind. But, it’s wonderful to know; there’s a love. That helps my soul to become, victorious… over thinking; the battle is not mine. Love, forever defends my heart. Fights the battles, only love can truly win. In the stillness, in the silence. Through every season, my soul will be still, and listen. To find out, what love will ask of my heart?Push back, against the darkness, or let the voice of love prevail? Love, what helps every heart to see; God is in control. The days, when I feel so alone, my heart barely breathing. Those are the days, when I let love be the breadth, that moves my heart. The love, that helps my soul to stay… breathless, in the midst. When the day, leaves my heart torn. God, help us to see love, in its truest light. Because shade, will always be black and white. The color of love, needs to be a crimson hue. So, in the middle of the day; the heart doesn’t wander… down an empty road. Love’s journey needs to be. Who we are, where we’re going, and what you truly need, every heart to become. A light, shining through the darkness. Though, we may not always see, a clear understanding. May. the mystery never be; how deep the love. We, may not know the future, but; we should always trust your heart. One day at a time, that’s how we will find every tomorrow. The heart becoming, a victor, not a victim. When, we truly know love, is by our side. To take us by the heart, and forever hold our soul. We, will surely be okay. So, let love take every resistance, and allow grace, to lead the way. God, help us, help this world. Have a gracious soul, a faithful heart, a love that’s true. God, help me! When my heart, drifts away from the sure. When my soul, needs a lifeline. To make the love go deeper, and press into you. Rise from the ashes, spread my wings, and soar even higher. So, my heart can loving do, what… you would ask of me!

This song inspired, God Help Me. A song was released in 2018, by Plumb. A Christian, contemporary singer. In, times like these. More than ever, we have to guard our heart. It’s so easy, to let the day, the circumstance, the hurt, the pain, the anger rise up. But, it’s good to know. We have a source, a friend, a living hope, through it all. For all those, knowing the struggle is real. Take heart, be encouraged, and let God’s love, be the breadth. The song, helping your soul, breathe easy!

“Though we experience every kind of pressure, we’re not crushed. At times we don’t know what to do, but quitting is not an option.” 2 Corinthians 4:8 TPT