The Unprecedented Chill!

The fall is over, but yet there’s; an unprecedented chill… in the air. The days are a little darker, but therein; a radiant light still shines. It’s a time, when the expectation; is the spring forward. But, the time has brought; an unprecedented chill. Hearts expecting a welcomed bloom, but instead; forced to shelter indoors. Trying to ride out the storm, evade the darkness lurking… behind the shadows. Frustration, wants to tell each sudden gust, chill out. But then, a suddenly. On a calm, warm gentle breeze. A whisper is heard, underneath every breath. Peace, heart be still; this is just a season. “The days are fully known, you… deeply loved. Change is inevitable, but this too shall pass.” Yes, even in these chilling days. Let what overwhelms the heart, knowing the length, the height, the depth; the breadth of God’s love. In the midst, of what seems the darkest days. His love is Unequaled, Unparalleled, Unmatched; Undisputed. Even though the coldness, gives off such a harsh feeling; stand your ground. Undistracted devotion, what won’t let it be; just another mind, easily blown away. Hope found, how true breadth is understood. It’s in the knowing, how fear starts to recede. The extraordinary light of God’s love, will never be eclipsed; by any amount of darkness!

I can write about a lot of things, and even though; the temptation is to speak my mind. I have to be intentional, this is about the heart. I have to let my heart, continue to be faithful. Let the love within overflow, and pour out. Don’t allow the flesh, to become the story. Let His love still be the ink, my heart just the pen. So many, are still living in the past. Still living a wilderness experience, even though the Fall… is over! Grace transcends, unprecedented. The chill, but for a time. This is the season, to embrace the Reign. Yes, an overwhelming chill, lingers in the air; but, put it into perspective. Over the surface of the deep, a love still hovers. Soon, and very soon; God’s going to straighten it out. Until then, let the love be at home; nestled up against a restful soul. Even though the darkness, makes it a bit hard to see. The season has changed, it is finished. Each season, seen through every Revaluation and Truth. Even in the unprecedented, even in the uncertainty. Even now, God is… moving!


Beyond, My Dreams!

In my younger days, I used to be a dreamer. The most popular dream, how to be heard, not just seen? Yet, most days in the stillness; it was a heart day dreaming, alone in the silence. A heart young, restless; but at the same time, a soul being stirred within. My heart dreamed dreams, but the vision; my soul couldn’t yet decipher. How could a young heart understand, that one set of footprint in the sand; meant a soul being carried, to meet up with a love destiny? To see true love face to face, that was the dream; see it in its truest form. That was the vision, my heart so desperately tried to see. But day after day, year after year. My heart just found itself, locked in another day dream. I know, that some might call it; “just the heart of a dreamer. But deep down I knew, someday my dreams would become my reality. For even though, young hearts can’t see clearly, my heart held close, my visions of love!

So, why keep dreaming, you ask? You see, within my very being. What resonated so resoundingly, whispers of love. How can a vision come to pass, without a heart first knowing how to dream? A dream is the seed (substance), the vision what is seen (evidence); that it was not just a dream. A heart not yet ready to see, could never ready to behold; a stunning vision of love… it produces. When the love was unveiled, it was no longer a dream; but a breathless vision. A heart wide open to know, that the footprints means; Your love was carrying all my dreams. Your love, what always seemed to capture my imagination. Your heart revealed to be the place, where my soul was always hiding. Whenever I seemed lost, within a day dream. But, it was what my heart needed. For my soul to now know, and see clearly.

The love more than a dream, beyond just a vision. A love forever, always; everything. A love felt, every time it touches; the deeper places of the heart. Moving, within rhythm of every heartbeat. There’s no need, for anybody to pinch me; my soul knows the love is real. I wasn’t just dreaming about a love that could be, but the life I have found therein. The confirmation, forever etched within the crevasses of my heart. The very essence, of what true dreams are made of. My heart has dreams, but every day the vision; living within the breadth of Your love. Nightmares don’t keep me up, but my soul would absolutely toss and turn all night. If at the end of my days, this love wasn’t forever, and a day; but still Beyond, My Dreams!


Fun Friday; Shake-the-Speare!

Romeo, oh Romeo, wherefore art thy love? Is it in a love for places, or placed forever in a love; that will take thy soul, to a swept away place? Don’t deny thy father, don’t deny thee thy heart. Make haste, place deep into thy quiver my love, for I’m madly. Draw back, but not from my love. You, my bow, the arrow, my love; let it pierce thy heart. Keep thy eyes on me, I AM.. the prize; let thy heart be thine forever. Cherish my love, never refuse thee my heart. Romeo, oh Romeo. Arrest thy heart my love shall, lock thy love deeply; within my captivating gaze. Thy love is to the world, to me; thy means the world. Oh, thy love is the world; but am I… in thy heart? Don’t just be a player, player; love the playground. This play, thy love of world; an Act one, Seen two… often. You’ve been given a moment, a time to truly let thy love shine. Oh, don’t make my heart; a dramatic play… on words, tongue and cheek. Don’t play the fool… in love. In thy heart, let my love rule. I AM… here, death is our forever. My love waits for you, within the stillness. Speak thy heart, but bare thy soul!

Romeo, oh Romeo; wherefore art thy love? Deny the world, but never deny the father… thy heart. Don’t let tomorrow, be thy desire. Thy love should never be, just a theatrical performance, a passionately done play… of words. Don’t play a part, know the right words. Love is meant to be true, a satisfying; deeply felt relationship. Don’t thrust pointy weaponized words, upon another. Hold thy tongue, only speak life. Hear no, see no, speak no… evilous words. Heartfelt words, a blessing to the soul. Romeo, oh, Romeo. Let me set the stage, for the stage is being set. There a hole in the bucket… list. If I AM… not in it, to fill thy heart. Thy love, grasping at the straw… man. Any other love, will be the pail… in comparison; to a love like thine. Trying to romance the world, will leave thy soul empty. You need a love, that will quicken thy heart. Leave the drama behind, and come with thy heart wide open. Hear what is said, but listen to what is heard. Parting the world, is such sweet sorrow. When we meet again, face to face… the end!

Being distanced, doesn’t have to mean disconnected. Not seeing eye to eye, still a moment for a heart to heart. Feeling like the days, are just being washed away? This is about having the perspective. You can’t take a deeper dive, if fear won’t let your heart see how to define; what is truly, washed away? Shake-up-the-Spare… moment. Go in one way, but come out on the other side forever knowing; deeply loved! Finally, thy faithful brothers, and thy beloved sisters. Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is righteous, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable; ponder such things!


Hold On, to Me!

Hold on to me, when you’re scared; when your heart is afraid, of the dark. Rest your heart, on my love. I AM… the comforter, let my love be the blanket. Forever in, and underneath my grace; your heart will be covered. Whenever it feels, like the walls are closing in; and all the uncertainties, have such a stronghold. I AM… the door, the way. My love, will help break every chain. If in the middle of the darkness, you can’t find hope. Look through my heart, I AM… the light; hold on to Me. Break-through, found through my love. Whenever you feel, the weight is just too much for you to carry. Let my love show, you can do all things. In me, your love is forever held; so very close to my heart. I love you, believe me when I say. Even if your soul is in doubt, and your mind ten thousand miles away. You’re never alone, your heart will be; forever near my love. Let it be, your every breath. Why you want to live, and breathe. Let your heart know the breadth, Hold On to Me!

You can always count on my love. I AM… your protector, my love your defender; forever portion. My love, will make your heart stronger. Don’t ever give up, but I need you to let go. And, just hold on to the promise; my love, will never let go… of your heart. I got you, whenever your faith feels like it’s slipping. Let my love be the anchor, that keeps your heart grounded. Don’t ever believe the lies, that my love won’t be able; turn over every stone. Beloved, I AM… the rock; that makes a stone, seem like a pebble. Stand on my love, let it forever be your strength. My love, is the mountain. Come up a little higher, my heart will always be waiting. Just remember, half way up; is still half way down. Climb up on my shoulder, let my love carry your heart. When your heart, is going through a valley; Hold on to Me!

Reach out your heart, my love is forever by your side. Beside you, besides me; don’t let another love, capture your gaze. Whenever you’re feeling lost, my love will come find you. Don’t ever be persuaded, that my love won’t relentlessly pursue. My love is the answer, to whatever is the question. Never stop believing, your heart will never be; worth my love. There’s absolutely no chance, that whenever you seek after my love. That your love won’t already find my heart, waiting… for you. Whenever your heart, feels like it’s drowning. Let my love instead show you, what it is to be breathless. S.O.S, might be the code, the signal for a soul in distress. Just remember, I AM… the ocean, that surrounds your heart. Before your soul, even knows to cry out. My love, will be there to rescue you. My love, what saves; let it forever be, your lifeline. The love revived, through another; heart to heart encounter. When the love moves you, take a deep breath; and Hold On, to Me!



Desperate, to want, to have; what a heart needs to be. Desperately, to find, to know; how a soul needs to be. The days are uncertain, but that will never stop my heart, from being desperate. A heart can know breath, but how can a soul breathe; if a heart not desperately willing, to know breathless? Your love is the sun, the moon, the stars; forever. You are the winds, inside my sails. A soul sailing into forever, but You are the anchor… in the waves. When the water is calm, Your love is a river. But when my soul needed swept away, Your love became my ocean. In deeply, is not a heart hopeless; but a soul desperate, to go even deeper. Your heart, is the mountain I run into. To become a heart hidden, deep within the crevices of Your love. The fountain that will forever quench my soul, the love will never run dry. The song resounding within my heart, the melody that echoes throughout my soul. How can I ever be beside myself, when Your love will ever be. Ever before me, forever beside me, forever by my side. A heart desperately needy, is a soul dependent on Your presence. What good is it to have a soul, wanting to know breadth? Without being a heart, Desperately needing to explain; the length, the height, and the depth… therein?




Break through the unbelief, break through the walls; put up around the heart. Let them crumble, watch them tumble. Don’t let a fortified Jericho, keep you from seeing the breakthrough; to the winning side. Fear to Faith, Anxiety; to Peace. A whisper in the stillness, a lullaby in the night. Even though there’s a mist, but then down comes the rain; tears don’t mean you’re losing, the battle. In the midst, of what you feel. There’s a presence, telling your heart; I AM… held. A heart knowing joy, with hope found. Giving the heart strength, with faith renewed; to face every tomorrow. Even if you can’t see it, even if you don’t believe it? Even now, you’re in the midst… of a breakthrough. Every soul needs to know, and every heart understand. Shadows are cast, because of darkness. But yet, there’s a light; that will never be eclipsed, by even the darkest days. The prevailing love of God, the light of heaven; shining bright in the dark. Breaking through, every clouded doubt; revealing the strength, of His love!

For you to see a true breakthrough, first there has to be the breakaway; from what you can only perceive. Breakthrough, shows the evidence, the breakaway be evident; a change has taken place, within heart and soul. A break through the tainted glass, that so many struggle to see through. A one sided barrier, between His love, and our heart. Let the unbelief, shatter into a thousand pieces. To become a bonded love, not easily broken. Breakthrough, is the push through, the press on; the never give up. The power to overcome, not in just strength alone; but where you place your confidence?

I tell you my friends, there’s absolutely nothing; impressive about my heart, or my faith. We prevail over sickness, prevail over fear. The light prevails over the darkness, to help us see through the lies; whispered in the dark. Chain break, through the prevailing; Grace of God. My heart, can ONLY see a breakthrough, because of the prevailing love within. May your heart also know, the hope, the peace, the love, the strength. Found only, through this Amazing love. How can you, forever know the Break-Through? Make worship a lifestyle, the love for a lifetime, for all your days. When your heart and soul knows, why you live and breathe? Then you will truly know, it was Finished; at the Cross!


Every Breath!

Not in my breath, but through every breadth of Your love. My soul pours out, because the love is pouring… so intimately. Your love reigns down, into me… be my every breath. Still my heart, to be a soul moved… by every deep breadth. Blow through my soul, like a fire that can’t be contained. Let Your love forever be, the flame upon my heart. Let every breath, be another drowning; then the revival. Let my lungs not breathe, unless it’s a heart, gasping to know. Your love is still moving, underneath my every breath. Take every breath, if Your love is not the one thing; to make my soul, truly feel alive. Make every breath, be like water pouring down. Refreshing to a thirsty soul, soothing to every dry bone. I don’t mind, pouring out my heart. For I know, Your love will never waste; the love therein. Coming from a deeper place, within my soul.

I have a heartbeat, but yet that’s not living. If Your love doesn’t give it, the recognizable rhythmic flow. Every day, let Your love pour out; the love rain down. Let my heart know, Your love is forever; the endless reign. On me, in me, through me; around me, the glorious reign. Let nothing else, get my attention. Be jealous, to have undistracted devotion. Don’t let my heart focus on nothing else, but giving You… my every breath. Overwhelm my heart, with not just the emotional. Let my soul forever be, in awe and wonder. Let the true breadth of Your love, forever be the story. The love told, but profoundly moving; through every breath of my heart. In You, living is found; and how to breathe therein. The move in, having my being; made enlightened forever!

I breathe, but let Your love be… every breath. So whenever I exhale, my soul will feel the reign. Let every tear, be a heart truly overwhelmed; by the joy felt, deep inside. When the world comes, trying to capsize my faith. Your love is, the wind beneath my sail… into a deeper understanding. The fall in, will forever be the ocean; where Your love resides. You, and Your love alone. What saves me, anchors my soul. I don’t have to hold my breath, Your love showed my heart breathless. I’m not intimidated, by what I face today. Not scared, what lurks around a tomorrow. I don’t fear, my next breath; Your love is my forever. Everything I need, just Your breath in me. In You, I have my peace, find my strength. In You, my hopes, and every dream. Your love for me, Amazing. Every breath, of Your love; life, breathing deeply… within!


What Saves!

Having breath, not what my soul relies on… to breathe. But knowing how to breathe, not what keeps my heart… beating. I know how to rise, but had to know; on what I stand? Vertical, how my heart learned; to lift up my faith. Hope found, through this one tree… leaves, the path; the follow. The cost, the price… paid. To get my soul to the place, called Grace. Whenever my heart felt trapped, drowning beneath the coldness. A world full of so much, but not enough warmth. To protect my soul, the walls up… around my heart. Not let the doubts in, the unbelief of others; capsize my faith. Through it all, a heart, breathing. But at times, the gasping… through the last straw. A heart in distress, a soul trying to find rest, but first the test; to bring forth the best. Through the understanding of true breadth, to what saves; gave my every breath!

The love, saved my soul; to become a heart drowning, breathless. A heart forever moved, by an ocean of love. To fathom true depth, the move was continuous; the destination, deeper. Even though darkness fills the skies, thy love hovers. Evening came, morning came; the next day, a calm… over my soul. A love that has me by the heart, but every day still the need; to offer up every breath. Even if, the love is received not by all. Through the amazingly, the glory will still shine. The love will never die, when the true breadth is known. Thy love, the song upon my heart; the melody within my soul. Every day, underneath my every breath. When my soul cries, let Your love forever be; What Saves!

What if, my heart didn’t want to drown, in the forever? Would my soul even know, how to breathe?

What if, my soul didn’t want to feel overwhelmed, by a tidal wave of eMotion? Would the air within my lungs, be enough to sustain; the breadth within my heart?

What if, my soul didn’t want to gaze forever, into Your heart. Could this heart of mine, truly know endless? A love that shimmers so bright, beyond amazing?

What if, the rhythm of my heart was not so erratic? Would anyone be able to tell, what it truly means to be; a soul profoundly moved, by every facet of thy love?

What if, what if? What if I would just stop holding my breath, please tell my heart this. Would my soul truly know how to breathe, if every day my heart, and soul didn’t know; Your love, What Saves?


Song Inspired: New Wine!

It’s in the crushing, in the pressing… on. The getting through, what’s in the making. The heart, the seeing; new wine. A soul listening, what’s said in the stillness. There’s the hurting; people, the world; hearts broken. Yet, in the crushing; love, still the answer. In faith, not fear; in the believing, where hope is found. This is a season, a season when; old is made new. In the soiled, in the breaking… of the folly. In the yielding, in the surrender; comes new ground. Through the imperfections, true beauty can still be seen. It’s not about having the perfect heart, but the authenticity; representing beautiful. How can a heart savor the new, without appreciating what is. A soul not completely crushed, by what is… but for a moment!

Fullness, not about what you have in the Nest. But what truly makes your heart, forever Full. You can’t put new wine, into the old… way of thinking. The appreciating, is the savoring, and the cherishing. Don’t let the treasuring, be possessions. There’s a whisper in the dark, a song in the night; heard through the soul. God is speaking, are we truly listening? Be careful little feet where you go, be careful eyes what you see. Have a big heart, but be not deceived; to what you think you know. Darkness, will never produce light. If you yield yourself, God’s greatness will shine through. Bring out new wine, in you today. Forget about giving the heart tomorrow, a day that might be too late. This is a moment, to let go of a sour path, and take hold of the new… perspective!

Father, Your love is the only remedy. Let hearts, not to drink up the lies; the nicely flavored kool-aide. But taste and see, Your love is filled; with the only everlasting truth. Real love, full of so much substance. Crush our reality, if that’s what it takes; to see the best of hearts. Shatter the glassed ceiling, for even though Your love is so clear. Your love, the truth in plain sight; still so hard, for all to see. We came into this world with nothing, all we have… from You. For new wine to become, there has to be the crushing, and the pressing. The breaking down, what strongly holds; for the making into. The time is here for new power. Help us, to give up the old flame. Set ablaze the soul, a new blazing fire; forever seen upon our hearts. Make us a vessel, our hearts to You… the offering. When we truly trust in You, nothing else; will our hearts need to understand. Even if we don’t see it, don’t truly understand it. Even if we don’t feel it, You’re working. Under the quiet, in the stillness. Underneath every breath, Your love… moving. Through You, new wine. Fear has no choice, it bows. Chains can’t help, but to fall. Shame has to leave, when a heart is unashamed; Your love, the presence. This is a move, work on the inside… of us! In Jesus’ name, Amen!

This song inspired, is a song released in: 2018; by Hillsong, an Australian Christian music praise & worship group from Sydney, Australia. Happy Ester, may this be a time of refreshing, and blessings!


Because of You!

Because of You, the unknown is eclipsed by what I know. Your love is the feeling that hovers, over the deeper surface of my soul. The peace within, my contentment within the presence. Because of You, my heart was a silent river; but now, Your love, the ocean. Because of You, I thought; true love for my heart, not worthy. But under the quiet, blown away was the silence. In the stillness, no more thinking; but the listening. A whisper into my heart, a song echoing in my soul. “Your love, to be forever my heart; worth it.” The world has an “F” word, but embedded within my soul; the true “F” word, Forever. That, I swear with all my heart. You are the reason, why my heart knows; what love is. The Cross my heart, within Your love, my hope; never die, without forever becoming truly breathless. A heart safe, within the love to know. Submerged, means deeply; in the deep places, of the love!

Because of You, heart and soul; will never be the same. Why, I can give freely back to You; the love, and my heart. Height, and depth; not just a place, but a destination. Your love, the gentler side of my soul. Overwhelmed, would be the heart… emotion. If truly touched by the love, wasn’t always what my soul is feeling. Because of You, I don’t want anything; without Your love, and my heart in it. Relentless, the chase after Your heart. Forever wanting my heart, what Your love… profoundly promised. Because of You, I know what true love is. Because of You, I know how to trust.. in love. No other love, will ever get me, get what, get that, get my heart; get my soul, into any other confession. My heart knows, there’s no losing Your love. I don’t have You, Your love has me; within the center of Your heart. Drowning, but knowing the true breadth; not in heart, but soul.

Because of You, dying; means a soul truly free, living in… Your love forever. A heart knowing absolutely, no living without; true freedom. A soul never having to worry, about be hurt. But, a heart being broken; for what breaks Yours. Your love, why I live. Life is lived, but living is the life; I have found in You. Having nothing else, but You; having all a heart can desire. In You, weakness is strength. I’m not intimidated, by what I face today. Not scared, of what lurks around a tomorrow. Your love, holds my forever. The night, but for a moment. The darkness, hides when the light shines; because of You. I was once young, now much older… to know. My heart, yet to see Your love; disappoint my soul. I’m not ashamed of my heart, my soul will defend the truth. Your love, the defender of my heart. The love I have, I will carry it boldly. Though the dark falls, I know my soul will rise again; Because, of You!