The Sponge!

Why shouldn’t my heart, become a sponge? When, it comes to matters of the heart? Why shouldn’t my soul, let the love soak deeply in? Soak up, love into the deep places? All, that my soul can absorb. To know substantive, is to have the true understanding. That your heart, can’t truly be content, leaning on love. If your soul, can’t also find rest, in the essence. That makes, there be a noticeable change. A heart and soul, drench through and through. Love, wins the heart; will forever capture the imagination. That pads the soul, insulates from the immaterial. The heart becomes bathed, in the love. The soul washed, by the beauty. Depth, widens breadth; that deepens the experience. Not what dissipates, with a fleeting emotion. To be, or not to be. Only a question, without a momentous choice. A heart soaked, by the submergence. For the love to permeate, the soul needs to be immersed. A heart, likened as Sponge. Soaking up, the deepest love. The soul, bobbing within the ocean. Drowning in the water, living in the bliss!


Fun Friday; The Love Playground!

Sweet Lady, you parked your love; unparalleled, at the center of my soul. Together we enter, into the gates of our forever, a real love playground. You, untied your heart, let loose your love. To let the tender moments, run wild and free, throughout my soul. The beauty, stunningly looking indeed. To take me by the heart, to intentionally touch my soul. Your love, whispers in my soul, talks to my heart, walks sweetly through my thoughts. Girl, no need to play games. Our hearts will grow old, love will be the muse. Forever will be the prize, laugher the amusement. Two hearts, frolicking through the sands of time. This life, the ride will surely be the rise, and fall; all the ups and downs. If your heart, ever gets scared? Don’t hesitate, to lay your head on my heart; your fears on my shoulders. My love, will be by your side. Your heart, I won’t let it go… alone, through the twist and turns. Hold tight to my words, until the emotional roller coaster, becomes just another faded feeling. Cotton candy girl, honey your sweet love. My, romantic stroll through your heart. To see if the roses are red, and if violets take the blues. For your sweetness, by any other name. Would still be, a time to indulge; in the sweetest moments. The reminiscing, the story of our life. Playing out, in our love playground!

So babe, for another thirty three years; let’s hop back on our favorite merry-go-round. Our lives revolving, the story of our love evolving. Around and around, that’s how our heart goes. When will the love stop, only heaven knows. Spoiler alert, there’s absolutely no chance. My heart, will ever get off this wonderful ride. A soul, will only know waves of glory. When the love, overtakes like a crimson tide. Love, doesn’t have to be giddy, to be lasting. But true, for it to be forever. Just, like a Ferris wheel. Let my heart, represent a higher love. The view breathtaking, a soul never wanting to take, eyes off your heart. Girl, the stars could fall from your eyes, and my heart, would still see how your love shines. My heart, will hang on to your love. As if, for my dearest life. A heart and soul, blown again and again. On, the ultimate love playground. Just, like a seesaw. When, love brings your heart up, sometimes; you don’t want to come down. The times when, the relationship becomes a rocky road; we make the taste like ice cream. Two scoops, shares better when it’s one heartbeat. How, about teeter-tottering together, for the remaining days. Being young at heart, just a state, never the debate. We don’t let fate, dictate how the love will play. Our hearts hanging out, on the Love Playground!


Love Hovers!

Love hovers, between every breath. It lingers in the afterglow, waits in the shadows. Hides in plain sight, to hang on every word. It’s beneath a crimson tide, drifting upon waves. In the depth of an ocean, floating through the mist. In the roses red, in the violet blue. In the moonlight, part of the starlight; seen glistening in the sunlight. Lurking under the quiet, moves through the stillness. Love is in the air, love covers. Stays suspended, through the sands of time. Love is forever, poised in a romantic way. Acts out, to become a poetic sway. Love is excess, faithful through every mess, true in every test. Sticks around, stays close. Levitates, because it’s a wonder. Love’s bigger than life, the strength to conquer fear. Clarity, to see intimately; amplified, to be the greatest. Love, is heart and soul. Through every breadth, Love Hovers!


Lace Up Your Heart!

In, every season of life; lace up your heart. When, the day becomes another fall. In every stumble, as a brisk wind blows. It’s to let your heart know, you’re gonna be okay. Even if, the sun doesn’t shine. Spread your wings, and let your soul soar, into a new horizon. Even when, the day makes you feel like your heart’s trapped. In the middle, of a harsh wintery storm. A positive outlook, will surely keep the fire burning, deep within your soul. Whenever, your heart’s feeling the hurt. Just be still, and know; that in everything. There’s a beautiful song can be heard, speaking to your heart. If you have to, take baby steps. Crawl, walk, run; whatever you choose? Dust off your soul, and lace up your heart. Let the love for life, gird your worth. So you can start the day, with a new Spring in your step. Your soul, will surely see, this too shall pass. After the rain, May you come to see, you there’s a flower… beginning to bloom. In a season called change, there will be a Summertime. A time, to lace up your heart. At another dawn, it’s time to get ready, to let your heart shine. Though it races, through another season!


A Story; Man of Mystery!

In every heart, therein lies a story. A heart, can get exposed. When the love within, bares the soul. The look away, from love; a heart will miss the takeaway. In love, act once, will negate the second scene. Love, needs to be intimately seen. A man of thought, is a heart, thoughtful; considerate to always remember. Love, not just about a feeling, but being a man of action. A heart known, breathlessly seen standing, in the gap. A heart of a warrior, a soul reckless; breaking down all barriers. They say, life’s what you make of it. But, I say; life’s what, you profoundly make it become. People say, “beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.” But, when it boils down to it, and if truth is told. We tend to see, life through our own rosy colored lens. Forgetting, life’s but a breath. A journey, an adventure in the making. If, we choose to adventure out, of what’s comfortable. To let your heart, embrace the precious moments. We have to, seized the day; take every stolen moments captive. To be, or not to be. A heart, forever arrested. A soul, no longer living, enslaved to passing fears. But chained, to the independence. A heart, not letting the unconditional love… be a daunting mystery. The love not becoming, a heart hiding; within a mysterious cloaking device… fear. But free, to cast a wide net, that shows what the love is worth. A heart, crosses a defining line. When, the love becomes defined. A heart connection, doesn’t mean perfection. The love language, becomes understood. Not, when words are said; but, when the heart is heard. The mysteries of love, not following this, or following that; but follow your heart. It shouldn’t be a mystery, when it’s time; to give the best of your heart. Spy out the land, but take every thought captive. Avoid, a bad report; someone else’s fear. Then, the mysterious truth will be known. How a heart and soul, found forever… in love!


Love, You Illuminate!

Love, you illuminate. You give light, to my every breath. Casting light, dispelling every doubt. Leaving, not even a single shadow. That the sands of time, can fade away, to just an afterglow. What, wasn’t my brightest, just a moment… in time. In my soul, your light can never be eclipsed. The darkness can’t hide, what my heart, won’t let be erased. Whenever, it seems I have nothing else to give. My heart, will recklessly abandons to you, my last breath. With just a glimpse, every breathless encounter; into you I glean. My heart, doesn’t have to flip a switch; making it just another lightbulb moment. Every illumination, radiates with such a steady glow. Showing how love, can resonate so profoundly. You’re the light, that brightens my countenance. Forever revealing, how endlessly love can glisten. With such strength, and beauty. How, can a heart ever miss, not wanting to shine like this. Love, it’s you, not me. Into my soul you see, how breathlessly love whispers. You’re the light, that makes my heart, better than it was, more than it is… without. Your light, it’s so strong. All my heart will ever need, to conquer every fear. When the days are dark, You illuminate the way; every breath you sway. Telling my heart, get ready to shine!

You, illuminated my worth, facilitated my birth. The picture, of a crimson sky. Out of the darkness, into an enlightenment. Growing up, I thought; you disowned me. But now, my horizon has grown; I can see in love forever. Forgive me, for the times I blushed. Leaving you crushed, liking just the fleeting rush. Without love, a heart will fade, into a darkened place. You, and you alone. The shining light, showing a heart… wide open, a soul not hidden. Every chain, is broken. Now, you’re the only thing; my heart is tethered to. Love, how do you do it; take my every breath? Even when, my soul hasn’t yet exhaled? How, can a soul ever hide… the love? In life, and depth; I’m enlightened. A new breath in the taking, becomes a deeper breadth with no faking. Love’s like a blessing, that’s always there. In the struggles, in the wrestling; in walking, through every valley. You, illuminate!

Why, should a heart travel the back roads. Love illuminates, the highway to heaven. The light, that doesn’t say a word. It just, dances with the soul; breathtaking the melody. This, my heart must concede. The Illuminating light of love, permeates my depth. In the journey, in every season. In the stillness, love being to speak, through the silence. In the sun, the moon, the stars, in me. Love, showed through a soul beaming. Expressions of light, through every illustration. The nuance of love, in an artistic light. Seeping through, the canvas of my heart. A guiding light, illuminating the path, that sheppard’s the heart. The ray of sunshine, that walks with you. When, the darkness throws shade. You flood my heart, with light. Every day, when the soul rises, let the roots go deep. By design, love enhances every experience, enriched becomes the encounter. A deepened love, peace like a river. Love, in this piece. My soul, is at your feet. Laying against your breadth, basking in the light. To share my heart, for you are my heartbeat. Love, You Illuminate… my heart, my soul, like this!


The Starry Gaze!

Into the night, the heart breathlessly gazing, deep into the twilight. In the moonlight, the soul twinkling throughout the starry night. In every star, that is, every breath that was. Love’s in the air, hovering in the afterglow. The heart resonating, feeling the warmth of love; the breadth of the heavenly. In the horizon, love is rising. The heart blazing, the soul on fire. With every imaginative contemplation, the heart circling; the innermost of the souls system, frolicking through the galactic stars. Every mission the adventure, to find the true meaning of love. Under the starlight, the soul watches in anticipation. To see how, love will shape the heart, by each captivating, display of what’s deeply divine. Love, opens the heart gate. Giving the soul, the breadth to soar, feeling the shimmering light. Gird Orion’s Belt, around what a soul in love won’t waste. The breathtaking moments, when a heart gets forever swept away, into the bliss. Love implodes, when the heart and soul becomes entwined; but not completely tethered. To the gravity, of what happens. When the heart loses sight, to what truly makes the love shine. Oh, I wish that you may, wish that you might. It never be lost sight, of the heart free falling, deeper in love tonight. Love of a lifetime, makes love a true lifestyle. A heart, savoring the moments. A soul, knowing the most ecliptic love. Love, should not be about anything; it should be everything. Knowing the one true, in a confidante. Love, not meant to be on the tip of the heart. A soul living, but on the edge of forever. Love, can’t be seen through the peripheral. It’s a capture, by the innermost. Revealed, through the outermost. In every heart, that will fix the soul, on the Starry Gaze!


The Story!

Your heart, is The Story; Your love, a song. This Story, about what’s in your heart. The love, that can calm fears; the breadth like a sweet lullaby. My soul, can curl up next to your heart. But, before it rocks me to sleep. You, always know how to read my heart. Loving you tell my soul, the night will be alright. Your heart, will be there at the dawn. You’re amazing, that’s; the best part of The Story. Every day, it Story Time. The T to the H to the E… asy does it heart; “The Story, it’s not about U!” This Story, about The Word; that will shape the heart, and the mind. It all, starts with one word; “LOVE!” But, for every Story to truly resonate? It starts with the conText. So, let me take you back to the beginning; introduce you to my heart!

The Story, began with my heart learning to crawl. Then walk, with confidence. A soul ready, to run into the embrace, the loving arms of love. No words, a heart not yet have words. Baby steps, what steadied the heart; to understand the true breadth of life. Love, becomes a language. At the point, when your soul has a Story; that only your heart can express. Love, hovers in the air. The soul, teaches the heart how to speak. How to extract, the words lingering beneath the depth. Even when, the heart seems at a loss for words. Don’t get me wrong, every heart has a Story. But not every Story, has an happy ending. For any heart, learning how to deeply love. The Story, will always start with a struggle; convincing both heart and soul. To get, for the love to be… forever!

Sometimes, the Story reads like, your heart can definitely relate. Only, to later find out. The end, didn’t turn out, the same way the love began. A true love Story, not just about how it started. But, that the heart will stay engaged. Until the love, has exhaled; the soul taking its last breath. With, any good Love Story; for there to be true understanding. The heart, needs to be wide open. So, the true meaning can be captured, with depth of soul. For the heart to live, air is breathed. But, for the soul to thrive… in love. Breathless, needs to be part of the unforgettable Story. The never ending love, that became; your never ending Story. So, hearts get ready; it’s Story Time. Let the love, in you be seen, heard, read. As a truly believable, Love Story!


An Oasis!

Every day, let your heart cast off. Let your soul set sail, your heart sail away. When the day, feels like an ocean blue. Let your traveling soul, find solace in an Oasis. A mind being blown, the fresh wind graciously giving, a breathless calm. A heart, taken by each wave of love. The increasing, the never fleeting; with every breathtaking encounter. The lilly in the valley, giving the heart words, that gently frolics through the two-lips. Beneath the surface, the water bubbles; taking away what troubles. A deep river, overflowing into an ocean. Stream of love, seeping into every crevice. Producing, a lovely spring in the heart. A soul, finding that peaceful state. A heart knowing, there will always be a refuge, in every horizon. Where, the love is lush; fertile to told, ever growing for the heart to take hold. Heaps of love, lavished on the soul; to keep the fire blazing. Out of the belly, a deep river flows, with poetic eMotion. Love, in the crevices of the moon. Nestled, in the breadth of the crimson. Clustered, breathtakingly in each star-light. Living, in the depth. An ocean is found, a stream is felt, my silent river is heard. My faith, my hopes, my dreams, my forever, in my Oasis!

The blessed assurance, in the face of every adversity. A heart resting, against the breadth of God’s love, will find peace. For when, the struggle becomes real. Every battle, seeming the most fiercest. The foe, and the fight one in the same. The battlefield becomes the mind, giving the heart and soul the place, to wrestle with the day. But, how heartfelt is it to know. Life, is not knowing how breathe. Just, know to live… with hope. One hundred billion breaths, will be just a test. If, every whisper of love; will take you by the heart? Draw you closer, to His heart, and lost within the breadth? Living water, all my life, you’ve been so faithful. How, can a soul truly find peace? How, does a heart get through the rain, without You? For, there’s no greater bliss; than truly knowing this. In times of refreshing, an Oasis, can surely be found. What seems a rival, or that persistent nemesis. Just know, every downfall, can turn into an uprising. Your soul, rising up. In the face of lack, in the face of weakness, the face of negativity. When, the night blinds the way. A shining light, will enlighten the heart; which path to take. To let your soul find rest, in the Oasis!

Love, you are my shepherd. You make my soul, lie down in greenest pastures. Beside the still waters, to be a restful soul. Down, the path of righteousness, forever will be in your heart. Yea, though I walk through valley’s. Shadows, will never give the heart cause to fear. For You, are with me. A rod, to help vanquish the doubts. The staff, to give the heart something to lean on. You prepare a table, in your presence; my cup runs over. Surely, goodness and mercy, follow me. All the days, and all my life. You have dwelt with me, an Oasis; for the heart, and soul!



You Are!

My heart, not afraid to show, the love inside. You’re the one, in whom I share hopes; the one, inside all my dreams. My love, is your love. Let it be an umbrella, shielding your heart from the rain. Don’t, ever close your heart. How else, can my love be the boldest thief. Wanting for another moment, take your every breath. Me and you, under the canopy of love. My soul, can’t get two steps away. And not to feel your love, tugging on every string. Your love and mine, may not always be fine. But, we’ve found our forever, two hearts in twine, three strands strong. You are, my breathless; God’s love, the breadth. It’s not, heaven in your eyes, it’s in your heart. True love, not about being mesmerized; knowing, love’s a daily prize. Into you I see, within me the love will truly be. Every day, I don’t have to think, about what kind of love I’m getting. In you, my heart already knows, the kind of love I have. For me, it’s not about what I feel; but what, you need my heart to be. In love, always, and forever. Love, not about what you’re honored to do. But what through love, your soul is privileged to become. A heart, giving love faithfully. Even when, my heart looked through blinders. Within my soul, there was absolutely no mistaking. I could always see, our forever… in love. Whatever, you have to face. That’s, what my love has to face… through your eyes. Let, my heart be perfectly clear. God’s love is the breadth, that has made your heart the vision, ever before my soul. A reflection of His love, that what… you are!