Love Hangover!

Is your love on the rocks, then simply shake it up. Make love the intoxicating experience, one that leaves a heart with a forever buzz. True love makes a heart giddy, a soul burst with true delight. Some like their love shaken, not knowing love is always better stirred. The moment the love truly gets stirred up, is the moment when the love becomes so much sweeter. Some prefer to have their love, with a splash of lemon. Just don’t allow the love to become sour, a little bit too bitter; then hard to stomach. Some think love is better, with the right amount of luster. Some try to dress it up, with things delightful to the eyes. But window dressings, will never change the substance within!

Some try to mix it up, by adding the perfect amount of additives. With one attempt, to get the juices flowing. Go ahead, mix it up; let your heart explore, different kinds of love ingredient. Just remember, love is not about the right formula; but what is the Right Substance… within. Let your heart reveal the right stamina, what real love can truly give. Joy, hope, peace, faithful love. Don’t let your soul get drunk, with meaningless indulgences. Rather shake up the heart, then let the love flow. Let the love rock you, to the depth of your soul. But don’t get it twisted. Love is not about drinking all you can, but how to truly be filled, with all the love… your heart gets. Then make the all the desire for, the Love Hangover last… Forever!