Baby Boy!

From the first day, from the first hour; yes from the very first minute, it was love from the very first second. My heart got to hold your gentle love; soft was the touch, that will forever caress my soul. Ear to ear, heart to heart; the smile has been forever noticeable, within my heart. You were the first, none other can ever take that away from you; my baby boy!

Your first step, your first tooth, your first haircut. Your first day at school, your first job, your first car. The day you became a man, from the very first moment; my heart witnessed them all. Oh boy, my heart could never be coy; oh what a joy, when we had our first baby boy!

Rockabye baby, I pray my love has been a rock? Hold on to my love, God’s love is the rock; that keeps my heart grounded. The rock of ages, rest your heart; on that as the foundation. Happy 30th Birthday, to my baby boy. Daddy has always been so very proud of you, and every day; I say a little prayer, for you!


Random Act of Kindness!

I would like to thank Richa @, and Stuart @; for nominating me for the Random Act of Kindness award. They are two of the most kind hearted souls, that I have met here on WordPress. They share what’s on their heart, with one intention, to bless your heart. For me friends, I view this ACT in two ways; RANDOM, INTENTIONAL.

• When you hear that someone is going through something, and you are a person of faith; you don’t just say you will pray for them at some point in the future. I believe that you should pray for them on the spot; verbally, or in writing!

• When you see someone is in need a a financial blessing, don’t just tell them; “the check is in the mail,” check your pocket. They do need to have faith, but you also need to be part of the faith blessing!

• Someone says they need a ride; they’re going to be late, or have to wait for the bus for hours. It might be out of the way; show them compassion, not the time. Go out of your way, take the time; to show that you have a light that shines!

With all these points; it’s a time to act, not just react. Random is wonderful, but Intentional is even better. People might see the things I do as random, but that’s just it my friends; I don’t do random, I do intentional. Every day I choose to act, to never miss an opportunity to react; to a heart in need. Open up your heart, and at the same time open up a door; put someone else’s need first!

I will share a story with all of you. I drive for a living, back in March of 2015; I had the opportunity to work in the busy city. One day as I was heading out of the city, I met this homeless guy; now I see homeless people all day, it’s the big city. Most homeless people have a brown cardboard sign saying something. Every day I put $2-$4 in my pocket, to give away. But this sign was different, creative. It was white Styrofoam board; it said McHungry, with a few other words. Not all homeless is homeless, unfortunately some people use it as a way to make money; while living a regular life!

I handed him a apple, with a $5 bill; and did so every Wednesday for a few weeks. But then I stated to get creative, along with the $5, I would buy a subway sandwich, a hot chocolate in the winter; whatever I felt led to do. Within months I knew his name, his birthday. It blew him away, when I gave him a gift on his birthday, a year later. He didn’t even remember that he told me it the year before. He just kept asking, how did you know it was my birthday over and over; a priceless moment. At Christmas he gets a gift, on long weekends he gets a $10. Over the years I’ve given him copies of my writing, he loves them. This year his mother died. He said that my writing, my acts of kindness; is what helped get him through it, how do you put a price on that. It’s been three years now, we meet for no more than 30 seconds a day. But every single Wednesday, my heart receives a blessing; when I see the smile on his face!

With this post, I would like to take this opportunity; to Introduce new bloggers. Below is a list of bloggers, who are new to WordPress. They’ve been blogging for a short time, most within the last couple of months. I don’t know all these bloggers that well, still getting to know their hearts. But it’s truly not about knowing, but promoting. I’m following them all, so won’t you please join me in showing them some love; Read, Like, Follow!

• C. Capablanca @

• Yonnie @

• Laura Rogers @

• Optimistic Soul @

• Simplymadhavi @

• FavourSweet; @

Consider this, your Intentional Act of Kindness! Blessings To You All!


The Miles!

My heart was off to the races; beating a thousand miles a minute. My young, foolish heart; thought that life was a hundred yard dash. Only to find out, that there’s hurdles along the way. I’ve tripped over my ego, a few too many times; a stumbling block, my heart failed to avoid. My ego wasn’t hurt, my foolish heart showed some bruises. It was the battles within the mind, that left my heart with a few scars. But I was strong… willed, so I dusted off my heart; a race is about endurance. Being swift, without knowing how to take a moment to breathe. That would inevitably be another scar, my heart wouldn’t allow my mind to battle, alone!

So many miles, you need faith to go the distance; along this long winding road. Going the distance, was a choice my heart had to make. All the falls, they truly made me realize. That the race has never been about the miles, but the distance; a courageous heart is truly willing to go. Even if I just limped across the finish line, it would still be a picture perfect finish. God’s love will be there waiting; well done, you were faithful. I’ve put a lot of miles on this heart, this one thing I have learned; the distance, overcome the miles. There’s no need to walk a mile, my heart is still learning; how to walk in the shoes, of a man named Jesus!

Going the distance for me, is not about putting one foot in front of the other. I determined long ago, that my heart will go the distance. Faithfulness is the hurdle, that will never be an obstacle; that trips my heart. With every little step, as the journey fortifies my love; as this heart relentlessly continues to chase. Not the pursuit for happiness, but the pursuit for a closer walk. The journey continued, every time the night; once again became the day. Life tries to tear at the fabric of your heart, trying to unravel the love within; strand by strand!

At times my soul has felt so worn, tired was the soles of my feet; but truly beautiful, has been every single step. I’ve learned how to get a grip, the anchor forever holds. My heart has endured the miles, forever seeking; digging deeper, than what I see on the surface. Whenever I fell, a love tugged on my heart strings. A love always helping me to stand, my heart needed to stay the course. My heart never once felt clothed in shame, I proudly wore the love. The number Seven, it’s on my back; the Three, that’s within my heart. Around my waist, the belt of righteousness; forever girds my soul. My heart is racing, beating a thousand miles a minute. Chasing after a love, breathlessly throughout my soul!


The Call!

Love, is that You; softly and tenderly calling my heart? Love your call sounds so delightful, so pleasant; but I’m not ready to answer the call. Love, don’t turn up the volume; I do hear the call. My heart is racing, my soul wants to dance for joy; it’s sweet that You called, but I’m going to have to decline the call. Oh, but love I sense that You have such a gentleness. Love I don’t feel threatened by the call, the tone of the call; it’s moving my heart, but not enough to answer!

Love I know that You’re calling me to come deeper, Love I do need to feel Your embrace. But I’m not quite ready, to open that door, I love you, but I just can’t answer the call. Love, won’t You please call back later; maybe a year, or two? Love I still have so much cleaning to do, before I can ever think of letting You in… to my heart. Love don’t even try the window, that’s dirty too. That’s not a crack You see, on the window of my painful soul; it’s a dirty stain, I can’t get off a broken heart!

Knock knock; Love, are You back to call on my heart so soon; has it already been two years? Love when I said a year or two, I really meant three or four. Love, why are You so persistent, I’m still not ready; to fully open up my heart. So Love, be patient with me just a little longer. Please, won’t You give me just a little more time? Your love is just too perfect, I don’t want a heart such as mine; to turn You off. That dirty stain, is still a blotch on my fragile heart. Love, how about if I called You when I’ve completely cleaned up my act? I can want to be worthy, enough for a love as pure like Yours!

Love, who am I kidding. This heart of mine is too broken; it will never truly be ready. Just come on in, let Your love be what makes my heart feel alive. Love I’m ready, go ahead; call me deeper, into the depth of Your heart. Love, why can’t I seem to go deeper, but how can I? Yes, my heart is free; but my mind still hasn’t let go, of the past. Love if this is as deep as I can go, then please call me higher. Love if You can’t call me any higher, at least I know: that You call me beloved. If beloved is what I am, then I can truly call You lover; of my soul. Your Love calls me into the depth of Your heart. I want Your love to be my one thing, the only voice my heart hears; deep within my soul. I am ready, absolutely willing; to answer the call!


The Question?

How deep, how deep is Your love; How? Is it deeper than an ocean, would it be completely over our heads, could a heart truly know; How?

What is the depth, what is the depth of Your heart; What? Would the knowing forever take your breath away, could a heart truly fathom? Would a heart hit rock bottom; trying to get to the What, is the depth. Trying to fathom the What, would only be the start; towards a true comprehension?

How great, how great is Your love; How? Is it greater than the stars, could a keen heart; see into the vastness? Would an endless starry gaze, help hearts to truly see; beyond our own souls… system? That would truly be the begin of wisdom. Trying to understand; the true length and breadth, of How great is this love?

Why does a soul, why does a soul yearn endlessly for love? The sole desire, should forever be capitulation; to know What, it is to be truly reborn? True surrender, is not about a feeling. It’s about a being, knowing the How; to let your soul forever be set free. Does your heart truly want to know Why, it desires to be at a place? Where the being free, means letting your soul be forever captured, by a beautiful love?

Open up your heart, let love stretch your soul. Take the deep dive, but first you need to get off the What; you feel to be your sure, to let your heart thrive. Let your heart go deeper, let your soul gasp. Air, is not the What, a heart needs; to live forever. Don’t take another breath, until your soul learns how to breathe; through the love of God. Let your heart be desperate, trying to know the How; deep is this love? You may not know the Why, and the How; you only need to know, The Who!


Song Inspired; That’s Life!

We live in a world, where some people get their kicks; Stomping on your dreams. They can stomp their feet all they want, I’ve never been one; to let childish behavior, make me lose focus of my dreams. Maybe, they just don’t know for themselves; how to dream? So don’t ever let that get you down; keep your world spinning, it doesn’t revolve around them. Your heart is not a puppet, that kind of thinking; just keeps your heart a pauper. While that no good pirate, makes off with what you treasure; don’t allow them, to steal your dreams!

That’s life, so what if that’s what people say. Sing your heart out, let the melody within your soul; be the encouragement that gets you your dream. Yes, sometimes your heart is riding high in April, basking in all the April showers. Only to feeling down and out, because you haven’t yet seen the May flowers. Life is a journey, pick your heart up off despair. Get back in the race, don’t ever stop chasing your dreams; don’t let life keep you looking down!

I too have been down a time or two. My foolish thoughts tried to turn me into a pauper, but that was before my heart met The King; my heart came face to face with royalty. I’ve had a lot of dreams that have come through, and even one that took me a bit by surprise; my heart became a poet. Just goes to show you, so much more is possible; when your heart has learned how to dream. Down should never mean out. As long as the vision is hope, and that hope knows how to lean up against faith; a bigger dream becomes the dawn!

That’s life, our hearts can’t even deny it. But friends, have confidence; If you believe it, by faith you will achieve it. A strong belief system, can ever be mistaken for hopelessness. Push past the sorrow and pain, within the midst of the darkness; dream. With every rise, with every single fall; believe. Your reality will begin to take shape, when you’ve finally learned how to believe, in your dreams; That’s Life!

Today’s song inspired post; That’s Life, is a song by Michael Bublé. He is Canadian, born on September 9, 1975; Happy Birthday Michael. I hope that this song inspired post; was an encouragement, and a blessing!



The barometer is telling, that the temperature is falling; but the love within my heart, forever seems to be rising. I must be feeling a heat wave, my heart knows; it’s Your love that has my temperature rising. The barometric pressure within my heart, is absolutely fluctuating; it rises and falls, with every breath You take. Let me hold my breath, just so I can hear Your every heartbeat; in the attempt to fathom, the true depth of Your love. But why would I ever want to breathe, if my barometer couldn’t even detect; the fire within my bones?

Let me, therefore gauge my own heart. I will forever use Your love, as the true benchmark; in which to gauge my very soul. Eve if it’s just a degree of separation, would undoubtedly expose; that there’s a lingering coldness, that would need to be immediately adjusted. Your love has the ability, and the very right to gauge my true motives; look deep within. There’s no science to Your love. Not even a rocket scientist would be able to figure out, why my heart burns out of control; whenever Your presence, gets within a thousand feet of my heart?

Extra, extra, you can read all about it; this is not news. Send home all the meteorologists, all the climatologist; they simply have it backwards. Yes, hot air rises; but my barometer tells a different story. It tells me that Your love, will continue to flow down; into the depth my soul. My heart is just an instrument, an instrument used to show change. How everyone views a love such as this, will show how very instrumental; Your love has been in my heart. No judgement is needed, I invite you to gauge my heart for yourself. To what degree of change you see, it truly doesn’t matter; the judge already said, Not Guilty!

Give my heart a pressure test, check the temperature of my soul. The love is forever hardwired, batteries not included; my heart is insulated by the love inside. Thermo is the feeling, it will never about the Stat… us quo; this is a progressive love. The atmospheric test, used to measure the depth of my love. My heart used to display short term changes, but the new change is definitive; reflective of a long term commitment. My barometer, not broken; I no longer wonder if I truly measure up? Numerous times within my youth, I felt a love forever tugging on my heartstrings; peering endlessly into my soul. The measuring up season within my life has changed, all because God’s love forever remained the same. It was never about measuring up, but forever standing out; by what truly defines. Hot or cold, lukewarm; will never be the temperature that defines, my heart!