Love’s Habitual Presence!

Constant, like a breathless breeze, love hovers. Persistent, like a deep river, love lingers in deep places. Continual, like an endless scent, love has a quantifiable fragrance. Perpetual, like a perceptible motion, love moves to become, a beautiful display. Recurrent, like a perceptive dream, love finds new meaning, in the quiet moments. Repeated, like the appearance of the dawn, love feels warmest, knowing it will be there, again and again. Frequent, like breaths, taking a thousand of, like stars, seeing millions of. Love is a quintessential existence, sustained by being, consequential. Relentless, like a galloping spirit, love runs towards you, regardless of what lies ahead. Unrelenting, like a timeless bloom, love is like a flower, showing the best of. Never-ending, like an immeasurable essence, love takes you to that familiar place. Where the heart tries to fathom, the height, the length, the breadth of. What’s found within the midst of, love’s habitual presence!


The Building!

At an early age, my faith was being built. I learned early, what he said, she said, what they say; can’t sway a made up heart. Somehow, even then I knew, I couldn’t stand by, wasting time. From, the time I could talk, the walk… it like I talk it. A heart learns a lot, living in a silent river. All my life, knowing what it is to be set apart; builds character. A calling is nothing, until the purpose, understands the reason. Well, I have to admit, truth tells stories; what a heart is built on. Imperfect flaws, don’t define the building up process. In the building, hearts will falter. Why, love works in tandem, with grace. To make it, you have to build it, but sometimes you need to change it; your posture. It doesn’t matter, what changes are in your life. When, love says you have a job to do. You don’t stop, until it’s through. I can’t, criticize another’s building up. All you can do, keep your own heart in line. Work while it’s day, so when the darkness comes, it doesn’t blind your soul. Night vision, helps the heart see, clearly. Hearts and minds are changed, when love becomes, the cornerstone!

A heart levels up, knowing when to refrain, by allowing love to reframe. Even if, even when, even now. From the ground up, how love builds a firm foundation. I know of a man named, Nehemiah, he had a made up mind. His heart wasn’t going to let anything, or anyone; upend his destiny. Every heart has the ability, to be an overcome. The building, not about building walls, but the building of the relationship. What’s building, if change is not evident? In love’s restoration, love smooth rough edges, covers the imperfections. So by design, love builds up the heart, to be a vivid portrait. In the building, love provides a hiding place, to be your refuge. Nothing missing, nothing broken. My mind is made up, my soul built upon, my heart built up to be. I’m determined, I’m intentional, I’m unapologetically; I’m building on the legacy. What love established, two thousand years ago!


What Does Love Look Like?

What does love look like? Does it stand tall, is it head and shoulders? Does love walk gracefully, does love wait faithfully? What does love look like? Does love wear a nice texture, dressed in the right fabric, does love look like a beautiful tapestry? What does love look like? Is it a love dressed to impress, or a love well put together, representing a humble heart? Is love color blind, does love see a heart in need? What does love look like? Does it hide behind a painted smile, can it draw you in, with its endearing presence? What does love look like? Do you see love, holding open the door, or closing off itself, to your heart? What does love look like, does it display a transparent sign? Saying; come in, I’m open, to serve you, or sorry, I’m closed… off to you. What does love look like? Can you see it from a distance, or have to get real close, to recognize if it’s even love? What does love look like? Is the love you see, willing to get its heart dirty, fighting with you in the trenches? What does love look like? Does love have arms wide open, is love a heart exposed? When you look for love, don’t look for an alluring perception, but a beautiful heart. Love looks like anyone, every heart willing to concede; love is a reflection. In love’s vulnerability, love reveals its greatest strength; its inner beauty. In the stillness, love grows. In the darkness, love glows. In the moment, love is. A display, of what love allows you to become, and what it becomes, for you!


Spoken Words; The Day I.

Up front, my heart needs to warn you, my love is unfiltered, my words unapologetic. Words, my heart form words. Syllables, my love language not words, captured in syllables. In building, the heart frames, the soul forges, time carves, love produces; by design. Verbs state, verses enlighten, synonyms, add texture, to love. Words spoken materialize, but broken text destabilize. Words debate, heart relates, love elevates. You see, my love is alive. Together, words in love, accompany my soul. The day I, love spoke profoundly. The day you, the day we, the day our. Love says you do, words say you will, but the heart reveals. Love, will always be, not because we keep it alive, but when we allow love to breathe. Love gives, a gentle nudge, never a forceful push. A heart leans in, love presses in. The heart makes known, words intent, love’s meaning. Words, on the tip of the tongue, have no significance. Words inform, love imparts. My heart, once a silent river, but love, made it an ocean; the day I.

When love speaks, the heart shows up, the soul represents, what words present, love taking shape. Always, and forever, comes into view; if heart and soul, will serve as? In love, feelings emerge, emotions develop. Will words be bold, will, heart break the mold, will love hold, will the story be told? Words don’t exist, if love doesn’t make visible, breadth within the heart. Every day, wear it well; the love you fashion, in a heart fashioned. Will never let words reveal itself, being just fashionable. Make up, words is meant be worn, natural. So, when the soul blushes, love uncovers, the true complexion of the heart. It doesn’t matter, how far words can take you. Love, makes the heart believe; “ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, ain’t no river wide enough.” To keep love, from reaching you, becoming more than words, spoken. Poetic love, peels back the layers. Reveals the heart, bares the soul, texturally. A poet is, what poetry becomes, textured love. My heart was exposed, the day I, said I do, to Love!


Like Incense!

True love is like incense, lingering profoundly. Breathless love is an aroma, poised to take your breath. Into the atmosphere, pure love releases its undeniable presence, earnestly, its existence is known. Every time, the fragrance brushes against your soul. Gently love, is a confident love. It moves the heart, touches the soul, with just the breadth. Like the first breath, in the next, even in the last breath. Love like perfume, the allure draws you in, but the essence what keeps you. Love, refined to become like incense, the essential defining perception. Love dipped in persuasion, becomes like incense, steeped in purity. Deep love is like a water lily, blossoming into a graceful flower, leaving no doubt. Growth makes love flourish, filling a heart with the scent of. Making the soul become, a beautiful display of love. Like fragrant incense, words can never deceive, the truth, what love makes the heart perceive. Love with real substance, strong enough, it will captivate, tangible becomes evident, powerful enough it provokes. Likened to sweetness, love’s kindness captures, with the sweet smell of. Just like balm, sage love is likened to incense, relinquishing profound healing!


Love is, A Song!

Fellows, this world is going crazy, don’t let your love, become ragged in the rat race. Tell, the special love in your heart; her love is always on your mind, and how it takes your breath, it’s resting deep in your soul. Let her heart know, her love strolls through your soul. Every day, every night, every minute of every hour. Your love is daydreaming, about the moments your heart gets to spend, loving you. How the fragrance in your love, is lavished with the scent of her. Tell her, your heart will never give up on her, for her love, never gives up on you. Show her, you will forever cherish her love. Don’t, wish you tried, show her how much you dare, to be a love that cares. And when, your soul begins to rumble. Ask her, if she feels it too, how her love makes your heart thunder? Men, you don’t need a special day, whenever you’re at work, or just because. Call her, tell her; put your sweet lips, a little closer to the phone, let’s pretend we’re together, all alone. Love dreaming, the soul beaming; heart to heart. Real love doesn’t pontificate, it reciprocates. Love doesn’t let words, tell what needs to be heard. Love communicates with words, what a heart needs to know. Love fights, love argues, but love says sorry; love doesn’t close doors. Love, doesn’t let anger grow, love makes beauty glow. A woman of mystery, never allows her heart and love, to be the shrouded secret!

Bro, with a fro, let the love flow, not be just a show. Don’t spend all your time, chasing dreams. Make time, to let your Nubian know, she’s the queen of your heart. Cherish the love you have, cherish the love she gives. Guys, women; don’t care about your money. What a woman truly needs, all your love. She wants to spend their time, getting to know your heart. And if, your heart isn’t in it; don’t keep her hanging on, for dear life. And if, she walks away; man, don’t be a fool, trying to play it cool. Tell her, baby come back, you can blame it all on me. Any kind of fool can see, there’s something, in everything about you. I was wrong, I can’t live without you. ” A sweet lady, has a love so tasty, your heart calls it candy. Men, every day, kiss your angel good morning; your love gives her heart wings. True love, never lets a woman wake, and wonder; he love’s me, he love’s me not? Between every breadth, the soul finds the place, where love transcends time, a heart in the right space. A woman needs to know, when her love makes the tears become, the raindrops on roses. A heart in love, doesn’t become weak, in adversity. Love is profoundest, in its vulnerability. In the soul of a man, when love becomes a song, his heart serenades, lyrically. Lady, let me be your knight in shining armor, let me love you. I’m going to save up my time, so I can spend it, with you. I’m saving all my love, for you. To all the ladies, around the world. May the love given, be returned in kind. May your heart, know a tender love. A love so tender, it pulls you close, holds you forever; slow dancing with your soul!


Beautiful King!

Beautiful King, how majestic is Your heart. You’re my daily inspiration, my poetic muse. My poetry, love’s ink written on my heart, poured out deep within my soul. Words into flesh, Your love wielded like a sword, piercing a heart of stone. Triumphant King, You fought for my soul, and won my heart. With just a whisper, Your love broke down my walls, my Jericho. A beautiful exchange, a predestined encounter. My heart undoubtedly will proclaim, Your love is King. Beautiful King, I give myself, in service of Your love. In my heart, Your desires are known, Your love is revealed. In my life, be glorified. Valiant love, You have vanquished my fears. Swept my heart away, to be Your faithful knight. I stand in awe, my heart is tethered, to strands of Your love. In the night, Your love is a song, my armor Your reflection, Your grace my shield. My silent river, fathoming the deep places of Your heart. King of glory, You alone, deserve it all; the highest praise. My love, will forever crown Your reign; beautiful King!


Under the Hood!

Love, takes a peak under the hood, to see if the heart, is built for your comfort, or only races, without a purpose? The heart, at an elevated rate, feels the need for speed. But yet, if love is not the engine, with total control. A heart racing, still a soul without enough power, to overcome. So, step on the gas, but only when, love says it’s time, to revive up my engine. Vroom Vroom, the heart can never win, if your love has limits. When the time has come, let love take your heart, out of its comfort zone. Every heart, has a R.P.M (Reactive Pulse Meter), but love is the throttle, that sends it into overdrive. Love is the fuel, the spark, to supercharge heart and soul, to be at peak performance. And when, the heart is not racing, pop the trunk, and throw in all the baggage. The engine, needs love that’s 100% oil, not a diluted version, clogging up the engine. Love is the fix, to make repairs, adjust any misalignments. True love, purrs like a kitten, racing or not. Love is the key, to engage the heart, shift the soul. The heart, doesn’t have to be in top form, for love to excel. Love tells the heart when it’s time, to pump the brakes, where the rubber meets the road. If the heart, should ever come to, a proverbial fork in the road. Cool Runnings, an engine calibrated, to the right specs. Ensuring the love under the hood, never comes down to win or lose, but the heart, racing!


By Design; the Beauty!

These by designs, posted in remembrance of my daughter, March 9 would have been her 33rd birthday. May it inspire, may the color of love, illuminate the beauty within your heart! Happy international women’s day, to all the wonderful hearts. May every men, celebrate your worth. For without a doubt, an endearing love, radiate from within! If you wish, save a copy! Blessings!