Thirsty, so many souls that don’t even realize… they’re thirsty. Souls so parched, but can’t see it within their heart. How to take shelter, within the risen Son. For a heart, to absorb all of life’s true blessings. Your love needs to be the true water, that soaks up every inch of our soul. If not, dreams turn into dried up hopes. It’s not about unrest, but what’s underneath the surface; a thirsting, to truly have more of You. Only if, our souls could thirst for You, and You alone. We would truly know, love is a thirsting; but You are the source, for true fulfillment. Your love is the only thing, that can get water; to come out of a heart of stone. Only if a heart could truly soak that all in, forever soak it up? A soul would truly be live, deep beneath the fulfilling love. It’s not about surrendering to a moment, but living fulfilled; within a surrendered heart!

Why should it take having no hope, to realize we truly need You? I don’t have to pray, for You to take control; You are… in control. We just need to see, You are our living hope. In this dry, thirsty land; Your love is the water. The overflow, found deep within Your will. Living water, found forever flowing; with overflowing hope. Show our hearts, how to be truly thirsty; but only for You, Lord. Show us how to walk a mile, not in just any shoes; but follow the footprint, left in the sands of time. We don’t have to draw on another blueprint, it’s still a faith walk. We can try to gain the world, seek after having a kingdom; but, You will still be Lord. Next to You, we would have gained nothing… that will last. Oh Lord, oh Lord; our needs to thirst, just for You. There’s absolutely nothing, that our hearts should want more; than to know You. Thirsty, why can’t every heart truly see; the thirst is for You? How can a heart think it can breathe on its own, when Your love is the breath? A thirsty soul will never be quenched, without first knowing; where to find the fountain!

Father, may every vain imagination loss its luster. May every heart imagine what the world would be like; if the fabric of Your love, weren’t the true tapestry?Quench the thirst for power, if Your love is not the source. True understanding, is in the sweet taste of the surrender. I can only imagine, if every heart truly wanted to live, and breathe for You. Water, would surely flow out of my soul. Just to see Your love, being embrace by a world; needing to know, how deep is Your heart. So many have a thirst, the want to feel loved; but don’t see the need to have a thirsting, that will draw us closer to Your heart. So many believe, they’re in the know; but yet don’t know, there’s no hope without You. All, or nothing; what makes most hearts miss, what was in the true sacrifice. Every drip, is life saving. It’s in the thirsting, that truly makes it soul changing. Father, when the thirst takes hold; let the burning desire be, quenched by nothing else. Than the pure water, found within Your refreshing love. Hold nothing back, from the heart of a true seeker. Pour out Your love, for therein lies the absolute truth. Thirsty is the place, where Your heart will forever be found!


The Know!

You know this, you may know a little bit of that; but, all still not known. What you don’t know, therein lies the opportunity to seek. So many hearts mount a relentless pursuit, trying to find truth; only to come face to face, with the unknown. It’s not a moment to fear, but a moment to search within. Can a soul truly find peace, if the heart doesn’t even know how to find rest? You don’t know, what you don’t know. Truth is revealed, not when close off your heart. But when clarity becomes the unveiled truth, when the darkness can still blind; what may be seen as a noble gesture. Knowledge is power, but knowing is still therefore not true power; without true understanding. Our truth can never judge another. For even though we know this, know a bit of that; all still not known. Truth is empowered, not only by what you know; but where the truth is found, and what helps guide your heart to the truth!

You don’t need to know, how many mountains you can conquer. Just believe, every valley experience will teach your heart how to overcome; whatever stands in the way of your faith. No one can say, they know everything. Breath, let’s you know to breathe in today, as a promising day. For this I know, tomorrow is never promised… to anyone. Whatever I need to know, my heart knows where to find the words. In every noun, in every verb; love is embedded in every verse. It’s not about what you know, but what you truly believe. You might know this, know some of that? But the question is, do you Know… Him. The One, who knows all; what’s in our hearts. Let go, of what you think you know. Let your heart take hold, of the only truth your heart needs to know. The truth, of where every heart begins. Where the journey truly becomes the path, to knowing the real truth!

We all stumble, we all have gotten tripped up along the way. But, that will never change one thing. A heart will be forever lost in the dark, when it doesn’t know; where true hope is found? When you truly recognize the know, fear, and the unknown. May know where to find you, but when you truly stand on the know; it will never rock your world. If we could see, how to get our hearts out of the way. Perhaps, ego wouldn’t make our hearts stumble as much. But it’s so good to know, tripped up is just another fall; into the arms of grace. A demonstration of love, favor being showcased; the glory forever seen. What needs to be the know, even the darkest days; God is still in the midst. Knowing Him, is knowing… I AM; loved. We have to live right-eous, walk in His power. Then we will truly know, His strength is what’s holding up; everything we have come to know. In a time such as this, the truth will forever remain unchanged. The Know, can never be realized; without your heart fist being enlightened, by the truth of His Amazing love!