Don’t Make Love A Sport!

Why do we tend to fake right, then go left. Trying to avoid an encounter, with matters of the heart. Trying to be a baller, when you just need to be the man… you’re needed to be. Just relying on the high, but then it’s the love… fade away; no follow through. Love is not a game, the heart not something to be played with. Love is a gift to treasure, cherished, adored. Embraced, held real close; if you truly want to win a heart. Love should never be gambled away, betting that the love will always be there. Relying on lady luck, or too hot to lose. You may have the best poker face, but can you read when the time has come… to go all in? Don’t let it be a guessing game, or just trying to read facial expressions. It should always be the moment, you made the commitment; to put all your heart on the table!

Hearts are often broken, the moment such a precious gift. Is put on a shelf like a trophy, then forgotten by the heart. Just there to be shown off, as your most prized accomplishment. A love in plain sight, but lacking so much attention… to what is in the details. You see, I know this. For I have dropped the ball, fumbled; struck out a few too many times. Missed a wide open opportunity, to catch a heart in need. You can think you’ve scored a touchdown in love, but still have a flag on the play. Only to repeat, what you believed to be the right move. The love needs to touch… deep down within the heart. Just like when it was a knee down, and the love within the heart… not just emotions. Come correct, show what your heart is working with!

Yes, sometimes it can feel, like the goal post keeps moving. Don’t lose hope, keep making the attempt; be in it, to win at it. It’s not about making all the right decisions, but that you continue to be faithful… even in the little things. Eventually there will be a shift, a true coming together… between heart and soul. If you truly want love, to be forever in love? Turn off the shot clock, it’s not about who gets in the best shots. Throw away the score card, it’s not about how many rounds you can endure. Don’t let it be a love T.K.O. Fight for forever and always. Forget about the highlight reel, but keeping it real. Don’t make it be about hang… in time, or about a love of the games. The only question you need to ask yourself. Do you want to retire… each night next to someone special, or about letting a devastating injury; be two broken… hearts? Don’t Make Love a Sport, but a matter of the heart. Winning in love should truly everything, it was meant to be!


A Friday Story; The Arrested Heart!

Most hearts believe they’re living free, but yet still not knowing; how to escape a prison, built within their own mind. Even a beautiful mind, can still contemplate. What would become of their heart, if the power of positive thinking. Could control the desired outcome; within mind, body, and soul? How can a heart ever realize true freedom, if thoughts alone are able to arrest the heart? As a child, my heart found solace; living in an introverted world. Alone within my own closed off minded thinking, enamored with me, myself, and I. My heart became the easy target, to what might seem like a victimless crime. Someone trying to make a withdrawal, without first making an adequate deposit. Love was the currency, but my heart was heavily guarded!

A prisoner to a mind always thinking, always twinkling; trying to make light, a vivid imagination. A heart living within my cold world, and those around me… numb to the chaos. So therefore, it became a heart arrested. Locked up in a solitary confinement, by thoughts becoming. Handcuffed to, but not shackled by. Chains fall, didn’t have the power to bind. When a soul is predestined, to live free… of the darkness. A soul learning how to thrive, not just survive. Within a solitary confinement, there was an interlude; a breaking point. My heart was hearing whispers, underneath my breath. It wasn’t a mind going crazy, but a heart learning how to breathe… for the first time. A mind letting go, a heart learning how to take control. My truth has power, my heart with words to resonate. A soul getting a moment, to speak through the voice called love!

That’s the back story, a heart trying to tell the story; love is the storyteller. My heart is just the pen, the love is the ink. The journey is life, but the story is the journey. The best part, started with hands up; then on my knees. It was a soul surrender, the Arresting of a heart; was the humbling experience. A soul face down in the muck, a jar of clay being molded; beauty for ashes. For a heart that never banked, on being a Teller… of stories. A heart coming from living in an introverted world. My heart was never interested, in making substantive withdrawals. I learned from an early age, that the thief comes to steal; but that never bothered my mind. You see, when you haven’t really been given the kind of love, worth depositing. The love isn’t something, my heart could bank on. But unbeknownst to my heart, there was a lover of my soul!

Judge, I throw my soul… at the foot of Your mercy. Sentence my mind, forty days and forty night. Let my heart go free, with time served; within a solitary confinement. I will never again, allow my love; to be confined, but defined. Defining moments within life, to see a mind release, a heart freed. No more walls, the love once locked away… now forever set free. Why the latter, better than the former. A heart no longer enslaved, not to fear; but a captivating mind. I had to let love raid my mind, invade my soul. So that a prevailing love, could set free… a captivated heart. Love, arrest my heart. If an over zealous mind, tries to put a heart set free; into another Solitary Confinement!



A whisper within the dark, a love whispering underneath my breath; Your love is an ocean. My soul is not shipwrecked, my heart is not bankrupt; just drowning, trying to fathom the depth of Your love. Take my heart deeper, take my every breath. Through Your love, show my soul how to truly breathe. S.O.S, I know Your love will rescue me. I Surrender my soul, Over to the Safety of Your love. My heart is not in distress, Your love puts my soul at rest. Going deeper in, helps my heart overcome the test… stress. A heart needs to always go deeper; not to meet a fate, but to prove the faith. Your love is relentless, will never stop searching… my heart; to save me, from myself. Hover over my soul, Your love will never fail… to rescue me. Deploy Your love, but not until my love; becomes fully submerged… within Your heart!

When the rain down my face, turns into a tidal wave. I don’t fear being overwhelmed, by the eMotion. Your heart came with a life preserver, and Your love is what saved me. Your love Rescued my soul, not to effect change in the mind disposition. Not just to enlist a deeper understanding, but to a enlighten the soul. To how deep it goes, becomes the true meaning. Your love is the endless hope, that steadies the soul. Elevates the heart’s posture, to higher heights. Why I don’t struggle, with who I am. My strength, in who You are… to me. Being rescued, is a heart longing to be forever swept away… by love. When the love overwhelms, over my head becomes the state… of the soul. When the true depth within the drowning, becomes truly profound!

So therefore, why would a single soul? Ever want to keep their hearts from being forever free, when life becomes more than just living? I have not yet attained, but yet the forever gaze… becomes the soul focus. A heart still needing to go deeper. Forever submerged, for the soul to experience a true drowning; in a sea of eMotion. Whenever my heart is in need, Your love is always there… hovering, waiting for a moment to rescue. Why my heart knows Your love is the one thing, able to Rescue my soul. Dive right in, Your love has made such an impact… within my soul. My heart is in need, forever wide open. Forever captivated, my soul forever in need. To not just be saved, by endlessly Rescued… by Your love!


Lest We Forget!

It’s a moment to reflect, a moment to be grateful; Lest We Forget. We should always be in remembrance of D-day. But we should never forget The Day, of the greatest sacrifice. On the 11th day, of the 11th month in 1918; many bravely gave their lives. A moment in time, so therefore give a moment of your time. A moment of silence, so the moment will not be forgotten…. within our heart. A moment to reflect, on all the brave hearts. That valiantly fought with courage, and true honor. So that many others could one day be free, to live in a world with a measure of peace. A moment to remember, how fortunate you are; to live in a time… such as this. So stand still, and take a moment to honor the fallen. But Lest We Forget, God first made a way. Stand still and know, salvation first came through the cross!

Jesus gave His life, so all can forever be free. Why, every day is a moment to reflect; upon the true meaning of the cross. A moment to honor The One, who made a way to true freedom. Who therefore is brave enough, to let your heart surrender; so your soul can be saved? Jesus defeated the darkness, He has never lost a battle. So, whenever a war rages within your soul; let God’s love fight for you. The battles are won, through His love; deliverance forever yours. When to His love, it’s hands up; in a complete heart surrender. We have many moments to remember, opportunities to reflect. How you got liberated, why you have true freedom. Lest We Forget, it was because of the Cross!


Song Inspired; Why Me?

Why me, Lord? What have I done, to deserve even one tenth of Your love? Tell me why, why was my heart chosen; why my soul predestined, to know such love? Why, did Your love see a need; to stir the water, flowing Deep In… a silent river? A heart current, but it’s been Your love; that has made it… relevant. A boy once of slow speech, has forever been transformed; into a man… with much to say. My heart is an instrument, within Your hands. Your love has been so instrumental, turning every eMotion, into poetry. Your love has enlarged the territory, between heart and soul. Between every breath, Your love teaches my soul to breathe. My heart has expanded, to have a deeper understanding; how much You love!

Tell me, Lord? What did You see, that made it worthwhile… loving me. You say You’ve loved me, before I was even born. But tell me, why did You whisper in my heart; “stop searching, I have a forever love… chosen for you.” Lord, so many hearts in this world; but yet Your love, knows my name. My soul hears the whispers, my heart hears Your love whispering… underneath my breath. Why, I try to capture every little whisper. To let my heart pen down every little bit of the love; dripping down into my soul. Then when pen and paper have a moment. My heart is the pen, Your love the ink. It’s not about big words, or a big heart; but about a big God. Speaking into my soul, letting His love echo endlessly within my heart. So the love can be felt, moving within every verse!

But oh Lord, oh Lord. I just need to ask; what about the fall? Oh, I am just a man; can You truly trust my heart? Oh Lord, why did You believe; my heart would be faithful? Oh Lord, why me? So many times I have stumbled, and with Adam it was a fall. Oh Lord, oh Lord, I am just a man. A man truly grateful, that Your Grace always goes before me. To pick up my mouth, because my heart… is so much in awe. Whenever I have a misstep, when You catch me… within the midst of a fall. Let it be, dear Lord. Just a moment, to be so gracefully broken. You solidified Your love, even when it was still… a hardened heart. So many years have gone, and my heart has learned so much. But only one thing my soul has come to truly know. I just want You, and still need You so… walk with me!

My son, your heart has never needed an answer; just a question, Why… not you? Even if you asked a thousand times? My heart will always whisper, because I Love You. Deep within your soul, I have seen the desire; “to be a man after my heart.” Why you, so you could tell… my love story. The love you have, the world didn’t give it to you, and they can never take it away.

Oh Lord, through Your heart; I know who I am, what I am… to You. My soul’s in Your hand, my heart within Your care. Where would I be, if You left a silent river… floating within denial? Take me by the heart, guide my soul; until Your love becomes, undistracted devotion. Your love overwhelms, oh Lord; Why Me. Tell me why, did You have my heart and soul… at hello?

Why Me, is a song written by; Kris Kristofferson. Performed again by CeCe Winans in 2017. I grew up hearing this song, when I heard it again last month. It made me reflect on the question; “why me,” and how His love has impacted my heart! Hope it was a blessing to read, as it was for me to write!


What Matters!

These days, there’s so much trying to demand; the attention of your heart. Oppression, Depression, Opposition; what can sometimes wage war, against your heart. The struggle is reality, but God… all power. Every day, let your soul breath… in that reality. Let your heart embrace, that hope never fails. So many think, to keep from becoming a victim, to resist; formulate a mind over matter defense. One part hope, two parts wishful thinking; and top it off, with whatever feels good… at the moment. With that kind of formula, no wonder why so many minds… are devastated. When they realize; it was a Heart Matter, a search within… for the strength to overcome. The battlefield is the mind, but war first won within the heart; to fight, or give in?

The struggle for supremacy; between heart and soul. Some believe, all you need is the will to resist; but still lack the power within… to truly overcome. So many try to equip themselves with mental toughness, but forget to equip their heart… with What truly Matters. A belief system, not easily penetrated by someone else’s doubts… within themselves. That just cast a shadow, on your ability to shine. So many pat themselves on the back, believing they’re exercising so much… restraint. Telling you how to get a grip, while chained to a lie. You can have true hope, without the faith component. You can think you can, but the heart still needs to believe… you will.

Defend your soul against a ruthless attack, trying to put fear in your heart? While trying to destroy your hope, by wiping out your resolve; that faith begets hope. The battles are won, not by just deploying a good strategy; but within the execution, of unwavering faith. You can build up the best defenses, only to have them turn into barriers. To display the true heart of a warrior, gird your courage… so it never wavers. Wars are won, not because every battle is an outright victory. What Matters; you kept on fighting, you never gave up… the fight. Don’t rely on just will power, strength is found within your courage. But you have to keep the faith, and hope alive!

“Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth. Does not become tired, or grow weary; There is no searching of His understanding. He gives strength to the weary, and to him who has no might; He increases power!” ISAIAH 40:28-29 AMP


The Rare Bird!

This is a story, about what you can call; the rare bird. Some have asked the question, why doesn’t things seem to bother; what is a torment for even birds of prey? Maybe because most hearts know how to go through a phase, but never a shifting. A heart needs the right perspective, to rise above. Many have tried, to figure out this bird. For when others are pulling out their feathers, trying to solve the dilemma of the mind. This bird knows, a true resolve to what confines; always a heart matter. Beauty for ashes, how a heart knows it has wings to soar… above circumstances. A heart free, to transcend what a soul needs… to take flight. When the heart truly has a song, when the soul know each verse of a love song; is a heart free to sing… like a bird. Stress therefore becomes but a word, fear of the unknown never a concern; every breath becomes the freedom song!

This is not about being extinct, not about having a good instinct; but being truly distinct, “set apart.” Don’t get me wrong, life is far from being a heart perched up on a hill. This bird has had anger issues, but always few and far between. Even when small minded hearts are chirping, this rare bird still has a song; Amazing Grace. Even when some days were a broken wing, every day was a Rise up; and raise a hallelujah. A heart no longer isolated, to the feeling of unwonted. Soaring to higher heights, on the wings of love. Unfamiliar wasn’t a deterrent, fear never an obstacle. When freedom truly knows no bounds, chains fall. None of this is remarkable, but can be seen as out of the ordinary. Being free is never just singular, when the wind beneath your wings… is a love Extraordinary!

Having the strength to overcome, is not rare. Knowing how not to rely on just your own strength, is what gives you the true power to overcome… what may. So many know how to touch, but struggle to know what it is to feel. We can have great sight, but can we truly see… that it’s not always about comprehension; you have to first believe. Up, up, in the sky; it’s a bird. Down on the earth, the focus needs to be hearts grounded; souls, knowing what it takes to soar. No super powers needed, just a change within the belief system. A heart doesn’t have to go out of its way, to seem impressive. Just demonstrate that the matter of flight, is settled within your own heart. To stand out, means a resolve within; a love impressed deeply. Teaching the heart how to open wide, stretch the imagination. For a heart to truly know Fearless, and Attainable; the soul has to first be… Free!