The Love, A Letter; A Grateful Heart!

Thank You, for loving on me; when my heart felt unloved. Thank You, for being my voice; when my heart just didn’t know what to say. Thank You, for being my defender; when my heart felt it was losing the fight. Thank You, for always being there; when my heart felt so alone. Thank You, for whispering words of love… into my soul. When my heart had lost the words, within a silent river. Deep down, my soul found The Love. But now my heart, needs to write A Letter; to say how Grateful!

For even when I couldn’t see it, Your love was working. Even when I may not have felt it, You’re always working… on my soul. You never stopped, Your love will never stop working; to change my heart… from within. All I can truly say, Thank You! Your love is teaching my heart the true art, Careful Meditation; Controlled Speech, what is… true Forgiveness. This letter is a moment, an opportunity to tell Your heart; Thank You, for the unwavering love!

Yours Truly, A Grateful Heart!


Hearts… in Bloom!

Smell the flowers, a kiss upon the two-lips. Roses are red, violets… a wonderful shade of blue. Oh, how I love you. Spring has sprung, a forever love… for my May flower. Love, is a fragrance, a sweet smelling perfume. True love overwhelms, but will forever excite… a heart. A soul bursting with love for, a heart forever in love with… Raindrops on roses, true showers of blessings. A heart joyfully singing, in the forever reign. The wind blows, the sun forever shines; when hearts truly embrace the dawn. A moment to stop to smell the roses, within a graceful breeze. Summer loving, but a soul truly flourishing; Hearts… in Bloom!

Within a presence so ultraviolet, a love absolutely radiant. Your love is the moon, the sun, the stars. You are the wind, a love forever dancing with my heart; moving every breath within my soul. You are my heart, Your love the heartbeat. I give You my soul, so every heartbeat can know the true breadth. Take my eyes, let my soul… forever see into Your love. My gentle love, tell me this. Is my heart such and such, or just so and so? Does my soul speak volumes, or is the love within… a mere whisper? Oh, won’t You please lend me Your ear? Teach my love how to speak, to only Your heart. Roses bloom, but a heart will forever flourish; underneath the purple reign. A soul drenched in a scarlet love, forever; Hearts… in Bloom!


The Message; Cruise Control!

Cast your cares, cast your heart on the other side… of what you see. Set your sight on a new horizon, on a brighter tomorrow. Into deeper waters, into a true ocean of love. A heart ready to forever cast away… whatever tries to bind. A heart wide open, to set sail on what is an open… eyes to see. Faith, is sight beyond what can be seen. Even though your heart, may not be sure of the heading. Be sure of this one thing, your soul has a destination. Your heart gets to choose the direction, but the journey is already predestined. Most hearts tend to have a cruising speed, but tell me; who truly has the wheel?

Be in control of the love, but make sure you know what kind of rudder; is steering your heart. Even if I tried, I could never put my heart on cruise control. What drives me, is also what moves my beating heart. Life is short, a journey that takes a heart into so many tomorrows. Once the journey becomes clear, once your heart has made the choice to be free; never look back. Live it right, live it well. Live with no regrets, no guilt, no shame. But first choose to live it, within God’s love. Try not to let your heart drift off course. Even a degree off, never gets a soul… to the chosen destination. We forever need incremental changes, meaningful; true lasting course corrections!

God knows what’s best for you. His love can prepare your heart, prepare your mind; to be ready for whatever comes. With His love in control, you can never go wrong; with the strength to pass any test. Feel the need for speed, but always remember. Love for, doesn’t also mean in love with. Why, our hearts should never be only on Cruise Control. Be intentional, the will, the power; but forever a choice. Don’t let the heart and soul, be two ships passing in the night. Let the love within, be the compass that guides… the heart. You’re free to do, and even if you get off course. His love will still be there, to show your heart the way home. A life renewed, but a soul that knows how to give thanks; for such Amazing Grace!

John 21:6 ESV – “He said to them, “Cast the net on the right side of the boat, and you will find some…” What’s your some; Love, Joy, Peace? Cast… away, how you forever get some!



Most people think, freedom is a road. I believe, true freedom is a path; that a heart needs to follow. We all have the freedom to act, but does your heart… know it has the power to choose? Right, wrong; one a path, the other a road… with so much hash marks. Lines, put there to remind you; change your position… as much as you want. #But There’s Still Lines, some not to be crossed. Why a heart can never truly be free, if the road is paved by another; but the path never their own. They say we all have the freedom to speak… our minds. But the moment you choose to say what’s on your heart, you’re once again reminded; “freedom is a nice word, but not always a choice… we get to make!” A word that means no hindrance, but still a word, that can forever restrain a heart. True freedom is not just about independence. Freedom is also about a true dependence, but Only when God is the source!

I’m not saying you have to believe me, just saying; you have the freedom… to choose. Freedom is not just seeking liberty, but being truly liberated; a release from what keeps the heart bound. We have freedom of expression, but it’s God’s love; that is the champion of true freedom. Freedom is when the heart is allowed breathing space, but the question is. What freedom does a heart choose, to be it’s every breath? A self-determination, but still with self removed from the evaluation. A soul not letting self, just be the determining factor. But also letting the heart, help determine the true destiny. Down a road, or on a path? True freedom, God’s love in control… of destination!


Fun Friday; In My Ear!

I hear voices, not just in my head; these voices are all up in my ear. Sometimes I try to ignore them, but there’s still this ringing… in my ear. Sometimes I hear music, a song playing in my head; but speaking to my heart. Every single heartbeat, a love song soothing my soul. I’m not going crazy, but sometimes I do wonder; am I the only one hearing this? Who could I ask; me, myself, I… would never ask such a question. I’m not just drumming, this all up… within my own imagination. I do move to the beat of my own drum, but it’s a higher power… that sets the tone. I tell you, there was a tug; a whisper within my soul. My heart could no longer ignore it, so I answered the call. Oh, Lord; You had my heart at hello… speak!

That’s just one of the voices, another voice and I… speak often. Sometimes we would even have some spirited discussions. The voice would certainly have a tone, but I always had a tenor… a deep baritone type of a voice. So therefore, I had to be very mindful.. to watch the verbiage. Trust me, I have sense; five to be exact. I have Sight, to know and see where the conversation might be heading. I know how to Hear, when my inner voice advises me; “don’t say a word, just listen!” I can Smell… trouble, why I never try to deliberately step in it. I can Taste, when it’s about to go sideways. So I just lick my lips, and bite my tongue. Yes, I know when not to Touch. If I know what’s good for me, some things I just don’t want to touch… with a ten foot pole. I can truly say it’s eerie, how the voice tends to win… most of the conversations. But it’s not strange, most of the things I hear… makes perfect sense; this voice knows my beating heart!

Perhaps, you think I’m just making this up… all in my head. Oh, I assure you; my heart is involved in all of this. Let me share with you an example, of what the voice once said; “honey, can you stop and get some milk?” You see, the voice even calls me honey. Talking about being personal, with such sweet words. But the funny thing is, I usually end up doing… exactly what the voice says. Well, I do love myself some sweet honey… talk. Plus, whenever the music starts to play; the lyrics are something I know. Let me give you an example, one time the voice in music asked; “Hello, is it me you’re looking for?” Trust me, I’m not a crazy person. Why look around, I knew it was only in my head. Sometimes, I just get tired of hearing the voices. So therefore, I’m left with no other choice. Just to stop from hearing voices, I have to take my Bluetooth earpiece; from… In My Ear!

There you go folks, another humorous expression… from the mind of WCR. I drive for a living, so I’m always on the go. I listen to a lot of music through my Bluetooth earpiece, and talk to my wife often. So hence the voices, in my ear. Below I wrote two quotes, the Random Act of Kindness; for Stuart, @ something to Stu over. The Happiness, quote me; Dollfaced Writer. I don’t have time to participate. Friday is the only day I can maybe infuse something extra, into the post. I hope everyone enjoyed this. Save the picture if you wish, have a wonderful weekend!


The Open…

An open soul, how the glory is truly revealed. The open skies, shows the heavens. But it’s a heart wide open, that can see the risen Son. A heart truly open, what makes the glory rain down. But a heart can never truly feel the reign, if the heart is tightly shut up. Even when the clouds set in, even when the darkness covers; nothing can ever stop the reign. Heaven, show our hearts how to truly see beyond… the blue skies. God help us to get under the fullness, the glorious reign. A heart soaring, not just to capture a dream; but be absolutely captivated, by a vision of love. The beauty, the magnificent splendor. The breathless awe, may hearts truly feel… the Reign!

A fresh wind, blowing through the caverns of our soul; rain pour down, fall afresh. Signs, and wonders; above all hope. The reign, falling into our soul… until it floods. The stand on, the stand under; the stand up, for the truth. Standing in the presence, the everlasting reign. Hearts surrendered, hearts starting to see the gravity. For the reign to truly be known, a heart needs to be absolutely wide open… to receive. A look to the heavens, a look into our own hearts; to know the true manifested reign. Tears don’t mean you’re losing. The rain… down your face, mean you feel the love growing. Reign drops on roses, hearts in a forever bloom!

Heaven, may our eyes truly be on You; may our hearts truly see the glory. Let our peace be still, drench our soul. Let our hearts know, how to forever sing in the reign. Souls rejoicing in the storm, hearts riding out every wave. Until the tidal waves of eMotion, is Your love washing over our souls. Your loving embrace, Your glorious reign; within an open heart. Father, Thank You; that we can breathe in Your presence. That my every breath, is Your love… in me. May every heart truly feel, may every soul forever see; The Open… Heaven, the Reign!