The Message; Sound Off!

In the beginning, there was a sound. A voice like a trumpet, resounding from the heavens. Let there be, and it was; The Light, casting away the darkness. Let there be, and there was; a vault. A sound hovering, over the surface of the deep. Let there be, and it was. A harmonious sound within the air, love moving within every breath. To let every imagination soar, a heart singing the sweet sound; the song of heaven. Sound off, one, two. Sound off, three, four. Sound off, five, six. Seven, the voice rested; everything sounded perfect. Love was resting, within the stillness!

We all have a sound, in each of us there is a song. A voice within, a love that should be heard. It’s not about a shout down, but how you rise up; every morning. To let the love within the new day rise. To let your heart take flight, upon the wings of a prayer. God it’s your breath, within our lungs; may we pour out the praise. With One voice, in harmony, in unison; forever. Peace, be still; to all the raging hearts. It’s the power of sound, but tune your hearts; until the pitch is perfect; good vibrations. When hearts are truly in tune, even the slightest whisper; emits a peaceful sound. This is a sound off, not a going off; without stopping to imagine the toll, from a hurtful tone!

Don’t blow a mind, help change a heart; with the rich sound of love. May love forever be, what truly resonates within. You can speak like an angel, but if it’s not grounded within a loving tone. It’s just a resounding gong, a clanging cymbal. Set it off, not with useless verbiage. But the sound of a heart forever changed, with a resounding vibrato. A strong, enriching tone. You’re truly richer, than you may even think. May we learn how to gently pull on a stringed instrument; the heart. A moment to prove, that you can distinguish the light; from the darkness? Within every moment, it’s another opportunity; to Sound Off… with love!

“Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness.” Genesis‬ ‭1:2-4‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Poetry, In eMotion!

The I AM within, has turned my heart into a poet. A poetic love, moving within my every eMotion. So how, how can my heart ever dream; of being separated, from the Great I AM. There will never again be a day, that I will close my eyes; and just call it a daydream. For Your love, is the poetry within every strong emotion. A heart so often moved, to tears. How could there ever be a I, before U? Every single Y, and O; will never truly be complete, if I don’t forever include…. For without U, I am truly nothing. So, I will forever try my best; to remove the I, from my heart’s vocabulary. Until all that can truly be seen, is just U; the poetry, within my every eMotion!

I have made a choice, to let Your love move within. Every day I choose, to let Your love continue to move me, move throughout my soul. Someday’s I may be over my head, but that’s exactly where my soul truly needs to be. How a heart discovers true closeness. A soul captured by waves of eMotions, within a love that truly moves. A heart now on a journey, to find the deeper meaning; love. A truer understanding, how to be; loved. One thing I have discovered, one has to learn how to die to self; to know the true depth, within. How this silent river, got swept away; by an ocean of love. A heart predestined, to be drowned within. To know how to move, be moved; live, breathe. It was an embrace, the need to know; the poetry, in every eMotion!

Love, I just can’t seem to escape Your presence, it surrounds my soul. A give up, a give in; to Your loving embrace. Arrest my heart, if the crime is; lack of passion. Judge my soul, with Your true poetic justice. A love so gentle, to such a fragile heart. Move me with the strength of Your love, take my soul deeper. Oh love, please wait for just a moment. The movement of Your love, so poetic; I just need a moment to take it all in. Your love is the poetry, that provokes much eMotion. The poetry, I try to give my every breath. The give back, nothing but; Your complete love. A love that moves my heart, a perfect poetic eMotion; captured within the love!

A heart constantly being shifted, a heart desperately trying to capture; every bit of this love. Sleep isn’t even a moment of rest, but a state where my soul can be still; to hear whispers of love. A moment in time for a heart to dream, about a deeper love; within a momentary time of rest. Even within the quietness, the motionless state of heart. So, how can I ever think that I can remain at the very same place; when I’m constantly being moved? It’s impossible to move forward, if I’m first not forever willing to be moved; by Your love. My heart is always writing, trying to capture every word, spoken into my heart. There’s twenty four hours in a day, but even a thousand years would never be enough. To pen down the true poetic depth, Poetry in Motion; in every single Poetic eMotion, of Love!


The Secret; What?

What? From about the time my wife and I, reached our twenty fifth anniversary. People have asked me this question; what is “The Secret,” to a lasting marriage? Even this week, I was asked this question. A few years ago, I decided to write; what I believe to be a simplistic thought. Whenever I get asked the question, my answer is always the same; “LOVE THE ONE YOU’RE WITH!” That’s my take, love will never be perfect; there’s no right method, no secrets. To me, it’s not about finding the right person; “but you become the right Love, for them.” There’s no secret love, just simply love the one you’re with. Too many people, rely on their feelings to guide them; when it’s the heart, that truly knows best!

You can never make someone love you, but you can make yourself truly love them; for better or worse. I also look at it like this; “even if you don’t always Feel the Love, still continue to Give Love!” You can help change a heart, when you truly know how to first change a mind; Yours! That’s probably, “the secret;” that seems to elude so many hearts. One important key for me, a love bound within a three strand cord; not easily broken, the spiritual element. You need to make up within your own heart, that you will love them forever. Never to question, if they in turn; will also love you the same? Sometimes, it can seem like the relationship is oil and water. But even water can turn into wine, and the oil can anoint. Give the union time, to turn into a true blessing!

For me, the question was never about her heart; but mine. The only heart, I have true influence over; change starts within. So, the question you need to ask yourself is this; are you truly willing to love them; until death… do you part? Search within, truthfully ask yourself a simple question. Is Valentines Day, the only day you remember; to celebrate the one you love? Or do you love that 365 days, you get the opportunity to appreciate; the one you get to celebrate? When you have truly discovered how to love completely. You might just find, that love is not really a secret; but a choice, a matter of the heart. So come closer, let me whisper into your heart. If you truly need to know “The Secret”… to a long lasting love; the What, is you!

Hope everyone had a fantastic May, hope this was a blessing? You may have noticed a slight shift, in the tone of this months post? May is my love month. Seems like just yesterday, 31 years; when the three strands were tethered. God, Husband, Wife!
Save the picture if you like. May you all, have a Blessed weekend!

Love; The Reveal!

Standing at the edge of the sunset, a heart locked within a gaze. Captivated by a light, that shimmers. The stars you hoped to see, hidden; a darkness overwhelms. All that can be seen, shadows; of what was. You look for a glimmer of hope, a search for; but the hope you seek, not in the stars. So now it’s lost, in a gaze. Lost within the moment, a heart captured; by reflections. A mood starts to hover, the moonlight very revealing. A heart eclipses by a love, a light that out shines the dark. Love revealed, a beauty that takes your every breath. A breathtaking moment, for a heart in need; a silent prayer. Hope, within the darkness; peace, within the stillness of your soul. A heart overwhelmed by feelings, embraced by the emotions. A soul eclipsed, having an emotional moment; it’s Love, the reveal!

But then the dam, the burst; a heart completely overwhelmed. A heart unrestrained, a soul trying not to get swept away. The desperation, trying to hold back; trying to contain. But strong are the feeling, a soul getting drenched; the rain, is falling. A tethered hope, means faith in; a silent prayer raised. Sleeping, doesn’t always mean resting; when a restless soul comes between. Even in the darkness, the silence still reveals; the rhythm of every heartbeat. As the darkness is rolled back, as a new day cast away the darkness; revealing, the sun does rise. Love is a light, it brings true witness. A heart gets strengthened, within the resolve, within the know. A restless soul, is still a heart dreaming; for a new dawn. To show forth the light, the warmth, the closeness. Love; the Reveal, to a soul in need!


The Walk!

The walk, a walk; call it what you may, but it’s never alone. It’s a road, a path, the highway; going up yonder. Sometimes the street is unpaved, the path a bit crooked; but it’s about the destination. It’s not a sprint, it’s not even a marathon; it’s a journey, a walk. I can take a thousand steps, but one thing I’m still trying to do; walk a mile. No matter how hard the road we walk, it’s always one foot in front of the other. One step at a time, gets you to the streets of gold. If it feels like you carry the world, if your soul is getting weary; find rest; under the tree of life. Mercy, what goes before you; Grace, what keeps you!

Left, right, left, right; it’s not about being militant. It’s not about counting steps, count your blessings. Don’t fall into a legalism pothole. Let your heart be at peace with the journey, let your soul be unashamed with the walk. Be unapologetic, about the choice; to be faithful. Whenever I get weary, I retreat to my hiding place. I run under the canopy, a love that covers; a shelter, within the storm. Every day is a test, along the journey there are lots of trials. The key, be forever steadfast; know how to truly get through, it’s not on your own!

When my love starts to stray, a change of heart; means a change of direction. Whenever I lose hope, I stop to listen; faith comes by hearing, but in the stillness. So therefore, guard your heart; don’t let it be led astray. Run the race, pressing toward the prize; just remember, to walk by faith. Don’t let the journey get your heart into a tailspin, over all the long winding roads. Be not troubled, by all the unpaved streets. Don’t just rely on sight, it only gets in the way. You don’t always have to see the how… you get there. You just need to know Who, makes crooked paths straight; in The Walk!


Fun Friday; Case of the T!

SweeTie, can I trouble you for just a second? Now when I say a second, I truly mean; forever. I want to trouble your heart, stir up your soul. Can I do it… everyday, how about for a thousand years? Okay, okay; that’s pretty presumptuous of me, lets just make it forever? Now I must warn you, I AM… a handful; Two… to be exact. My heart is complicated. It requires a true understanding; Upper case, lower case? Now, I’m not asking you to figure out my heart? Many have tried, but they just ended up getting frustrated; they just didn’t get me. You know the positioning of my heart, it’s a heart forever shifted. Others thought they could just put my heart into a box, and just write me off… as done. Square peg, round hole; doesn’t even apply. To know my heart, you have to think outside the box!

Now girl, I must confess; I’ve been called Trouble, Capital. Maybe once or twice, okay; maybe a couple of hundred times. Woman, please don’t ever let that trouble you. If that kind of talking, totally shifts the narrative; “you can’t take a funny man seriously.” That’s a case of another T, Talking points. Control, ALT, Del; whatever others say about me. Girl, I just want to see you smile; with my humorous expressions. It’s never just tongue and cheek, whenever I say; I Will Love You Forever. I know that my kind of love, is rubbing off on you. Your love has become Big Trouble, for my heart. Your love is TOUCHING, SHIFTING; MOVING. The LOVE felt, yeah; ALL CAPS. If a sticky key seems a bit dirty? Let the compressed air… exhale. Let every breath of your love, blow my mind!

Wait, hold up, backspace. This part needs to be Underscored, This_Love_Is_Forever! Girl, please don’t worry; about how much trouble you’ve gotten yourself into? You had your chance to Escape, but it seems the Control… button; didn’t work. Case closed, this love; has a hold on your heart. Fill my heart with your charm, it’s sure to be a case of love itiss; and I would never try to fight it. I know I can be a jokester, a prankster; a funny man. But at the end of the day, my heart will surely be no trouble. Your love has helped, to turn a once troubled heart; into a lower case t (thankful_from the bottom of my heart). This is not a mistake… n identity, I know who I am. When we met, I was young, maybe a bit naive; and you were, My Sweet Sixteen!

Woman, when you agreed to marry, you surely must have known; I was going to be a handful, “a.k.e Trouble?” Baby love, you must have known, my kind of love; was spelt with an Upper case T? No need to call me a fool, I’m not that mister T. But you can surely pity this fool, who’s still in love with you. The smartest thing I ever did, was marrying you; and promise you forever. You were never a fool, to ever say yes. Don’t ever let this love, be about the case of the T. Whether lower case, or if sometimes stuck too long; in the Upper case. My only intention, to be the endless trouble for your heart; how about forever? If my words, ever cut deep. Big Trouble, for my heart; knowing that I forgot, to remove the Cap Lock. Why I forever choose, to think before my heart speaks. I don’t want a lowercase word, to become a case of concern; for your heart. Go ahead, call me TROUBLE; all caps, full stop. I may tend to put tongue in cheek, but all joking aside. May, the Case of the T; truly mean TOGETHER, Forever!