Run to You!

When, I look at you. The picture, has a profound meaning. But my heart, can’t seem to understand. Why, did you have to go? Why, time made the sands, slip away. My breath was loss, my heart stood still. Some day, my soul will surely find answers, when mysteries are revealed. If, your love reached out, whispered to my heart. I would have moved heaven, to earth, interceded. My heart would have stopped, let you breathe, my last breath. Run to you, with undistracted motion. Keep you safe, from what harms. Protect your heart, from what hurts. Fight on your behalf, what comes to overwhelm. In my heart, where you can be found. Scared, sometimes, but held in my love, forever. My baby girl, I would have ran, to the end of time. To find you, and know my heart is safe. But, you’re gone, and living is without you. In the racing, in the searching; in my heart, the piecing. Your love, something profoundly special. Though, your love lives. The heart of a child, will be deeply missed!

Everyday, my heart has a role to play, Always in control. But, who is… Always? Truth be, the tears, fills the chasm. I want, to see you smile. Not just, pictured in a thousand words, or memories. Run to you, hold you in my arms. I know, you must be tired. For weeks, you’ve been resting on my heart. My soul holds you, within every breath. My heart breathless, chasing the love. Trying to catch the wings, of my little butterfly. If my heart, ever tried to call. In the stillness, would be the air, I’m breathing for you. You’re no longer here, to tell me if there was a dream? I can still dream, live for you? My heart, still wants you here. At the end of myself, my heart knows. I will find you, running with the angels. I don’t wipe the tears, I let love kiss away the sadness. Heaven, gave your breadth, to hold for a minute. Your love, softened hearts, touched many souls. When, my breath needs to be taken, my heart needs to be held. I won’t chase the wind, I run, to my father’s love!

In loving memory, of our little butterfly. Justinea Angelina Richards, March 9, 1990 to March 2, 2021. You’re loved, and in our hearts!


Soul Food!

One part water, three parts; mind, heart, and soul. Add to it, lots of trust, with affirmation. Real love, it’s tasteful, with a forever warmth. A gentle touch, of appreciation, filled with gratitude. Love, saturated with admiration, and affection, adds the needed spice. Adding, a little bit of this, and a bit of that; guessing what works. Real soul food, the love needs to be intentional. Love, needs your constant attention. So, bitterness doesn’t boil over. Indifference doesn’t make the seasons, be unappetizing. Love is best served, and enjoyed; when tension simmers. Day after day, set the table, and the ambiance. And love, will take its course. Each other’s company, love, poured like new wine. A heart full, but room for seconds. True love, served over and over. Endlessly, until the cup overflows. Love, crucial for the heart, to not just survive, but for the soul to thrive. Love isn’t perfect, but worth it, the time spent. Sharing your heart, filling your soul; precious moments. Truth is, be told. By the love, beneath every breath. Though, the pantry may be stocked, with useful ingredients. Make sure, it can fill heart and soul. Love, always needs to be real, to avoid bland, becoming the struggle. True love, the way to a heart. But, the soul may still feel famished. If the love, lacks real affection. Forever contented, love served up on a platter. For the love to be soulful, the ingredient’s heartfelt, so then soul filled. The true taste of love, every morning. It’s butter for your bread, and sugar for your tea. Love, the absolute best food, for your soul!


My Friend(s)

Friend, another close friend and I, spoke. In fact, He’s the brother, I never had. In our conversation, your heart came up. And, before I uttered a word. He said, he doesn’t just know your name, he knows your heart. His love, his compassion, beyond words. In the stillness, it’s a gentle whisper. Your breath, he wants to hold. Your heart, he wants to be whole. Though, he already knew my heart. He wanted, to hear my request. So, I interceded, for some wonderful friends. Including my brothers, Ryan C, Stuart T. My sisters, Amy B, Debra H, Colleen F, Lisa B, Tangie W, Renee, Wendi, Just a Jesus girl; Sally, and her friend Mike. He said, in his words. In every season, let your heart give thanks. Victory, through the listening, when love speaks. My friends, he went on to say; he’s seen your despair. He knows, life can make your heart heavy. He told me, to tell you. If, you lay down your burdens. He will, pick them up, carry them for you. His love, will meet you, where you’re at. Whisper to your soul, you’re deeply loved. Love, takes you by the heart!

We invited, other friends into the conversation; James, he had this to say. “Consider it a sheer gift, friend; when tests and challenges, comes from all sides. Under pressure, your faith is forced into the open, to show its true colors. ” What an amazing takeaway. Resilience, overcomes whatever, we have to face. No amount problems, is bigger than unyielding faith. Matthew, was listening to my heart, these words resonated. “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are those who hunger, thirst for righteousness, they shall be satisfied. Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart, they shall see God. Friend, you are, the salt of the earth. But if, salt has lost its taste, how shall the saltiness be restored? He went on to say, you are a light, in the world. A city set on a hill, cannot be hidden.” How encouraging, words like these. A friend, like this, ready and willing; to move heaven on your behalf. From the heart of my friend, came this Revelation. He said, in your time of need.‭‭ “Behold, I’m standing at the door, knocking. If your heart, is open to hear my voice, open the door. I will, come in, to be with you. ” What, a profound statement!

Friends, this I know. He, would never leave you, nor forsake you. I’ve seen it, read the words. Deep love, is etched forever, in Hebrews. But, there’s good news, you don’t need an interpreter. The text, in a universal language. Love, it’s undeniable, when in red letters. How, could a heart not understand, how deep the love? It’s already done, change is coming; even if you can’t see it. We see with our eyes, but believe with our heart. The banner, over us. Love, unfailing love. Friend, though I can’t see your pain, I felt your heart. Though, there’s distance between our hearts. Love overcomes, barriers. To make a friends, faith; act on your behalf. Prayer, changes things. The way, to the Father’s heart. Your heart, had I need. So, I brought it, to a friend!


A Love, to Die For!

I know, without a single doubt, if I searched heart and soul. Your love, would be worth finding, again and again. The question is this, with no hesitation, is it a love, worth dying for? Would I, sacrifice my life, to live through your love, be one with your heart? The answer, Yes, a thousand times yes, through every test. Your love, is the ocean. For my soul, to drown over and over, in love’s embrace. To know You, to be forever in love. Live within the depth, in a deep river, breathlessly. Living, wouldn’t have a deeper meaning. If my breath, you didn’t hold. If my heart, you didn’t have. My heart, could never deny your love, my soul you own. Every day, I dive into the deep, to find my peaceful sure. Whenever, the river overflows. It’s your love, pouring out of my heart. How deep, the love? Some days, I can’t breathe it all in, much less to fathom. So, I wait; until the love, let’s me exhale. My heart, swimming deeper for years. But, my soul, hasn’t yet reached the bottom. Loving you, a day; seems a thousand years. Why, would my heart, worry to sink or swim. Your love, would never let my soul, breathe… on its own. You are the air, the breadth within my lungs. I see, heaven; looking into heart, not your eyes. Yes, without a doubt. My soul, would rather drown, in an ocean… of love!


The Tailored Heart!

Dressed to impress, will never show, what’s in the heart. The texture within, the fabric of your soul. Tailor made, may show well put together. Your heart on your sleeve, do you wear it well? Rags to riches, every heart has a story. But, do you have a heartfelt love story, to leave a heart speechless. Love, let it show, so a heart can tell, if it’s tailor made. Love, not only about what you can see, but the love you can truly feel. Heart to heart, two souls in love forever. Tethered, by a loving trust, anchored by the deepest love. Tailored, by the needed commitment, treaded by the truest love. It’s not about, what suits the moment, but what changes the heart. Real love, has the power to profoundly alter, the essence within. The bond, becoming even stronger. When, you’ve tailored your heart, after the right kind of love!


A Storybook; The Hot Dog!

Girl, I remember; when your love stepped to me. You were in my vision, you picked my line… of sight. I’m sure, you must have liked, what saw… on the menu? I was sensing you, but you weren’t hearing me. You needed to, and I needed you; to tell it to my heart. But instead, you spoke to my ego. Why, are you upfront? Guys, are usually in the back, checking their temperature. Yeah, she said it, and did I it. Relished the opportunity, for the Hot Dog challenge. Oh, it was on. She got me cheesed, and wanted to take a bite. I loving said; “whatever the girls can do, I can do.” She, rolled her eyes, and my heart, had a role to play; not get my back up. I could see, she must have thought, I was a winner. Well, maybe, perhaps; she thought it. This Hot dog, a real wiener. Yeah, she stepped to me, and I stepped in it. My heart, not letting the love Ketch-up, to my brain. To alleviate, putting my foot in it. So, I checked it; my posture, my attitude. My heart, she may have stolen it. But, I played it cool, and showed her love. I wasn’t, about to let the moment. Become a pickle, in a jar of clay!

This Hot dog, took a stand. Yeah, I was feeling it, the heat. But, with a loving gaze, just smiled. And said, can I have your heart; I mean, your order… boo. And serve it up, with a smile. What-ever, just give me a small fry, guy. I was tempted, but didn’t up sell. Instead, gave it to her, my heart; in my daydream. She paid, left my mind, but not my heart. Afterwards, it dawned on my heart. One plus one, you and me. First impression, less than super fly, in my hat and all. She, probably didn’t remember, a certified hot dog. Her grade, must have been an “A”. Coming in, she certainly didn’t know. McDonalds, had a hot dog… on the menu? Her love, was the vision, in my dreams. Then it happened, a month or so later. She walked, back into my heart, she couldn’t stay away. She got hired, and we lived happily ever after. The end! Well, not quite. First, I had to win, her heart. My hotdogging, wasn’t a nothing burger. Love, there’s no secret to it. Build the layers, and add in substance. How, two hearts, stay in love. Everyday, say can my love, serve you? Thirty five years later, the order of the day. Her love, my heart, together forever. With every visit, in our daily encounter. There will never be, any false advertising. Just true love, for a lifetime!

A Memoir, of a storybook encounter. Dear, memoir. This entry, about the encounter, at my hot dog stand. It was, the summer of 86. When, her heart levanted, into Mickey D’s. She was looking, but not expecting. That a hot dog, would be on the menu. She was fly, and so was I. A well dressed, Big Mac… daddy, for our future kids. She stepped to me, with her sassy smile. It registered, with my heart. I returned a smile, and said to her; welcome, to my heart. Her love, and my heart. We hit it off, from the jump. Profound ooks were exchanged, with some back and forth. Her love, was dancing with my heart. She rolled her eyes, she surely much have thought? Oh boy, isn’t he something. Yeah, sweet and sour, that was the flavor flave. But, my kind of sweet talking; it needed work. Yeah, but tongue and cheek, it enhances a delightful encounter. A tasteful love, becomes deeper, lasting, with a bit of humorous expressions. Through the years, nostalgic memories. Remnants, of a hot dog stand… off. My heart, will never leave her hungry, for love. Just frank, further to the point. Let our hearts, be exposed, for the world to see!

I hope, you all enjoyed this storybook. A true story, of what happened. When my wife and I, first met. I was working at McDonald’s, when she came into my line. Back then, the guys worked in kitchen, and the the ladies worked up front, except for me. She questioned me, the back and forth. She rolled her eyes, left the restaurant with her order. A month or so later, she got hired. She said, I was arrogant, and wanted nothing to do with me. Thirty five years later, the storybook is not romance. But in love, for a lifetime!


My Greatest Joy!

Is there, something different, about me? Has your love, made a noticeable change, in me? Is there anything, that can come between; your love, my heart? Can everyone, hear when every heartbeat; plays our love ballad, endless love? Oh, how I love you. My soul, boast a beautiful smile. Dancing, heart to heart, with your presence. In your love, I place my heart, to find my soul… drowning. Knowing your love, it’s my deepest joy. Every day, every night, every time. You do it again, so gracefully, take my breath. When, the days are darkened. Nothing, can eclipse your heart. In the moonlight, with every starry gaze. It’s a glimpse, into heaven. My shining star, my breathless love. My clustered breath, overwhelms, heart and soul. The breadth of it all, there’s no greater joy. You’re, my First love, my Greatest gift, my heart. In the darkness, your love guides my light. My heart, you hold. My soul, you have. Secured, anchored to your endearing love. Through the hurricane, you’re my fortress, where I find my refuge. The hiding place, a shelter for my soul. I adore, being in your presence. Seeing, your love in me, and mine in thine. In the wake, my breath, again you take. My heart, will Never lose sight. You are, the true love, my soul still longs for. You are, My Greatest Joy. The love, in You; at the center of it all!



Every day, I’m going to love You. Absolutely, with every breath I get. Today, the only day my heart knows, will be. Tomorrow’s wake, another today; to be absolute. Every exhaled breath, through my expanding lungs. Absolutely, to love, I give every breath. A heart exposed, soaring on the wings of a dove. My love, giving high praise. The soul, taken by breadth of love. Beyond the moonlight, and back again, to the heavenly. Love power, in you absolute. Heart and soul, given absolutely. To live, to breathe. Being absolutely breathless, in love’s gentle embrace. No fears, being vulnerable in love. The heart, free to give absolute control. For the soul to find, in love’s freedom, you’ve found absolute strength. So hidden opportunities, don’t become missed moments. To know, your heart touched absolutely, by love’s amazing presence. The best part, of waking up. Absolute love deepens, absolutely. The clouds loosen, the tears falling, your cup overflowing. You breathe easy, love has you absolutely. If, love needs to hear, every heartbeat says; will my heart, be yours forever? May my soul, resonate profoundly; Absolutely! No rhyme, love the reason. Breathe out, my absolute last, breath to love!


It’s Your Love!

Dancing in the dark, where your love, found my heart. But now, my soul, no longer has to dance alone. Grace, it’s your love, that stirred my silent river… breathlessly. So, if you would allow me, give my heart the honor. Share this love, with whole world. Write about it, in depth. Pour out my soul, with a poetic love. Tell how, you became the lover of my soul. Your love, will forever be the crimson ink. My heart, just the pen. For, my soul, You own. My heart, You hold. My love, You have. My gaze, You capture. My breath, You take. Grace, Your love, more than love on the brain. How, can my heart ever fathom? How your ocean, that turned my soul, into a deep river? I need you, in the breadth I live, in the depth I drown. How, do you do it? How does your love, become new every day? It’s truly endless, love, a thousand ways. Do it again, move every heartbeat, with your presence?

Grace, to you; I opened up my heart. My soul, under your influence. The softer I speak, the louder your heart becomes. My heart, it’s listening. Let your heart, be all I hear. Your love, what gave my heart a voice. But at the same time, my soul lost for words. You’re so overwhelming, a wonder to behold. I’ve found my peace, in you, I see heaven. The clouds are gone, but the rain does fall. Won’t you, give my soul a moment, to wipe the tears. It’s, such a beautiful thing. How can a heart, keep it all in. Your love, made me better than I was, and more than I am. You’re the reason, love holds my heart so. The reason, my breath has confidence; Grace, It’s, Your Love!


The Light!

Let it shine, even if just a little. You don’t need, anyones permission. To be a beacon, of hope for humanity. Being a light, not about flipping a switch, but letting the love shine… intentionally. Let your light, be as vivid, as nature’s glow. An agent of change, stimulating love, provoked mutual affection. The light of love, radiating just like the sun. Your light, doesn’t have to be brilliant. Just on display, demonstrating its own radiance. Heart and soul, with a glaring example. Showing how even a smile, can dazzle beautifully. Giving hope, bright as the moonlight. Rays of light, emanating from deep within. In the daylight, the warmth, has a natural light, likened to the sunshine. For when, the darkness tries to eclipse, a heartfelt moment. Let countenance be lighted, with glimpses of heaven. True love, expressions of a divine light. Compassionate moments, will ignite lasting memories. When the lamp of love, shined through a window. We don’t need sunlight, to see a heart shine, like a lighthouse. Sticks and stones, use them to light a fire. To warm a heart, enlighten a new perspective. Though, hearts are flawed. True love illuminates, hidden treasures. Set the mood, be a candle, with a graceful afterglow. Let your light, be not a life interpretation, but a profound love reflection. For we live, to learn. How to care, and share, the good vibes. Every day, let your heart be ready to shine; the light… within!