A Story; Closer, to Your Heart!

I didn’t realize, that your heart wasn’t tightly; pressed up against my soul. I vowed, to keep it close. Never let your love not be, what forever moves my heart. You must surely know, and completely understand; I was busy, “trying to keep up with the Jones.” You see, it’s really not my fault; even though you had to watch from a distance, our hearts drifting apart. Okay, it absolutely was, me, myself, I… did leave you waiting. Looking, longing, wanting; to be closer. We were already close, and I knew your love was there, hovering; trying to get my attention. I didn’t notice, the distance between my every breath… a chasm. Hello, how truly profound… ly insensitive. How could I have not noticed; my heart on its own life support? The breadth of your love, so few and far between. A soul gasping, fluttering; for the love. That became my every breath, and water for my soul!

A heart disconnected, the soul needing to be reconnected. To the power source, where I find so much strength; through an undying love. My soul wasn’t feeling your heart beat, within my soul as it once did. Just a heart, feeling beaten. I try to listen, but I didn’t hear your voice. The small, the quiet whisper. My soul needed to be still, but my heart was speaking; when it should have been listening. I was looking for love, but there was this one tree; in the wilderness of my soul. Even though my soul, could recognize your voice from all the rest. So many voices surrounded my heart, crowding your heartbeat. Oh me, oh my heart; cry out… louder. Oh heart, stop; listen intensely. But at last, my soul went quiet; retreated back into the silent river. “Que Sera, Sera; what will be, will be.” A heart overwhelmed, a soul wondering; would ever be again?

A heart that ended up, wandering down memory lane. A soul now on a journey, through the heart of the lily of the valley. Showing the wonderful moments shared, and how the love was forever the guiding light. A heart, the soul, a want, the need; your love, the song… in the dark. The lonely river, slowly became the unfamiliar place. Over the years, my heart had spent so much time; living in an ocean of love. Deeply was the water, the love so refreshing, and each wave of deep eMotion. A heart knowing, such a gentle stream of love. A love running forever down, into depth of soul. The rain fell, the pouring out; into the everlasting reign. What was my soul to do, but let it be… dear, Lord. Let it be, back to the drawing. No dragging, no kicking; just a heart screaming, broken. It was the move, closer… than ever. A move to find, stepping out to be found; profoundly moved, in heart and soul!

A heart no longer adrift, in my silent river. A heart now back on the path, a soul no longer feeling so broken. A heart, realizing; a mistaken identity, will never change God’s love. When I thought, just give up… the faith; “His love said never, I will give up… your heart.” Patiently You waited, but the distance between widening; then your relentless pursuit. Why now, the love so much deeper. I see the love, through the lens of your heart; not just a one sided viewpoint. A renewed perspective, your love being the true vantage point. Never again will I allow, even a degree of separation; keep me from pursuing your heart. Forgive me, when I feel I’m making your heart seem unloved. To know the true depth of your love, in me; and my heart’s true worth, to You? It will be the forever seek after. The run down, the endless chase; and be a man after… your heart. I will always move to you, my soul will only stop at the moment. When You have my every breath, and my soul close enough to know; your love has stopped moving. My heart has become so relentless; trying to get Closer, to Your heart!

– I wrote this about six years ago, when my heart reflected on a moment lived a few years before. May it be an encouragement for your heart, to know it doesn’t matter what you’re going through. God’s love will never leave you where you are, but relentlessly pursue the heart, of those who truly want to know His heart!


Fun Friday; The Lazy Boy!

A shifting, into a lower position. The gear down, the unwind; the recline, into a restful state… of mind. I’m not talking about the psychological, but there’s an element of the cognitive. The thought process, the decision making; the accessing of the frontal lobe. In everything, there has to be a balanced approach. Recline, but don’t let that define… the moment. A full tilt, should never be a slanted perspective. Sometimes you’re up, some days you’re down. In the words of a poetic British terminology; the day is afoot… a hand, a head, the heart and soul. Zero to sixty, the down shift; sixty to Zero. The lay… all the way back, to get some Z’s.

But that was then, there was a move… to our new home. The lazy boy, passed on…  to our son. It wasn’t an inheritance, a relocation… to his man cave. Free of charge, it must be love… for the boy. Yes, it was a listen; to the woman… of the house. My wife, my candy girl, milady; his mother. The lazy boy, wasn’t part of the new living room decor. Instead, we… decided to purchase new seating apparatuses; some people call it… a sofa. I wouldn’t describe it, as the Love… for it Seat. Just something likened to, the lazier part of the spectrum. I don’t mind a change… of position, just the comfortability factor. The new resting device, being the bit overpriced scenario. But let’s table that, this is about chairing… the discussion. The repositioning, a love for. The readjusting, where I believe… the pillow should go. Behind neck, back? Under the boardwalk, down by the sea; on a blanket with my baby…

This is not a knock, on the would… I hesitate; to do what best for my family. It’s about what’s the frame, what’s the reference; the picture you choose to see. The emptiness in a glass, or the fullness… through a different lens? What should be, at the forefront of the heart; “a soul in right standing?” So many believe, it’s about relaxing; but it’s about being content, in whatever place you find your heart. Somethings, you’re bound to outgrow. Recline, but don’t decline; being forever at rest. Love, meant to be a forever experience. Not a version, that needs endless adjustments. Trying to make only one side, feel a little more comfortable. If the love is on the decline, take a moment… to redefine, and readjust. Someday, it’s the Lazy boy; but every day, should never be… a Lazy Love!


Black History; Jamdown Style!

Yah, yah; Wah gwaan? Big up (respect), to all of the massive. All the black people, spread out… all over the world. The African people, all fi mi (my) Caribbean bredren, and sistren (brother and sister). Straight from the heart, much love, much respect. Jump up and wave… yuh (your) hand. Bless the One, from whom all blessings flow. Be proud of yuh (your) culture, be proud of yuh (your) heritage. Make fi yuh (your) love sweet, love sweet like sugga. Let love tek ova (take over), move eena yuh (in your) heart. Don’t worry with the fussing, and the fighting. Don’t get involved with the mix up, mix up (other people’s business). Yah mon, yuh (you) done know. One Love, One heart. Let fi yuh (your) light shine, let yuh (your) heart lose interest; for everything fleshly. All of my black bredrens, love and kiss up, pan fi yuh (on your) little island girl. Love her, with all of fi yuh (your) heart! Zeen, bless up!

Black History month, was first a American tradition; started in 1926. Now it’s recognized, by a number of countries. It’s also a part of my heritage, being originally from the Caribbean. I wanted to give tribute, to all the people. Who have made a contribution, to black history. Even though I speak with the English tongue. I do know, and understand the Jamaican patwa (dialect). I thought I would introduce it into the post, as a tribute to the culture. I hope you enjoyed it, and maybe learned something for your repertoire!


Training Day!

Training day, to equip your heart; to build your faith. First, crawl; to know how to stand… with new strength. Train the soul, teach the mind; how to not get ahead… of the heart. Utilize mental toughness, but still demonstrate courage. To battle the doubts within, to become forever victorious; through an even bigger faith. The battlefield is in the mind, but the battles won; when every heart beat, resounds a stronger faith. A mind undecided, is a heart double minded. A heart can know fierce, but don’t neglect to train the soul; the art of vigilant. It’s not about being confident, but in whom you put the confidence? Train the soul up in confidence, to go forth confident; your faith will overcome. Faith is the substance that lifts up, hope the evidence to what’s seen; faith protruding… from within!

Life is not a sprint, but a journey that requires a faithful walk; we ALL have to take. We can deny it, but day after day; a heart has to learn, how to overcome. Every day, at the light that dawns; the war rages, another battle… fought within. A changing mood, a whim that looms. Could be a mind blown, or just… another Training Day. To know when not to fight, but be still… and know; your heart is going to be okay. A press through, to rise up… stronger than the day before. Running the race with vigor, endure to the end. Train for the fight nights, when darkness comes to rumble; test your resolve. First day, second day; forty years running… from lack. It truly doesn’t matter, what you have to overcome. The heavier the weight, stronger becoming… the faith you exercise!

So, don’t curl… up in a corner; thinking your faith is too weak. Put what little you have at the moment, on display. Show someone else, how your faith is being built… up. Not from just reading the manual, but having faith in the words. Letting it resonate, do a work within; to be forever changed. The power to fight the good fight, to conquer fear… of the unknown. In the middle of a storm, faith is what rises up… from the ashes. You don’t have to go to boot camp, to know how to build true faith. The testing, the tested; each test. To see a fire burning within, a love encamped; around your faith. Training is not about technique, or how much you undertake. Overcoming faith, is the preparation, the process, the foundation. Faith building, the spirit, and a physical collaboration. Why everyday, you work out… your own salvation!

Train up the heart, to not depart from the truth. Resist the temptation, to believe it’s about works. It’s not practice makes perfect, but the already perfected work. A heart in training, a soul undergoing… a transformation; faith becoming… stronger. It’s not about mental fitness, or mind over matter. Strong faith, is a heart condition… ing. Faith is not found, it’s acquired. A soul conditioned to receive, a heart made ready to step out… Faith gives the power, the strength to break a stronghold. This I know, King Kong, has nothing on me. Strong faith exercised, can not just break chains; but move mountains. It’s not about Evolution, but what is Created. A Genissis, that becomes a Revelation… in heart and soul. Faith, is not a role played; but a role I take seriously. Training Day; every day… I rise!


The Dance, Around the Question!

So many fail to ponder the simple question, where will each step in life… take your heart. Life is a journey, but each step shouldn’t be taken lightly. So many are content, to just waltz into it. Hoping you will some day, find your place, your true calling. Some thinking they have a lifetime, to figure it all out. Seize today, why lose tomorrow; trying to get back yesterday? Make today, the moment worth living. Why we should always start, with the end in mind. How a heart knows, it’s the dance of a lifetime. Life, is not about how you start; but in what place you will finish? Not about if you danced the dance, but in whom you chose to partner? Don’t dance around the question. Do you truly want power that overcomes, or be overcome… trying to figure out the next steps?

Heel, toe; heel, toe. How can a heart expect to finish strong, when you haven’t truly decided. Dig in your heels, or just toe the line? For some, it’s one foot in, one foot out. Left foot in, left foot out. Right foot in, right foot out. You do the hokey pokey, turn yourself around; but, that’s not what it’s all about. That just gets the head spinning, leaving the heart in a daze. A soul unsettled, figuring out if you should hold your breath, or just let loose? Not sure, you slide to the left, then a slide to the right. A heart still undecided; the electric slide, or the backslide? That turns into a Tango, and before you know it. You throw your hand in the air, and say; Lets get ready to… Rumba. Fight night, this, for that; a side… walk away. An old fashion, take it to the streets dance off!

Forgetting, you’re not as young as you used to be. Forever twenty one, is the name of a stor… y once told. But you still try to bust a move, only to have your Hip… Hop, right out of place; Break Dancing. The classical twist, and shout; combined with a Lyrical flair. With a contemporary, Tap dance… out of commission. Mind, body, and soul; not in sync. The heart, trying to pick up the broken pieces. For stability, you put weight on the front… of the brain. While trying to find a little support, for what’s in the back… of your mind. Is the next life lesson, going to be a slow waltz, or a fast paced jive? Start to take life nice and easy, or just pretend; you’re not breaking a sweat? But then undone, the heart laced with some bitterness. The dance, turned into an old country song. Parts of your past, still tugging on your heart. The two steps, away from a heart break. You realize, the shoes is on the other foot. A line dance, that has your heart in knots. Do you a avoid stepping on the line drawn, or time for the Cross?

There’s lots of approaches to life, we all have our own personal style. But, you can never avoid this simple truth. Every day, should be a start; with the end in mind. Not just where the day will take you, but where your heart will lead you? At the end of your days, may the journey be a forever dance. One that leaves your heart, breathless!