Inspirational Day; The Gift Card!

A Christmas gift card, from my heart to yours. 20/20, many things seen for sure. Merry ChristmasSome things, surely may be what you want to be the unseen. Even though, unprecedented blindsided the perfect vision. May you still, see your heart blessed? May an enlightened perspective, shed a light on what your tomorrow. Shows to be, the clear path forward… with every step. On the path, may your heart find a love with a heavenly melody? A love your heart can treasure, and regift… over and over! SAVE your card, and may your heart be blessed; this Merry Christmas!


The Favorite Thing!

Whiskers on kittens, can tickle a heart fancy; but, it’s just a thing. Warm woolen mittens, can keep you from frost bites. But it, can never give warmth to a heart. Crisp apple strudels, an enjoyable treat for sure. But the taste of love can fade, when it becomes just a thing; you only indulge, every so often. Doorbells and sleigh bells, rings to make a heart merry. But, love becomes more substantive, when it becomes about the giving. Wild geese, can fly with the moon on their wings. But, may your favorite things truly be. A heart soaring, forever on the wings of love. Droplets of sunshine, a heart basking in the light of a love divine. The reign from the heavenly, love falling afresh steadily. For every heart to find, true love makes a soul feel so defined. It’s not gifts, and things; that makes love in a heart sing. A heart prancing, a soul gracefully dancing. Needs more than romancing, more than just the momentary glancing!

Snowflakes, falling on your nose and eyelashes. All part, of a silver white winter; that melts into a flourishing spring… in your step. To make, a part of your favorite things. When love, becomes the bark that bites. When the to be, or not to be stings; remain faithful, to love. Don’t let it be, one bitten; twice shy, of forever calling it quits. Giving up your favorite thing, to never again hear love, make your heart sing, and all the joy that it brings. So think, why not pour out your heart. Instead of just wasting love, thinking sense is just about; how much you have of the Noggin. Don’t make love, a hangover. Love, until the hanging on; becomes what your heart does, over and over. Even when, the bark bites; when the to be, or not to be stings. Simply remember, the Favorite Thing. When love becomes the gift, that keeps the heart giving; forever, and a day!



Looking back, seeing how far the distance; between heart and soul. The vision, becoming such an obstructed 20/20. What becomes the peripheral, and what you let be the distraction. Undistracted devotion, becomes the manifestation. When a heart, no longer fears the unknown. Why look forward, to what the gain will be tomorrow. If your heart, haven’t yet learned to see; what your soul, truly gets to appreciate today. Seeing only through the peripheral, a heart losing the right perspective. When the peripheral is obscured, the lens becomes the mismatch. When the projection, becomes how fashionable the outermost. The focus, still provoking a thoughtful question. What, will therefore become the state of the innermost? When the focused surroundings, doesn’t become on Who truly surrounds you? A heart, tends to be on edge; when the periphery becomes marginalized. Living on the edge, never a point truly relevant. When a heart forever needs to be in a place, where a soul can find true peace, and its relevancy. Living truly, first starts with a soul knowing freely. Every incident faced, should never be dismissed, as merely incidental. Every heart encounter, will be a soul one way, or another being deeply impacted. When the peripheral, becomes the sought after material. The immaterial, may easily become; something of an even greater value. Why it becomes truly vital, to not let your heart be easily persuaded; see life through a tainted view. When a heart, is truly ready to be propelled forward. Hope found, will be an enlighten faith… within. Even if, the heart feels overshadowed by the day; the unknown, will therefore never become the fear. Unprecedented, may seem so difficult to understand. But, perseverance precedes true clarity. Even when, what your heart envisioned, becomes a bit obscured!


Fun Friday; When it Gets Twisted!

Sometimes, the day can make you do the Twist; sometimes the Shout. A heart, trying to keep a soul-full groove… on point. It’s not hard, to get it so twisted. The heart, the soul; crossing into the wrong genre. A soulful version, of what looks like the Two Step… away. The DJ, puts on the wrong track; a sad Country song. So, back, back; back and forth. A broken heart, the about face, and the about to be loosing it. A heart loaded for bear, to unload what burdens the chest? The becoming, a soul getting ready to display; what becomes of a pistoled off heart. The shoot em up dance, bang, bang. Shots fired, the shooting from the Hip, to the Hop… on the self righteous train. Toot, toot; your own horn. The likened sounds, to we live in a broken world. Here’s the Twist, it doesn’t matter. If you live in the wild Western Hemisphere, we all bleed the same. For a heart, to see through the right perspective. We should never get it Twisted. Thinking a soul can ever see clearly, trying to look at life; through a tainted heart. So many, love to replay a throwback. But, why should it always be; reliving a brand new Funk. You have to move past, to truly get past; what gets a heart so Twisted!

Indulge me, as I share with you this Twist; better yet, let’s call this the bliss. A heart that’s been there, done that. Young, and thinking you’re Hip. But, here’s the Tip; love’s a intimate slow dance. Every day, yes; you have to do the Hopping, the none Stopping. To always notice, my baby Doll; if the head starts Bopping. The marriage dance, it’s a balancing act. But, it doesn’t have to be; a heart walking a tightrope, with a soul Twisting in the wind. Sometimes, I surely get to admire; watch how her neck works. All while trying, not to get my heart Twisting. Seeing her brown eyes, and how they roll. But, that just a reminder; I have my own role to play, being a loving husband. Thirty two years, how long my heart has been in this cherished role. Act one, Seeing her two. Not about the Acting, but what becomes of my Actions. When we first met, I called her my candy girl. Then my honey, became my sweet lady. Let me tell you, every bottled up, tear comes out easily, with every Twist. To avoid a mind, blowing a cap; a heart busting out an ill advised wRap. Then the break down, dancing, the want to be free-styling. A soul Twisting, on what becomes a heart feeling… absolutely floored. A heart Twisted up, trying to figure out? How to make a clean break, from a riddled relationship?


My Identity!

Picture this, your true identity; will never be a validated forgery. But, what truly allows your heart, to forge into your destiny. An identity, not defined by just what’s created; but what was carefully formed, through a divine creation. The Creator crafts, but only your heart alone; get to experience the breadth. Only one identity, can truly give a heart full access; into a heavenly bliss. An identity, has a representation; but your heart needs to know, what you truly represent? A true identity, not about your status; or what’s meaninglessly validated. You can identify, with having access to your breath. Only for access denied, a heart truly struggling; just knowing how to simply breathe. An identity, can build character. Pinpointed accuracy, will still mean a life missing the mark. Adjust, and show how far you’ve come; and to What Degree? An identity is about naming, not shaming. Not about a hard to read name tag, or just a fade with time hashtag; but a heart clearly recognized. An identity with a distinct signature, etched upon your soul. So others can always identify, to whom your heart truly belongs? A close similarity, can still mean a heart… unrecognizable. Being of a true likeness, will never be a heart and soul; ever called into question. Your uniqueness, what makes you truly different; what forever sets your heart apart, for an entry gained. Two expressions, relatable showing the same values; will surely be quantified. One, plus One, plus One, plus One. To a wide open heart, the truth will be revealed. For a soul to forever perceive, that the answer equivalents to One, in the same… Identity!


Show, and Tell!

I bring my heart, to Show Your love will forever be; the true object of my affection. The worth, would truly be irrelevant. If Your love, wasn’t the true breadth. I can divide up my day, but yet in everything. The day would still be, just for Show. If my heart couldn’t truly Tell, that time is relative; to the moments truly lived. Every day, school will always be in session. A heart learning, a soul truly thriving. When every new experience, becomes a new love expression. What you intend, has to be more; than what becomes just pretend. Thinking, your heart has all the answers. Never a soul demonstrating, it’s a life well lived. Sometimes, we do have to pretend. A heart Showing a wonderful smile, while a soul simultaneously Telling; what burdens, in a silent prayer. Sometimes, weights are lifted. Sometime, a heavy heart needs to be carried; to test your resolve. A heart can yell and scream, but what message… would that send? If in the end, the homecoming is the Tell. A love Showed, as being truly faithful; “I man, after Your own heart.” Erase the lies, let Your love be the only story; written deep in the crevices of my soul. May a deeply revered love, forever be the resounding truth. A Show without question, a Tell that truly resonates!

A heart with room, for an increased volume of love. Letting all the repetitious noise, become the decreased. Knowing how, to abide in the stillness. Where whispers of love, becomes such a blissful peace. A life with an unequivocal Show; and a soul with a true Tell. Something, your heart and soul can truly Show. When the day, just wants to Tell… another story. To represent, the true heart of a son and daughter? In the still be, the representation; with the heart of a child… Why have a heartbeat, if love is not forever; what tethers every wayward heartstrings. Within every smile, with every glimpse into your heart. What should be clearly seen, the Father’s love. A heart called Show, a soul will a predestined to Tell. To Show the greatest love story, and Tell of the encounter. What’s in, the deeper meaning of love. For if, breathing is just for Show? Then true living, will never be a heart with a distinctive Tell. Even if, you know others will talk, about what you have come to believe? Don’t be scared, to put your heart on display. Bring your heart to a place, where you know flawed; is nothing to ever be ashamed of. Show that all the imperfections, and the beauty are one in the same. A heart, and soul made perfect; with every Show, and Tell!


Field of Dreams!

What you battle, can leave lasting scars. But though scarred, flawed; just a part of life. Scars, not meant to reflect; why a heart should stop living. To ever stop believing, your heart won’t see; what others call impossible. In life, we can get scarred; walking a path touching, what seems to be so rosy. A blemish, every deeply felt wound; doesn’t mean scarred for life. Though, some battles leave deep scars. At every dawn, go and face the day. You don’t have to know in what direction, to reach your destination. You need to have all the answers, to believe you have a destiny. Someone might be looking, to see what a victorious life can look like. Knowing how to, deeply love; can forever change a life… yours. That’s how you leave, a lasting mark on a world. Oversimplified, not what the battles become. It just simply means, a simplified living; it’s just living your best life. In the fundamental, live a life; that displays the wonder, a soul living though the thunder. Tearing, doesn’t mean you’re losing. Even though, the past becomes another day feeling hurt. A broken road, doesn’t mean you will be defeated. Scars fade, when you believe you’re a victor; not a victim. The battles, the tug of war… on the heartstrings. It doesn’t matter how fierce the battle, it becomes a moment to show; how far your heart has truly come. When, you have the heart of a warrior; an overcomer you shall become. Every battle scar, let it be a testimony. Healing, is hope found. A heart guarded, living with a resounding faith. A heart leaned, in the art what it takes, to win the war. Scars, don’t define who you are; they prove your resolve. Scarred, and the picture they paint. To be portrayed, as battles that has truly turned into; a field of dreams!



Life, so many search for the meaning; but yet so many don’t ever realize, the truth lies in a predestination. A heart has to first be drawn to find, for a soul to now a divine embrace. Every life has meaning, and every breath what truly needs to be honored. We can know how to breathe, but true, living thrives with a choice. To know how every heartbeat, becomes a heart with a life truly lived. So many hearts, are looking for true love. But, even with love found, the meaning can still seem so elusive. For love is still meaningless, when the truth found; not embraced as love, with the breadth truly meaningful. How can a soul, know the true meaning of love; without a deeper meaning, not being the true pursuit? What therefore is the meaning of hope, if the hope found; doesn’t instill the faith therein. Meaning comes with trust, but meaningless without a heart verification. Meaning not based in what’s actual, still just a figment. You can never reach a true destination, if your heart doesn’t believe in a destiny. You can seek meaning, but finding still meaningless; without it having truth. For a heart to find true meaning, a soul needs to be free. The giving all to be, and the giving all to thee. In everything, there’s meaning; but not in everything, you can find the truth. You have to understand the true meaning, before a heart can truly know; if therein lies the truth, to what makes your soul breath… easy!

A post inspired, by a question posed by another wonderful blog!


Life; the Obstacles!

Hearts around the world, do you just live off the cuff? Do you just let the day, call your bluff? Every day seems the race, a heart trying not to feel overwhelmed; trying to keep the right pace. When the day, keeps begging your heart to quit. Don’t let it, stand your ground; stay in the race. Be a winner, winner; not the chicken, that gets eaten for dinner. The real love for life, will forever be a winding marathon. The journey, just trying get through the sands of time. Will require hard work, dedication, and true grit. Once around the track, only gets you so far. Every day, let your heart do it again. Every heart has the stamina, to go beyond what seems the limit. Oh hearts, taking it slow is okay; just, never stop. A race, will truly test your endurance. Why everyday, you have to mentally prepare to go the distance. To no one else, will ever have to prove yourself. But yet, some days it will be a sprint to the finish line. Run your own race, and please stay in your lane. Jump over every hurdle, that tries to get in your way. Keep focus, don’t let distractions trip you up. Kick down the barriers if you must, and keep on going. Even if you fall, you will never be disqualified. Forever let your heart still be in it, to win in it; life!

Heart, around the world; every day’s a choice, for a time such as this. Look up, and everyday keep looking up. Before you know it, you will have cleared the bar… set before you. Don’t lower your expectations, just to please someone else. You can never truly stand out, without first knowing how to stand up… for what you truly believe. Don’t make life, be about how you measured up; but how chose to persevered. Around every bend, will be a better day; in the true becoming! Take the long jump, over every fear trying to hold you back. Stretch your faith, conquer what is just a passing shadow. Oh hearts, life have so many obstacles. Challenges, that we all have to intentionally overcome. Just know, the heart will forever be; the hardest working muscle in the body. In knowing your true embodiment, gives everyday another opportunity, to check your true form. Life, will never be about how well you know to posture. Sometimes, your back will surely be up against the wall. But that’s when, you turn the corner, and take an even greater leap of faith; the test, of your character. When life comes to test your resolve, display you know what’s true height, length, and breadth. Don’t be afraid of commitment, by taking that deeper dive. Sink or swim, two choices for sure. When entering deeper waters, show you know how to flip… the script. Do the backstroke, like a faith filled superstar. Show that you have the heart, looking like a graceful butterfly!

Some days, the heart competes; as a struggling weightlifter. A soul pressing, but a heart not feeling the weight ever being lifted. My friend, every weight can truly be lifted. When you don’t see the burden, greater than…. what even a prayer can forever change. Get it off your chest, seek and find the love; the heart of the burden bearer. Love, never let it be just a sport. A mixed up form, of holistic gymnastics. Authenticity, how love in a heart truly soars, to another level. After every season, showcased is a heart truly tested. Every battle scar, they shall surely fade. But always be mindful, that the battlefield; can wage another war on the mind. When, a heart becomes too distracted. Even though, it’s your own well tucked away baggage. Don’t let life, drag your heart around, from place to place. Throw away, what’s not a true need. To be forever replaced, with an enlightened perspective. Don’t think too highly, or put your heart on a pedestal. It’s okay, to let someone else in need be first. The worlds greatest, just a title worn… out. A title will never truly matter, when it comes to matters of the heart. With all of the obstacles, life relentlessly brings the test your resolve. Take heart, in knowing that there’s a true path, to victory!