Lace Up Your Heart!

In, every season of life; lace up your heart. When, the day becomes another fall. In every stumble, as a brisk wind blows. It’s to let your heart know, you’re gonna be okay. Even if, the sun doesn’t shine. Spread your wings, and let your soul soar, into a new horizon. Even when, the day makes you feel like your heart’s trapped. In the middle, of a harsh wintery storm. A positive outlook, will surely keep the fire burning, deep within your soul. Whenever, your heart’s feeling the hurt. Just be still, and know; that in everything. There’s a beautiful song can be heard, speaking to your heart. If you have to, take baby steps. Crawl, walk, run; whatever you choose? Dust off your soul, and lace up your heart. Let the love for life, gird your worth. So you can start the day, with a new Spring in your step. Your soul, will surely see, this too shall pass. After the rain, May you come to see, you there’s a flower… beginning to bloom. In a season called change, there will be a Summertime. A time, to lace up your heart. At another dawn, it’s time to get ready, to let your heart shine. Though it races, through another season!


A Story; Man of Mystery!

In every heart, therein lies a story. A heart, can get exposed. When the love within, bares the soul. The look away, from love; a heart will miss the takeaway. In love, act once, will negate the second scene. Love, needs to be intimately seen. A man of thought, is a heart, thoughtful; considerate to always remember. Love, not just about a feeling, but being a man of action. A heart known, breathlessly seen standing, in the gap. A heart of a warrior, a soul reckless; breaking down all barriers. They say, life’s what you make of it. But, I say; life’s what, you profoundly make it become. People say, “beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.” But, when it boils down to it, and if truth is told. We tend to see, life through our own rosy colored lens. Forgetting, life’s but a breath. A journey, an adventure in the making. If, we choose to adventure out, of what’s comfortable. To let your heart, embrace the precious moments. We have to, seized the day; take every stolen moments captive. To be, or not to be. A heart, forever arrested. A soul, no longer living, enslaved to passing fears. But chained, to the independence. A heart, not letting the unconditional love… be a daunting mystery. The love not becoming, a heart hiding; within a mysterious cloaking device… fear. But free, to cast a wide net, that shows what the love is worth. A heart, crosses a defining line. When, the love becomes defined. A heart connection, doesn’t mean perfection. The love language, becomes understood. Not, when words are said; but, when the heart is heard. The mysteries of love, not following this, or following that; but follow your heart. It shouldn’t be a mystery, when it’s time; to give the best of your heart. Spy out the land, but take every thought captive. Avoid, a bad report; someone else’s fear. Then, the mysterious truth will be known. How a heart and soul, found forever… in love!


The Story!

Your heart, is The Story; Your love, a song. This Story, about what’s in your heart. The love, that can calm fears; the breadth like a sweet lullaby. My soul, can curl up next to your heart. But, before it rocks me to sleep. You, always know how to read my heart. Loving you tell my soul, the night will be alright. Your heart, will be there at the dawn. You’re amazing, that’s; the best part of The Story. Every day, it Story Time. The T to the H to the E… asy does it heart; “The Story, it’s not about U!” This Story, about The Word; that will shape the heart, and the mind. It all, starts with one word; “LOVE!” But, for every Story to truly resonate? It starts with the conText. So, let me take you back to the beginning; introduce you to my heart!

The Story, began with my heart learning to crawl. Then walk, with confidence. A soul ready, to run into the embrace, the loving arms of love. No words, a heart not yet have words. Baby steps, what steadied the heart; to understand the true breadth of life. Love, becomes a language. At the point, when your soul has a Story; that only your heart can express. Love, hovers in the air. The soul, teaches the heart how to speak. How to extract, the words lingering beneath the depth. Even when, the heart seems at a loss for words. Don’t get me wrong, every heart has a Story. But not every Story, has an happy ending. For any heart, learning how to deeply love. The Story, will always start with a struggle; convincing both heart and soul. To get, for the love to be… forever!

Sometimes, the Story reads like, your heart can definitely relate. Only, to later find out. The end, didn’t turn out, the same way the love began. A true love Story, not just about how it started. But, that the heart will stay engaged. Until the love, has exhaled; the soul taking its last breath. With, any good Love Story; for there to be true understanding. The heart, needs to be wide open. So, the true meaning can be captured, with depth of soul. For the heart to live, air is breathed. But, for the soul to thrive… in love. Breathless, needs to be part of the unforgettable Story. The never ending love, that became; your never ending Story. So, hearts get ready; it’s Story Time. Let the love, in you be seen, heard, read. As a truly believable, Love Story!



How, can love ever be understood; when it’s like cracking a code. Love, not meant to be coded, but written in plain sight. It, should stop at nothing; getting to the bottom, of the heart. Find the true key, to what works. It’s not, meant to be converted; into what’s perverted. Show, all the possibilities. A heart wide open, to what become the wonder. True love, meant to be discerned. So, the love can be perceived, endless. Real love, will never need an interpreter. When it doesn’t get lost, in the translation. An action word, forever on the tip of your heart. To be, or not to be; will never be in question. Love, should be gentle to the soul; easy on the heart. Love, shouldn’t be a decryption task; just a heart unmasked. Yes, love might break the heart. But was never meant, to shatter your confidence, in finding true love. Deciphered, forever devoted, never undisputed. Riddle me this. Be quick, this; don’t let your heart miss. If roses are red, and violets are blue? Does, your heart blush red; whenever love, brushes up against your soul? Or, does your heart turn blue? Because you, can only decipher the color of love; through, a tainted rose colored lens?

A soul, will never find the truest answer, to what needs to be solved? If the heart, always questioning the resolve… within. Comprehend, should never be confused, with Compromise. You may not, know the love language. But in your heart, it should be settled within. Forever in love, will be the reason, through every season. How, can light shed a problem? If the heart, rather live in the shade? Love, can’t exist in the gray areas. Love’s a color, crimson the deepest. There’s no fathom, without depth. There’s no see, without finding an ocean. A heart, needs clarity. To help the soul, extrapolate the true sense… within love. Love, should never be predicated. On the What, but the Who? Not what, the other heart can do for you? But who, you need to become? So, the love can always be on display. In love, sometimes; we don’t always grasp, the true reality. Though, we wrestle with the understanding, therein lies the meaning. When, the heart finds the truth; the soul, will untangle the worth. The soul, can’t truly sort out; in love, or not in love. Until the heart’s first willing, to be forever sold out. Give love, every breath. Embedded, in the truth; profoundly, love becomes the proof. Facial expressions, will never be able to Decipher. What’s in, a heart’s true confession!


Fun Friday; Passionate vs Faithfulness!

Passionate, Faithfulness; two true heavyweights. They, might seem in the same weight class. Spoiler alert, one will emerge greater, than the other. Both, have stand alone power… in their own right. But together, the combination will be epic. Both, know how to press in, and accept the challenge. Never backing down, when the day calls your heart out. So, deliver a heartfelt moment, worth remembering. The heart and soul, both getting a ringside seat. Watch a-bout, how they intend to square off. Passion, for short, has a deep desire. Give chase, pursue the prize, with vim and vigor. The downside, to Passion? Becoming easily distracted, by a wayward heart. Faith will never be, a short-handed approach to Faithfulness. Faith, needs to be the substance. That Will, produce the evidence… Pound for pound, the strongest muscle in the body; the heart. Passionately, a heart will step to the podium. But the soul, tells a heart. You have enough faith, to fight through every adversity. One, looks to take center stage, have the top billing. The other, looking to take the stand. With hard work, and dedication; be the greatest. Some days, the battlefield is the mind. Going toe to toe, with the heart. But, when love prevails. The stand, becomes shoulder to shoulder. So the outcome will be, heart to heart!

Even, in a knock down, dragged out… encounter. Passion, will surely rise to the occasion. With a Passionate, bob and weave routine. Forgetting, true Faithfulness, doesn’t waver. When push, and shove collides. Faithfulness, will always counter with the right… extension of love. With, no pun intended, just love extended. Without feeling the need, to brag, or boast. Passionate, feeling it, eagerly comes out swinging. But Passion, without the right follow-through; doesn’t produce the intended desire. Faithfulness, not into perpetually; keeping your guard up. It’s a-bout, knowing; Someone’s in your corner. With encouragement, love, and devotion. A heart dependable, remaining true. Regardless, of any extenuating circumstances. To be, or not to be? A Passionate heart, with a Faithfulness soul? Strong in feeling, but drawing strength. From what you believe, to be your unwavering truth. Being Passionate, shows a heart with promise, likened to lionhearted. But, without the right stamina, found in a faithful heart. Even, the best intentions, lacks the steadfast zeal. Why, when Faithfulness delivers. Passionate… feelings, takes a step back. Refocuses, never feeling; it’s time to throw in the towel. A mind undecided, becomes a heart, double visioned. A heart, needs to be intentionally trained. To allow the soul, to have what it needs. The fierce confidence, to fight the good fight. The right demonstration, will make comPassion favorable. To rank higher, on the disregarded scorecard!

When the day, seems like the fight of your life. The feeling like body blows, a heart feeling in tatters. When, your back’s against the ropes. Dig, deep into your repertoire. Let hope become the rope, that will always have your back. Life, best fought with a surrendered heart. Passionate moments, sometimes fade. But, for every committed moment; Faithfulness, never show fatigue. Having a strong faith, requires the heart be consistently in practice. So, it won’t be stunned, by an unexpected jab. Breathing, sometimes optional. Most days, you have to gather up your pride, and put it back in your heart. Then tell life,“is that all you have… to offer?” I am Passionate, my Faithfulness, will become undisputed. Passion, in heart the woven fabric. But Faith, needs to be the thread. Sometimes, the day won’t let you catch your breath. It can hit below the belt, bringing you to your knees. Take the moment, to give your soul right clarity. With a gut check, let the heart decide. Will it be, a Passionate stance, displaying a graceful heart? Or will the moment, let Faithfulness display, how to stick and move? Sick to your faith, and Move… with renewed momentum. Wordplay, will never be smack talk. When you’re Passionate, about setting up, the right hook. So, let your Passion, be a heart forever guarded, with grace. So your Faithfulness, will emerge showcasing, the victor’s crown. Say won’t, or could never be. Faithfulness, will surely prove you wrong!


A Song in The Night!

When, your heart is going through the darkness. A soul restless, seeing shadows. Reflections in the night, what’s in the passing… moments. A heart, reflecting on the day. Trying not to let, the darkness make your hopes seem, fleeting dreams. Don’t let your heart, drift off… into what’s another daze. For suddenly, a light will break through the dawn. Showing your soul, in the wake. There will be a reason, for the heart to be inspired. To keep on going, through whatever becomes the season. Pursue the day, but chase after the truest love. Sometimes, the day takes you through the valley. Sometimes, the tempest will become a flood. Just know; tears, doesn’t mean your heart is losing. When your soul, needs something with substance. Something, your heart can forever rest on? It’s found, within the word. In everything, there’s a song. A love song, with such a simple melody. The breadth of love, with an embedded richness. That will strike, the loveliest tone. To eclipse the night, and soothe the soul. A peace, letting in a crimson light. In the moonlight, under the starry night. A song can be heard, playing in the twilight. That will, surely leave you breathless. A heart and soul, clustered together. Swaying to the rhythm of love, within a calming presence. A heart, knowing a love song. That’s lyrically vital, and so deeply moving. That leaves an impression, deep within the memory. When it’s all said, when it’s all done. May it truly be, a life well lived. That lights a path, with a word. To encourage your heart, and show the way. So at the end, the love will bare much hope. With, A Song in The Night!


Stand, with You!

I want you to know, I will be strong for you. In the stillness, in the quiet; in the moment. It doesn’t matter, what the circumstance looks like. Raindrops on your rosy, if you just need me, to lean on. The way, my heart sees it. When you’re hurting, you will never have to hurt alone. Give the best, be a friend. BFF, (Be Faithful, Forever). If, your faith is running low? My heart, will never lose faith in you. Even, when the night is the darkest, and the day seems the longest. Even if no one cares, I do. Even if no one dares, I will; stand with you. I will be there, to help wade through the water. Undistracted, if the moment becomes a flood. I will, swim through the deepest river with you. I will, run towards you. To stand, right beside you. And run, the race along side you. Nothing, will ever be able to move my heart, except love. If you, can’t throw your hands up, I can. Lift them, to the one, who holds tomorrow. If the moment is Hiding, trying to not be seen. The attempt, will be a heart found. For in the Seeking, God; will surely meet us where we’re at. Me standing, for both of us believing for it; answered prayers. Even what, might seem impossible. And even, if the blessing tarries; I Stand, with You!

“The Lord bless you, and keep you. May the Lord make His face to shine upon you, be gracious to you. May the Lord lift His countenance upon you, and give you His peace!” Numbers 6:24-26 ESV


Song Inspired; Trenches!

When the day, won’t let your heart breathe. When breathless, turns into another battle. When breathing, becomes more than what’s in the give and take. When the moment, becomes your heart on display, and the truth being told. When trouble, finds your heart. Do you ditch your faith, or faithfully let your hope dig in? It’s so easy, to bury your heart, in the sands of time. Pretend you can’t hear, what your heart can undeniably feel; breath has been taken. The year, and the day begins anew. Every day, the heart and another battle. My world, and the day warring. Trying, to get the best of me. Death, an enemy so relentless. Already this year, it sought to take out my wife; but mercy said no. Only for our hearts, to be absolutely blindsided. The death of a child, caught in the crossfire. Though, hearts are deep in the trenches. Thank God, we can know; amazing grace, still has the sweetest sound. A heart, never alone in the battles. I’ve learned, to let grace be the anchor, that secures every breath. I can’t, always say my heart is fine; but my soul cleaves, to the glory of the divine. Cover fire, in the love of God; the burning light of hope!

My heart, has spent many years in the trenches. Trying my best, to cover hearts. Especially, the ones closest to mine. What do you do, when a light gets snuffed out? For me, and my heart; I turn to the one, who knows suffering. Love, will always have the final say. A heart, that can triumphantly say; Yay. When the circumstance seems, a resounding nay. In the trenches, I’ve found that battle scars. Doesn’t show a soul losing, just a heart tested. In the trench, a heart can still see so much evidence. That in every breath taking, love becomes held deeply; pressed up against your soul. Even when, night becomes the daunting foe. What dawns, will clearly show. Beyond the horizon, there awaits a field of gold; the half yet told. For even though, voices are the barrage. My heart, clings to the love; that’s never a mirage. Putting up walls, will never keep hurt out. It will, just keep the pain in. Trapped, with no place to go. Sometimes, it’s not about forging ahead; but training your heart, how to know the moment. To not just press on, but when it’s time to press in. My soul, will never breathe defeat. In the surrender, my heart finds victory. God’s love, climbs in the trenches. To hold steady my soul, and fight along side my heart; through every season!

When, overwhelmed is the incoming; and tears the outpouring. Fighting back, easier said than done. A soul, deep in the trenches. A heart pacing, trying not to act quick. So that sinking, doesn’t become the sand. Though, deep in the pit. The feeling, will never turn to dismay. Reaching deep in the quiver, I aim the arrow high. When, the moment becomes the darkest. I don’t look left, or right; but to the light of heaven. In a trench, a crimson love flows. Wide as an ocean, width a trench so deep. Even when, the walk finds a crossroad. My heart, will surely be surrounded. The God of love, waiting in the shadows. To be a refuge, and a fortress. Deep in the trenches, though a heart; heavily under fire. My faith, will never be defenseless. For my hope, never abandoned. As the heart, wades through the water. I hear love say, “It is finished” Out of the shadows, wheeling the breadth of His love; it’s a moment for recompense. For a heart, that stands its ground. Focused on The One, who leads my battles. That’s how, I fight my battles; in the trenches!

Trenches, a song by; Tauren Wells. Released, 2020


In Our Hearts!

Where do I start, when your heart knows. The beginning starts with life, is but a breath. What do you say, what can I say? When I don’t have words, when words will never be enough? What do you do, when words are heard; but no one, will never understand your heart. A heart that aches, for every breath is tightly held. This day, seems a dream. That will leave a heart feeling, what happens in the wake!

Who is, Justinea Angelina Richards?

She’s March 9, 1990. A born fighter, weighing in @ 6lbs, 5 ounces. Our baby girl, ready for the world @ 37 weeks. I held her, as her love held my breath. My soul leaped to the heavens, an angel gave my heart wings. She had a smile, that knew how to brighten a heart for days. Her presence, could capture every gaze. Even, the unexpected heart. A baby girl, become a little lady. Who turned a teen, with a heart so keen. Our miss Independant thinker, her intelligence not in spoken words. A woman, with so much hopes and dreams. To see every heart touched, by the light of her love. She’s a daughter, a sister, a friend. A heart loved, beyond just family, and friends!

You Live!

You live, in our heart, in our soul. You live, because we won’t forget, we won’t let the memories fade. You live, because time can’t erase. What a heart won’t let be erased, through the sands of time. You live, in what the night can’t eclipse, in what the day can’t hide. You live, in the reflections, in the lasting impressions. You lived, you’re living, you will live; forever… in our hearts!

In loving Memory, of our baby girl!