The Place!

It’s always present, but for so long; never seen. It forever stays in one place, but it’s the stillness of Your presence; what is forever moving me. It feels so close to You, but so distant at times. Your love makes it jumps for joy, but the silence; used to be the place, the forever embrace. Your love has captivated my being, but does my love even come close; knowing how to move Your heart? From this place I cry out to You, but struggled for so so long; just trying to be heard. Your love makes it stronger, but sometimes still so broken. Does the rhythm ever get You to move, or does the erratic beat; keep Your love wondering? I feel You, but the real question; are You feeling me?

Here is my heart, make me an instrument; but not to be played with. The beat is steady, may it connect with You; on a higher, a deeper level. Your love has unlocked the song within, let my soul forever sing; sing of Your amazing love. May it be a sweet melody, an everlasting love song. Let my heart, and Your love sing forever; in a true love harmony. Your love has touched the right key, Your love is forever the song. So come, come and be center stage. Within the place, the place reserved; for You, and Your love alone. Make it a home, a home within the deepest part of my soul. Right here, right now; forever within my open heart!



I can run circles, I want to run circles around Your heart; with my one heart, wrapped completely around Your love. My heart is willing, absolutely willing and ready. To let Your love, curve my opinion; break my heart, for what breaks Yours. The circles around my eyes, are not from lack of sleep; but a heart wide awake. Up Asking his own heart questions, Seeking; what forever gave the answer. To be closer to the true heart of love, you must forever Knock; on the heart of the One, who holds the circle of life!

The circular object on my hand, means much more; than just a piece of gold around the finger. It should forever symbolise, a heart truly committed. A heart choosing not to just commit, but be truly devoted; to a forever love. You live, you die, but within the circle; you discover the true meaning of love. This one thing have I discovered, the love within my heart; will never die. My heart was created, predestined; to be forever, forever Yours. Your love, my heart; has come full circle. The place where my love starts, is the same place where Your love begins; the center of my heart!

I once was a child, but it’s Your love; that has turned me into a man. A man no longer content, play ring around the roses. A man trying to truly wear his heart on his sleeve, and despite the noticeable ring around the collar. Loving You, will never be a dirty word; within my heart. Your love is the ring, the love I wear around my heart; the love forever married to my soul. The wheels on the bus goes round and round… in circles. Your love has my heart spinning… in circles, but it’s my love; that will forever revolve around Your heart!

So please forgive me, if my mind starts circling the wagon. Your love truly speaks into my heart, but sometimes the mind; gets lost within the busyness of the day. Wax on, wax off; can teach a heart how to move in a true circular motion. But it Your love, that has changed the direction of my heart; it’s moving deeper. So therefore, how could Your love; ever wax cold. Your love is the light, the candle that will forever burn bright. A precious love, the love encompassing; the love around, within, hovering. The circumference of my heart, that’s what it; Circles!


The Message; How He Loves!

Good, good Father, You have been so good. Before we ever took a breath, before we even knew what it was; to truly breathe. Your love was, Your love is; the living breath within our heart. Even when our love was a foe, Your love still fought for us. Even when our love spoke against Your heart, You still spoke so much love; into our hearts. Even when our hearts couldn’t sing, Your love was the song; the love song that sang over our soul. A love so Kind, a love Never-ending; a love truly Undying. A love that will never stop caring, for our hearts; How He Loves!

When we were unworthy, You loved. When we, were distant; You loved, to be so close. You loved us deeply, a love that we can never repay; a love that paid it all. A love that leaves the ninety-nine, just to pursue one heart. No mountain You won’t climb, no wall You won’t kick down. No lie of the enemy, You won’t tear down. No valley You won’t enter, no shadow Your love won’t light up; in pursuit of our soul. Your heart calls, Your love knows our names. From our mother’s womb, we have been chosen; predestined, How deep Your love goes!

There’s no greater love than this, and it’s so Beautiful. A love that sets our soul forever free, a love that leaves our heart forever in awe. There’s nothing to do to earn it, we don’t truly deserve it. The truly overwhelming part, He had to die; just so we could even get to know it. You gave Yourself away, with outstretched arms; You showed us Your heart. How absolutely Ridiculous, how utterly Reckless. But that’s the Awesome love of God, How He loves!

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.” John‬ ‭3:16-17‬ ‭ESV‬‬


My Precious!

My precious, Your love is wrapped around, wrapped up around my heart. Tight, the love is tight, snug; with a forever tug on my heartstrings, how it should forever be. Strike up the band, the love will forever strike a cord. A symbol; undying, and forever it will be. Every gaze takes my breath, but it’s also the very same love; how I breathe. How delightful the moments, the waltz; the slow dance with my heart, how precious. Small still, true whispers of love. Captivated, the beauty; what has forever captured my heart. A forever love, nothing else will ever compare. Every encounter, held forever close to my heart!

My precious, Your love is the object of my affection, the presence that moves my soul. The substance, the love my heart will never try to waste. You are, Your love is; everything, a love close to my heart. A true work of art, picture perfect; but so high was the cost. The length and breadth, as far as the east is from the west. A love absolutely priceless, more precious than silver and gold. Forever cherished, so hallowed; my dearly beloved. Lord, Your love is a treasure, truly a precious love; beyond all our wildest dreams. Precious, forever this love; the love within my heart. A true symbolic expression, of Your heart!


A Vision, of Forever!

When I lay my heart down, even when my soul is absolutely wide awake; a vision is ever before my heart. A vision that lingers, throughout my heart and soul. I will fully open up my heart, just so my soul might get a true glimpse; of this vision of love. A love with so much beauty, but what my heart first felt; was the strength. This love moved my heart with such conviction, but the vision is what captured my gaze. Hello, my heart just melted. Love had me at hello, when love spoke into my soul. A vision of love absolutely stunning. A vision that consumes the heart, a love that truly overwhelms the soul. A love that will truly last, forever!

Instantly I felt it, never have I regretted it. I could sense that this love had an end game. The true vision, to forever move my soul. To make a blind man see, to make a soul truly believe; that the vision would forever change my heart. Oh heart of mine, what does forever truly mean to you? Would a thousand years feel like a day, or would just one day; feel like forever? Can it truly be yours, right here, right now. Can it truly be a vision, of forever?

My heart has come to know, that forever would not be just a feeling; but the vision. Forever was the Beautiful Exchange; a love that forever changes the heart. But before forever could truly be realized, I had to truly start living; within the here and the now. Not to live a dream, but to be part of the vision. Not to just imagine, but visualize my forever. Not just a vision for the eyes to see, but a vision for a soul to feel; through the true vision of love. Your love is my forever, so therefore I give the love within. Move my soul with Your love; always, forever. I don’t need much, I don’t want anything; but Your love, forever!

Stay right there; give my heart sweet dreams of Your forever, and the day. Don’t keep my heart in suspense, hover over my soul; make the vision plain, write it on my heart. So I can truly know what came first; the vision of Your love, or Your love as the vision? I was created to see, to see greater things. I will open my soul, until my heart becomes a true reflection of love. Open up my eyes, so I can forever see; into Your heart. You are a vision, my vision of love is You. Let me see into Your heart, let me see a Vision of Forever, with You!


The Message; Jars of Clay!

Our treasure, God’s glory within; a forever love, written upon our hearts. His presence is always there, hovering; does your heart recognize His love? God’s love meets us, at our point of need; let the need forever be, needing His love. Being born again, means a change of heart and mind; a forever soul transformation. The breath within your lungs, the love within your heart; pour it out in praise. Upon the beautiful Savior, onto Jesus Christ; our living hope. The treasure within, our Jars of Clay!

Our survival, our dependence, our experiences. When you’re feeling all alone, when you look back at your life; feeling that you have not truly accomplished your true purpose. Just know this, God’s love breathes within; taking your heart from glory to glory. Every situation you face, prepares your heart for a predestined encounter; face to face with God. In spite of your brokenness, in spite of your weakness. God, brings us to where He is (within His glory); to meet us where we are. Let the love mold your mind, let the love transform your heart from within; your Jar of Clay!

Growing up I never had a father to help guide my way, but growing up I had a Daddy; that loved me enough, to guide my heart. Looking back, I realized that God was the Father; the love my heart was clinging to. My heart was predestined, His love taught my soul right from wrong. When I felt all alone, His love kept me on the straight and narrow. His love, His heart; forever my treasure. His love is what‘s now being poured out, endlessly from within; my Jar of Clay!

“For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us. We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed;” 2 Corinthians‬ ‭4:6-9‬ ‭ESV‬‬