Of the Utmost!

Absolutely nothing, nothing will ever be able to separate Your love, from my heart. It’s so vital, vital to sustain, my every heartbeat. The love is forever, forever soaked in my being. And it’s deeply, deeply moving; moving throughout the depth, of the innermost. It’s doing, doing a work within soul, making it whole. Why I have to admit, admit to the whole world. It’s truly, truly undeniably; it’s the best love, my heart has ever known. Love is of the essence, for it’s in the essence; your soul finds the hue, of love’s crimson beauty. It’s absolute, absolutely pressing; every day to position the heart, and press into love… deeper. Yes, surely, surely my soul will never ever be the same. For my breath, my breath has been profoundly taken, and all my heart has been left with, the breadth of love. It’s oxygen, oxygen so my heart can truly fathom. Depth in an ocean, in this sea of love. Removing, removing the love from my soul, it would be a catastrophic event, of the Utmost!


The Space!

Love, the kind for true living. My soul, has much room, my heart has space. There’s so much, things that can fill up space. But, when you understand the gravity. The space, is not a accommodation, a heart not a home. If it’s not a place, you’re free to live, love, laugh. A place, to find hope for dreams, delight in accomplishments. Live out your faith, be unapologetic, to be who you are. For love, to have a place in my heart, room in my soul. I have to, keep clear my mind, leave open a window. True fulfillment, not about filling up the heart, with meaningless prevision. But leaving, enough room, to become a good host, to the broken-hearted. A place, where someone can come, and find compassion. Perhaps, somewhere they can come, to rest their troubles, on a gentle love. You don’t, have to be a heart well furnished, for the love to be welcoming. Having space, but yet intentionally making room. The space, to hospitably receive, a heart in need. A random act of kindness, a heartfelt intervention. A helping hand, a heart’s initiative. Real love, will always seem to find. Enough space, to shelter a weary soul. I don’t, know about you, but try leave space, in your heart. The perfect space, where love resides. My soul, endeavors to find words of love, to share. When your heart, is open, and available. There will surely be a need, for love has a secret place, my Perfect Space!


When Love Speaks!

Heart check, one, two. When, love steps to the mic, the anticipation becomes. When love speaks, interpretation concedes. Love is but a word, yet so profound, to change hearts and minds. When, love comes from depth of being? It’s instantly known, that freedom reigns. When, LOVE is spoken boldly, the definition is known. The verb, the synonyms, every syllable, verbalized in a heartfelt soliloquy. Love in thought, speaks out loud. Love in action, speaks within character. Love in stages, the language simplified, the words emphasized, the heart magnified. By design, when love speaks, it paints a picture, in vibrant colors. The portrait, frames the posture. When, love speaks intentionally, the heart leans in. To let the soul, hear the declared intent. To be, or not to be, truly authentic. Love, I’m not afraid, I’m not ashamed; to let You, bare my soul. May my love, always speak with specificity, act with integrity, consider the gravity!

Love, doesn’t need to be amplified. The power of love, able to blow the mind, with the subtlest gesture. When, love speaks tenderly, when love speaks positively, love speaks graciously. In verbatim, the spoken word resonates, the truth in love, reverberating; believable, time after time. When love speaks, fear trembles, walls crumble, mountains quake; words are powerful. Love, never caught off guard, or taken back, love is a gift. Love will anticipate, poised to reciprocate; won’t pontificate, love is attentive. Love, go ahead, speak through my heart. Quiet every heartbeat, take every breath, embolden my soul, make me speechless. Everything You say, gives so much power. To roar in the chaos, find hope in the madness. Love, whisper peace, in your loving way. When, my heart can’t find the words. Love, speak anyways; let my soul be amazed. How, You can still find a way, to speak volumes. When, talk in part fades, with but a whisper. Love, breaks the deafening silence, with transparent words. My heart is listening, my soul hangs on every word; when Love speaks!


The Innocence!

The innocence, who, can truly see the tears? Who, will protect hearts, from the deafening silence? Who, is willing to rescue the innocence, before doubts fall pray, to fear of the unknown? Who, will be a shield, for innocent souls, vulnerable to indifference? Who is truly ready, to sacrifice wants, for virtuous needs? Can every heart hear the outcry, know this is the time. To feel love, tugging on heartstrings. Can anyone, imagine the outpour, from love’s overwhelming reign? Hearts would cry out, asking love; to help preserve the innocence. Reckless, should never be the abandonment, of love’s innocence. Love, what let’s our humanity, make sense, in spite of the madness. Through, the prism of love, innocence will wholeheartedly be defended, this side of time. Love’s true portrayal, wouldn’t need clarity. Innocence, would never become tainted, by an eMotionless, painted smile. Love, elevates the innocence, to let the soul reach. Love, gives innocent wings the confidence, to soar to infinity. Innocence taken, profound becomes the gravity. Love, invites the innocence heart. To rest their being, against a heart of love, and breathe. If walls could talk, voices of innocent souls would ask; what, did I do, to deserve indifference? If only, love could see through walls? Love would see, the pure in heart, beseeching; I’m innocent! An innocent love, bares a pristine soul. That touches you deeply, and takes you by the heart. Who, is truly willing to fight, to protect the innocence… of a children?

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are those who hunger, thirst for righteousness; they shall be satisfied. Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God!”


Staying, in Love!

Falling in love, the heart-felt process. The heart races, hoping love doesn’t stumble. Love is about endurance, not the mind racing so fast. The breadth starts to withers, the soul becoming winded. Love is a journey, to forever. With the enlightenment, the understanding becomes clear. Love is anchored, by trust, and commitment. The heart, confirms the feeling, the soul, comprehends the meaning. To live for, to be in, to Stay; in love forever. When the mind questions, the heart needs to know the answer. To be, or not to be? Love, holds on to memories, the heart holds on to love, the soul holds on to forevermore. Some say, love needs to be everything, or nothing at all. But love says; if it’s true, love will undoubtedly be Everything, the story was meant to be. Love, an in-depth collaboration. The soul writes the story, so the heart can tell the tale. Love sets the ambiance, the heart feels the texture. How can love go wrong, when the key to Staying, is being faithful, with unconditional love!

Love, creates a beautiful picture, expressed through the soul, in a thousand words. Love lives for you, love breathes for you, love dreams for you; love gives to you. Love is nourished, love is relished, love is cherished. There’s no need, to make it hard, or complicated. Love is believing, love comes down to Staying. Whether your heart will, or whether you won’t. Love is, hearts in perpetual bloom. Life, too short to wake up, in a flowered bed, scented with love’s regret. Falling in love, it’s so easy to do. Staying in Love, therein lies, the true essence of love!


Hearts in Bloom!

When, love speaks with tulips, the heart, dances through meadows. The soul, speaks for it needs to, the love, reciprocated because it needs to. My May flower, her love, lavished within the reign. Love’s passion, the fruits of our labor, cherished in every season. The changes, the beauty, hearts in bloom. Rose petals, in the shape of love. Violets hue, cascading the breadth therein. Love expressed, being naturally expressive. A true display, love’s deepest expression. The richest of love, blooms the most vibrant colors. The soul, feeling the sun rise. The heart, knowing the sun shines on love, on the cloudiest day. Love in bloom, emanates the fragrant affection, of love’s aroma. Love, at the heart of feeling, in an ever changing world. Forever in love, at the deepest roots. Love is the reason, hearts see a faithful bloom. When, the heart chases the butterflies, love attain wings, to fly. Love gazes at the sunflower, bask in subtlety, love’s perpetual afterglow. Love, will never be a bed of roses. But yet, the heart can be profoundly moved, by love’s endearing scent. Love is my baby, love is my wife, love is my forevermore. Hearts in bloom, will never be more loved, than in the moments, loving the essence!

Happy Anniversary, you are, my perennial love! May 28th, will be 34 years married, for my bride and I. When God’s love, is truly at the center, forever is attainable!


In Focus!

Oh love, let me share my heart, let my soul testify of the goodness. I won’t, talk about the feelings. Love has a story, and therein the muse. My confidence, replicates over and over. The breadth, felt again and again. In the silence, love abides. In the stillness, love’s gentle whisper, breaks through the silent. Your soul, swept away. Your breath, taken forever. When love is the focus, heartbeats are elevated. The heart raises up, to stand on mountains. The soul fierce enough, to ride the waves, in the middle of raging sea. Love raises your faith, so you can walk in freedom. Love in focus, clarifies the perspective, reveals the intent. Whenever, I open up my heart, words escape, the love pour, from a deep river. When, life tries to get the best of me. Love gives my soul a song, and my heart sings. In love’s embrace, my heart never more loved, than I am, and in the moments. When, my heart is questioned, the substance examined. My name, won’t become the subject. My soul, makes the introduction, to the love within the heart. Love, opens up the window to the soul, leaving the heart door ajar. Love’s intimate moments, with a heart wide open. True love, not in how it gives breath, but in how you learn to breathe. A heart knowing, the last air breathed, will last until forever. Love, oh Love, when my heart rises. I don’t, start with the man in the mirror. I keep it, the Focus, on You. A heart, and soul in Focus. Let’s it, the love, take every breath. Just trying, to share my heart!


Lyrically Speaking!

Lyrical love, swaying hearts and minds. Leaning in, holding your gaze, tugging on your soul. The Mystique, the Mysterious allure; M and M, melting… into you. Love ballads, played in a symphonic way; instrumental. What’s love, got to do with it, Everything. The simplicity, propels the trajectory, into the beautiful array. Not every heart, is lyrically incline. But every heart, beats rhythmically inline, to the interwoven love song. Lyrically spoken, words of essence, speaks the quintessence. Love’s harmony, transparent with specificity. Words, spoken in humility, speaks to the heart. Speaks of the nature, to what’s relevant, when spoken from the heart. Humble expressions, won’t stretch the truth. Depth of vocabulary, never a factor. The flow compels, the heart swells, the rhythm moves, lyrically speaking!

Love, love is the reason. A soul rises in the morning, harmoniously. To passionately render, love’s true expression. In some hearts, the melody, deeply introverted, but the soul profoundly expensive. Real love, speak in volumes, not needing to seem impressive. The kind, that finds, ways to never be dismissive. Words, spoken in love, transcends space, and time. The poetry, love in motion. The rhyme, though no reason, there’s always a season… to shine. Every heart, knows how to writes, its own rendition, of Endless Love. The simplicity, what leaves an impression. Deep love sways, artistically. A portrait painted, the picture endearing; love portrayed, masterfully. Poetic love, emotionally expressed. The remnants, in a breathtaking hue. Love, swaying hearts and minds, with words; Lyrically Spoken!



Love’s intrinsic nature, the art of cultivating. Heart and soul thrives, when love is attentive. It’s elevated, weeding out the unnecessary. The emergence, love to a higher plain. In essence, the heart sows, the soul reaps. Planting good seeds, with love being the soil; hearts in bloom. The perseverance, love for humanity. Love is the gentle flower, when given abundant sunlight, and watered intentionally; perpetual love, blossoms profoundly. Fertilized unconditional, cultivated deeply, the root will go deeper. Love becomes fertile, removing the unwanted shrubs. Whenever the season, seems overwhelming, dig deep. And, when growth becomes a little stagnant, dig a little deeper. A heart divinely rooted, grounded in depth, so faith can grow… sublimely!

Parched encounters, don’t stick a fork, or uproot. Sometimes, the love just needs to be transplanted. Don’t shovel dirt, when you should apply a rack, to gather up your heart. A spade, by any other name, is still a spade. On your knees, sweat equity; in gardening, prune the unbecoming, root out the envy. Love, not about getting it done, going through the motions. Love is, about becoming; from the ground up, the beauty comes alive. The more, the heart leans in. How the soul, gets a profound glimpse, into love’s divine nature. The true artistry, knowing there’s a Potter, and seeing what becomes, of clay. From ashes, hope rises. Love’s garden, faithfully attended, with the deepest sacrifice. A labor of love, yields a thriving heart, a soul baring, the sweetest fruits. Love, the breadth within increases. When the heart allows, the deepest love to reign… forevermore!


Tears from My Heart!

Love keeps leaving, leaving tears on my pillow. Tears, falls from my heart. In my eyes, when the night fades, love breathes in twilight. In the breathless wonder, the moonlight lingers, the stars endlessly glisten. The dawn enlightens, the majestic beauty, life’s in bloom. A soul touched deeply, makes tears fall, from the heart. The raindrops on roses, dew resting on the morning. Love falling for, the heart racing to, another encounter. How the sun shines, in the crimson hue. A natural glow, what beautifies the deepest love. Things, done together, time spent, holding love close. What let’s the soul, breathe in love’s timeless fragrance. Through the years, tears have fallen from my heart. Cause, love keeps leaving, leaving my soul, endearing moments. Love never sleeps, love never stumbles, through the darkness. Cause, love is the light, a song in the night. I’ve done, done what a man can do. Said the words, my heart can find. The ones, not washed away, by the silent river. Sometimes, thought go astray, searching for the silver lining. Tears of joy, when I gave God my heart. When my bride and I, said I do, and our kids were born. Love can bring sadness, when last year we lost our daughter; the heart swelled, and the tears fell. Love, the word that leaves you at a loss. Love’s deep embrace, will make the tears fall. Love keeps leaving, leaving a profound impression, on my heart. Heartfelt expressions, in love’s divine presence; Tears from My Heart!