Been Hurt!

World, when I was yours; so many times I got hurt. You made it seem, that there would never be another love; but now I know better. You had me fooled, you were just playing games with my heart. I couldn’t even tell you what I was thinking, much less to describe what I was feeling; what I thought was love, was a masquerade. Who did you truly think you were, playing with my heart? The appeal started to wear off, with your kind of love; I always found my heart hurt, not anymore. So I searched my heart, took a look deep down within. To find out what was truly going on, within my soul? World, with you I got hurt; that’s why I needed another lover!

Near the end of our love affair, you started to act kinda strange. World, you must have known; felt that my heart belonged to another? But you tried, you tried to persuade; you even tried to manipulate. Young and naive, but I still knew; another love had a hold of my heart. I thought, world, I thought I was in love with you. My love for you was faithful, but it turned out to be blind faith. World the day came, when I finally realized; that I needed more than just eyes to see. What I needed was the will to trust, with the faith to truly believe. That our toxic relationship, would someday end up being a disastrous love affair. I’ve been hurt, but not anymore!

Deep down, I’m sure you knew; my heart was forever promised to another. Thirty four years later, the love has only gotten better; the love story my heart now gets to write. The weight of the world, some days it‘s a heavy heart; but the weight was never meant, to be mine to bear alone. Everyday it’s a look within, learning how to feel a deeper kind of love. I’m going to tell, going to tell you world; how I got hurt, and who forever has my heart and soul. My heart doesn’t desire silver or gold, neither all the riches in the world. I truly tried to love you, but most days world; you still left me feeling lonely, longing for the true meaning of love. World, you played with my heart; so it’s bye bye bye, to you I forever say no. World with you I’ve been hurt, but not anymore. My heart belongs to another; the lover of my soul.


Do They Get It?

If You were to ever hide, my heart would move heaven and earth; to seek is to find. Wherever Your love goes, my heart will forever follow; relentlessly chase after Your love. Sometimes I’m absolutely beside myself, to know how ridiculously Your love wants to be a part of my heart. Do they even get it, they probably don’t yet get; what my heart’s been trying say? Maybe it’s beyond a normal comprehension, maybe no one else should truly ever get it; what this love truly means to me. I stopped a long time ago, chasing after things; I just want to chase after Your heart!

Writing about this love, has become the passion; that flows deep within. My heart can speak about this love, my soul can express the depth. But every day I realize, this love is not just my air; but my every breath. From the moment I rise, to the very moment I lay me down to sleep; I need this love to breathe. My affections is for You, Your love is not a figment of my dreams; but a presence, within the depth of my soul. I want to know You, not only in text, not just as a feeling; that passes through my heart like the wind. But feel Your love as it hovers, throughout the innermost parts of my soul; can anyone ever get that?

We’ve been through so much, this life, this journey, this heart; this love, didn’t get like this overnight. This love to some might seem crazy, it’s been an adventure; discovering the true depth of Your heart. My whole life, I‘ve never had a need for alcohol or drugs. Your love is my rush, the thrill that would sustain my heart; for a thousand lifetimes, do they get it? Your love is now, and will forever be; the only desire, my heart will ever need. A love that has captured, truly inspires. Even the ripples, overwhelms my heart and soul; within Your ocean of love, do they get it? Simply put, You wanted a relationship; but my heart, wanted a love affair!

My heart is captivated, but my soul says; beyond captivating. A heart forever captured, a soul free; but wrapped up, tied up, tangled up. It’s not about freeing the mind, but the freedom within my soul; that truly makes my heart free, to be unapologetic about the love within. I hope, that hearts who are on the similar journey, can truly get it? To have a heart that’s not just chasing, but eagerly pursuing. As for me and my heart, I’m going to spend the rest of my days; tiredly chasing after Your heart. Your love was the whisper; that broke through the silence, within my heart. A soul that now writes a love story, about this poetic love!


Keep Your Eyes!

When you’re lost, when the teardrops blinds your heart; keep your eyes. When the feeling isn’t fuzzy, when the vision of love is a bit hazy; keep your eyes. When your heart wants to see a perfect picture of love, but what you see seems so blurry; you can’t even recognize a true masterpiece. Even with all your flaws, you’re still a perfect reflection; of the creators amazing love, keep your faith. You don’t need eyes to see, just faith to believe; keep your eyes!

When everything seems fragile, when every step feels like glass. A broken prospective, can still be glass half full; keep your eyes. It’s not always easy feeling loved, wanting to show love when you’re hurting; not easy. Underneath the skin, beyond all that lies between. Within the heart, deep down within the soul; true beauty lies. Going above and beyond, to show a genuine kind of love; leaves a lasting impression, keep your eyes!

When you can’t see no signs, that the sun even exist. When you’re lost within the dark, there’s a light that shines; to show your heart a way home. When you feel burned out, when you can’t even see a flicker; there a light of hope. Within the valley of shadows, grace abounds. Sinner or Saint, what forever stays the same; we’re still only human. It’s Jesus’ love, that picks up the pieces; left shattered from a broken world. Jesus says, Keep Your Eyes; On Me!

“The Spirit of the LORD is upon me, for he has anointed me to bring Good News to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim that captives will be released, that the blind will see, that the oppressed will be set free, and that the time of the LORD’s favor, has come. ” ‭‭Luke‬ ‭4:18-19‬ ‭NLT‬‬


Soul Searching!

Soul searching, a heart trying to make a lasting resolution. A heart planing to journey deeper, the destination; forever. A heart choosing to give undying love, seeking to be a heart; with undistracted devotion. Emotions, will never be a contributing factor. Intentional, will always be the choice; unconditional, will forever be the motive. To take a deep dive, into the depth of my soul; a search to find, deeper expressions of the heart. A deep consideration, with an even deeper determination. Discovering the truth, that lies within the heart; a daily search within the soul.

Purposeful reflections, with an unwavering commitment. Within my heart, the issue was long ago resolved; God’s love, is my firm foundation. A love I let search my heart, as I search within my soul. Not a reflect on what was, but to know my heart is a true reflection; of a love truly pure, forever true. A heart open to discover, a soul wanting to rediscover; the newness within each day. A steadfast heart, with a steadfast hope; in a strong-willed soul, the half has not yet been told. Within a heart not shackled by doubts, a soul unshakable to the true; relentless to find, will forever be my love. It’s never been about eyes open, to see a move; but a heart wide open, to see a change!

Friends, resolve to be forever spirited, be unyielding within your boldness. Being brave hearted, is the sign of a courageous soul. Be resolute with each decision, let single-mindedness be the endeavor. Double-mindedness, serves to do a heart a disservice. Persistence is a start, perseverance keeps a heart focused; true grit, a heart abiding in tenacity. To do or not to do, to be or not to be; has to be the firm resolution. The new year is a time to steady your heart, but every day; a time to truly search your soul.


The Message; My God!

My eyes are preparing to see a new year, but as for me and my heart; it’s another opportunity, to celebrate My God. Through the years, His love has brought my heart through many ups and downs. My soul has journeyed, finding His love; has been the journey. 2018 marks my fiftieth year, but it truly feels; the journey has just begun. For me, the strength of God’s love began; not when I was at my weakest. But when my heart forever knew, how to celebrate His greatness. The Savior of the world, the giver of salvation; My God. His love is the place my heart goes, when I need to hide from the rain. The place my soul resides, when the rain becomes a storm. My heart is kept within the valley; a love that is my provider, protector. A love that has become, my favorite hiding place; My God is!

My God is a way maker, a miracle worker, a promise keeper; the light in the darkness, that’s who My God is. My God wipes away every tear, mends broken hearts; a love that meets your every need. His love touches every life, a love that turns lives around; My God is the answer to it all. His love touches my heart, forever nestled up against my soul. A love working within my life, that’s My God. The world can shout down my beliefs; but they can never silence my heart, or disparage my soul. Because My God is awesome, His love forever reigns. He is great, and He should be greatly praised. He deserves my Hallelujah; My God!

“You are my God, and I will praise you! You are my God, and I will exalt you! Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever.” Psalms‬ ‭118:28-29‬ ‭NLT‬‬


Out On A Limb!

I’m a man who thinks, not a man who drinks. I’m not a drunken monkey, Jackie Chan’s not the only one with cool moves. Everybody loves Kong Fu fighting, moves fast as lightning; oh-hoh-hoh-hoah. Shorty, your love; always seems to swing my way. My heart is no ancient Chinese secret, but my heart can’t help; to soak up every bit of your love. I’m not scared to go out on a limb and say; your love is a touch, felt deep within my soul. Monkey see, monkey do. My heart is loving on you, because my heart seems to always catch you; loving on me!

Girl, you know my heart is not into monkey business, and I promised to never monkey around with your heart; when it comes to your love, and my heart. You will never see no evil, you will never hear no evil; no evil word, will ever past by these lips. Twist my arm, if you still need to question my love. The truth is, your love is twisted; wrapped completely around my heart. A love that helps my heart breathe, no need to even go on a limb; it’s felt with every breath I take!

Catch me I’m falling, too late; I already fell for you, and it wasn’t because I slipped on a banana peel. Let me take hold of your hand, you can take a forever hold of my heart. Girl, every time I fall; it‘s always because of you. I can’t help falling, it’s forever in love; and it’s with you, again and again. 2018 has seen us together for thirty years. 2019 will be the start of another thirty years, that my heart wants to go with you; out on a limb!