Heart to Heart!

Can we have a heart to heart, can I pour out my heart? I just want to have a moment, a moment alone. Can You stop time, can I sit at the foot of Your love; to forever gaze into Your heart? Your love is my comfort, Your love is my joy; Your love is, my everything. Just a glimpse, just a glimpse into Your love; my whole world changed. Your love has completely, and forever changed my heart. At first it was just a small noticeable change, but then; oh, but then Your love made such an impact. An impression, that’s what it is; right here, on my beating heart. You must know, oh, You must truly see? That Your love is forever etched, upon every pulse of my heart; can we have a moment, a heart to heart?

Just to be in Your presence, just to feel the true breadth of Your love. This is not about, what You can do for me. Let me be the one, that now pours out my soul. Only You, loves me like You do. Your love is angelic, it has fought for my soul. Strong and so Mighty, Your love has won my heart. May my heart, be Your angel on Earth; living with one purpose; to tell of Your love. Open up my mind, the way Your love has opened up my heart. Free my soul, from all the captive thoughts. Tell my heart, about every facet of Your amazing love. Whenever my heart lies back against Your love, whenever I rest my love on Your heart. Those heart to heart moments, is when; I truly feel my heart begin to breathe!

I’m Yours, my heart is forever Yours. Tell me, oh tell it to my heart; why do You love me so? Whisper it into my soul, my heart is forever at rest; here within Your presence. Let me reflect, let Your love; be reflected in me. For years Your heart has captured my imagination, but is Your love; that forever has my gaze. Abba, Baba, Daddy, my love will Rise above it; all of these meaningless distractions. So we can forever have our heart to heart. I need to again let You know, how much I Love You!


Don’t Know How?

We all go through things, we all go through trying times. Our hearts are forever tested, hold on to your faith. Hope is the foundation, but faith is the key; unlock your destiny. Has your back been against the wall, but while standing there. Your faith told you to look up, and the wall disappeared; but you don’t know how?

• Does it look as if you can never win, but then that all suddenly changed; and you’re not sure why?

• Did you have a bill that got paid, but you didn’t know how?

• Was there a mountain, that you felt you couldn’t climb; but somehow you got to the other side, and you don’t know how you did it?

• Did your kids change their bankrupt way of thinking, and you don’t know how?

• Did you get a promotion, that you weren’t expecting; now you’re asking yourself how, or even why?

• Do you ever look back, on where you’ve come from; astonished to see how far you’ve come, but you don’t know how?

My friend, God is in control. Your faith is what opened the door, God’s love is what always brings you through. God meets you at your faith, His love leads the way; with faith, nothing impossible.

Giants get defeated, walls fall, chains break, mountains move; God’s love makes a way. You may not know how, you may not know why? But He does it, for you; be forever grateful!

“Taste and see, that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.” Psalm‬ ‭34:8‬ ‭NIV‬‬


Sold Out!

I’ve made my heart available, it serves no good purpose; if I just keep it to myself. The time came, when I received the call. My heart answered, the time had come; for my heart to be put on display. No need for haggling, there will be no negotiating; absolutely no compromise. The price, was never on the sticky side; in clear view, for all to see. After it’s all said and done, the only objective; is being sold out. This is not about the art of the deal; price, bought, sold… Out; to the True Love, already on display. Go ahead, call it the real deal. What you get, is truly what you see; a new heart, don’t be scared to put it on display!

It comes as is, take it or leave it; the choice is up to you. It’s the event of the century, for every heart to truly behold. Accommodation provided, a way made perfectly clear. Park your heart, a spot will be forever reserved. Driving optional, learning to walk-in the truth; let your heart take hold. Whatever you are carrying, the burden will be lifted. Come one, come all; come as you are. Come early, come late; come when your heart is truly ready? Don’t come if you’re a slick brother, fast talker; like I said, no negotiating!

There’s no waiting, no line; single file entry. Don’t worry, if you’ve been known to cross the line. Even the proverbial line, you drew in the sand; that will be forever washed away. You alone gets to choose, what it truly means; to be sold out? Look at me, my heart may not be the best, my mind has many flaws; you don’t have to buy what I’m selling. The price, has already been paid; the price was on a cross. The payment for my heart, was paid in full; with it, came all my love. That’s the story, of why my heart is sold out; For Christ!


Forever, and A Day!

My soul, Your love has made my soul complete. My heart beats, it beats only because Your love; it moves my soul. You are the life, Your love is life; Your love gives my heart life, forever my lifeline. The sun shines, my heart doesn’t even cast a shadow. Doubts, are sometimes a slight glare across my mind; but they are just reflections, shadows. My heart doesn’t even give them any attention, Your love removes them all. Your love will forever continue to shine bright, within my heart. My gaze, will forever be fixed; upon Your love. A love that is, that will forever be; my world. A world, that would absolutely be darker; if not for Your love. If Your love wasn’t the sun, that continually revolves around my heart!

There used to be these seconds, that turned into minutes; that became my darkest hours. Your love, and my heart were truly at odds. My heart was wrestling, for answers; the months, seemed like years. That was because day after day, I just didn’t truly know how; to let Your love, get back to the center of my heart. The blockage, do You truly; love me? But Your love never wavered, forever stayed the same. Gently wrestling, faithfully loving, patiently waiting; for my foolish heart to see. That Your love has forever been, the best part of my heart and soul.

Then the season changed, the coldness; the bitterness, within my wintery heart. Became the best summer loving, that has forever set my soul on fire. This truly in love heart of mine, could never ever again picture; a life without Your love. The fire that set my heart ablaze, the poetry within my soul; that makes me truly whole. I pledge again to You my heart, my soul; for the here and now. Then forever, and a day; then when forever comes. My heart will absolutely still be in love; forevermore!


The Foundation!

Is your foundation crumbling, is stress cracks; forever plaguing your heart? Then it’s truly time, to rebuild your foundation. Is someone within your life, causing you to question the faith; in your foundation? It’s not the time to distance your heart, double check the foundation. Don’t build a wall, build a bridge; allow the love access, to cross barriers. But always remember, even a beautiful bridge; needs an absolutely strong foundation. Whenever the stress cracks become apparent, cement the cracks with endless love; stabilize, fortify the foundation!

Protect the foundation, peace, kindness, faithfulness; are all strong pillars, to any foundation. But love is still the cement, that forever holds it all together; give, and it shall be given. Pour it on thick if you have to, just strengthen the foundation. Don’t make it about the ratio, but about the consistent; outpouring of love. When your heart is not sure what to do, and you need some clarity? Don’t send an Email to a friend, who may be too busy to answer. Use the ever reliable Knee Mail, your heart will surely get the answer it’s seeking. Let others see your faithfulness, a foundation built upon a solid rock. When the love of Jesus becomes the foundation, others will truly see; that there’s absolutely still Hope, for Humanity!

“Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.” Psalm‬ ‭127:1‬ ‭NIV‬‬


Fun Friday; El Cheapo?

Oh my darling, tell me; if I held back some of my love, would others call me stingy, with love? If I ripped off my shirt, threw it to the ground; would you believe I did that, after looking at the price tag? I know that real love, isn’t about the price tag; that just cheapens the experience. I was just demonstrating, that I’m absolutely willing; to give you the very shirt off my back. But if I took it back up, put it back on; because I thought it would be, a good… bye, bye. This love is not a song and dance, it’s not even about being NSYNC. A good bye, is a goodbye; if the love is half off, the agreed upon amount of love!

So let’s go for a walk, but not in the park; there’s this one angry bird. The bird saw me throw down the shirt, now every time I walk through; all I keep hearing is, cheap, cheap. Let’s hold hands, gaze into each other’s eyes; forgo the talking points. Talk is cheap; if not ultimately followed up, with substantive actions. That’s the time to put up, because my heart will never shut up. Over the years my love has seemed a bit frugal, but I never ever wanted you to believe; that I thought your heart was ever cheap. Let me raise my hand, I want to ask my heart a question; are you ready to put your money where your mouth is? To show that this love, has never been a cheap thrill.

People see me as being picky, the love within is a sticky situation. I’m stuck on you; crazy, will forever be the glue. So, say what you will, just don’t ever get it twisted; the love within my heart, has never been anything less than genuine. Loving me is not easy, but I will never give cheap love; the cost, my everything. Your love and God’s love, is what makes my heart rich, and truly profitable. The world offers a cheap substitute, and still wants to call it; “love!” I would do you, and everyone a true disservice; if the love was so cheap, that you could never feel it deep within your bones!

So my sweet darling, if I showed you a hundred dollar bill; then told you that I can’t give it to you. Would you call me a prankster, a cheapskate; or maybe just El Cheapo? That wouldn’t be my hearts reality, tell me; how can you truly measure, A Woman’s Worth? I could give ten thousand reasons; why your love is truly one in a million. When I have that kind of money, darling, it’s all yours; all I need, is just your love. The blessings are running me down, poised to overtake me. I will never give cheap love, to anyone in need. When love is a true richness, for every heart to behold. True love, is worth more; then all the riches in the world!

So, let me state for the record, by saying this; “El Cheapo,” is Spanish. So in the future darling, I would prefer to be called; Mr. F.R.U.G.A.L instead, short for; “Fun, Resourceful, Unique, Gracious, Assertive and Loving!” The worth, of a true Renaissance man!