What Does Love Look Like?

What does love look like? Does it stand tall, is it head and shoulders? Does love walk gracefully, does love wait faithfully? What does love look like? Does love wear a nice texture, dressed in the right fabric, does love look like a beautiful tapestry? What does love look like? Is it a love dressed to impress, or a love well put together, representing a humble heart? Is love color blind, does love see a heart in need? What does love look like? Does it hide behind a painted smile, can it draw you in, with its endearing presence? What does love look like? Do you see love, holding open the door, or closing off itself, to your heart? What does love look like, does it display a transparent sign? Saying; come in, I’m open, to serve you, or sorry, I’m closed… off to you. What does love look like? Can you see it from a distance, or have to get real close, to recognize if it’s even love? What does love look like? Is the love you see, willing to get its heart dirty, fighting with you in the trenches? What does love look like? Does love have arms wide open, is love a heart exposed? When you look for love, don’t look for an alluring perception, but a beautiful heart. Love looks like anyone, every heart willing to concede; love is a reflection. In love’s vulnerability, love reveals its greatest strength; its inner beauty. In the stillness, love grows. In the darkness, love glows. In the moment, love is. A display, of what love allows you to become, and what it becomes, for you!


By Design; the Beauty!

These by designs, posted in remembrance of my daughter, March 9 would have been her 33rd birthday. May it inspire, may the color of love, illuminate the beauty within your heart! Happy international women’s day, to all the wonderful hearts. May every men, celebrate your worth. For without a doubt, an endearing love, radiate from within! If you wish, save a copy! Blessings!


We Are, Family!

It doesn’t matter, if you’re the nearest; to me, you’re the dearest. We don’t, have to be people divided; when we can be, hearts connected. A family, living in peace, in harmony; prospering together, in love, in unity, in our humanity. Brothers, sisters; sharing our hearts, our hopes, our dreams. Our love story, is our bond; helps us get through, how to be true. Unconditional love, reveals in the best of times, in the worst of times, in times of need; we are, an extended family!

Family; people, or group of peoples, regarded as deriving from a common race; human. An extended hand, is a heart, extended!



Wrestling with emotions, peace steps in, subduing every anxious thought. Wrestling with loss, love leans in, tells grief to rest in peace. Wrestling with life, love’s still whisper, speaks into your soul; never give up. Wrestling with belief, truth intervenes, to defend your heart. Wrestling with hope, faith encourages your soul; never let your heart, accept defeat. Wrestling with chains, love breaks the doubt, freedom won’t prevail. Wrestling with indifference, love will never judge the narrative, love paints the most beautiful picture. Wrestling to breathe, the struggle to keep the love real, the heart pure. Wrestling with tears, drops don’t mean you’re losing. When, love becomes the true point of reference, a heart sees clearly; love fights through adversity. To let triumph, enter the space, love taking your heart to a place; where time extends. Sometimes, the wrestle is with me, myself, I; becoming, victorious. Whatever, wrestles your soul, love, will put strength into position, victory into perspective. A heart, that won’t capitulate, a soul proclaiming; enduring love, defeats opposition!


Walking, in Freedom!

I’m walking, in freedom, my heart is marching, to my destiny. No chains can, restrain my soul. My heart is homeward-bound, to a place called liberty. What, can distract a heart, not focused on the journey, but what gets me there. Grace, what facilitates my liberty. All I do, sing my freedom song; I’m no longer, a slave to fear. The freedom I know, is the freedom I have, to let love be, seen in me. To see myself, the way Grace sees me, through an unconditional lens. When, I took my mind, out of the will. The walk to freedom, wasn’t by might, but the power, to become. Mountains become a molehill, valleys become a resting place. Along life’s journey, the seasons come, to see if your resolve, is sufficient for today? Freedom, doesn’t need tomorrow, to let the heart know. Freedom is a faith walk, to a tranquil place. When, the heart is ready, love will appear, to take you there. Love, gives the freedom, to be intentional. Freedom, turns limited, into limitless. Freedom, what lets you, let go of the weight. Not be distracted, from the shadows, lying in wait, to remind you of the past. Look back, but to only see, how far you have come. What your heart will be, what your outlook has become. Life, can sneak up on you, don’t let circumstance, upend your freedom. When, love liberates your heart, thoughts become wiser, breadth is deeper. Every day, let freedom ring, let independence bring; your heart to the spring. Love, calls your soul by name, let your heart, answered the call. To take the walk, to freedom!


Healing Words!

Words, can be a sword, that cuts deep. An arrow, that pierces the heart, leaving a lasting scar. Words, can shatter your confidence, leave a heart broken, for years. But, with God; words have healing. His Word, is a two-edged sword, to conquer your fears. Loving words, piercing truth like an arrow, that won’t leave any scars. That won’t shatter your confidence, won’t leave you broken. Endearing words, have so much healing; every syllable, every verb, within every verse. Every new breath, is a blessing. Every new day, is a treasure. Every new year, is the revelation; Grace is amazing, God is love. If you’re praying, He’s listening. If you’re believing, He’s is working, healing your heart. You don’t have to see it, to believe it. You don’t feel it, to know it. You don’t have to hear it, to know it. If He hears, when your heart cries? As long as you trust Him, His love will prove it. You don’t have to be happy, to know it, and show it. Show someone that, “I Love You,” are healing words!


A Love Story; I’ve Been Touched!

I’ve heard all the stories, but I am worthy, to be part of the love story? If my faith could just, if my heart will just press through? My issue, would surely be a change, in me. But, there are so many reasons, standing in my way. The doctor has said, the people are saying, but nevertheless, my heart is desperate. My soul has a yearning, to be free of the chains, holding me… back. Fear, don’t stand in my way, I need to get closer. My heart, needs to be at the place, to know what’s in a touch. My soul, will endure the eyes, shrug off the lies. I need a touch, even if, just the hem!

Someone, has touched me. In the stillness, the power was felt. The love, the enduring hope; I’ve been touched. Who was it, I must know. My love has to see, whose faith would be so bold, to touch my heart? With, just a touch of the fabric, tethered we have become. Come closer, there’s no need, to hide your heart. When your faith, has deeply touched me. What your soul seeks, your heart has surely found. I felt it, and I was moved, by the strength of your faith. Come, let my love speak to your heart. Let it be the oasis, to soothe your tears, change your heart. The vail, will be torn, in you my love will reveal. Your chains are broken, your heart is healed, your soul set free, to walk in freedom. Beloved, peace be with you, your faith, has made you whole!

He touched me, and oh the joy, the love floods my soul. Something happened, and now I know; I’ve been touched. The love, took my breath, freed my heart, restored my hope, with amazing grace. Love, broke the shackles, and I’m no longer, a slave to fear. My blood, sweat, and tears; was never the issue. Faith, moved the mountain. My heart, was on the edge, my soul was desperate. My faith stepped out, and my heart said, if I could just? Hemming and hawing, never advanced my heart, just kept me bound, to fear of the unknown. When, love’s encounter is heartfelt, it becomes a love story, so profound!

“Jesus suddenly stopped, and said to his disciples, “Someone touched me. Who was it?” While they all denied it, Peter pointed out, “Master, everyone is touching you, trying to get close to you. The crowds are so thick we can’t walk through all these people without being jostled.” Jesus replied, “Yes, but I felt power surge through me. Someone touched me to be healed, they received their healing.” When the woman realized, she couldn’t hide any longer, she came and fell trembling at Jesus’ feet. Before the entire crowd she declared, “I was desperate to touch you, Jesus, for I knew if I could just touch even the fringe of your garment I would be healed.” Luke 8:45-47 TPT



Rest your love, on my heart, let me feel the pressure. On my soul, leave an impression. Circumstances, can never change, my forever. To be never vain, to never refrain, from what my heart can attain. Let this love, withstand the test of time. My heart under pressure, gives a way for the purest love, to flow through my veins, to the depth of soul. Love weighs, life strains, but test makes, the love deeper. True love, doesn’t coerce, but has an effect on… what is heartfelt. I feel it, waves colliding with my heart’s posture. Emotions, could never sway the promise; my undistracted love, and devotion. Love true and through, every beat of my heart. Elevate love, the pressure test for my heart. See if faithful love, will be no pressure, on my soul. On day one, or even a thousand years. In love, the only pressure I feel? Love’s profound grace, pressed up against my soul, resting beautifully on my heart. Persuading, influencing, my frontal lobe! Nov 23, 2022

Bended Knees!

When, the battlefield is the mind, life hovers near your heart. Burdens, advance within the moments, seeking an opportunity, to upend your resolve. While Fear, lingers in the shadows. Looking to steal, an arrow out of your quiver, and pierce your hope, through a crack in your armor. Some days, it’s jubilee, believing you have the victory. Only, to be taken back, life aggressively wages against your faith. Finding, the strength to push forward, easier said, than done. In the stillness, you hear a whisper in the wind; the battle is not yours… Thinking, you have might, to fight; you press on. But then, Grief enters the battlefield, making your heart tremble. And before you know it, hurt is creeping closer and closer, to your heart. When, Life, Fear, Burdens, Grief, Hurt; surrounds your heart, and it seems you’re losing the battle? What do you do? In the cleft of the rock, hide yourself, and find your worth. When I’m surrounded, I know my heart is surrounded, by Love, and Grace. On bended knees, this is how, you fight the battles, gain the victory!

“Now my beloved ones, I have saved these most important truths for last: Be supernaturally infused with strength through your life-union with the Lord Jesus. Stand victorious with the force of his explosive power flowing in and through you. Put on God’s complete set of armor provided for us, so that you will be protected as you fight against the evil strategies of the accuser!” ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭6‬:‭10‬-‭11‬ ‭TPT‬‬


Tell Fear, Not Today!

Tell fear, today; you won’t stomp on my hopes, trample my dreams. You won’t cloud my vision, make me lose sight of a heart, with so much love to give. You will no longer, have unfettered access, to my soul. I won’t believe the lie, the faith I have, is just an illusion. Tell fear today, you’re going to lose your grip, I’m taking back my worth. You come for my breath, but my heart won’t be arrested. No, not today, I won’t be a victim, to unfounded fears. We’ve all faced, fears persistent hover. But when love covers, the darkest moments, have no power. Through every darkened valley, there’s a new perspective. The way, you get to the other side, is to go through. What I did yesterday, irrelevant; to what my heart learns today, what my soul becomes tomorrow. Doubts are cast away, with an enlightened existence. When fear comes, trying to steal your joy, upend your hope, eclipse your dreams. Write the telltale sign, on every page of your heart; fear, not today. My soul won’t be deceived, by a passing emotion. When the darkness, tries to do what it does? Tell those shadows, you don’t fear reflections, of what was; you’re not that person, anymore. This is, a new-found confidence, my validation. That every tomorrow will bring, a new enlightenment, to a heart shining brighter, than what the past reflects. Fear can never overwhelm, a fearless spirit. Knowing it can blind fearfulness, with an incandescent soul. A heart, glowing brightly, self-confidence shimmering fiercely. Give fear the one, two combo; hope and faith. When it comes, to whisper doubt into your soul. Fear will surely get the message, your heart’s not having it; Not Today, or ever again!