The Fabric, in A Father’s Love!

True love, not about strength, but strength is required, to uphold the character. A father’s heart, meant to stand tall. The love, head and shoulders, above the mundane. To do something, is to be someone, who will act. The power of speech, meaningless without willingness, to be love in action. Falling short, doesn’t define, rising; to what may challenge, tenacity. When a heart, applies love to capability, ability concedes. The power of love, strengthens inability. You don’t, have to be a creator, to create memories, love in motion. Despite, love’s complexity; every heart, has the competency, be an expressive love. Father’s, profound love, may not come naturally. So therefore, let every heartbeat, Fight. True love, doesn’t need Might, for it to be Right. If, the heart doesn’t lose Sight, the future will surely be Bright, love reaching new Heights. Love’s starry Light, shimmering every day, and Night. Every heart, knows the endearing presence, of a mother’s love. May we, take a moment to recognize, the unsung quality; the crimson texture, the Fabric, in a Father’s Love!


Happy Fathers Day! May the texture of a heart, not be a man tailor made, but the love endearingly texturized!

Behind the Mask!

The veneer, the mystique, the complexities, of the hidden heart; love, has a persona. The character presented, in words perceived, speaks volumes. The truth, reveals the heart, unmask the soul. Love, has a beautiful image, divulging the heart’s identity. Love’s amazing persona, unmasked through every expression. Love’s intrinsic beauty, bares the soul, illuminates the breadth. Love partially covered, a heart fully exposed. Though, the love be genuine, facade becomes a painted smile. We mask the heart, to cover the regrets, the layers of exfoliation. You don’t, have to feel dead inside. Love was created, to help cleanse the soul. We don’t, have to disguise our imperfections. Sometimes, the cover-up, is worse than the crime. Not giving the world the opportunity, to see your love can shine. Do you, feel the world is broken? Don’t hide your heart, in brokenness, glass ceilings shatter. Do you, feel the shadows lurking? Don’t hide from your past, face today with vigor, tomorrow will reveal your worth. Do you, feel the days are darkening? Don’t hide your love, that’s how the darkness, conceals radiant light. Every day, it’s good to remind, your heart of this. Your light shines brightest, in the darkest moments. You don’t, have to hide your fears, we all get scared sometimes. When you trust and believe, faith removes the veil. Don’t mask pain, with suffocating silence. Why camouflage your heartache, when love is the answer. Behind the Mask, your soul will find it harder, to breathe!

“Celebrate with those who celebrate, and weep with those who grieve. Live happily together, in a spirit of harmony, and be as mindful of another’s worth, as you are your own. Don’t live with a lofty mind-set, thinking you are too important to serve others, but be willing to do menial tasks and identify with those who are humble minded. Don’t be smug, or even think for a moment, that you know it all.” Romans 12:15-16 TPT


Quote Me; A Loyal Love!

Her love showed, the beauty in her heart!

When love rings true, the soul melts, within a heart of gold!

A simple touch, of lasting love. A gentle embrace, of love’s profound expression. Moves the heart, takes the breath, and leaves the soul, with wonder!

Groom your heart, beautify your soul, but don’t forget, to manicure your thoughts!

People sometimes think, you can misplace loyalty. But, how can they truly know, you’re loyalty is misplaced? Maybe they just can’t see, your loyalty lies, exactly where you’ve chosen, to place it? Let your heart, leave a lasting mark, and your love, will never be misplaced!

Everything, is Right in the World, when Love is the Answer!


The Space!

Love, the kind for true living. My soul, has much room, my heart has space. There’s so much, things that can fill up space. But, when you understand the gravity. The space, is not a accommodation, a heart not a home. If it’s not a place, you’re free to live, love, laugh. A place, to find hope for dreams, delight in accomplishments. Live out your faith, be unapologetic, to be who you are. For love, to have a place in my heart, room in my soul. I have to, keep clear my mind, leave open a window. True fulfillment, not about filling up the heart, with meaningless prevision. But leaving, enough room, to become a good host, to the broken-hearted. A place, where someone can come, and find compassion. Perhaps, somewhere they can come, to rest their troubles, on a gentle love. You don’t, have to be a heart well furnished, for the love to be welcoming. Having space, but yet intentionally making room. The space, to hospitably receive, a heart in need. A random act of kindness, a heartfelt intervention. A helping hand, a heart’s initiative. Real love, will always seem to find. Enough space, to shelter a weary soul. I don’t, know about you, but try leave space, in your heart. The perfect space, where love resides. My soul, endeavors to find words of love, to share. When your heart, is open, and available. There will surely be a need, for love has a secret place, my Perfect Space!


The Innocence!

The innocence, who, can truly see the tears? Who, will protect hearts, from the deafening silence? Who, is willing to rescue the innocence, before doubts fall pray, to fear of the unknown? Who, will be a shield, for innocent souls, vulnerable to indifference? Who is truly ready, to sacrifice wants, for virtuous needs? Can every heart hear the outcry, know this is the time. To feel love, tugging on heartstrings. Can anyone, imagine the outpour, from love’s overwhelming reign? Hearts would cry out, asking love; to help preserve the innocence. Reckless, should never be the abandonment, of love’s innocence. Love, what let’s our humanity, make sense, in spite of the madness. Through, the prism of love, innocence will wholeheartedly be defended, this side of time. Love’s true portrayal, wouldn’t need clarity. Innocence, would never become tainted, by an eMotionless, painted smile. Love, elevates the innocence, to let the soul reach. Love, gives innocent wings the confidence, to soar to infinity. Innocence taken, profound becomes the gravity. Love, invites the innocence heart. To rest their being, against a heart of love, and breathe. If walls could talk, voices of innocent souls would ask; what, did I do, to deserve indifference? If only, love could see through walls? Love would see, the pure in heart, beseeching; I’m innocent! An innocent love, bares a pristine soul. That touches you deeply, and takes you by the heart. Who, is truly willing to fight, to protect the innocence… of a children?

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are those who hunger, thirst for righteousness; they shall be satisfied. Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God!”


The Passion!

Hope, the winding road, leads to glory. To get there, you walk… in freedom. The belief, what frees your soul. Faith, what endures the journey. Love, what expands the breadth. The beauty within, what captures the heart, and soul. Affection, what refutes the agony. When the heart yearns, the love destined, to be forever. Unseen, but ever present. The Passion, never counting the cost!

“He was despised, rejected by men, a man of sorrows, acquainted with grief; and as one from whom men hide their faces, he was despised, and we esteemed him not. Surely, he borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows; yet we esteemed him stricken, smitten by God, he was afflicted. He was pierced for our transgressions, crushed for our iniquities; upon him, was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his wounds, we are healed.” Isaiah 53:3-5 ESV


C’est la vie!

When, things don’t go as planned, stress, won’t avoid the mess. Such is life, facing the moment, will bring clarity. Why, let your mind board a non-stop train, when you can train your heart? Disappointments, a part of life. Hope, a part of living. Such is love, living in the moment. In life, some people will get their kicks, trying to trample dreams. Let them, stomp… their feet, all they want. Childish behavior, never let it make your heart, lose focus of your hopes, and your dreams. Perhaps, they just need to see for themselves, how dreams, becomes reality? Some say, “that’s life.” When April showers, brings out the blues, don’t it get you down. Let your heart, dance in the rain. After the rain is gone, it’s blue skies, and pretty rainbows. A heart swayed, soulful grooving, in the crimson hue. Yeah, that’s love. A soul living breathless, within nature’s glow. The raindrops on roses, becomes a heart in bloom. Heartache and pain,“that’s life,” but it doesn’t matter, if that’s what people say!

My friends, a heart sings out loud, will surely laugh out loud, when the tears start to pour. Life is a journey, on a mountain called despair, hope sees a new horizon. So, when you fall down, get up, and chase your dreams. A double minded heart, will make every heartbeat unstable. Don’t, let your heart be a pauper, let your soul be a poet, with a muse. Every reality, is being shaped. Let your heart and soul, believe in a living hope. For, a life with hope, will be a heart with faith. That lets every breath, have confidence. Dreams are realized, through a profound sacrifice. How you unequivocally know; that’s love!


The Answer, is One!

Before, a heart can truly breathe, in love, there’s a test. Your hopes, your dreams, your faithfulness. Your outlook, shaped by every test. Every day, love is in session. To pass the test, you search your heart, there lies the answer. One plus one, positively will make it become, One… heartbeat. First, subtract the negativity, from within your heart. Then the answer, will surely be, One… love. Being one, in heart and mind, will undoubtedly result in the perspective being; enlightening. The testing of the heart, produces enlightenment. Nothing missing, faith heightened, your hopes strengthened, dreams destined. Frame of mind, being transformed. When, love is added once, but then carried twice. It will never become, an unwanted fraction. For, the love would have therefore be from, heart and soul. A mathematical equivalence, being a simplistic love, with a double portion. True love, doesn’t need to be a strategic calculation, it’s an expectance. The equation; plus nothing, minus nothing. No and’s, if’s, or but’s, or variations thereof.

Trigonometry, may not be love’s best subject. But, a heart can still extrapolate; the true length, height, depth, breadth of love. Profound love, not based in the subjective, but the objective. It’s predicated, on hypostasis being both relative, and substantive. In the formulation, love needs to take notes. If it’s not written, on the heart with a lasting impression. The love can therefore, slip the mind, or be miss placed. The root cause, for being double minded; the heart and soul, divided. Due, to love’s intrinsic value, therein lies the constant learning. The days, teaches you the facets, the years advances the understanding. Greater than, should never be love less than, but equal to. Love’s true formula, begins with adding, with no subtraction. Then, when you think it’s figured out? Multiple it, one hundred percent. Let me, sum it up. Love, not rocket science, it’s a matter for the heart. Formulated, wholeheartedly; it takes your breath, beyond the stars. Mathematics 101; The square root, of two hearts. The answer, is One… heartbeat, love forever!


To Be, or Not to Be?

How can it Be, my heart protected, from the endless rain? When, my soul won’t stop pouring? We can’t, control what the future brings, change what the past has taken. Yet, what’s not today, can still Be… tomorrow. Questions, find answers. When the heart, is in the right place. The perspective, aligned with the breadth you take, and what, you allow the love within, to become? Love, will Be the only consistency. When love truly speaks, words of life, it will Be. And, when it resonates, a persuaded heart, profoundly will it become. Perpetual love, wielded outside of its peripheral sheath. Will surely penetrate, through and through. To be just, more than the rhetorical; to be, or not to be? Love, doesn’t thrust itself. In its endearing silhouette, true love unequivocal, it will Be… felt. Likened to a crimson hue, a moving expression, a humbling experience. Though chaos looms, never love unbecoming. Into the madness, it comes running. Not to save, but Be, affirming. Peace in the moment, hope for the future!

You, don’t have to be strong, in speech. Just have strength enough, so the love can become, everything it needed to be. To be, doesn’t mean with no mistakes. Just transformed, by what the heart will concede. The answer, to true love, precedes the question. Will you allow it, to be, or not be, in love forever. The breadth of love, catches the heart, when it’s falling. Holds your breath, until breathless becomes your soul. Speaking, through the innermost, from the start, you shall know the heart. Love, kept it mind, never realized; it not in-deed. An act once, needs to be an action seen, over and over. Love, not a play with words, but one’s heart, expressing its sincere characteristic. The opening up of the heart, should end as it began. A sincerely spoken soliloquy, of the love still… to be!


Her Wings!

An angel, her soul has wings. A heart, pure like a dove, will surely rise to the heavens. Love, graceful as a butterfly. A display, what true beauty becomes. When, love hovers breathlessly, it doesn’t drift aimlessly. Love ascends, showing other hearts, they too can take flight. Swept away, by a breathless elevation. A heart, with wings like an eagle. Spans love, expands breadth. With such depth, her love empowered; she’s like the wind, your heart is moved. Outstretched love, doesn’t swoop in to devour. On the wings of love, the pinnacle discovered. Even a rare bird, has profound wings. You don’t, have to be a Robin, to be fly. The world gets to behold, how beautifully a mother, spreads the wings of her heart. A virtuous love, the soul sings like a sparrow. Daily, like a Phoenix, passion rises from the ashes, love into a new horizons. Her wings, doesn’t have to be unique in form; just faithful, in deed. Every day, her love renewed, rising to be the wind. Her natural glow, illuminates her endearing characteristics. In the wake, the height of her heart revealed, true love is her timeless legacy. Every day, her radiant wings elevated. For, when she lifts them up, her heart will fly, and her soul will soar!