Rest your love, on my heart, let me feel the pressure. On my soul, leave an impression. Circumstances, can never change, my forever. To be never vain, to never refrain, from what my heart can attain. Let this love, withstand the test of time. My heart under pressure, gives a way for the purest love, to flow through my veins, to the depth of soul. Love weighs, life strains, but test makes, the love deeper. True love, doesn’t coerce, but has an effect on… what is heartfelt. I feel it, waves colliding with my heart’s posture. Emotions, could never sway the promise; my undistracted love, and devotion. Love true and through, every beat of my heart. Elevate love, the pressure test for my heart. See if faithful love, will be no pressure, on my soul. On day one, or even a thousand years. In love, the only pressure I feel? Love’s profound grace, pressed up against my soul, resting beautifully on my heart. Persuading, influencing, my frontal lobe! Nov 23, 2022

Bended Knees!

When, the battlefield is the mind, life hovers near your heart. Burdens, advance within the moments, seeking an opportunity, to upend your resolve. While Fear, lingers in the shadows. Looking to steal, an arrow out of your quiver, and pierce your hope, through a crack in your armor. Some days, it’s jubilee, believing you have the victory. Only, to be taken back, life aggressively wages against your faith. Finding, the strength to push forward, easier said, than done. In the stillness, you hear a whisper in the wind; the battle is not yours… Thinking, you have might, to fight; you press on. But then, Grief enters the battlefield, making your heart tremble. And before you know it, hurt is creeping closer and closer, to your heart. When, Life, Fear, Burdens, Grief, Hurt; surrounds your heart, and it seems you’re losing the battle? What do you do? In the cleft of the rock, hide yourself, and find your worth. When I’m surrounded, I know my heart is surrounded, by Love, and Grace. On bended knees, this is how, you fight the battles, gain the victory!

“Now my beloved ones, I have saved these most important truths for last: Be supernaturally infused with strength through your life-union with the Lord Jesus. Stand victorious with the force of his explosive power flowing in and through you. Put on God’s complete set of armor provided for us, so that you will be protected as you fight against the evil strategies of the accuser!” ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭6‬:‭10‬-‭11‬ ‭TPT‬‬


Tell Fear, Not Today!

Tell fear, today; you won’t stomp on my hopes, trample my dreams. You won’t cloud my vision, make me lose sight of a heart, with so much love to give. You will no longer, have unfettered access, to my soul. I won’t believe the lie, the faith I have, is just an illusion. Tell fear today, you’re going to lose your grip, I’m taking back my worth. You come for my breath, but my heart won’t be arrested. No, not today, I won’t be a victim, to unfounded fears. We’ve all faced, fears persistent hover. But when love covers, the darkest moments, have no power. Through every darkened valley, there’s a new perspective. The way, you get to the other side, is to go through. What I did yesterday, irrelevant; to what my heart learns today, what my soul becomes tomorrow. Doubts are cast away, with an enlightened existence. When fear comes, trying to steal your joy, upend your hope, eclipse your dreams. Write the telltale sign, on every page of your heart; fear, not today. My soul won’t be deceived, by a passing emotion. When the darkness, tries to do what it does? Tell those shadows, you don’t fear reflections, of what was; you’re not that person, anymore. This is, a new-found confidence, my validation. That every tomorrow will bring, a new enlightenment, to a heart shining brighter, than what the past reflects. Fear can never overwhelm, a fearless spirit. Knowing it can blind fearfulness, with an incandescent soul. A heart, glowing brightly, self-confidence shimmering fiercely. Give fear the one, two combo; hope and faith. When it comes, to whisper doubt into your soul. Fear will surely get the message, your heart’s not having it; Not Today, or ever again!


The Flailing Heart!

Sometimes, we’re standing sure, but sometimes, the shore is swept away. A heart flailing, but not helpless, Love has a lifeline. To help your soul, live breathlessly. Love will be there, when the waves of life, collides with your sure. Making you feel, your heart is drowning. Love will show you, how to still breathe, when grief takes your breath. Love holds you, when your world is spinning, when your faith is flailing. Presses into your soul, filling the emptiness. When chronic heartache, tries to steals your hopes, wants to overshadow your dreams, invalidate your worth. Love is the friend, always there, to speak into your soul, encouraging your heart; you got this. Though, the struggle is real, here’s the deal. Every now and then, a heart flails within the water, but tears, don’t define you. It doesn’t mean, you’re losing the fight. Whirlwinds, and windmills, they have a threshold. The wind will blow, testing your heart, let it know; love has a stronghold. True love, dedicated to never become, failing love. A mind, stuck in what you think you knows. A heart not free, to become what it was meant to be. Unconditional love, a lifeline giving hopefulness, to a Flailing heart!


The Character, Within!

Growing up, my words stuttered, but with a love story tethered, my soul now flutters. Sometimes in life, our perspective needs to be realigned. And from time to time, perception repositioned. Love persona, not about having the right posture, but the character, be in alignment. Some have said, I am a character. My love language is simple, have a noticeably different characteristic. I’m not ashamed to say, my heart, is set apart. My mind, my body, my soul, my love; the usual suspects. To make sure my character, doesn’t break from the norm. What’s on the menu, serve with a faithful love. That’s not easily scrambled, that won’t waffle. Real love, meant to be fulfilling, not easily disregarded, or discarded. A soul, showing a good character, is a heart on display. A hundred and forty characters, never enough, to express the depth therein. A heart expressive, doesn’t rely on words to move, but strength that proves, the character is true. When, love decides to be profound, it’s one hundred percent of the time. Education is important, understanding vital, but character quintessential; the love reflective. Talent, only takes you to a point. Perseverance, what navigates the pitfalls. The love you give, will exhibit a life well lived. What reflects the character, what pulls the strings, within a heart. Character, doesn’t wrestle, trying to always give love. It’s the heart, that wrestles with being, love… always!


I Am Invested!

The breath in me, my devotion needs to be, love’s breadth indeed. Time, gives way to the moment. A heart invested, with mutual understanding. Over time, love reciprocated true, compounds the interest. Love given, affords the soul, leaves treasured moments. True love, won’t withhold, will never withdraw. Will withstand the test, time after time. Time spent, hearts enjoying the fruits of your labor. Love takes risk, but doesn’t gamble, with your heart. Love is a worthwhile investment, that can’t be bought or sold. Love is, a priceless commodity, not possession, but a meaningful acquisition. Even, if you have just a little, be wholeheartedly invested. Withholding nothing, what will make a significant impact. Love surrendered, has tremendous value. Love endows, love provide, love is a wonderful attribute, worth investing. A heartfelt sacrifice, never becomes a meaningless forfeiture. Love is an asset, a profound expenditure; time, and energy. Whatever you put in, the time invested; yields a profitable return. Every heart, with a stake in the outcome, shares in the endless love. Growth, cannot be calculated, but love’s increase will be. Future gains, provision and freedom. The blessing released, peace increased, fear decreased. Hope for tomorrow, what becomes your portion. Love’s portfolio, heart and soul positioned, with a range of creative investments. Love truly invested, bears limitless potentials. For you, for my family, the well-being of humanity. Why, with love; I Am Invested!


The Anchor Holds!

In the journey, through the darkness. Though, your heart is taking on water, and the rain begins to fall. Steading your resolve, will be the wind at your back. In the open sea, faith alone. Sees that in every season, there’s a new horizon, where hope resides. Sight, will never get you there, you have to believe. Ships, pass through the night, still know how to navigate, the waves of emotions. Your soul battered, sails torn. Doesn’t mean, it’s not a heart tethered, to a love that anchors. Though, the rudder wavers, while facing the raging Sees, let your belief be strengthened, your heart will get through it. Even, if your heart is desperately trying to repair, the holes withn your faith. Your soul can still, finds tranquility in knowing. Love doesn’t bow, to the pressure’s of life. Watered down love, dilutes the texture of a heart. Deep, thoughts of love, an endless river flowing, with a nuanced perspective. Moments, we hold them in our heart, embraced them within our soul. True love, doesn’t need to walk on water, for the breadth to be profound. Love searches the heart, to fathom the deep things therein. In spite of the storms we face, regardless of how overwhelming what we see, it’s turning around. The tears that flood, will surely recede, your heart won’t be swept away. Look within, know love will be the anchor, that holds… you, in the middle of the ocean!


Lean on Me!

When you’re not strong enough, when your faith is failing, when hope seems lost; lean on my heart. I will faithfully, lift you up in prayer. Bring your heart, to the foot of the cross. Sometimes, I’m not always strong, so I lean. Love, will help you fight the battles, helps you carry the weight. A helping hand, something to lean on, that’s what love is. Love listens, when your heart needs to be heard. When you need a friend, love shows up, with compassion. Love, doesn’t have to be brave, just be endearing. When life, brings your pain, when the tears fall, let love wipe your fears. When a diagnosis comes, knocking at your heart, trying to steal your breath? Just breathe, love is there, in the shadows; hold out your heart. Peace through strength, love will defend your worth. Press into the heart of love, let the warmth be felt. Love doesn’t need words, to be resounding. My friends, if you’re ever in need, of a love to lean on, my heart is available. Lean on Me, and together we will lean, against the Father’s heart!

“Are you weary, carrying a heavy burden? Come to me. I will refresh your life, for I am your oasis. Simply join your life with mine. Learn my ways, and you’ll discover that I’m gentle, humble, easy to please. You will find refreshment and rest in me.” Matthew 11:28-29 TPT


My Quiet Place!

My silent river, speaks. When love calls, I leave my comfort zone. To engage, to encounter, to encourage. With compassion, with passion, with delight, I relish the engagement. Let my heart be, let resiliency persuade. Being in the moment, giving in love your all. The heart says, what words alone won’t convey, love holds my attention. For when, the moment has served its due diligence. My heartbeat, returns to its resting place; fifty three, beats per minute. To relinquish my thoughts, I take my heart, to my quiet place. Not to withdraw, but make ready my heart. Being engaged, genuine love, comes from the willingness, to give of yourself. When my, love gets weary, from battling the day. I take a step back, into the quietness. To rest my heart, center my soul, gain a new perspective. So, I’m never taken back, by what love demands of you, be a faithful heart. No one, can ever take, the love freely given. True love, has a quiet beauty, a distinguishable fragrance. To be seen, for your heart be heard; the love has to be, intentional. Trying to do, what love requires of your heart; being resolute, the love absolute. For me, and my heart; when it’s said and done. I retreat, to my secret place. To replenish, fill up my heart and soul, with what every encounter requires, love unconditional!