Forever Echoes!

Forever, speaks to me. Since, the dawn of my time, an echo has always resonated. What it was, what the encounter will become? My soul, captured within the depth. My heart, captivated by the breadth, at the edge of time. Forevermore, echoes in the here, the now. A heart and soul learning, how to become one, with forever. The melody, the resounding harmony. My heart, tries to make sense, but my soul chimes in. Forever, will never be enough, to show how deep the love. The still whispers, echoes resoundingly; forever will become, my everything. And my heart, won’t want to leave that place, my soul will forever be in this space. Forever will be, my endless love. For ever and ever, what makes love ring true. Forever, will never be enough, for my heart to show, how deep the love, has become. In the stillness, where earnestly, my soul learned how to echo. Forever, filled up the space. Forever, spoke to me, and waited to see, if my heart was listening? If the response would be, my heart echoing the words; I will love You, forever. When, I’m standing at the end of time. My heart will know, my soul has been in the most beautiful place. In the presence of, heaven. Where, forever became, my heart. There’s no place more breathtaking, than forever. And now my soul, won’t ever want to leave this place; Captivated!


Walking, in Freedom!

I’m walking, in freedom, my heart is marching, to my destiny. No chains can, restrain my soul. My heart is homeward-bound, to a place called liberty. What, can distract a heart, not focused on the journey, but what gets me there. Grace, what facilitates my liberty. All I do, sing my freedom song; I’m no longer, a slave to fear. The freedom I know, is the freedom I have, to let love be, seen in me. To see myself, the way Grace sees me, through an unconditional lens. When, I took my mind, out of the will. The walk to freedom, wasn’t by might, but the power, to become. Mountains become a molehill, valleys become a resting place. Along life’s journey, the seasons come, to see if your resolve, is sufficient for today? Freedom, doesn’t need tomorrow, to let the heart know. Freedom is a faith walk, to a tranquil place. When, the heart is ready, love will appear, to take you there. Love, gives the freedom, to be intentional. Freedom, turns limited, into limitless. Freedom, what lets you, let go of the weight. Not be distracted, from the shadows, lying in wait, to remind you of the past. Look back, but to only see, how far you have come. What your heart will be, what your outlook has become. Life, can sneak up on you, don’t let circumstance, upend your freedom. When, love liberates your heart, thoughts become wiser, breadth is deeper. Every day, let freedom ring, let independence bring; your heart to the spring. Love, calls your soul by name, let your heart, answered the call. To take the walk, to freedom!


Healing Words!

Words, can be a sword, that cuts deep. An arrow, that pierces the heart, leaving a lasting scar. Words, can shatter your confidence, leave a heart broken, for years. But, with God; words have healing. His Word, is a two-edged sword, to conquer your fears. Loving words, piercing truth like an arrow, that won’t leave any scars. That won’t shatter your confidence, won’t leave you broken. Endearing words, have so much healing; every syllable, every verb, within every verse. Every new breath, is a blessing. Every new day, is a treasure. Every new year, is the revelation; Grace is amazing, God is love. If you’re praying, He’s listening. If you’re believing, He’s is working, healing your heart. You don’t have to see it, to believe it. You don’t feel it, to know it. You don’t have to hear it, to know it. If He hears, when your heart cries? As long as you trust Him, His love will prove it. You don’t have to be happy, to know it, and show it. Show someone that, “I Love You,” are healing words!


Love’s Poetic Kiss!

Love’s predictable kiss, leaves the soul, with an endearing blush. A heart exposed, for the world to see. How love’s presence, becomes the depth, the breadth, the height, in heart and soul. Love’s intimate light, nuanced within, love’s breathtaking hue. The heart tilts, the soul waits, to breathlessly exhale. When, love ignites the senses, eyes have no Sight, if love becomes blind. Roses are red, violet have a Smell, but not when the heart, becomes blue; he loves me, she loves me not. Love is a song, the sweetest lullaby. When, love is a symphony, lyrics are heard. But sometimes, lyrically the heart, don’t know the rhythm. “You put one foot in, you put one foot out. You put one foot in, you shake it all about. You do the hokey pokey, turn yourself around; is that what love’s all about?” So, you talk about it, to see if you can still Taste it, love’s poetic kiss? The lasting impression, that Touches the most beautiful parts of your soul, that’s what love does. When love becomes, it’s more than a flame, but a burning fire, that engulfs indifference. When, love makes your heart thirst, don’t ask for water. If you already know, you have a deep river, to submerge your forever. Love’s hallmark moments, love capturing your imagination, but releases your heart and soul. To become intimate, with love’s poetic kiss!



Stitched, pieces of ourselves, our well being, mind, body, soul; tethered. The fabric held, the texture becoming, the breadth expanding, love’s quintessence. Every breath, doesn’t need to exhale seamlessly, to be flawlessly imperfect. When hope, is joined with faith; love and joy entwined, makes peace, seem attainable. Sustaining love, repairs fragmented trust, mends broken-hearted. Heart and soul knitted, is kept intact, by love’s undistracted devotion. Sewing and weaving, strengthens the truth. Love, basted beneath and within, prepares the heartstrings. To be tugged, but the trust unbroken. Even when, your world seems to be unraveling. Love’s tapestry, won’t let the heart come apart, or become frayed; only swayed, by love’s endearing grace!


Song Inspired; These Are The Special Times!

Some hearts, want diamond rings, some want to see snow. Some want everything, tied up in a pretty, pretty bow, with no strings attached. But, how could it truly be love if giving from the heart? Seems like it’s love tethered, but so detached, from the heartstrings. When love is, the most precious gift. There’s, not a single thing on my list this year, but only, what’s on my heart. The giving, the sharing, helping one another. For, those are the special times, a heart will remember. Why, wish to see presents, underneath a tree. When, you can let your light shine bright; like the star, from the heavens. When your heart, truly has what it needs. The true meaning of love, won’t let the heart be distracted. Missing the forest, obstructed by a tree. Into the darkness, light reveals a house, but it’s love, that finds a home. On, the journey to become, always take a moment, to smell the roses. To see how, flowers bloom, how the essence of life, becomes fragrant. Through the loving, in the receiving, within the knowing; your love, is worth trusting. In the businesses of life, fullness begins, when love’s intrinsic nature, represents. Love’s presence, love’s Love’s power, love’s graceful sway. Love’s natural beauty, that grows, leaves an impression; the afterglow. The light of heaven, shining through the evergreen, soul. This time of year, make it about the precious times, the sweetest times, the special times, worth defending, and hold in your heart, forever!

This song inspired, is a song by Celine Dion, a Canadian singer. The song was released on October 30, 1998. Her music has incorporated genres such as pop, rock, R&B, gospel, and classical music. As a fellow Canadian, I saw her perform, in 2004, when I worked for Air Canada. Recently, revealed she was been diagnosed with Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS), a rare neurological disorder.


By Design; Love’s Hallmark Moments!

Wishing everyone, a Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year. From my heart to yours, I’ve designed these cards, for you to have/save. These are also, designed on my daughter’s behalf.

By Design, in loving memory, Justinea A Richards. March 9, 1990 to March 2, 2021.

* P.S. Fun fact, the manger I inserted into the picture, was designed and created, by my wife in 2018, with popsicle sticks. It’s over 1 feet in length, about 6 inches in width, and 1 foot in height.


You Are A Flower!

Your love, is a beautiful flower. My heart is full, filled with the crimson beauty. My soul is becoming, time and space. A timeless love, needs room to grow. Breathlessly, I watch how love, yields an endless bloom. You are a flower, I am a stem from. Forevermore, my soul will be planted, my heart tethered, my love deeply rooted. Roses are red, violet a purplish hue, my soul basking in the light. In the meadows, my breath frolics through two lips. Trying to find words, my heart has left me speechless. My sweet beloved, you are the flower, swaying the breadth within my soul. Beyond the surface, there’s a perpetual thirst, water won’t quench!