No Doubts!

Never a doubt, my heart never doubted; not even for a nanosecond. My heart knew from the very moment, that Your love was The One. The very one my heart needed, the one my soul truly wanted; to spend every day and night, the rest of my life. They say fools rush in, my heart was never the fool; so instead I sprinted, right into the depth of Your love. I never once doubted, that Your love would be there to catch me. If I totally fell, forever in love; my heart to You I freely give!

Yes, I never doubted; to first doubt, fear would have to be a factor. Besides, what is there to truly fear, but fear itself? From the very day my destiny, and Your heart collided; was the day my doubts were no more. My heart and mind finally came into agreement, for the very first time. My heart is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but this one thing is perfectly clear. Your perfect love, casts out all fears; within my mind, my heart never doubted!

No, without a doubt I definitely knew. The first day when my soul felt the burning sensation, the day my heart burst into flames; to be forever consumed by Your love. With every gaze into Your heart, my soul was being consumed. No Doubt, that every day I wake; Your love is going to do it, all over again!



iRemember, iRemember the day; I know the year. iRemember, “lest we forget, war is never the answer!” On the 11th day, of the 11th month in 1918; One Hundred years this day, World War One ended, “we all need to remember the day!” So, on the 11th day, of the 11th month; remember to take a moment. Put your life on pause, to take a moment of silence!

For some it’s seems only a moment in time, but for so many others. It’s still a lifetime of hurt, pain, loss; so we must never forget. Yes, please remember, that it‘s but a moment of our time; to show that time can stand still, just for a moment. This is a moment to remember, to honor the fallen heroes; those who made the ultimate sacrifice!

iRemember another day, a war was raging within my soul. God’s love fought for my soul, the day He won my heart. His love no longer had to fight for my soul, my heart surrendered to His love. Every day I take a moment, a moment to reflect. A moment to honor; The One, who gave His life for All. Jesus’ love defeated the darkness, His love has never lost a battle!

“You will not need to fight in this battle. Stand firm, hold your position; see the salvation of the Lord on your behalf, O Judah and Jerusalem.’ Do not be afraid, do not be dismayed. Tomorrow go out against them, the Lord will be with you.” ‭‭2 Chronicles‬ ‭20:17‬ ‭ESV‬‬


Song Inspired; Endless Love!

My love, why do You love me so? Your love is my one true love, there’s so many times that I’ve let You down; but we still have this endless love. My life, my heart, my soul; Your love is the one thing, that truly makes it all complete. You’re my first love, Your love was my first breath; the love within every breath I take. The very breath within my lungs, the love that helps my heart breathe; You are my endless love!

Your love guides my every step, so how can I not want to share; all my love with You? No one else knows me, no one else ever will; yes I do, do love You. Your love sees into my heart, Your love is why I can bare my soul; to express Your endless love. Two hearts, two hearts that beat as one. Feels like our love just begun, but I knew. Oh, how my heart knew, from the very beginning; that this love would be forever and always, my heart knew this would be an endless love!

I hold Your love so close to my heart, Your love truly means the world to me. Your love was the voice, the small still gentle whisper; that forever broke the silence within my heart. Your love is endless; whenever I find myself lost, Your love becomes relentless. There’s no shadow You won’t light up, no mountain You won’t climb up. No wall You won’t kick down, endlessly coming after me; everyday You give Yourself to me. This love I have inside, all the love I feel for You; I want to give it all back to You. I will never deny, what I have forever found in You; My Endless Love!

  • Endless love, written by: Lionel B. Richie, and originally sang as a duet with Diana Ross.

I chose this song today for a few reasons. When I reflect back on my life, it reminds me how truly blessed I am. How God has allowed my heart to see His endless love, at work within my life; the year 2018 marks some wonderful milestones for me. In January I started blogging, a calling I believe God has placed on my life. May 2018 was the 30th anniversary for my wife and I, another endless love my heart will forever cherish. November 2018 marks the 50th year of my birth, achieved only because of God’s amazing grace. When I think on His goodness, all my heart will ever see; Endless Love!


Undistracted Devotion!

Life, that’s what I’ve allowed to come between us. Undistracted devotion, that’s what I forever promised! Can You ever forgive me, I broke my promise. Gracefully broken, the place I’ve once again found my heart. In You I always find forgiveness, love; so it’s for me to add true devotion. Sometimes the hardest person I struggle to forgive, is the one I see in the mirror. Not allowing where the mind goes, to stop my heart from truly becoming; what God has predestined for my soul, Undistracted Devotion!

During the busyness of the day, my heart knows how to keep focused. But It’s my mind, sometimes it gets distracted; while trying to satisfy the busyness. I try to give You my best, but my best is truly not good enough; it’s supposed to be everything. Your love at that point is no longer center stage, the day becomes the distraction. But Your love is still so devoted, the well being of my heart; Your relentless devotion. I speak with the tongue of man, but with a heart sometimes misunderstood. My heart speaks, but You alone; the lover that can interpret the love within my soul!

But how can anyone truly hear my heart, when the love within is that of a heart; desperate to become undistracted, and forever devoted. But I don’t want to be so heavenly minded, that my heart becomes no earthly good. The softer I learn to speak, God the louder Your love truly becomes. Everyday Your love speaks softly and tenderly to my heart, but please make each syllable loud and clear; don’t let my heart miss a single word. With a heart that’s never undistracted, and a love absolutely devoted!

Will my heart ever get to a place, where my soul would be able to interpret; every single one of Your heartbeat? You wouldn’t ever again need to utter a single word. My heart would never again exhale, my love would breathlessly become devoted; unrestricted, would be the endless flow of love from my heart. Endlessly we talk, forever the chosen path. No limits, no distractions, absolutely no restrictions with my love. My heart and soul, lost forever within Your gaze; found at peace within the depth of Your love. But first my heart has to be; Undistracted, and Truly Devoted!



If Your intentions are to break me, then there’s no need for You to utter another word; I am absolutely broken. If it’s more of Your love I need, then therefore I want it all; Your love is the glue that fixes a broken heart. If it’s deeper within Your love I need to go, then take me deeper; deeper than I’ve ever been before. I don’t even care if I am absolutely crushed, by the depth of Your love; broken within Your love, means closer to Your heart. And when I fall much deeper in love, how could I ever again; truly be broken hearted?

If You think my heart is just blowing smoke, then fan the flames within my soul; if You need me to be absolutely consumed by Your love. Go ahead, break my heart; for what breaks Yours. Broken into a thousand tiny pieces, if it again needs to be gracefully broken; forever at the foot of Your heart. Your love will surely be there, right there to pick up every single one of the broken pieces; if a thousand tiny pieces won’t nearly be enough? Then won’t You please tell me the absolute truth; has my heart truly become hard, too rigid; that it needs to be broken, into a million little pieces. Does it need to be completely shattered, before it could truly know; that I have been totally broken?

If I am not yet completely shattered, then why has my broken heart; once again brought me to my knees? Maybe I’m trying to rely on my own strength, to pick back up the pieces? Perhaps I just need to go back into the fire, until I am absolutely consumed; by the light of Your flame. If this is so, then won’t You let Your love forge within my soul; a brand new heart. So transformed, that You can see a very clear reflection; a true reflection of Your love. Broken is where I sometimes find myself, but Your love will never let me stay broken. The brokenness, is a place my heart sometimes needs to be. Just to remind me, in whom; I can forever find my strength!