If Your intentions are to break me, then there’s no need for You to utter another word; I am absolutely broken. If it’s more of Your love I need, then therefore I want it all; Your love is the glue that fixes a broken heart. If it’s deeper within Your love I need to go, then take me deeper; deeper than I’ve ever been before. I don’t even care if I am absolutely crushed, by the depth of Your love; broken within Your love, means closer to Your heart. And when I fall much deeper in love, how could I ever again; truly be broken hearted?

If You think my heart is just blowing smoke, then fan the flames within my soul; if You need me to be absolutely consumed by Your love. Go ahead, break my heart; for what breaks Yours. Broken into a thousand tiny pieces, if it again needs to be gracefully broken; forever at the foot of Your heart. Your love will surely be there, right there to pick up every single one of the broken pieces; if a thousand tiny pieces won’t nearly be enough? Then won’t You please tell me the absolute truth; has my heart truly become hard, too rigid; that it needs to be broken, into a million little pieces. Does it need to be completely shattered, before it could truly know; that I have been totally broken?

If I am not yet completely shattered, then why has my broken heart; once again brought me to my knees? Maybe I’m trying to rely on my own strength, to pick back up the pieces? Perhaps I just need to go back into the fire, until I am absolutely consumed; by the light of Your flame. If this is so, then won’t You let Your love forge within my soul; a brand new heart. So transformed, that You can see a very clear reflection; a true reflection of Your love. Broken is where I sometimes find myself, but Your love will never let me stay broken. The brokenness, is a place my heart sometimes needs to be. Just to remind me, in whom; I can forever find my strength!


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