Song Inspired; Amazing Grace!

Truly Amazing, how the chains fell, how the chains broke. Yes, the chains are gone, gone, gone. My soul heard them fall, how sweet the sound. Grace, it was Your love; just Your love, that saved a wretch like me. How Amazing, that You still forgave; whenever I let You down. To this day, Your love never once come close; Your love has never once broken my heart, and that’s simply Amazing. How utterly precious You are, how profound Your love has touched my heart. How truly, how deeply; how Amazing, Your love has been to me. Grace, I once was lost; but never to be again. For now I can be found, wrapped up within Your sweet embrace. I once could see, but now I’m absolutely blind. Never again to see with my eyes, it’s my heart that truly knows; when I’m in Your presence!

Grace, it’s You; it’s You that taught my heart, what it is to truly feel. Within the Quietness, within the stillness of my soul. Where my fears were relieved, where Your love stirs my soul. Oh how, I love You so. Your love truly has my every breath, Breathless; how You always seem to find me. So, how can I truly say it any other way; without You, there is no me! How gracious You are, how beloved You have become. The very moment Grace appeared, was the hour my heart first believe; that Grace would die for me. That was the moment, the moment the chains were no more; a heart forever set free!

My God, my Savoir; King of my heart, how You ransomed me. How Your love blows my mind, oh how it stills my soul; and will forever move my heart. Grace, I don’t have to say it; You already know it. You know how much my heart, is in love with You. Your love, heavenly; a love so Amazing. How, how can my heart ever Thank You; for my Amazing Grace? A love like a flood, a love that gives so much mercy; never ending love. A love that will forever reign, within my heart and soul. Deep within my bones, my dear Grace; Your love will be, the song within my soul. Why my love will forever say; Grace, you’re truly Amazing!

Amazing Grace, is a Christian hymn; published in 1779, with words written by the English poet and Anglican clergyman; John Newton (1725–1807). One of my favorite versions, is by Chris Tomlin.

  • Good Friday is a week away, you probably have noticed that I’ve been focusing each of the last few post on Easter, and what this time is truly meant to encompass. I hope this post, and upcoming ones will be a blessing!

The Hem!

The push towards, the push forth; the breakthrough. Blood, sweat, tears; the issue. The edge, a soul desperate to no longer toe the line. A heart broken, a heart in pieces; a soul desperate for peace. The push through, is the only solution. Rags to riches, a soul with a story; but a heart lost for words. There’s sometimes a hemming, the hawing; but then push past, being a slave to fear. The push through, doesn’t have to be tailor made. The Hem, what leaves the heart in Awe!

A love stitched, within the fabric of our soul. If our hearts are truly open, it becomes the covering; the love that can wipe away tears. Why stay out on the fringe, why live forever on the edge? True love is found within, Under the Canopy. There will never be a let down, but a take up. But first there has to be an alteration, a shift in what you truly believe; in the here, the now. Hot, or cold; lukewarm, a heart still undecided!

The hem, the power to restrain; the power to bind. Within a love all encompassed, a love without limits; a love Undisputed. Faith in, what gives the power to loose. Render your heart, not your garment; reap, from what you sew. With an unyielding push through, a relentless push past… the issues; hearts are renewed. Chains fall, strongholds broken. Hope found, lives changed; hearts forever set free. The underlined texture, the true commitment; a heart exposed. It’s the breakthrough, from just a simple touch; The Hem!

The Life Guard!

The journey, the destination; Deeper. A heart looking to take a deeper dive, a faith walk; into the deep. A soul that needs to go deeper, to be risen; with a better understanding, a greater faith. A journey more than just skin deep, the flesh gives way; it’s a journey of the soul. A heart immersed within a stronger belief, a stronger truth, a deeper faith; in a love worth finding. Standing on the shore, the place where a heart can never go deeper. So therefore, step off the sure; step out into the deep. Stepping out, walking on; how a heart goes deeper!

Cast your burdens, cast away… sink or swim; go deeper. Vertical, it’s not about keeping your head above water; but the faith to step out… of your comfort zone, to discover a depth. Keep your eyes fixed, focus your heart; steady your soul. From the doubts, unbelief; fear not. Put your heart, your trust; in the life guard. The guardian of life, the watcher over your soul. Let your heart get swept away, let your heart go deeper. Going deeper, requires your every breath. A soul submerged, but alive; in a love that leave the heart breathless!

A soul caught up within the undertow, finding a deeper emotion; and a faith Implicit. A love that moved by faith, from being below the surface of the heart; into the depth of your soul. A soul drowning, but a heart forever set free; to live unapologetic. Shallow breathing, a mind being renewed. A soul yearning, gasping for air; needing the breath of life. A soul absolutely breathless, within a deeper breadth of love. A heart learning how to breathe deeply, letting the love breathe deep within. A love impressed upon the heart, a soul that wants to breathe deeper; but a heart, forever left in awe. The Life Guard, the giver of life, the rescuer of souls; giving the heart and soul, new breadth!

Inspirational Friday; iSay #7

  • The first Inspirational piece, was inspired by a post, and song shared this week. The post was written by Leola Durant @ my creators creation blog. It’s a song a know well, as part of my music collection; it’s called, God Favored Me. It made me reflect on the Easter season, and His love within my life, my heart, my soul. Well, the same thing always happens; iWrite… I hope you all enjoyed it, and if it moves you to do so; take a look at her blog!


You won’t Re-lent, even when our hearts hold back; Your love still won’t Re-lent. Our heart gets pulled in so many directions, but You won’t Re-lent; You want our hearts to be completely Yours. So demanding, a truly jealous love; Re-lentless, You want our whole heart. You don’t want this life, to ever quench the fire. So, may Your love forever be our burning desire. The passion that burns within, the love that consumes our heart. Our forever flame, the fire that completely sets our soul forever ablaze; a soul on fire. Your love won’t Re-lent, not until You forever have it all; our whole heart. Take it all, take our hearts, take our very souls; from glory to glory!

Preceding, to come before; a time to reflect. Not as a religious exercise, religion kills; the fire within. Each day is a time for growth; in a Re-lent-less pursuit, day after day. To position our souls, reposition the heart; forever centered, directly at the foot of Your love. Undistracted devotion, a heart truly devoted. Holding fast to faith, holding on to God’s unchanging love. Quality time within His presence, may our hearts forever rise; beauty from ashes. May our hearts never stop, never forget to praise The One, who gave the ultimate sacrifice. The greatest act of love, so much mercy; such boundless grace. God’s love will never abandon, He wants our whole heart. The lover of our soul, will never Re-lent!

“I want to know Christ—yes, to know the power of his resurrection and participation in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, and so, somehow, attaining to the resurrection from the dead. Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already arrived at my goal, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me!” Philippians‬ ‭3:10-12‬ ‭NIV‬‬



Unmovable, the rock on whom I stand; immovable. My firm foundation, a love; that shall never be moved. Nestled up against my heart, how my soul finds rest. A love wrapped up tight around my soul, how my heart learned to breathe. Locked up immovable within my soul, the immovable love locked up forever; safe, no thief can ever break in, or steal this immovable love. A heavy heart, burdens too heavy to bear, a weight that was lifted; locked up safe, within the immovable love!

My soul is deeply rooted, riveted, immovable; forever anchored, to this unwavering love. Steadfast, the rhythm of my heart. Every single heartbeat, stead; how it goes. My heart is determined, and my soul will never be moved. A heart resolute, but unbending. Broken at times, but uncompromising; to the truth I hold dear. This immovable love, is a fortress, a strong tower. An everlasting love, The Rock; higher than I. A love, unrelenting, a love that still wants to be close; to our strong-willed hearts. A love dead set, a love willing to prove, willing to show; how great a love, immovable!

A love like a lamp post, always there; to shine within the darkness. Shining ever so bright, a light no shadow can ever deny. The lighthouse; fixed, forever secure. A beacon of hope, when a heart is lost; when the fog is life, the journey. Stability for your heart, when the shadows overwhelms the soul. Find safety upon the rock, within the cliffs. Stand upon the firm foundation, be unmovable; forevermore. Let your gaze be forever, let your love be unyielding; immovable. Be a heart restrained, but a soul forever moved. A love reserved, but a heart relentless. Give chase, but be immovable. Anchor your soul to the unshifting, the never changing; the solid rock, the immovable love!