Inspirational Friday; iSay #7

  • The first Inspirational piece, was inspired by a post, and song shared this week. The post was written by Leola Durant @ my creators creation blog. It’s a song a know well, as part of my music collection; it’s called, God Favored Me. It made me reflect on the Easter season, and His love within my life, my heart, my soul. Well, the same thing always happens; iWrite… I hope you all enjoyed it, and if it moves you to do so; take a look at her blog!

24 thoughts on “Inspirational Friday; iSay #7

    1. Wonderful to hear! You were asking about a hard copy, that’s one of the reasons I post the inspirational Friday on a picture, for others to download. You can save a copy for yourself! God bless!

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  1. As I was reading your post about God and how He favors us, it made me a bit sad to know that not everyone feels that way, and it simply comes by not truly knowing who God really is, and therefore they miss the beautiful Love that He has to offer. Thanks again for all your beautiful posts.

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