Walk with Me!

My heart is racing, even though my soul knows the destination. I still need Your love close; to steady my heart, and still my soul. Every day I exercise my faith, for this race is about endurance; spiritual fitness. So many think that being propped up, is how you endure. The place where you first need to start, knowing how to train the heart. A healthy understanding, means knowing how to properly lift up… In the cool of the day, Your love talks with me. You never get tired, and even though I sometimes get weary. Your love never misses a moment, to sit with my heart. My soul is always at rest, knowing I can trust You with my heart. How You held my heart, gently in Your loving embrace. Every day I rise with Your love, chase after Your heart; You are my forever!

Your love walks with me, the song that plays within my heart. The melody, echoing endlessly in my soul. I don’t want my heart, to ever get too far ahead of Your love. I’ve learned how to follow the footprint, how to stay the course. Walk in favor, and let love be the legacy. I don’t get tired of running… after Your heart. Your love is the oxygen, water for my soul. The air, why my heart takes a breath. I run the race, but forever follow the path. The journey is not about, just trying to get to the finish line; but in everything how to be faithful. A heart on a mission… to be loving; but conditioning the soul to be grateful. Yes, it’s a race; but it’s also a walk… by faith. Though I walk by, every day, it’s still a need to walk in… victory; Walk with Me!

Along the way, there’s been days of sorrow; but I always got my joy back. Many days, my mind felt so troubled; but I always got my peace back. Days when I felt so lost, in the valley called drought. The shadows sometimes cast a doubt… in self, so I avoided the quicksand of despair. Some days I felt weak, tired of all the rain. Feasting on words of hope, how I got my strength back. After each test, when I finally believed. My heart was never predestined… to fail, I got my hope back. It was never about finding my second wind, but who I first needed to fully trust. Whenever my heart got tripped up, Your love whispered into my soul; it was only a stumble. It’s a race, never meant for you to run alone. I will always be here, to walk with you. Thank You, today and every day from now on; I choose to walk in victory. Every day I wake, I need Your love; Walk with Me!


Stay Off the Grass!

Sometimes we tend to look into the lives of others, and think how the grass seems so much greener. Your grass is growing, and you do get to enjoy it; but it’s a bit patchy. You feel like your season is almost over, so you start to wonder; when will it be your season for change? The grass may look greener, but just remember this; first look for a sign. It just might tell you, Stay… where you are. The grass on the other side, didn’t become green overnight. Just like a well manicured grass, your heart is being meticulously cared for; it’s all in the details!

This tale is not about sweat equity, so don’t sweat it. If you sow the right seeds, and love the season you’re in; your heart will surely flourish. It’s about time, seed, harvest. When love is the fertilizer, your heart will enjoy showers of blessings. Let it rain down, lift your heart to the sky; give thanks. The grass may be greener, but you didn’t see; when weeds overwhelmed. What it took to get it looking so lush; a hope in, and how much faith was applied!

• Stay off the grass, if you can’t appreciate; the place where you’re at!

• Stay off the grass, if you’re unsure; if where you’re at; is not where you need to be?

• Stay off the grass, if you’re still guessing and spelling? If the sign is just for show, not a show; what results from true grit!

So, stay off the grass; if you haven’t yet learned, how to stay the course. Shortcuts are convenient, but it’s not the path. There’s a path, that leads to greener pastures; all that’s required, a choice. To not trample on someone else’s dream, trying to get to a brighter tomorrow. While waiting for your season to change, be not anxious; God sees where you’re at. Take hold of His love, let Him take hold of your heart. Be content, follow the path set before you. It’s the little things in the choices you make, that demonstrates your character. If you’re happy and you know it, do all… of the above. In everything, truly make it a labor of love. And Stay Off the Grass, if the sign; is in plain sight!

“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” Matthew 6:25-26 NIV

The Forever Tree!

Forever, a heart firmly rooted; a love deeply grounded. A love that pierces, deep into the fabric of my soul. A heart strengthened, rooted within a deeper understanding. Love is the journey, the depth unimaginable. The destination, a heart heading to the edge of forevermore. My heart is the tree, Your love is my roots!

A heart growing so much taller, not through a stature; but a love that takes a heart higher. While the soul learns how, to go so much deeper. A love that tugs on the heartstrings, shakes loose the lifeless limbs. Showing a heart the how to; flourish, in a greener tomorrow. My heart is the tree, Your love is my roots!

The length, the breadth, the height. Deep within, the place where the love grows. A heart needing not to just survive, a soul knowing how to thrive. Planted in the deepest, the uttermost parts; of a firm foundation. Day after day, I have a love; shining on my soul. A heart standing strong, standing tall, standing true; standing on a promise; forever. The love that makes my heart come alive, that makes my soul; beautiful. My heart is the tree, Your love is my roots!

Seasons change, sometimes the skies are gray; but every day the sun shines on… The poetry within, the endearing love I breathe; water for my soul. Lush poet-tree, tethered by; rooted forever in. May seem like a sappy love, but it’s been endless growth; and the roots are deep. The leaves are falling, but the glory is rising; within the love, in the Poet-tree. A fruitful love, ripening; from the inside. My delight, it’s on the inside; a poetic love. The tree of Life, The Forever tree; growing, within a faithful heart. My heart is the Tree, Your love my Forever; the roots of, my Poetry!