The Forever Tree!

Forever, a heart firmly rooted; a love deeply grounded. A love that pierces, deep into the fabric of my soul. A heart strengthened, rooted within a deeper understanding. Love is the journey, the depth unimaginable. The destination, a heart heading to the edge of forevermore. My heart is the tree, Your love is my roots!

A heart growing so much taller, not through a stature; but a love that takes a heart higher. While the soul learns how, to go so much deeper. A love that tugs on the heartstrings, shakes loose the lifeless limbs. Showing a heart the how to; flourish, in a greener tomorrow. My heart is the tree, Your love is my roots!

The length, the breadth, the height. Deep within, the place where the love grows. A heart needing not to just survive, a soul knowing how to thrive. Planted in the deepest, the uttermost parts; of a firm foundation. Day after day, I have a love; shining on my soul. A heart standing strong, standing tall, standing true; standing on a promise; forever. The love that makes my heart come alive, that makes my soul; beautiful. My heart is the tree, Your love is my roots!

Seasons change, sometimes the skies are gray; but every day the sun shines on… The poetry within, the endearing love I breathe; water for my soul. Lush poet-tree, tethered by; rooted forever in. May seem like a sappy love, but it’s been endless growth; and the roots are deep. The leaves are falling, but the glory is rising; within the love, in the Poet-tree. A fruitful love, ripening; from the inside. My delight, it’s on the inside; a poetic love. The tree of Life, The Forever tree; growing, within a faithful heart. My heart is the Tree, Your love my Forever; the roots of, my Poetry!


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