By Design!

Created; nothing missing, nothing broken. A flawless design, a true masterpiece. So many interpretations, yet only one picture. Masterfully crafted, magnificently orchestrated. True excellence, every stroke, such beauty. It captivates every being, inspires a move; in heart and soul. A love so spectacular, a beauty beyond compare. A story, upon the canvas of the heart. A portrait, the work of art. The undeniable splendor, capturing the imagination. Touching hearts, leaving the soul in awe. Love, drawing of the heart… closer; to see every majestic color of love. Not just a depiction, a sketchy picture. But a true representation, of pure artistry. Moving, with a lasting impression… upon the heart. To know the genesis of love, is to see it come alive; in the revelation. The excepted love, what is revealed; by Design!

The evening, the morning; the next day. A coming together, heaven and earth; the design. In the cool of the day, the color of love… everywhere; a sight to behold. Raindrops on roses, misty eyes. Warmth fills the soul, the heart full of love. A soul conceiving, a heart conceding; to the design. Love has a blueprint, the Master plan. Love blooms, from the ground up. Sowing, reaping, hope, faith, trust, and believe. How to be fruitful, for love to multiply; showing much fruit. Look at the lilies, they grow, they blossom; hearts bloom. The lily of the valley, the fragrance of love… unveiled. By design, minds are shaped, a heart patterned; a soul on display. The breadth of love, moving within the crevices of my soul. I will remain confident in this, my heart is the pen; Your love the ink… pouring out, By Design!


The Forever Gaze!

The beauty of Your love, moves my heart. Even though the body has to live, behind a tainted glass. An obscured worldview, tries to keep hearts from seeing the light. But that will never stop my heart, from seeing through the lies, beyond the smoke, the mirrors; through the thick darkened tint. A one sided looking glass, without a true reflection. With discerning eyes, and a faithful heart. It’s a forever gaze, a breathless stare, into the beauty of Your love. So many hearts know how to breathe, but don’t know how to define breadth. What expand the love, until it becomes more than just breath. A heart breathing, a midst tinted days. A soul knowing the true breadth of love. Raindrops of love falling, into depth of soul. A misty feeling, a heart full. Releasing mist of love, to unveil a misty glass; with a tainted view. A soul trembling, not from the coldness, the overwhelming feeling; the warmth of a love Divine. Powerless, my heart would stay powerless; if not for the light, that shines from within my soul. Bound, my heart would be forever bound; if my soul feared, shadows… of doubt. Love, oh sweet love. Through a fragile tinted glass, my heart is fixed, my soul captured by; The Forever Gaze… into Your heart!