By Design!

Created; nothing missing, nothing broken. A flawless design, a true masterpiece. So many interpretations, yet only one picture. Masterfully crafted, magnificently orchestrated. True excellence, every stroke, such beauty. It captivates every being, inspires a move; in heart and soul. A love so spectacular, a beauty beyond compare. A story, upon the canvas of the heart. A portrait, the work of art. The undeniable splendor, capturing the imagination. Touching hearts, leaving the soul in awe. Love, drawing of the heart… closer; to see every majestic color of love. Not just a depiction, a sketchy picture. But a true representation, of pure artistry. Moving, with a lasting impression… upon the heart. To know the genesis of love, is to see it come alive; in the revelation. The excepted love, what is revealed; by Design!

The evening, the morning; the next day. A coming together, heaven and earth; the design. In the cool of the day, the color of love… everywhere; a sight to behold. Raindrops on roses, misty eyes. Warmth fills the soul, the heart full of love. A soul conceiving, a heart conceding; to the design. Love has a blueprint, the Master plan. Love blooms, from the ground up. Sowing, reaping, hope, faith, trust, and believe. How to be fruitful, for love to multiply; showing much fruit. Look at the lilies, they grow, they blossom; hearts bloom. The lily of the valley, the fragrance of love… unveiled. By design, minds are shaped, a heart patterned; a soul on display. The breadth of love, moving within the crevices of my soul. I will remain confident in this, my heart is the pen; Your love the ink… pouring out, By Design!


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