The Feast!

Your love, has made my heart so tender. You and I, enjoyed such a wedding feast. A heart full, but yet in such a need; for even more of Your love. So many hearts celebrate, this day or that. But, as for me and my heart, how truly grateful to know. My soul has a place, where my heart can come to enjoy a heartfelt feast. On a love so plentiful, a love that makes the heart to confess. Deep within the chest, the love has become so overwhelming. A love with the sweetest smelling aroma, the true essence of love; and how sweet it is. Your heart, a feast for a thousand lifetimes. A lifestyle, to becoming a part of a hearts daily intake. A love that is such a treat, a delight that goes beyond just saying a word. Joy of the uttermost, pleasure for every part of the innermost. A love to blow the mind, with a heart finding joy in nothing else. A heart, not knowing this simple truth; must surely go to sleep, still feeling so hungry? A heart not yet knowing, what it truly means to be full? With a love, that will forever change the course. Famine, or a soul feasting on love forevermore?

A heart will always be spread thin, when the soul has a true need. To know a love that covers so gently, that you would liken it to being even smoother, than butter. A love that covers the entire heart, and leaves nothing missing within the soul. Even the least, will get the call to come and feast. To have their own seat, at the table. The feast, to forever end the hunger pain, and quench the thirsty soul. Don’t love to eat, eat to live. Forever, always, endlessly. Contentment, that your heart will find. Being eternally hungry, that’s when the feast becomes truly fulfilling. Love, meant to be an endless feast; with the desire for even more. Nevertheless, day after day; let the partaking be more and more. The feast, on a love that takes every breath. You can feast your eyes, but what will that do… for a soul with a true need? Everyone can eat, but only a feast can satisfy; what a heart knows to be the true desire. A soul can never be satisfied, with just a taste. A heart can taste how sweet, but until a soul knows how truly delightful? You won’t get to a point to truly describe, why; it’s the most amazing love?


My Name!

Hello, my name is… In the beginning, breath; what I first took, but that wasn’t my name. At birth, a name was given. You might think you know what that is, but I tell you it’s not my real name. Someday, within the sands of time; that name will just simply fade away. Don’t get me wrong, as wonderful as it is; I didn’t have an input, to what was placed on the certificate. As the years passed, a list of other names; become a part of what others used to call me. Adam, was never my name; but yet a name synonymous, to how my story began. At fist, I tried my best to stand, but yet the fall, over and over. The understanding, of who you truly are; comes with knowing, what’s your true identity? To get there, first comes the crawl; then the stand, firm. You can take many steps, but until you start to walk by faith. The journey will never become the right path, to find true enlightenment. A soul was made to rise, after the story has been fully told, and at the last breath; my name finally being called. To be the encounter, with forever, and a day. In this life, I’ve been known to be called beloved, friend, son. I’ve been called protector, husband, and father; but that’s just what I am, they don’t define the who. Some have called me trustworthy, faithful, disciplined, good; but that’s just based, on what can only be seen. You can call me what you may, but whom you believe I am? Will never indicate, who I was predestined to become. Depth found in the essence, with a meaning profound. This may seem, like I’m talking in parables? Let me assure you, I’m just speaking my truth. There’s no speaking with the tongue of an angel, without being a name written. Who am I, my true identity? My name is, Child! What’s your name?