My Name!

Hello, my name is… In the beginning, breath; what I first took, but that wasn’t my name. At birth, a name was given. You might think you know what that is, but I tell you it’s not my real name. Someday, within the sands of time; that name will just simply fade away. Don’t get me wrong, as wonderful as it is; I didn’t have an input, to what was placed on the certificate. As the years passed, a list of other names; become a part of what others used to call me. Adam, was never my name; but yet a name synonymous, to how my story began. At fist, I tried my best to stand, but yet the fall, over and over. The understanding, of who you truly are; comes with knowing, what’s your true identity? To get there, first comes the crawl; then the stand, firm. You can take many steps, but until you start to walk by faith. The journey will never become the right path, to find true enlightenment. A soul was made to rise, after the story has been fully told, and at the last breath; my name finally being called. To be the encounter, with forever, and a day. In this life, I’ve been known to be called beloved, friend, son. I’ve been called protector, husband, and father; but that’s just what I am, they don’t define the who. Some have called me trustworthy, faithful, disciplined, good; but that’s just based, on what can only be seen. You can call me what you may, but whom you believe I am? Will never indicate, who I was predestined to become. Depth found in the essence, with a meaning profound. This may seem, like I’m talking in parables? Let me assure you, I’m just speaking my truth. There’s no speaking with the tongue of an angel, without being a name written. Who am I, my true identity? My name is, Child! What’s your name?


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