The Problem Solver!

Your love, speaks so clearly to my heart. But yet sometimes, the head gets ahead of the heart. So, tell my heart this; why do You, truly want to solve a problem like me? Is it as simple, as figuring out why this square root? Has found so much depth, the deeper Your love gets? Finding the root cause, makes my heart skip another beat? For growing up, I had a stuttering problem. Maybe it was because, my heart seemed to be such a fast talker? A heart off to the races, trying to fight a wayward battle, in my own strength. Why now, I can’t help but to let Your love; take hold of my soul. A heart trying, not to get too far ahead of Your grace. The amazing part, the moment Your love took a hold of my soul. My heart, has learned the love within deep breathing. How to control speech, drowning within a silent river. Problem solving, relearning what begets true breadth. A heart, not doing the talking. Just let the soul, do the pivotal listening. How to let, every syllable of love be profound. Not just be pronounced, as words in a meaningless exercise. A heart, can stutter on words; but the love, should be perfectly clear. Some days, my heart faced so many problems. A soul, with many problems to solve. But, the solution remains forever the same. Your heart, plus nothing; minus any doubt, Your love will never be enough. A heart, can be great at solving puzzles. But yet can’t see, when something is truly missing, in a broken world. Whenever, my heart has a problem; Your love, will forever be the answer. Every heart, will surely meet a problem. Why, my hope will never be in a man. Especially when, an unforeseen dilemma; becomes part of the problem. The solution, involves a heart question; but the answer not so clear. Where does a heart turn, for a problem solving? Thank goodness, for every conundrum there will always be. A way to reach, The Problem Solver!


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