Deep In!

Sometimes it’s deep in thought, but yet at the same time; it should never be, as a mind thinketh. I am a thinker, will never consider myself an intellect. For wisdom is learned, true knowledge manifested. When the thoughts are of a higher learning, steeped within a Divine intervention. Many believe their hearts to be deep, but still can’t seem to wrap their mind; around that which is truly profound. It’s okay to be deep in, but if the mind is what foremost rules? The heart will never be the true influence, for what governs the thought process. So many think… that it’s always a bad thing, for a heart to be lost. The question is, what’s it lost in; and what has captured the soul?

Deep in, should never be whether sink or swim. Don’t ever let your heart be content, with just floating. For when the heart becomes eMotionless, the love may already be dead. Just a toe in, will test the water, but being submerged; will be the test… proof of a faithful heart. It should never worry about how deep the ocean, but trying to understand true depth. So many say they’re deep in love, but when the tide rises. Fear grips the heart, a soul no longer wanting to get swept away… by love. A heart afraid a true commitment, a soul afraid to get lost… within a tidal wave of true eMotions. So many rely on their emotion to set the stage, but forget that faithfulness; will always be more reliable than raw emotions!

I’m not a scholar, but I do know hot water burns. When you don’t stop to gauge the temperature, of your own heart. Deep in, doesn’t mean over your head. When you truly have a love, that steadies the soul. So many believe, if a heart wants to take a deep dive. It means going off the deep end, with reckless abandonment. But that’s just it, you have to abandon shallow end… in mind thinking. If you truly want the in love, to be a reflection of deeply. Get wisdom, but with all your getting; get the understanding. In too deep, means a heart never wanting to leave that place. A place where a deeper understanding, will always mean a love going… Deeper!




Whenever you hurt someone you love, all in the name of love; “they call it a crime of passion.” Whenever you take that which is not yours, just because your heart has a want. Even though there’s absolutely no need; “they call it stealing.” When you do something, without thinking of the consequences; “they call you reckless!” All these acts, describe the actions of a heart; “called a desperado.” No one truly thinks of themselves as this, but yet the question is this; “shouldn’t we at times, be a bit desperate?” I never want to be known as a desperado, but yet I must admit. My heart has been known, to display characteristics like these. No need to get it twisted, this is not about doing what’s wrong; but being desperate to do what’s right!

There has been many times, when my actions have hurt the one I love. Even though it was all, in the name of love. My only crime, the passion within my heart; being absolutely desperate. There were times, when my heart has pushed love away. When my heart, should have held your love closer. Even though I can never take, that which you freely give. If truth be told, if given the chance. My heart being absolutely desperate, wouldn’t hesitate to look you straight in the heart. And steal… moments with your love, again and again. Some might say, that’s a heart out of control. But what can I truly say, when your love just blows my mind; makes my heart act so reckless. They can call it what they will, I say it’s crazy… in love!

A Desperado, what my heart is not. Forever Desperate, what my soul will always be. The passion, that will never be a crime. For a heart that will never stop wanting, a soul that will never stop needing. A love, worth more than all the riches in the world. A love that will test the heart, to see if deep down; if the soul is just an outlaw? A mind held hostage, in an undisciplined heart. Some hearts act like their an secret agent, forever in disguise. A soul thinking that you have to hide, your true identity. Just so, the thief doesn’t get a chance; to steal your joy. But no villain, can take what was freely given. The thief already knows, Who paid the price? How can a thief make a true withdrawal, without first making the deposit… of love. Why whenever the desperado, comes to take that what is not his. He always finds out the same thing, again and again. “There’s more to this hombre, than meets the eye!”


A Story; The Relentless Pursuit!

As a child, my heart mastered the art; seen, but not heard. So therefore, why show emotion; when you can hide your feelings in plain sight? Hide and seek, might seem like just child’s play. But hence the game-changer, what forced me deeper into hiding? The games the adults around me loved to play, just seemed so childish. The moral of that part of the story. I thought my heart was good at hiding, unbeknownst to my soul; a love was in relentless pursuit!

They say when two hearts meet, the reaction is a fall… in love. But then for some, it’s a quick to forget; the falling is an action, that requires a forward momentum. Why do so many hearts, only remember the feeling… at first contact. Only to forget what caused the move, and why you fell… in the first place? Don’t get me wrong, within this love experience; and my own heart exploration. My heart has spent many days running, but it’s the years… that took a toll. What I mean by that? My heart has always been faithful, but when you’ve never been taught how to love. To truly understand, of how to reciprocate it in full. Becomes so much time lost, pursing an understanding… of your own heart and soul. The moral of this part of the story? Every day, and every season; the love needs to be a fall, or the love isn’t truly moving!

For me, love is as simple as this; “either you do, or you don’t!” Love is a color, not fifty shades… of something you can’t recognize. Love can sometimes seem like a catch me if you can, or tag you’re it… for now. Love should always be a relentless pursuit. The seeking is the find, the finding is the having; a forever need… to always want to seek. I have two deep loves in my life. One I love deeply, the other an even deeper love. A love captivated, but forever enlightens. A love that captures, to forever make your soul free. My heart can write a thousand stories, but the ending will always be the same. My hero gets my heart, to go with an already surrendered soul. The moral of this part of the story? Love is not about the thrill, or even a rush; love is about a relentless pursuit!

From the moment my soul rises, to the moment my heart is at peace. My affection becomes the pursuit, of Your love. Stopping will never mean there’s a restart; the love is constant. Resting doesn’t mean too tired, of needing another moment… with You. The adventuring out, is the discovering… within. How to chase after, to pursue a love so relentless; but the pursuit is just the start. There has to be a heart to heart, not just curled up with the good book. Be captured by words that moves, but immersed within a loving embrace. You want to know where, my heart learned the relentless pursuit? It’s just an imitation, of my daddy’s love. As a child, His relentless whispers of love. Just like a leaf, His love is the wind. Chasing after my heart, dancing within my soul. My son, You’re It… the one my love is after. Up on His love, where I could always see my forever. Now it’s my love, in pursuit of His heart. The moral of this part of the story? Though the chase ended, thus the beginning; The Relentless Pursuit!


A Virtuous Woman!

A virtuous woman, forever stands by those she loves. Cares for those she adores. Works tirelessly, to be the very essence of love. Gives every ounce of her love, every bit of her heart. Virtuous to know, how to seek the heart of God. To bless and honor her family, to endlessly watch and pray. Her love, steeped in virtue. No amount of battle scars, will ever change the beauty. Even within a storm, even after a flood; her heart still shines. For a woman knows her worth, and her virtue; a heart made of gold. For she is a woman, for she is virtuous. When the world needed virtue, God breathed into the world… a woman. When the breadth of a man, needed depth of love. God woke my heart to know, A Virtuous Woman!

Even though darkness looms, even though it may be her darkest moment. A Virtuous Woman, will never hesitate to let her love radiate; a light that emanates, from within. Her heart, a display of her character. Her soul, doesn’t just shine; it has a forever glow. The inner beauty, will always outshine the outer. Even if others can only see with their eyes, not their heart? They would have truly missed a moment, to be blessed… by her lo I’ve. For all the women, who feel lack; may you forever see your heart, as virtuous. When you think you’re not enough, may you always know. A virtuous woman is a rock, a true pillar of strength. I know this, for I too know a virtuous woman. The one, that shares my heart; her virtue, what I hold dear. Because a woman cares, because a woman has a heart that dares. She will forever be; A Virtuous Woman!

“Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies. The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil. She will do him good, and not evil all the days of her life.” Proverbs 31:10-12 KJV


Extravagant Love!

May your heart forever know, how to love Extravagantly. A heart lacking no restraint, a soul knowing why a forever need; to pant breathlessly. May your soul become like a lovesick warrior, fighting… to forever lose control, of every breath. A soul recklessly giving in, a heart completely giving up… without a struggle. Poetry, within every eMotion. A soul gushing, a heart that won’t stop blushing; from a love so touching. So abundant, so deep, so moving. Absolutely precious, so greatly exceeding; every expectation. The undeniable treasure, is what lies within the beautiful exchange… of love. A love that doesn’t cost anything, is therefore a love; worth absolutely nothing. A sacrificial love, a breathless love. A love that gives of one’s self, until the absolute last breath. A love that is until death you part, is an Extravagant love… in every sense of the word. The forever giving of the heart, an absolute surrender of the soul; to become an Extravagant lover!

May my love, feel truly lavished… upon Your heart. May my soul spend every waking moment, practicing the art of becoming a thief in plain sight. Seeking to possess treasures, stolen moments. A heart needing to be locked up forever, within an endless embrace. A soul enthroned in a solitary confinement; with a deep love, and an open heart. The lover of my soul, what You will forever be. A love so amazing, exceeding what is truly reasonable. Everything, what true love will forever cost; a heart willing to pay the price. To the closed off heart, this might seem over the top. I truly don’t believe, my words will ever be enough to adequately tell the story. Can any heart, truly pen down, or even try to simply explain. What my soul knows this to truly be, an Extravagant Love!




Tomorrow, is a day that you can never count on. So why do we tend to trust, that tomorrow will be the saving grace? There was evening, there was morning; then it was the next day. Tomorrow, was nowhere to be found. It was never there in the beginning, nor promised to anyone. So, why do we cling to talking points; hold them so dear to the heart? We even put it ahead, of the perfect gift; “Today,” the only day we get to behold. Even if you wished upon a star, wishful thinking; may just be the candle, that once burned bright!

Let the dawn greet your heart, but let the bright morning star; be where you put your hope. Tomorrow is a day so many count on, but today the only day; you get to take a breath. Tomorrow will never show up, even to honor a complaint; or to simply dispute an argument. Tomorrow doesn’t owe you a thing, or will ever honor a petition. Tomorrow can never promise to show up, today is what comes; to address the troubles of the day. Tomorrow is so elusive, and it is so cunning. It tells your heart to put off, what can be done today. Even though having that tomorrow, is a broken promise. Today, and that exact moment you breathe; all that’s truly yours!

So many believe and trust, that tomorrow will be a better day. When the heart lays down to sleep, first pray the Lord; thy soul to keep. A little sleep, a little slumber; a little resting of the heart, but awake in peace. Knowing that your tomorrow, has again become your only day. Forget about tomorrow, Live, Laugh, Love; Today. Choose Life… in Heaven, give today; your Heart and Soul. Know real peace, know what will be… the final resting place. Then, just watch and pray. This is your today, but then the day; becomes a Forever!


Faithfulness; How Romantic!

Everybody loves, but for so many; love becomes about the romanticizing. On the surface the love looks really nice, and can even say all the right things. But the love still not secure, anchored by faithfulness. People have asked me the question; “Are You The Romantic Type?” To me the question, is never a simple yes, or no. I’m a firm believer, that most hearts focus on the fall in; but forget to tell their heart the reason, to stay in. Don’t get me wrong, romance should be a part of the love experience. My heart has been known, to show romantic tendencies. In layman terms, I know what the word romantic means. But I’ve never strived to be a type… cast as anything; but faithful, in every sense of the word!

We all have the good, the bad, and at times the ugly. If people see you as a romantic, that’s okay. To me romantic, is more of a feel good word. Gestures with good intensions, but for so many hearts. It becomes more about the things you do, and from time to time; how the feeling moves the heart. The problem with that, moments like this; tends to fade in and out… of the consciousness. What should move, is not what just matters to the heart; but what can endow the soul. Why I don’t seek after romantic moment, but try my best to make the love… faithful. To me, romance is knowing how to love faithfully… day after day. The heart should definitely want, but the soul should forever pursue a need. To be faithful in love, for life; forever should be the true romance!

What can ever be more romantic, than knowing the love is forever? What can truly be a deeper love, than giving your heart to someone… forever? What can ever be more of a selfless act, than a love willing to lay down its life; so the another can live? So, as for me and my heart and soul. I’m going to gaze upon the brightest star, let the love twinkle endlessly in my heart. Watch it shimmer beautifully within my soul, and bask forever… within the stunning afterglow. When a heart loves faithfully, true love will forever be the romance. A heart that shows up, a love that shows forth; a faithful love. What the Fathers love, has instilled with my soul. A heart should never desire romance for a day, but faithful love… for a lifetime. Faithfulness, how truly Romantic!