I can run circles, I want to run circles around Your heart; with my one heart, wrapped completely around Your love. My heart is willing, absolutely willing and ready. To let Your love, curve my opinion; break my heart, for what breaks Yours. The circles around my eyes, are not from lack of sleep; but a heart wide awake. Up Asking his own heart questions, Seeking; what forever gave the answer. To be closer to the true heart of love, you must forever Knock; on the heart of the One, who holds the circle of life!

The circular object on my hand, means much more; than just a piece of gold around the finger. It should forever symbolise, a heart truly committed. A heart choosing not to just commit, but be truly devoted; to a forever love. You live, you die, but within the circle; you discover the true meaning of love. This one thing have I discovered, the love within my heart; will never die. My heart was created, predestined; to be forever, forever Yours. Your love, my heart; has come full circle. The place where my love starts, is the same place where Your love begins; the center of my heart!

I once was a child, but it’s Your love; that has turned me into a man. A man no longer content, play ring around the roses. A man trying to truly wear his heart on his sleeve, and despite the noticeable ring around the collar. Loving You, will never be a dirty word; within my heart. Your love is the ring, the love I wear around my heart; the love forever married to my soul. The wheels on the bus goes round and round… in circles. Your love has my heart spinning… in circles, but it’s my love; that will forever revolve around Your heart!

So please forgive me, if my mind starts circling the wagon. Your love truly speaks into my heart, but sometimes the mind; gets lost within the busyness of the day. Wax on, wax off; can teach a heart how to move in a true circular motion. But it Your love, that has changed the direction of my heart; it’s moving deeper. So therefore, how could Your love; ever wax cold. Your love is the light, the candle that will forever burn bright. A precious love, the love encompassing; the love around, within, hovering. The circumference of my heart, that’s what it; Circles!


My Precious!

My precious, Your love is wrapped around, wrapped up around my heart. Tight, the love is tight, snug; with a forever tug on my heartstrings, how it should forever be. Strike up the band, the love will forever strike a cord. A symbol; undying, and forever it will be. Every gaze takes my breath, but it’s also the very same love; how I breathe. How delightful the moments, the waltz; the slow dance with my heart, how precious. Small still, true whispers of love. Captivated, the beauty; what has forever captured my heart. A forever love, nothing else will ever compare. Every encounter, held forever close to my heart!

My precious, Your love is the object of my affection, the presence that moves my soul. The substance, the love my heart will never try to waste. You are, Your love is; everything, a love close to my heart. A true work of art, picture perfect; but so high was the cost. The length and breadth, as far as the east is from the west. A love absolutely priceless, more precious than silver and gold. Forever cherished, so hallowed; my dearly beloved. Lord, Your love is a treasure, truly a precious love; beyond all our wildest dreams. Precious, forever this love; the love within my heart. A true symbolic expression, of Your heart!


A Vision, of Forever!

When I lay my heart down, even when my soul is absolutely wide awake; a vision is ever before my heart. A vision that lingers, throughout my heart and soul. I will fully open up my heart, just so my soul might get a true glimpse; of this vision of love. A love with so much beauty, but what my heart first felt; was the strength. This love moved my heart with such conviction, but the vision is what captured my gaze. Hello, my heart just melted. Love had me at hello, when love spoke into my soul. A vision of love absolutely stunning. A vision that consumes the heart, a love that truly overwhelms the soul. A love that will truly last, forever!

Instantly I felt it, never have I regretted it. I could sense that this love had an end game. The true vision, to forever move my soul. To make a blind man see, to make a soul truly believe; that the vision would forever change my heart. Oh heart of mine, what does forever truly mean to you? Would a thousand years feel like a day, or would just one day; feel like forever? Can it truly be yours, right here, right now. Can it truly be a vision, of forever?

My heart has come to know, that forever would not be just a feeling; but the vision. Forever was the Beautiful Exchange; a love that forever changes the heart. But before forever could truly be realized, I had to truly start living; within the here and the now. Not to live a dream, but to be part of the vision. Not to just imagine, but visualize my forever. Not just a vision for the eyes to see, but a vision for a soul to feel; through the true vision of love. Your love is my forever, so therefore I give the love within. Move my soul with Your love; always, forever. I don’t need much, I don’t want anything; but Your love, forever!

Stay right there; give my heart sweet dreams of Your forever, and the day. Don’t keep my heart in suspense, hover over my soul; make the vision plain, write it on my heart. So I can truly know what came first; the vision of Your love, or Your love as the vision? I was created to see, to see greater things. I will open my soul, until my heart becomes a true reflection of love. Open up my eyes, so I can forever see; into Your heart. You are a vision, my vision of love is You. Let me see into Your heart, let me see a Vision of Forever, with You!


Your Love, Has My Heart!

The English dictionary can explain love, but it will never be able to adequately explain; my love. Sure, I can write with passion, make the words sound eloquent; but one thing they will never be, just pretty words. Yes, sometimes I can truly show you a bit more affection; just know this, your love has my complete attention. I’m not scared to admit, that my love is far from perfect. The flaws are what makes my heart, cling to the love within God’s perfection. The busyness of the day, can sometimes become the talk of the town. Even though a silent river runs deep, it can still get lost within the current; but the ripples, will forever embrace your love!

There are differences between what a woman sees to be true affection, and what this man believes to be apparent; he’s absolutely not finished, giving you his unweaving love. My love is unstoppable, but sometimes it’s your heart; that gets left behind. When we met, I knew you were the woman for me. My heart was forever captured by your smile, by how loving and funny. The beauty, not just head to toe; but what I saw deep inside. The complete package, That’s What You Are! When I saw you on our wedding day, my heart was truly finished searching. I had found what I was waiting for, a love to truly call my own!

We were from different worlds, but the gravitational pull of your love; the light within, the beauty that still leaves my heart breathless. Babe, come search deep within my heart. You will find your love, locked securely within my soul. I may not be all that I want to be, I just hope some day; to be all that your heart needs me to be. You are completely what I want, I will never stop loving you; anytime soon. Within this silent river, your love runs through the depths. A deeply buried treasure, that I want to find again and again. There is only one way that I will ever stop loving you. The day my heart, cease to be no more. So, whenever it may not seem so, just please know this; Your Love, Has My Heart!



Your love is so renowned, it has such an essence; the beauty takes my every breath. Just to breathe, is to forever be alive; within the loving embrace. To journey into, is a true journey beyond. Infinite, becomes the never-ending journey; to rediscover. I can tell a thousand stories. Your love can endlessly be talked about, by my heart; but one truth would absolutely remain the same. The beauty of Your love, is wrapped up within an endless love story; called grace!

A true love, a Renowned beauty; a story told over and over, forever by so many hearts. My heart knows of this love, so much so. That it has become so Renowned, throughout my being; my very heart and soul. It would be utterly impossible, for my heart to ever be separated; to ever deny, the presence of Your love. The aroma, the fragrance of the love. The resonating beauty within Your heart; breathtaking is the true essence. So much style, abounding with so much grace; the beauty, truly Renowned!

Sometimes I have to question my own heart; “what have I done, why me?” But then I realized, it wasn’t about me; I did nothing. Your love has always been in relentless pursuit of my heart. But it now seems, my love is chasing after Your heart. Every day this Renowned beauty, continues to be what draws my heart; closer to this undying love!

Sound the trumpet, Your love came into my heart; making me into royalty, the changes are from within. This is my story, this is my song; Your love is the sweet melody upon my lips. Your presence will now and forever be, what’s so Renowned; within my heart and soul. God, Your love is Renowned; it’s my heart, that knows it so well. For me to display how truly Renowned, my heart must; wear it well!


Wear It Well!

Your heart on your sleeve, the shirt off your back; is it just for show, or a true display of love? Every breath that makes us live, every day that we get to see; breathe deeply, tomorrow is not promised. The treasures of life, are not the treasures we accumulate; not the treasures we seek, the moments we treasure. Letting your heart be clothed in righteousness, not a cliche; but a choice, wear it well!

Helping a tripped up mind, to pick up the brokenness; with an outstretched heart. Giving a weary soul, a heart to rest their burdens. Helping someone carry their heavy heart, with an uplifting spirit; truly worth more than its weight in gold. Offering someone who has fallen, a word of hope; to help them get through in the race. It’s not about how you start, but where you finish!

When a heart feels like it’s twisting in the wind, and its life that seems to be blowing the mind. Let your love be an anchor, let a uneasy heart; hold on to the strength of your love. We all have the ability to care, but the question is; do you dare, to always be there? For absolutely no rhyme or reason, other than you truly care? Life is short, I know I will; let‘s all live it well. Put on true compassion, show off what you truly have inside. When it comes to real love; Wear It Well!


I Believe!

I believe in dreams, I believe in miracles; I believe in love. I believe in finding, I believe in wanting, I believe in needing; I believe having, means needing you. I believe in ups, I believe in downs; I believe the ups outweigh the downs. I believe that things will go sideways, I believe in staying always; I believe in staying beside you. I believe in the first moment, I believe in that first day; my heart fell in love; forever with you!

I don’t need to believe in fairy tales, I don’t believe you get very far with wishful thinking. I believe in hard work and dedication, to help get a heart where it needs to be. I believe in an encounter, I believe in a presence; I believe in a touch. I believe in the impossible, I believe in the inevitable; Que Sera Sera. I believe still to this day, it was meant to be. I believed it wouldn’t be perfect, but I believed it would be always; I believed it would be forever. I believe in our love, you and me forever; I Believe!