When Pen…

Your love, has such a way with my heart. Your love gives my heart the ability, to express what was buried deep within. It might seem, my heart has a way with words; but it’s not so. My heart is just the pen, Your love the ink. A crimson love, what flows endlessly. Words, captured by the heart; stirred up deep within. But first, my heart had to learn how to deal; with a wayward mind. So my soul could know how to pour out the love, within a heart… moved by words. When pen meets paper, love will forever be the story. A heart trying to write down, every single drop of the love. Within every stroke, love illuminated through words. Undeniable, the love never having to be questioned. Intentional, evident when the love resonates. My heart doesn’t need a ruler, straight and to the point; how depth of love is measured. I won’t to tip toe, around my insecurities. There’s nothing impressive in the writing, it’s the love that makes the story breathe; through a love deeply felt. A heart speechless, letting the love speak; through each word!

How deep is this love, the length, height, and breadth; beyond simple words. My heart watches in true amazement, how fear is just shadows; that doesn’t cast a single doubt. There’s vulnerability, in being broken. But love can never truly flow deeply, if the unknown is what becomes the focus. Forever changed, a heart and soul gelled within, love divine. Stop my heart, let Your love be the only thing; that moves my soul. Let the love within overflow, a heart sharing a thousand stories. Expand my heart, contract my soul; let every moment be breathless. Let every breath within my lungs, be a heart captivated by the overwhelming breadth. In my heart there’s life, Your love is what flows. If You were to ever remove the love, my heart would surely have nothing; worth writing about. As long as You live deep within, the love will never end. Every time when Pen, meets paper; may it be undeniably clear, the love… is You!


My Cinderella!

You stepped into my life, then slowly entered my mind; then, I didn’t want you to leave… my heart. Let my love whisper into your soul, tell you what’s on my heart; your love. A lot of wine, two hearts in twine. Your love slow dancing with my heart, under the moonlight. Love finding the way together, by a love so divine. Five minutes to midnight, the moon so right; it’s a full heart. Neither one of us, have learned how to say goodbye. Cinderella, your love is not a mystery. Your heart is the treasure, worth pursuing. The adventure, what each day will bring. Let me hold the door, let me take your hand; your love has me by the heart. The love is strong, but; if you should ever feel the need, to question this heart of mine? Yes, I’m going to love you true; until the end of time. I know you want it too, forever. The love feels too good, for it to ever be wrong; you’re my Cinderella. Puff, the love is magic; where as the years gone?

Changed, God predestined the love of a virtuous woman; to help soften the heart of this man. In the midnight hour, your love shimmers like the star you are. The love in your eyes, soft and refreshing. Your presence, like a gentle summer breeze. The wind in your hair, the sun on your skin; the breath of God within your heart. A love so sweet, like tender drops of honey. Your smile, lights up every single one of my nights. I don’t have to wish upon a thousand stars, this love is not a fairytale; it’s one in a million. My heart knew years ago, a love so real; was written forever in the heavens. This love is ageless, as we walk together through life. Hand in hand, barefoot along the sands of time. My heart admirers your soul, as it frolics and dance… to the light of God’s love. Captured by each of my loving graze, a love so dear. Better than I was, more than I am; knowing your love. A perfect fit, the day your love slipped into my heart. Beautiful are your feet, and lovely the heart of my angel!

Darling, when I cause the rain to fall. Put your head on your pillow, rest assured and know; my love will always be there, in the morning. Cinderella, even if our stories get crossed. Your love the beauty, my heart the unlikable beast. Know that forever, how the story ends. Sleeping beauty, everyday; I kiss an angel good morning. When we touch, whenever our lips meet. Candy, what I call you girl. Even when we get old and gray, upon your heart, endless love; I will love you like that. Time may change, your brown hair gray; but that’s okay, I’m not in love with the changing times. Though the year, my heart will hold you close. Every girl wants to be a princess, and every sweet lady; should be treated as a queen. Today, I celebrate you; and thank the good, Lord. For thinking my heart worthy to share, the love He put within your soul. My Cinderella, your love is still dancing… with my heart!



If loving You, makes my heart guilty of needing Your love? Then I will gladly, confess my needy ways; in a court of public opinion. If wanting to love You, until my last breath has gone? Makes me guilty, wanting to wait to then… to exhale. I cannot tell the lie, have my soul deny the undeniable truth; breathless, how I choose to forever live. The plain and simple truth, I have already embraced the fact. Needing Your love, will never be the apology; uttered from within these unwavering lips. Your love moves, underneath my every breath. So much so, that my actions have made this heart of mine guilty. Confession of this love, not do to the want; but every much the need. If, you believe you must. Go ahead, question my motives, interrogate what this love is truly worth; everything. Throw the book at my heart, the word; written deep within my soul. You can put my heart, into a predetermined boxes; my soul won’t be swayed. For this I will take the stand, stand out; what my heart will do. I will stand up, vigorously defend this love. Words, they can never slander my resolve. Smears, only bother a heart worried; about a meaningless reputation. I’m not guilty, for aiding and abetting. It’s in-bedded within, the love is not hidden; it’s boldly on display. This is not a crime, but I can’t deny the passion!

My heart, will never rescind the love. You can never lock away a heart, when the love breaks every chain. A so called trial, is just a test… of character. A soul sitting speechless in the stillness, captured by love. But, if the truth ever gets you twisted. Guilty in your eyes, doesn’t change the freedom; I have found within. I plead guilty, to be a heart captivated. I don’t fear, being found guilty of loving deeply. For, when it’s all said and done; works and deeds can be judged. But no one, can truly judge the heart. A shackled mind, means a heart still bound; not willing to confess, to a soul conviction. A heart can never say, the love is free indeed. If the love, is always hidden. For a soul, to live deep in love; the heart has to first make the choice, to be unapologetic. True Love, doesn’t need a twisting of the arm; the begging, or the pleading. So yes, if loving You makes me guilty, of needing Your love? I gladly confess, that I am he. Guilty by association, Your love, My heart; what this will forever be!


Knowing, Lost!

Where would I be, how would my heart ever know love? How could my soul truly know, there would ever be a forever; if not for You? Lost! What would have become of my heart. I would easily be lost, within such a vast forest, if not for one tree; Life. You can’t know where it starts, without first knowing to what your heart is rooted? Que sera, sera; “whatever will be, will be.” But for me, that will never ever do. Don’t want to be a heart, like a ship lost within the darkness. In the Here, and the Now; where you find a heart connection; for there to be two souls forever connected. Thank You, for knowing me, for wanting me; for loving on my heart. When no one else cared, You’ve always been there. Within my silent river, You were the calm; as my soul slipped deeper in an endless drowning. You know my name, You know my heart; at hello, You surely had my soul. Why, I don’t wince. When the day creeps up, trying to scare me with the unknown. Your presence hovers, underneath every breath. Your love, what became the air, for a heart learning how to truly breathe. A soul beginning to know, I’m living through You. Your heart, what my soul gets to feast on. Your love, it’s my daily bread. What’s a heart to do, when being lost; is such a good place to be? What can a man say, when he knows lost; is heard as a song in the night. Even when, an illness came to blindside my heart. My faith in You, where my hope is always found. A heart never lost, never alone in the midst, of whatever I face. I get lost, trying to find words. Here I am, Now; Forever. In a place, where my heart is still Knowing, Lost… without You!


My Alabaster!

On to Your heart, my love, let my soul pour it out. Wash Your heart, with every drop the love… inside. I’m not ashamed, to break down. This is how, you raised up my heart… to be. Forever humbled, knowing the true breadth of Your love. I know Your name, but Your heart; what’s been so many decades of my chase. You breathed on me, yes; Your love breathes in me. Breathless, don’t let my heart know anything else. Your heart, still my first love; forever, and a day. Completely I’m Yours, complete; when You made my love Yours. You have my heart, every day; it will be the surrendered. Take my soul, at your heart the forever be; the surrender, of my every breath. I don’t worry, when the day cast my shadows. Your love, always there to fight for me; with Your perfect love. Your love is, the sweet fragrance; the aroma within my incense. The true essence, that emanates from within my Alabaster. Receive it, I want to give it all; my love, poured out only… onto Your heart!

So many, seek wealth; yet never willing to be, a heart on display. Show that Your love is the only thing, of true value. For a soul to forever have, and hold so dear. To be an offering, the true texture of a soul. To be a heart deeply touched, transformed by the purest kind of love. A heart forever translucent, through the light of a crimson love. The love now the outpouring, like water. Changing a once silent river, no longer to be… just bottled up emotions. This love is how I fought what I battled, by not letting anyone else; label what a heart is truly worth. A box, what so many have tried to put my heart. What they failed to see, the hand on my life. A heart being molded, to be a scented Alabaster. A love, to fill every void. Take the place, for whatever was seemed missing. A love affirmed, as my only foundation. Why this story, will never be about a made man; but a heart made, by a love so divine. Here I stand, but this my soul will forever be; grateful. Such an expensive price, for my Alabaster heart. A soul loving the freedom, to be a jar of clay; gracefully broken, at the foot of Your heart!


Here, Now; Forever!

In this moment, in every tomorrow; in our forevermore, right Here, where my heart wants to be. In the presence, right next to Your heart. To know the embrace, to know when every breath moves. To feel every time, when the love brushes so gently; up against my soul. Crimson love, what’s in every heartfelt move closer. To know deeply loved, with every captivated gaze. Take my soul back, to the very moment the love for me started. When Love, became this amazing undying word. That’s Now, and Forever; etched within the crevices of my soul. I’m not Here, looking for anything; not Here, trying to reap the endless blessing. To You, heart and soul; what I’m Here to surrender. I just want to give back to You, the love lavished upon my heart. Everything I need, in You I have it all. Your love is everything, my heart will ever need. Right Here, right Now; sit Forever, at the foot of Your heart. Don’t let my heart breathe, Breathless is the place; where I will find Your heart, with more love than I deserve!

My heart, has gone through the motions; desperately trying to reach this place. Where there can be the release, all the pent up emotions. Emotional, the place where my heart can’t evade the love. A soul that can’t help but to tell You; what Your love is truly worth, Everything. Stuff, will never be enough to replace; what my heart has been put on the earth to find. Arriving Here, being close to Your heart. My soul knows it’s You, that can complete my heart. Your love, more than just a touch; deeper than just a passing feeling. I know what Your love can do, I can always find You Here. My heart will press into You, pour out the bottled up emotion. A silent river, what once ran through my heart; but then an overwhelming love, capsized the silence. When the day, comes to beat against my chest. Your love is there, waiting to shield my heart. When the darkness comes, trying to hide Your heart. Knowing Your love is close, how my soul learned to never lose sight; Your love has me by the heart. When the tears fall, overwhelmed becomes the stream; flowing into an ocean, love what bears the name!

Even though the day, races ahead of my heart; trying to become the distraction. Finding You in every moment, the day is eclipsed by what will Forever be. You, Here; for me. Chasing after Your heart, what keeps the day at bay. My heart, has only one affection. Forever devoted, what my soul needs You to know. Here, being in this place; that’s the one and only need. Now, in this very moment; Forever, No other love will do. My heart is not Here, because of obligation. Now, and Forever; it’s my true desire. There’s no living, no breathing… without You. Gracefully, the love has been waiting; faithfully, my heart will always meet You there. Now, that my heart has found the place; where Your love has waiting, for my soul to find. Caught up in Your rapture, a soul deep into the love. This place, where Your love conquers fear; and my joy is in You. This place, where the unknown; is just me knowing You. The place, where I know You’re enough; and my heart is full. I don’t need anything else; nothing else, but You. My heart, will never leave this place; where my soul is saying absolutely nothing. Knowing how to live in the silence, that’s where the love will find… an open heart; for You to have every breath. What words can’t say, speechless; how I bare my soul. Here, Now; Forever!


The Need!

My heart has had many wants, but a deep search within; revealed what a soul truly needs. Sustaining love, the kind your heart can surrender to. Every bit of your heart, what needs to be given. So in your soul, the love can truly feel real; forever treasured. A love, that you can seek; to know the true breadth. Letting the love be everything, that’s the need. Every day, get to know the depth; a need to do this, again and again. That’s the first step, forever the destiny. Day after day, rekindle a fire within. Be stirred, never shaken; by what other perceive… is love. It’s meant to be intentional, not just a one-time decision; not a game played. Love, meant to be a light, beaming from heart and soul. That’s the need, what needs to be the embrace. A love, that gives truth to your hopes. Peace to your resolve, when your faith in it is tested. When, you know a love so precious. Why, would there ever be a need to go back and forth, within your heart; when the love is unwavering?

When, true love becomes the absolute need; the desire for the truest kind, that becomes the passion. When it no longer becomes a want, but the true need. A love, you will proudly put on display. Show the world, a heart very needy; a soul absolutely desperate, to be needed. When, a heart becomes satisfied; the need, to find out what is still missing. Without a hunger, how would you know being full? Without a desire, how can the pursuit truly be a passion. If your heart, isn’t about to burst; how can your soul truly know, the love is truly filling… you every day? Nothing missing, nothing broken; a love that is truly everything. A heart trying to pen down such a love, with words; the relentless pursuit. Your love, all I want; all I will ever need. Why, I rest my heart, at the foot of Your love. Just so my soul can fall asleep, knowing the warmth of being close… to Your heart. Knowing You, my heart no longer has a want. Through the breadth of Your love, my soul will never have another need. In You I find, what forever is made up of; The Need, for You!


The Drifter!

For years, it was a heart feeling safe; standing on a sinking shore. The sands of time, it has no sway; when forever is the destiny. In the wake, when the soul awakes; the heart understands breadth. Breathless, a heart drowning in the forever; a soul learning, what it needs to breathe. But yet, the heart still hesitates; with the drift out, off the comfort zone. Maybe it’s a heart scared, to get too swept away, and be drowned.. within a deeper love? So, you pull back; instead, of taking the next step. To let your heart drift, into the deeper part… of what a soul needs to see. Not just float, along the surface. I’ve learned, that You have to go beyond feeling; when love comes, to beat against your sure. Are you a heart truly ready, to let love deeply; become your everything? When a heart, is not yet ready to trust; in the surety of a love. Restless, a heart in an endless drift. Content, being tossed and turned by the night; watching to see if the tide, will change!

The humming and hawing, a song in the night, but the words lacking depth. A heart can if, and, or, but; an oar, comes attached, with a boatload of excuses. To Roar and to Soar, let go of the oar. Life is a journey, for a heart to find a deeper meaning. Who wants to be up a creek, when love can become a deep river. The future you see, part of the moments… you get to treasure. Fully submerged, forever within a love so true. Sometimes, our hearts will drift, but we should never let our soul get lost. Drifting, in and out of the silent; how my heart spent so many of the early days. A heart drifting off, captured by the daydream. A heart drifting in and out at times; in a lonely river, but a soul wanting to understand. If being out in the middle of an ocean, can help a soul find the deepest place? I learned how to swim early, but strong willed; you have to learn how to die… to self. Within every deep dive, how your soul experiences… deep places. Being deeply loved, what revives a heart and soul. Resuscitation, life breathed back into a once dying soul. It’s not about mouth to mouth, but every heart to heart… encounter. The Drifter, a soul living forever moved; a heart no longer moving aimlessly, through love!


What Can I Do?

Being quiet, doesn’t mean my heart don’t have a voice. Sometimes, my soul just can’t help being speechless. Being still, doesn’t mean a heart not forever moved, being alone in Your presence. Being lost for words, doesn’t mean You don’t hear what my soul has to say; underneath every breath. How can my heart not soar to new heights, when You are the wind; that can take a soul, beyond the stars? With Your love in me, my soul should truly know no bounds. How can my heart, not want to know the true length, and the breadth of Your love? When at hello, You already had my soul… breathless? I know a little bit of this, know a little bit of that; but nothing will never compare, to knowing You as my everything. How can I truly fathom the depth of Your heart, when Your love is so deep? Just trying to get there, my heart and soul can’t seem to stop drowning. How do You do, what You do; handle me so gracefully? What can I give You, when giving of my heart; is just the start? What can I say, when my words are not even enough; to express what my heart, is desperately trying to articulate? What can I do, to repay a love that’s worth so much; when I have nothing but a heart, validated by a price only You can pay? What can I bring, when You’re the one that bring a bottle, to our every encounter? Bottled up emotions, how You found me. But now, in a bottle You catch every falling tears; from a heart being, so profoundly moved. What Can I Do, what can I truly say; when Your love, is what eclipse it all!


The Capture!

Can I paint you a picture, can my heart draw a portrait… with words. What my heart gets to express, what will be revealed; The Capture, within a heart. It’s been said, it takes twenty one days to form a habit. But this picture, was centuries in the making; before breath was even part of the picture. But, when life was breathed upon; instantly, my heart was captured within the masterpiece. Then slowly, and clear; the imagery is realized. So vivid a picture, what you will see start to take form. Can you yet see, it’s a picture to be treasured, a true work of art. What’s to be admired, the heart of the one; who imagined such an artistic creation. The majestic creation of love, that’s where the focus should be placed. Within the right light, with the perfect reflection; how the shimmer glows, upon the canvas. Even if you see flaws, even if seen through a tainted lens. The design, truly nothing less than perfection!

Picture this, not even the Mona Lisa’s beauty, could ever compare. Nor could Michael Angelo, capture the essence… within. Let me paint some more, just so you can; live this experience with me… stroke by stroke. I need your heart to see, what I’m truly trying to convey. But, before I continue to paint the picture; let me sketch out the parameters. You have to see beyond what’s on the surface, to understand the true breadth. Are you starting to see, the picture I’m trying to paint? A picture is a thousand words, but this picture can never be truly captured; within my limited words. This picture reveals the truth, to what my heart cannot hide. A symbol of hope, it creates. But even more than that, may it truly resonate; as, a true picture of Love. You might wonder; “what’s love got to do with it?” But that’s just it, love is at the very center… of this capture!

Perhaps, I need to break it down some more. Left me frame it, package it with this. Love is the true essence, to what forever moves the heart. Essentially, love is the very thing; that inspired creativity. Love is truly poised, and the amazingness so stunning; seen through the heart… of the creator. A picture, in the picture; the beauty exchange, what makes it a true wonder. When, you let your heart be a canvas; brush your soul up against a love, unveiled becomes the true beauty. So, are ready; to buy into a love like this? Hang this picture of love, above your heart. Hang it in plain sight, for all to see; and never, let it hang in the balance. Let the picture, moves you to tears… every time. I can paint the picture of love, but the question is; can you see yourself, in such an awesome picture? As for me, and my heart; what’s in the picture, has been settled. Yes, “it is finished!” The Capture, of a soul… in love!