Come Visit Me!

When I’m at a loss, in need of my closest friend, come visit me. When I am broken-hearted, consumed by disparate, come visit me. When the tide is rising, my soul drifting, come visit me. When the darkness looms, when the sun doesn’t shine. Let my heart, see you in the stars, in the moonlight. In the twilight, let my soul hold you, forever. Your radiance, outshines the madness. When the day is counterintuitive, you’re the hands of time. Poetry in motion, that’s how you still my heart. Within you, my worth never in question. Come visit, the path will be clear, my heart will be open. You hold the key, to my happiness. Don’t knock, be utterly reckless, break down my walls. Capture my imagination, free my soul. When I am desperate, to be held, in your embrace. Let my heart race, my soul will find, my enlightenment. That in You, my truest passion, held within the deepest breadth. Love, in every tear, in every valley, in every struggle, real talk. With every visit, you make me whole. Love, meet me here again, in my heart. When I am in need, come visit me, and I will let you have, my every breath. You won’t regret, that you had me, at hello!


Holding Forever!

Love, is like the wind, but yet I can hold it, forever. The beauty therein, keep it close to my heart. With every breath, wholeheartedly, chase the butterflies. For, on the wings of love, the soul soars to forevermore. Love is the reason, words get lost. Though, my mind can’t find adequate words. What, my heart takes hold of, my soul will express. The depth, the breadth, the words in my heart, clings to the unfailing truth; love is forever. My soul holds it tight, but for my heart to shares it, it doesn’t take might, for love take flight. Real love, doesn’t leave a bitter taste, just a lasting impression. True love, plays like a beautiful song, lyrically spoken, always and forever. Love takes the breath, captures the imagination. Sometimes, holding back the years, easier than holding back the tears. Why, grasp at forever, when you should, tether your soul? My heart, doesn’t need much. Just held forever, in love’s embrace. Trying, to catch your breath, not so easy; when love is the wind. Lifting you, taking every breadth; heart and soul holding, forever!


In Love’s Embrace!

In love’s embrace, the day, my soul was conceived. The moment, deep love perceived. In the instant, my heart received. Every breath held, by love’s embrace. My heart learning, my soul knowing; life is but a breath, then will never be. In love’s embrace, years, but a day. Seconds seeming hours, days like forever. My soul feels at ease, drowning in love’s embrace. The depth unfathomable, but searchable, love searches the heart. When words are lost, love knows where to find them. Who, can keep my heart from speaking? Love is my voice, strengthened by my resolve. My heart, will never stutter. Even though, my soul at times, speechless. My confidence, my worth, found in love’s embrace. No dread, will ever befall me. In the calm, my eyelids fade, but my love won’t slumber. Just rest, in love’s embrace. Though, calamity lays waiting, in the shadows. Vexation, tries to trip up the heart. Deep in my quiver, love’s arrow, pierces my soul, and brings me home. When, the things of this world, becomes utterly tasteless. My appetite will forever be, the taste of love’s sweet surrender. What teaches my heart, how to be deeply moved. Feeling the breadth, of love’s profound embrace. The heart, wields the greatest victory. When love, becomes the weapon of choice, when diplomacy fails. A soul raised up, to become wise in speech, courageous in hope, mighty with faith. Love, softens the heart, grants success in battles. Deep things are known, when deep love is felt. But, only when you stay; in love’s embrace!


Her Design!

Last month, marked the one anniversary, of our daughter’s passing. In college, she took graphic design, but never got to fully pursue it. The above picture, was one of her first designs, and that’s her in the picture. For the last few years, I’ve been posting a inspirational Friday post, a picture with words. As of this month, I’m going to create a picture, or two, and add with it inspirational words. Since, she’s not able to pursue her heart. My heart, will be her graphical expression. I will use her love, to help create, share, and dedicate my designed portrayals. Live out her dreams, for her. I hope, you all enjoyed the first instalment!

WCR, Justinea A Richards (March 9, 1990 to March 2, 2021)

Love; the Texture!

The true, texture of a heart, reveals the essence within. The measure, spans the width, the length, the breadth. The depth known, when the crimson hue, release tears of joy. Love’s true texture, beyond the feeling, more than the appearance. In the consistency, the substance woven in. To display from within, what the surface can’t convey. A love that touches, but deeply felt, and gentle on the heart. Profound love, has that certain; Je ne sais quoi. The mind, can’t comprehend, but the heart, feels the ingrained fabric. A love, dipped in a divine quality, it’s tethered to forever. Every day, the characteristic unveiled. The awe, will take your breath, render your soul, utterly speechless. This kind of love, leaves the heart, lost for words. Deep love, paints a work of art. The created feeling, poetry through every emotion. A woman’s heart, a beauty that covers, with the gentlest texture of her love. Men, reveal the texture of your heart; warm, tender, sensitive. Don’t, just let your heart be seen, let it be known, showcasing your deepest love. So, it will be hearts lying, breathless in love’s embrace. When you lay your heart down, kiss love good night. So in the moonlight, love can rock your soul to sleep, and in the twilight, hold every breath tight. And in the morning, love passionately. So, love can whisper into your soul. Your heart, has the right texture!


To Be, or Not to Be?

How can it Be, my heart protected, from the endless rain? When, my soul won’t stop pouring? We can’t, control what the future brings, change what the past has taken. Yet, what’s not today, can still Be… tomorrow. Questions, find answers. When the heart, is in the right place. The perspective, aligned with the breadth you take, and what, you allow the love within, to become? Love, will Be the only consistency. When love truly speaks, words of life, it will Be. And, when it resonates, a persuaded heart, profoundly will it become. Perpetual love, wielded outside of its peripheral sheath. Will surely penetrate, through and through. To be just, more than the rhetorical; to be, or not to be? Love, doesn’t thrust itself. In its endearing silhouette, true love unequivocal, it will Be… felt. Likened to a crimson hue, a moving expression, a humbling experience. Though chaos looms, never love unbecoming. Into the madness, it comes running. Not to save, but Be, affirming. Peace in the moment, hope for the future!

You, don’t have to be strong, in speech. Just have strength enough, so the love can become, everything it needed to be. To be, doesn’t mean with no mistakes. Just transformed, by what the heart will concede. The answer, to true love, precedes the question. Will you allow it, to be, or not be, in love forever. The breadth of love, catches the heart, when it’s falling. Holds your breath, until breathless becomes your soul. Speaking, through the innermost, from the start, you shall know the heart. Love, kept it mind, never realized; it not in-deed. An act once, needs to be an action seen, over and over. Love, not a play with words, but one’s heart, expressing its sincere characteristic. The opening up of the heart, should end as it began. A sincerely spoken soliloquy, of the love still… to be!


Her Wings!

An angel, her soul has wings. A heart, pure like a dove, will surely rise to the heavens. Love, graceful as a butterfly. A display, what true beauty becomes. When, love hovers breathlessly, it doesn’t drift aimlessly. Love ascends, showing other hearts, they too can take flight. Swept away, by a breathless elevation. A heart, with wings like an eagle. Spans love, expands breadth. With such depth, her love empowered; she’s like the wind, your heart is moved. Outstretched love, doesn’t swoop in to devour. On the wings of love, the pinnacle discovered. Even a rare bird, has profound wings. You don’t, have to be a Robin, to be fly. The world gets to behold, how beautifully a mother, spreads the wings of her heart. A virtuous love, the soul sings like a sparrow. Daily, like a Phoenix, passion rises from the ashes, love into a new horizons. Her wings, doesn’t have to be unique in form; just faithful, in deed. Every day, her love renewed, rising to be the wind. Her natural glow, illuminates her endearing characteristics. In the wake, the height of her heart revealed, true love is her timeless legacy. Every day, her radiant wings elevated. For, when she lifts them up, her heart will fly, and her soul will soar!


Je Ne Sais Quoi!

Into words, I don’t know what, but my heart knows, the phenomenal quality. Put it into words, I don’t know why, but within my bones, the presence is felt. My soul captured, by the prevailing word; love. I don’t know when? But, I know for sure, it was a predestined encounter. The place where, love finds forever. Where breadth becomes, your soul’s confession, in a heartfelt expression. Into words, how; when the love blows the mind. Real love, has that certain moment. When the desire, transcends the feeling. When, the love becomes amazing, beautiful, from the inside out. The heart, would certainly be remised. If it didn’t wholeheartedly mention, when the love, became a wonder… to behold. Deep love, nothing less than extraordinary, distinguishable. The unfathomable depth, when the exploration takes you to that certain place, drowning breathlessly!

Profound love, has that simplistic nature, and essence. Though the why, sometimes evades the mind. The soul, will know there’s that certain… something, becoming everything. A heart in a place, where not even a single word, will adequately define, love’s deepest secrets. An indescribable love, but having certain moments. When your heart surely knows, love, sees into your soul. True love, leaves your soul with that certainty… My heart, now knows the what, the why, the when, the where. The peaceful stream, soothes. The deep river, captivates. The oceans depth, overwhelms. Love’s quintessence, I don’t know what, a heart can truly do? If living, isn’t your heart and soul, knowing it’s forever, in love’s sweet embrace!


Love is, Affirming!

Love is profound, renowned; will astound, love is amazing. Love is fearless, love is distinguished, love is heroic, love is courageous; love is valiant. Love is an artist, artistic, an artistry; love is a portrait. Love creates, love is creative, with every creation; love is a work of art. Love is freely given, love doesn’t count the cost, love is completely sold out; love is priceless. Love is expressive, love is an expression. Love will express, what words can’t verbalize; love is beyond words. Love is the sun, the moon, the stars; love is out of this world. Love is a teacher, a leader, a listener; love is a believer, in the impossible. Love is playful, love is serious, love is passionate, love is bold; love has a beautiful story. Love is thoughtful, love is kind, love has your back; love is a friend. Love is lyrical, love has rhythm, love strikes a tone; love is a song. Love is a poem, a poet, poetic; love is poetry, in eMotion. Love gives hope, love brings joy, love shows grace; love is amazing. Love is an eagle, a sparrow, a dove; love has wings. Love has height, love has depth, love has breadth; love has perspective. Love is an ocean, love is a deep river, a soothing stream; love is water, love is so refreshing. Love has stature, love takes action, love will inspire; love is incredible. Love is engaging, love is captivating, love is endearing; love is Affirming, love is Everything!



Love, beats passionately within my chest. Quickens my spirit, awakens my emotions. The heart of a warrior, thy love has made my soul to be. Valiantly, with thy breadth I will forever slay the darkness. With thy strength, reign in the rebellious heart. Thus, will unequivocal strike a lasting blow, to a strong willed mind. In the twilight, stand’s aloft the knight. Valiant love, steadfast with an impenetrable armor. Seen, within a graceful light. Love, gives my heart the strength, to vanquish every fear. Emboldens my quiver, so with my bow. My arrow, will thus pierce the dawn. Love, places the greatest sword in my sheath. With determination, my heart will wield it valiantly, like it was Excalibur. The Author of faith, such a love is truly King. True love, endearing like a thousand shields. In the thicket, in the thick of it, love will sacrifice. In the midst of love’s courage, anxiety doth quake. In the wake, lack won’t have the power, to plunder your soul. In every breath, remnants of a spirited love. Valiant love, hold my heart, in thy gaze. Let my stature be, clothed in confidence. Never to be dismayed, nether cower, in the middle of the fiercest battle. Thus, be unyielding, unwavering; in the pursuit to become, a victorious love. Fearless conquers, in heart of hearts. A brave soul inlaid, with a noble love. The lionhearted, a soul endowed, with grace to overcome. A heart, distinguishable wherever thou goest. Virtuous love, Valiantly will I pursue you; to be a heart like thine!