Before You!

Before You, my heart kept; thoughts so deeply hidden, buried deep within. Shared hopes and dreams, with my own heart. A keeper of secrets, what soul had become. Dear diary, my heart would like; to make another introverted entry. “Another day, with so much for this heart to say; but what that may be, no words will ever be verbalized. Yours truly, a silent river!” But that, was before You. Before the moment, Your love forever became my heart. Laying against Your love, the only time I can truly say; I know forever. A soul at ease, learning what is endless. A heart being poured, not into an insignificant catch basin. But, into the deepest ocean. What can truly contain, the depth of a penned up heart. Not just through the touch, the breadth of the presence felt. A heart moved, not just by the overwhelming love. But, to be a soul coming into the know; why the meaning of love, has a predestination. Before You, I thought; alone in the darkness, meant lack through ambiance. But, even in unbeknownst; darkness has its moments, but light is a forever presence. Life smiles brighter, when love truly shines through. To be, or not to be? A soul content, never to question why; my heart. To be, in love; forever, near Your heart. Not, to be just living for the want; but for the need to be, the truest love. The closer you get, to the state of understanding; the deeper the becoming. But, not before You!



When you encounter deeper, every thought therein becomes captivating. A place where you don’t rely, on living by your own breath. Where breathless becomes the place, a soul starts to know true living. My heart can make this plain, but the depth in trying to explain captivated; what can’t so easily be articulated. So therefore, I open my heart to be the instrument. To capture words of love, let the never ending crimson ink overflow; the pen to paper. The love, my heart can never claim the copyright. For my soul knows, who truly hold the rights. I’m not here to prove anything. Just here to share, what has become truly everything. The proof, what your heart will need to find. The experience, what will become plain. True captivation, when your heart embraces deeply loved, and let the love become everything. Captured, to be a heart locked… in a forever gaze. By the Captivator, of heart and soul. A heart captivated, a soul breathlessly living in the renowned. The keeper of my heart, the lover of my soul; one in the same. Amazing love, a soul blessed; breathing it in… with every breath. Every encounter, a profound change.. in me. My name, found meaning; but my meaning, found in the embrace. A searching heart, will always find; what’s truly sought. A love held precious, too wonderful for mere words. A love tender, captivatingly beautiful. Just trying finding words, makes a heart so breathtakingly lost. A love with such a graceful presence, a beauty unmatched. All goodness in my heart, couldn’t dare to be compared; to such an extraordinary love. How can a heart not be, forever captivated? A soul be deeply moved, knowing such an extraordinary faithful love. All of me, to be all I need; this is Jesus!


When You, Encounter Deeper!

When, all is stripped away; to show a heart exposed. Though a convincing heartbeat, for love to be truly noticed; there also needs to be, a strong moving rhythm. What love is, not the same as; what love is, meant to becomes. To what, only the true breadth of love can reveal. My soul has come, but still becoming. You may not plan, to get so deep; but perhaps that’s the place, where a heart needs to be. To be the realization, but just realizing alone; will never make true sense. If a heart doesn’t also realize, what truly makes love take the breath? Longing, still nothing without needing. Not to breathe it all in, but why becomes the wait… to exhale? Love, something worth wanting; but, something special comes through the having. Love, comes to bless the heart. But every gift requires openness, for the true blessing to be attained. I never expected, to become deep. But, love will take you there. When you believe, the destiny to be predestined!

Through an act freely giving, the love flows like a deep moving river. Likened to a pebble, gracefully moving; without skipping a beat. Making the ripples become an effect, truly profound. To become the fall, into an unfathomable depth. Deep, calls you to know deeper. But, without the stepping out to go beyond; depth will never be realized. Love is a song, but a song in of itself… mere words. If the song in part, not a love profoundly true. It all comes, back to the heart. No one, can ever claim you made it; love. But, you have the opportunity to unequivocally proclaim; your heart truly knows, what makes love Divine. Some days, the heart feelings like a wheel. The day is rolling along, but then suddenly; your soul hits, a subtle bump in the road. Even, when the day seems winding; therein becomes a moment. To look deep within the heart, to search the soul… for deeper. More than a touch, what just moves, or deeply felt. When, the love becomes truly apparent? That’s when you have truly encountered, deeper!


My Name!

Hello, my name is… In the beginning, breath; what I first took, but that wasn’t my name. At birth, a name was given. You might think you know what that is, but I tell you it’s not my real name. Someday, within the sands of time; that name will just simply fade away. Don’t get me wrong, as wonderful as it is; I didn’t have an input, to what was placed on the certificate. As the years passed, a list of other names; become a part of what others used to call me. Adam, was never my name; but yet a name synonymous, to how my story began. At fist, I tried my best to stand, but yet the fall, over and over. The understanding, of who you truly are; comes with knowing, what’s your true identity? To get there, first comes the crawl; then the stand, firm. You can take many steps, but until you start to walk by faith. The journey will never become the right path, to find true enlightenment. A soul was made to rise, after the story has been fully told, and at the last breath; my name finally being called. To be the encounter, with forever, and a day. In this life, I’ve been known to be called beloved, friend, son. I’ve been called protector, husband, and father; but that’s just what I am, they don’t define the who. Some have called me trustworthy, faithful, disciplined, good; but that’s just based, on what can only be seen. You can call me what you may, but whom you believe I am? Will never indicate, who I was predestined to become. Depth found in the essence, with a meaning profound. This may seem, like I’m talking in parables? Let me assure you, I’m just speaking my truth. There’s no speaking with the tongue of an angel, without being a name written. Who am I, my true identity? My name is, Child! What’s your name?


Oh My!

Oh My, Your love just won’t let my heart be… alone as I gaze into your forever. You won my heart, right from the very beginning; my soul took its first breath. Your love is so soft, a tender blanket of warmth. So gentle, likened to a delightful summers breeze. Your love is the wind, that won’t endlessly stop blowing away my heart. To catch a second wind, is to become breathless in the moment. How my heart would forever be lost, if Your didn’t always know exactly where to find my soul. I swear, and the hope is to die; lying deeply within the love, in the sweet embrace. I’m absolutely positive, that there will never be any negative; trying live breathlessly. Being in love, possible only because of the fall. So therefore, why shouldn’t I absolutely tell the world; I’m in love? Yes, I swear; I’m not tripping. I fell… hard, it was because of Your heart. I’m not a liar, yeah, sure; I sometimes avoided the truth; Your love’s everything, my heart will ever need. There can be no true living, without You being the air!

Oh My, Your love has my wings. On the breadth of Your love, how my soul takes flight. Into the heavenly, to what lies beyond thought. I have a big heart, and even though some days; it seems a bit too heavy. That’s when, I know You got me; because You never failed to get me. At the end of days, Your love is always well able, to lift my spirit. You are My heart, You are My soul. Even when tears, becomes part of the outside forecast. Your love is what, will forever reign on the inside… of my heart. Even when, the night is holding on to my eyes. Every day, Your love is what always wakes my soul, so my heart can have an enlightened day. Oh my, just getting another chance to know Your heart; goes beyond words. Your love, will never let me down. For whenever, I look into Your heart. I can see forever, how; Your love has always been so amazing. Oh My… heart!


When You, Feel the Reign!

Whenever the tears, whenever the rain falls down. May your heart know, how to sing through the rain. Behind every clouded moment, therein lies an enlightened perspective. Every season has its moments, every moment another season. For your heart to know whether, your soul can still see what becomes beauty… after every rain. Even when the day, is overcast by shadows of doubt. Don’t, let your heart fear the darkened moments, Let your soul embrace, what comes at every dawn. Love for the Son, what shows a soul the brightest morning ever. So sing, let your heart sing in every rain; oh, happy day. Let whatever may come, renew your faith in what shall be. Another day, for your heart to once again whether. Know blessed, because your soul is moved by the breadth. Let the joy wash away, what may linger. Hope found within the midst, becomes courage to face may be. When the rain falls, let the love be an umbrella; when your heart feels vulnerable, to what seems the coming storm. When the day brings with it a bitter cold, let the Comforter be; the blanket of love, knowing true warmth. When the day comes, to blow your mind like a brisk autumn breeze. Let your soul see, how much color there is in the love. Watch as it shimmer, so beautifully in, and around your heart. For the beauty of the Son shines, when you let it be the light; that shines the brightest, in every season. Let it be the rock, let the love be heard… as the sweetest lullaby. So, whenever your heart feels the tears fall. May your soul only know when, you feel the Reign!

“Let your heart be always guided by the peace of the Anointed One, who called you to peace as part of his one body. And always be thankful. Let the word of Christ live in you richly, flooding you with all wisdom. Apply the Scriptures as you teach and instruct one another with the Psalms, and with festive praises, and with prophetic songs given to you spontaneously by the Spirit, so sing to God with all your hearts!” Colossians 3:15-16 TPT


A Story; Reminisce!

Special Lady, l vividly remember, the moment; the day your love bumped into my heart. You boldly stepped to me, and stunningly; my heart never backed off. That was the day girl, your love and my heart; started an intense tango, the dance of a lifetime. Girl, when we met; you were a true Tomboy at heart. A jungle gym, had nothing on you. Our love playground, two hearts still waiting to exhale. Fly girl, you definitely showed me your moves. The sweet dance of a butterfly, trying to catch a tiger by the tail. This serious Kat, wasn’t always having that. A gentleman, you can trust and believe that. Every day, a tip the hat. Sugarplum, honey bun; loving you, will never be dumb. Forever, kicking it; together until, every breath is done. Even when, I catch a glimpse of how you roll, with those ebony eyes. Sometimes, there’s a hit and miss. Life’s not a forever bliss, but why should that stop a heart… to Reminisce!

Woman, so beautifully you befriended my heart. Profound became the sound, when bended knee hit the ground. Caribbean Queen, nuff respect do; to Fi Mi Island Girl. Pop the collar, sometimes living off the cuff. Marriage is Tuff, but encompassed by such wonderful stuff. Milady, your love came from royalty. A heart forever crowned, with pieces my heart. Nothing has changed, you still don’t have to be scared; to keep my love close to your heart. Girl, you still have the key. Woman, bat those eyes. I still don’t mind, the sometimes drive me crazy down this road… life. Love, forever the give, and the take. Hearts with true elasticity, are tested to know the love will truly last. Woman, you had me from the start of our slow jam. The moment my heart looked, into a grace-filled soul; an angel in disguise. Rockabye, my heart won’t you baby; your love’s still such a rock, sweet lady. A Rock, a reflection of the bright Star. Thirsty plus year, gives a heart much to reflect on; to Reminisce!

A forever stroll, down memory lane. Sometimes, a tip toeing through the dandelion. Sometimes, we found the violets swaying… to the blues. To smell the sweet scent of a rose, a heart has to know how to embrace. The recollections of what has already passed, to truly appreciate, what’s still to come. So, whisper in my ear, don’t hesitate to let my heart know; what your heart still needs it to hear. Just whisper it softly, unless you’re deliberately trying to blow my mind. Just know this, you will never get your heart back. Like I told you then, your heart will be my forever. Even when, the days are forecasted to be a bit dark. I will still see your heart, filled with a love always shining. A thousand years from now, I know what my heart will surely be doing. Sharing another Story, and Reminisce!


Love, the Ocean!

A heart wants to know, a love deeply moving. A soul that can fathom, love encompassing the deepest ocean. A love with a depth so deep, the overflow runs into the deep places. A love that floods the soul, drowned in the depth becomes the heart; living breathless. A heart not wanting to be left, gasping for each breath. A soul trying to live, in a love feeling shallow. To be taken even deeper, what should forever be the heart’s desire. A love that feelings, like an overwhelming tidal wave; but yet in the midst of the blissful calm, it becomes a heart swept away. A thirst quencher, a love that’s so refreshing. That even when a moment, becomes a desert experience. The love will still more than satisfy, every parched crevice within a thirsty soul. A love that pours out like rain, drenching a soul from head to toe. An ocean of love so captivating, the heart will never feel shipwrecked. Love the anchor, to keep your soul forever drowning. A heart submerged fully, within the depth of the love. A soul seeking, to fathom the greatest treasure; Love, the Ocean!


The Spoken!

Speak, let the manifested be imparted to reflect the created. Speak, let emptiness be words taking form. Words, spoken to become what’s no longer empty. Words have authority, power within the spoken word. Speak, and light will be. Speak, let love become the true empowerment. Speak life into words, to see what will become. Speak, and let the faith therein move the heart; overcome what becomes a mountain. Lips speak, but the heart espouses the spoken word. Speak, to see what it shall produce. Listen, to know what has become. In verbatim, love reaffirmed in a beautiful exchange. Passionate are words, truth spoken with confidence; but with love that can truly enlighten. A heart with words, a soul the voice therein. Let it be words spoken in truth, to empower. A heart learning the art, of not judging every word; without truly listening to what’s being said!

Words can be mistaken, when partially becomes the only filter. You can say what you mean, try to mean exactly what’s said; only to have it come out wrong way. The interpretation, in need of a little more clarity. Words can move, can even make tears fall; through what’s being felt. Even if, speech never enters the conversation; speechless words have a motive. Actions speak, as if a thousand words were said. Speak, not to see time stand still; but so your heart can carefully use the time, already in existence. Spoken word, will always have a motive; to provoke a reaction. May love be at the forefront, edification as the intended motive. On the tip of the tongue, let love be the substance. So, let your heart speak; for God is listening. Then, let your soul be still. For, underneath every breath; His love is moving. A heart has much to say, but not even a soul can find words. When being in the presence, becomes such a profound breathtaking moment? A soul searching for The Spoken, for a heart left in awe!



Why, should I ever have to defend my heart. To someone who just doesn’t understand, the extent of how much Your love means? They can’t see, how can they ever know; how much Your love has transformed my soul. Your love is the truest love, my heart has ever known. So therefore, why; would I ever deny You my heart, and soul? When You, have never once wanted to ever deny me… Your love. The very reason why, I pledged to You, my love… forever. My heart, I give freely; the love within truly. From the rising of the sun, the going down of the same. Your love is the presence that hovers, completely, oh how it covers. I will forever defend my position, no one will my heart ever have to petition. My heart, doesn’t have to defend Your name, or Your honor. Just proclaim, the love will be wavered; come what May!

This love, the only love that will truly get this get me; forever my heart and soul. A love willing to die for you, will forever be a love entitle; the undisputed, lover of my soul. My heart, will unapologetically defend this stance. For a love given no boundaries, gives back to your heart the true freedom; to become a love so much deeper. True love, not about breaking down defenses. That only causes the soul, to build up restrictive barriers. Love is meant to strength, that’s how you fight the battles. Let the love within, become your defender… of the truth. Not just let it surround your heart, but become the fortress… for your soul. The love of things, forever meaningless. Knowing nothing can truly compare, ever come between. A love that will forever Defend, your heart and soul!