Choosing, The Right Love!

Rock, Paper, Scissors. A guessing game of chance, some hearts choose play. Trying to figure out, what kind of love will be revealed? Hearts not yet knowing, true love will forever be a choice. Some hearts, think love’s all about what’s on the paper. Only to pick the Scissors, to see that treasuring a piece of Paper. Becomes truly meaningless, when the love’s now in pieces. Love, meant to be the glue, to help keep a heart. When life seems, likened to paper-mache. Love is the Rock, that will always be there. For a heart to lean on, with an anchored trust. When the storms of life, comes trying to get your heart twisted. The love, turning into a hurricane. Hearts caught up, the love not deeply rooted. Not anchored, by a Rock… Solid commitment. To not let the love just be, words on a Paper. But, a love forever, written permanently on the heart. So, the Scissors will no longer be able. To cut so deep, leaving the wrong lasting impression. In games, there will always be a loser. When love becomes, playing the guessing game. Hearts win, when the choice becomes, choosing a love deeply felt!


Against Your Love!

A heart laid back, trying catch every breath. Saving forever, against a love so deep. Letting Your love be, the breath moving in every heartbeat. Laid back, knowing what a heart needs, to truly breathe. Be a soul melted, forever in the peace. Overwhelmed, knowing such a loving embrace. In the darkness, Your love is the light; shining through a wide open heart. A soul relentlessly seeking, Your heart found every time. To catch a glimpse, becomes a heart fixed within a gaze. On a love so beautiful, than even a thousand moonlights. Every gaze, a soul captivated breathlessly. In a heart trying to know, how deep the love? The more my heart seeks, deeper the love becomes. A heart expecting, the flood to be like a river. For it to overwhelmingly be, a soul being swept away; drowning in the deepest ocean. A heart full, in the presence of love. All the breathtaking moments, a heart and soul being nestled, deep within the breadth. A soul leaning in, trying to see into our forever. A heart deeply resting, Against Your Love!


The Story; A Diamond Love!

I have a diamond, the love not found. My heart, didn’t easily fall for this. Stumbling over words, this quickly became a heart; knowing a predestined love encounter. A love, to have my forever gaze. The love shines, in so many ways. This diamond, will now and always be the treasured love. The buried treasure, you can find deep within my heart. The diamond, with a love deeply flawed. But, when I look deep into the heart. All my love can see, this beautiful creation. So wonderfully, meticulously sculptured. To fit perfectly, the very center my soul. This I wasn’t told, the love my heart gets to behold. It’s held so close, that my soul can’t help; but admire the breathtaking beauty. A heart, constantly taking an extra peek, the repeated glances. Just to know, all that went into the creating; this true beauty. No detail was missed, to take the breath of this… my heart. The love, has been thoroughly tested. Even, through the brokenness with time. Truest parts of love, refined through every heart test. A cut above, revealing how deep the love. Rough around the edges, showing the character. Defined, in the deep crevice of love. The imperfections reveals, a heart and soul, in need of a grace filled love!

In the aging process, to not let what’s in the heart fade. The love, needs to be the constant pressing; to truly let the heart shine. In the crushing, in the pressing through; the love deeply enhanced. Even though, life wants to harden the outer. I chose, to see the pure beauty; the divine resonating, within the inner. To the love you cleave, the superficial you leave. The gaze, not fixated on what the eye sees. But a gaze forever captured, by the inward beauty. A diamond love, forged with a ringing desire. Two hearts, living a life banded together. A love, not needing incredible charm. Just the appeal, shimmering within the light of heaven. The love forever exposed, under a breathtaking moonlight. A love, easy on the heart. Reflecting gently, leaving a lasting impression on the soul. Every diamond, has its own unique beauty. To the untrained eye, a diamond becomes labeled with an out of touch price tag. But, to the observantly trained heart. In the re-evaluation, the appraised worth; one in a million. The sum, a heart truly elevated by love. The evidence, a soul captivated by the immensity. Even when, love rubs the wrong way; the beauty will remain unchanged. Two hearts deeper in love, with every beautiful exchange. The love, doesn’t need the best of premium qualities. The quality, truly allowing the right gauge? The clarity, seen through a true heart of love!

Diamonds are forever, the love for enhanced. When in the wake, forever becomes another breathtaking day. For love through the proper lens, becomes love being perfected. Through embracing, of the deeper meaning. A heart with love, being able to show all its flaws. Trying to compare your diamond, to two seemly perfect matching heart shaped gems. Will always be a flawed approach, when seen through a glass half empty. Every beautifully shaped love, will always come with an enormous cost. A diamond heart, should never be treated; as just a possession. A pendant, on a pedestal; but the love, never close to your heart. Why, you will never get me to give up; my treasured diamond. Yes, you absolutely wouldn’t be able to. Pry the love, out of my lifeless heart. Till death, then never apart. I have a diamond, the love a bit flawed. Thirty five years, and her inner beauty still shimmers… stunningly. Deep within a full heart, in this soul there be the beholder. Knowing a gifted diamond, with a well deserved appreciation. A love, with an incalculable weight. One, this heart can’t begin to measure. The cost, paid so my soul could know; how deep the love!



Overwhelmed, by the tenderness, the faithfulness. Each breathtaking glimpse, into a love beyond words. Oh, my soul; captivated by the breadth, the scope. The length Your love is willing to go, to know my heart. Your love, recklessly stormed the gate to my heart. Then, patiently waited at the door. For my soul to trust You, with the key to my heart. To be no more castles built, just to crumble back into sand. It’s overwhelming, how graceful the love walks with me. How gracefully, it speaks to my heart. My comfort, the peace; walking throughout your soul. A love over my head, but so close it hovers. And moves, underneath every breath. Such an immense impact, what the love has been. A heart taken, by the awe. Captured, forever by the beauty. A heart, being overpowered, by the essence therein. Just thinking about the goodness, makes it hard to not be overwhelmed. A heart overcome, by waves of emotion. A soul drowning, living in the breathless wonder. To know the unfathomable depth, into the deep. Forever, will be my soul in search. Your love, will surely make the way possible. For a heart to know, how deep the love… truly goes? To let it be my heart, living in the sweet surrender. Overwhelmed, in heart and thought. A soul forever feeling, a love deeply moving. Your love, my shadow on the ground; and in the moonlight shining down!

A heart, loving in the open. Because fear, no longer has a hold on my soul. In Your love, I’m forever held. Every loving touch, becomes a love deeper felt. For a love, willing to give such overwhelming dedication. Should be a love, getting a heart’s undistracted devotion. Your love, chose to believe in me. When believing in love, only an imaginative contemplation. A love impressed, to become a love pressed into, more and more. A soul deeply touched, a heart profoundly changed. Your heart is, the candle within my soul. A heart becoming, light as a feather. Being forever blown away, by breadth within the love. A crimson love, radiating with every color of love. A love that heard my heart, even every silent heartbeat. Saw that the silent river in me, would become Your deep ocean. Into me You see, Your love, is my forever. Meet me here, make my soul forever be. Overwhelmed, living breathless. Deep, within the stillness… of Your heart. Your love sought my heart, when my soul needed to know, an overwhelming love. A soul, no longer wandering. Trying to avoid the cracks, on my feeling broken road. You are the voice of love, that shattered the silence; with just a tender whispering. A love that descending, like a dove. To be a soul knowing free, to soar high on the wings of love. All that was wrong, Your love makes it right. The strength of Your love, pushing against even the slightest doubt. Overwhelming, wouldn’t be my heart again tomorrow. Every breath, being overwhelmingly swept away. A soul wanting nothing less, be a heart in this place. Left Speechless, and Overwhelmed!


Faithful Love!

Faithfully, Your love gently loving on my soul. A faithful love, in You I have found forever. Comfort for my soul, for safe keeping I give my heart. Your love, offers my soul so much hope. A heart fallen, is a soul desperately needing; to be closer to Your heart. A soul hungering for the love, a heart yearning; to be faithfully full by love. Your heart is so unwavering, so faithful; to be my greatest joy. A heart taken by splendor, captivated by the beauty. Let my adoration be a heart, filled with the essence of Your love. The breadth, moves my soul. Leaves my heart truly speechless, moved beyond words. What words could my heart ever find, to encapsulate a love so faithful. Speech optional, living deep within Your heart. A love so redeeming, for a heart living breathlessly abandoned. A soul rescued, only to be a heart swept away. Beneath the water, every tear a poured out; bottled up emotions. Mercy, Your love has brought my heart to this place. Overwhelmed, knowing how hopelessly lost my soul would be. If Your love wasn’t so faithful, wanting to gracefully be my forever. Your love has my soul, drowning breathless within the ocean. My heart touched, deeply by the love. Your love, such a wonderful friend. Never hesitating to let my soul, find rest so close to Your heart. Why my heart, can’t help but to press deeper into a love. In weakness, Your love becomes the strength; My Faithful Love!



In this moment, in this space, in this time; in these very moments. In the here, in the now. Wherein every breath, moments to hold precious. The moments, a heart should breathe deeply, and treasure. Where time-less, becomes moments passed; to never be seen again. Love, the created timeless beauty. Within a soul captured, a heart captivated by the endless gaze. Face to face, heart in heart; through the sands of time. Two hearts, not affected by the passing of time. Two antiques fashioned, by the hand of a true artistry. Two souls embraced forever, by the light of the Son. The love on display, to showcase it was the creation, of a masterful design. For even though time passes, the love still ageless. The beauty, likened to the essence of a perennial flower. Through every season has change, the love a perpetual bloom. A love endearing, two hearts enduring the test of time. Poetry in motion, moving a heart to create such emotions. This union, of heart and soul. A love story, time tested; playing so surreal. The love true, and so real. Our love song, now and forever, to be a timeless classic. Here I am, my love; to forever be the knight, shining gallantly. Whenever the night tries, to eclipse the beauty of your timeless light. Here will I wait, forever to be the place. Where time will surely stand still, for a love never ending. In my heart, the love is Timeless; living in the moment!


When Love Collides!

When the day, collides with your heart. And every breath seems not enough, to sustain both heart, and soul. When the feeling, becomes likened to a soul, at a lose. Your words become a runaway, a heart giving chase… to find. Every heartbeat, knowing the breathless love. But yet a soul, colliding against the gentle breadth. How, could anyone believe it to be an accident? When my every breath, no longer has to grasp to be in control. A heart being intentional, trying to let go every meaningless restraint. My true foundation, therein to be revealed; as my greatest strength. Every collision of love, helps my heart to firmly stand… the test, of time. The deepest love, colliding against every rocky sure. The sands of time, never to be the change in depth. Every encounter, every shift; becoming a love much deeper. The presence, revealed in a heart revealed; here, now, forever. To know the true gravity, within a weightless love. In the silence, in the toss and the turns. The river, a constant flow. Colliding, breathlessly with a deep ocean. Having little strength, to keep on swimming. Doesn’t mean having no hope, that the current; won’t be soul, needing to go deeper. Strength to strength, faith to faith. Glory to glory, revealed when; the love collides profusely. A soul caught up, in the rapture therein. A heart stirred, beyond just emotions. But living deeply, in the forever. Every collision, meant to be breathtaking. The love playing, like a symphony. Every cord pulling strings, like a heavenly song. The power of love colliding, divinely with heart and soul!


The Problem Solver!

Your love, speaks so clearly to my heart. But yet sometimes, the head gets ahead of the heart. So, tell my heart this; why do You, truly want to solve a problem like me? Is it as simple, as figuring out why this square root? Has found so much depth, the deeper Your love gets? Finding the root cause, makes my heart skip another beat? For growing up, I had a stuttering problem. Maybe it was because, my heart seemed to be such a fast talker? A heart off to the races, trying to fight a wayward battle, in my own strength. Why now, I can’t help but to let Your love; take hold of my soul. A heart trying, not to get too far ahead of Your grace. The amazing part, the moment Your love took a hold of my soul. My heart, has learned the love within deep breathing. How to control speech, drowning within a silent river. Problem solving, relearning what begets true breadth. A heart, not doing the talking. Just let the soul, do the pivotal listening. How to let, every syllable of love be profound. Not just be pronounced, as words in a meaningless exercise. A heart, can stutter on words; but the love, should be perfectly clear. Some days, my heart faced so many problems. A soul, with many problems to solve. But, the solution remains forever the same. Your heart, plus nothing; minus any doubt, Your love will never be enough. A heart, can be great at solving puzzles. But yet can’t see, when something is truly missing, in a broken world. Whenever, my heart has a problem; Your love, will forever be the answer. Every heart, will surely meet a problem. Why, my hope will never be in a man. Especially when, an unforeseen dilemma; becomes part of the problem. The solution, involves a heart question; but the answer not so clear. Where does a heart turn, for a problem solving? Thank goodness, for every conundrum there will always be. A way to reach, The Problem Solver!