Song Inspired; These Are The Special Times!

Some hearts, want diamond rings, some want to see snow. Some want everything, tied up in a pretty, pretty bow, with no strings attached. But, how could it truly be love if giving from the heart? Seems like it’s love tethered, but so detached, from the heartstrings. When love is, the most precious gift. There’s, not a single thing on my list this year, but only, what’s on my heart. The giving, the sharing, helping one another. For, those are the special times, a heart will remember. Why, wish to see presents, underneath a tree. When, you can let your light shine bright; like the star, from the heavens. When your heart, truly has what it needs. The true meaning of love, won’t let the heart be distracted. Missing the forest, obstructed by a tree. Into the darkness, light reveals a house, but it’s love, that finds a home. On, the journey to become, always take a moment, to smell the roses. To see how, flowers bloom, how the essence of life, becomes fragrant. Through the loving, in the receiving, within the knowing; your love, is worth trusting. In the businesses of life, fullness begins, when love’s intrinsic nature, represents. Love’s presence, love’s Love’s power, love’s graceful sway. Love’s natural beauty, that grows, leaves an impression; the afterglow. The light of heaven, shining through the evergreen, soul. This time of year, make it about the precious times, the sweetest times, the special times, worth defending, and hold in your heart, forever!

This song inspired, is a song by Celine Dion, a Canadian singer. The song was released on October 30, 1998. Her music has incorporated genres such as pop, rock, R&B, gospel, and classical music. As a fellow Canadian, I saw her perform, in 2004, when I worked for Air Canada. Recently, revealed she was been diagnosed with Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS), a rare neurological disorder.


By Design; Love’s Hallmark Moments!

Wishing everyone, a Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year. From my heart to yours, I’ve designed these cards, for you to have/save. These are also, designed on my daughter’s behalf.

By Design, in loving memory, Justinea A Richards. March 9, 1990 to March 2, 2021.

* P.S. Fun fact, the manger I inserted into the picture, was designed and created, by my wife in 2018, with popsicle sticks. It’s over 1 feet in length, about 6 inches in width, and 1 foot in height.


Merry Christmas!

In this world, your soul can sometimes feel, like you’re in the lions den. But, in the midst of the fire, and the darkness. Let your faith be the lantern, still burning bright. Hark, within the stillness, hope speaks with gentle whispers. Let your soul be still, let the breadth of love, be your heart’s hiding place. The angel of love, will be a song in the night. With peace for your soul, and joy for your heart. When fear comes, to steal your hopes, and dreams!

“Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.” Luke 2:13-14 NIV

Merry Christmas to all. May your heart’s be well, and your soul find peace. Now, and forevermore! Save a copy, of my Christmas card!



A heart, wrapped in the most precious love. A moment in time, that can never be captured, in a hallmark rendition. Love’s kiss, in the beautiful exchange. Love, swaddled in a blanket of hope, and grace. Words, formed in the truest priceless text-ture. Wrapped, to be displayed in the pages of time. The timeless tale, expounded profoundly. Every verse, absolute to the end of time. The fabric of love, gently covers your soul. Wrapping your heart, with the most endearing warmth. A feeling, not even the sands of time, could never erase. Every breath, held tightly. The peace, swaddling your soul, with awe and wonder. The ribbons of truth, tethering the heart, with boundless joy. The night light shines, love hovers in the quiet. Swaddled love, the gift-wrapped up, but yet unveiled. For all heart to know the depth, now, and forevermore!


Song Inspired; Ooh Child!

Ooh child, when things in the world are looking crazy, and your heart wants to know. What the day has waiting, for your soul? Be encouraged, the day will surely be the sun rising, for a brighter tomorrow. Some days, we wake in the beautiful sun. Some days, we have to walk through the rain. When, the day seems the darkest, let your heart be a light. Ohh child, getting, should never supersede giving. Tis the season, to be Somebody’s Angel. The rhythm of your heart, beat the hum-drum. Love’s fire burning, crackling with the warmth of love. Every boy, every girl, every heart come on. Together, hand in hand, heart to heart; let love be your special gift. With no money needed, the price already paid. The gift of love, never sold out. Every day, let love be regifted. No and’s, no but’s, free with the asking. Let every soul sing, let love be the song; joy to the world, good tidings love brings. On a silent night, silver bells, chimes in the starry light!

A heart giddy, will always be eager to give, heartfelt wishes. Love, might be in the air. But the question, is it in your heart. This time of year, celebrating the special moment; when love was born. So every heart, could know a special kind of love. The gift, giving the heart so much joy. Ooh Child, the Christmas season; a time for healing, a time for building. Not just to get, what your heart wishes. But let your soul, give what we all need. True love, won’t check a box, try to get pennies for thoughts. Sometimes, we just need to search our heart. See if we have the kind of love, that will be treasured, more than silver and gold. In between, the sleigh rides, hanging stockings with care. We need, to be a bit more conscious. The true meaning of Christmas; giving love, and sharing your heart. The healthiest, kind of living. A heart, full with love, and hope. Real love, not found under the boardwalk, but down by the sea. A deep river, flowing into an ocean of love. Ooh child, I know what would be the perfect Gift. For your heart, and soul!

This song Inspired, a song by Donnie McClurkin, released in 2004.


Beautiful King!

Beautiful King, what can I do for You; what kind of gift can my heart bring? Gold, frankincense, and myrrh; the wisest of all. So, what can a shepherded heart bring? What can I do, what can my soul ever bring; to the heart of a King? My heart has a song, that my soul wants to sing. For You my heart has a dance, a lyrical dance indeed; for my beautiful King. A heart, poured out in love. A soul, lifted up to the heavens above. For only onto You my King, will my soul be poured out, like this. What can I do, what can my heart forever do; for such a beautiful King? How can I thank You enough, when words are not even enough? When every heartfelt word, gets so lost in just a gaze. Lost in Your heart, a soul captivatingly amazed, that it’s breathless for days. What can a heart truly to do, when you have encountered, a love deeply felt. A heart melting into You, discovering what will become, of every breadth. You’re so good, so I promise to be faithful to thee. My love promises to be, the truest it can be for You. Your love says, I don’t have to do a thing. But for my heart, that simply won’t do. My every breath, all my heart, all my soul. Onto You, Beautiful King; all my love, unto You I truly bring!


Inspirational Day; The Gift Card!

A Christmas gift card, from my heart to yours. 20/20, many things seen for sure. Merry ChristmasSome things, surely may be what you want to be the unseen. Even though, unprecedented blindsided the perfect vision. May you still, see your heart blessed? May an enlightened perspective, shed a light on what your tomorrow. Shows to be, the clear path forward… with every step. On the path, may your heart find a love with a heavenly melody? A love your heart can treasure, and regift… over and over! SAVE your card, and may your heart be blessed; this Merry Christmas!


The Favorite Thing!

Whiskers on kittens, can tickle a heart fancy; but, it’s just a thing. Warm woolen mittens, can keep you from frost bites. But it, can never give warmth to a heart. Crisp apple strudels, an enjoyable treat for sure. But the taste of love can fade, when it becomes just a thing; you only indulge, every so often. Doorbells and sleigh bells, rings to make a heart merry. But, love becomes more substantive, when it becomes about the giving. Wild geese, can fly with the moon on their wings. But, may your favorite things truly be. A heart soaring, forever on the wings of love. Droplets of sunshine, a heart basking in the light of a love divine. The reign from the heavenly, love falling afresh steadily. For every heart to find, true love makes a soul feel so defined. It’s not gifts, and things; that makes love in a heart sing. A heart prancing, a soul gracefully dancing. Needs more than romancing, more than just the momentary glancing!

Snowflakes, falling on your nose and eyelashes. All part, of a silver white winter; that melts into a flourishing spring… in your step. To make, a part of your favorite things. When love, becomes the bark that bites. When the to be, or not to be stings; remain faithful, to love. Don’t let it be, one bitten; twice shy, of forever calling it quits. Giving up your favorite thing, to never again hear love, make your heart sing, and all the joy that it brings. So think, why not pour out your heart. Instead of just wasting love, thinking sense is just about; how much you have of the Noggin. Don’t make love, a hangover. Love, until the hanging on; becomes what your heart does, over and over. Even when, the bark bites; when the to be, or not to be stings. Simply remember, the Favorite Thing. When love becomes the gift, that keeps the heart giving; forever, and a day!