A heart, wrapped in the most precious love. A moment in time, that can never be captured, in a hallmark rendition. Love’s kiss, in the beautiful exchange. Love, swaddled in a blanket of hope, and grace. Words, formed in the truest priceless text-ture. Wrapped, to be displayed in the pages of time. The timeless tale, expounded profoundly. Every verse, absolute to the end of time. The fabric of love, gently covers your soul. Wrapping your heart, with the most endearing warmth. A feeling, not even the sands of time, could never erase. Every breath, held tightly. The peace, swaddling your soul, with awe and wonder. The ribbons of truth, tethering the heart, with boundless joy. The night light shines, love hovers in the quiet. Swaddled love, the gift-wrapped up, but yet unveiled. For all heart to know the depth, now, and forevermore!


15 thoughts on “Swaddled!

  1. Hi
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  2. Such a beautiful vision of love and faith, “swaddled in a blanket of hope” as are dreams of love grow. Merry Christmas my friend ❤ and the Happiest of New Year tidings to you and yours 🙏

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