Forever Holding Me!

The real thing, nothing less than absolutely everything; the air I get to breathe. A love full of so much compassion, a heart full with so much love; the real thing. My soul is wrapped up within the tenderness, held forever; within Your embrace. Your love comes with No conditions, but my soul still drafted up one petition; to forever etch Your love, upon the door-post of my heart. You signed it, You sealed it; Your love has never failed to deliver. Every letter of Your love, the story being written; forever within my soul.

Your position is perfect, the positioning of Your love is absolutely picture perfect; positioned perfectly, right up against my soul. Your love, it’s got a hold; such a serious hold. Don’t ever stop holding, hold me forever. It’s a love You gave without strings, with no promise of love in return. So freely I give, I forever promise You my heart. Your love can forever have, my every heartstring. Wrap my every string, completely around Your love. If You truly believe, the love within my heart; to be the real thing?

My heart is not one to hide behind fear, within the silence of my own shadows; where my heart always felt at home. But now my heart has found rest, within the quietness; within the stillness, Your love is my new hiding place. Your love breaks every chain, but my heart prefers to be locked away; locked forever within Your loving embrace. Even when my soul got complacent, returned by to the silence; Your love never once complained. Within the silent night, Your love is brightly shining!

Even when my heart ran, Your love relentlessly gave chase. My heart has surely tried, but it could never outrun my destiny. From a love deep seeded, a soul forever rooted; I sure do hope, that the growth clearly shows; Your love has a firm hold on my heart? Your love is the real thing, my everything. I can clearly see, that Your love that Your love surrounds; Forever Holding Me!


Love; The Impact!

You were my strength, when I felt weak. My voice, when my heart didn’t even have words. My eyes, when my heart could barely see. Your love saw greatness in me, but all I saw; was how greatly Your love impacted me. Your love gave my heart the strength, to be able to lift up my faith. One gaze into Your heart, was enough to make me believe; that I could forever trust Your love, that’s when the first impact was felt. Your love, and my heart collided; to this day, the impact is still felt. Like a tidal wave, just like a hurricane; even as a gentle breeze, the effect was instantly noticed. Significant enough to cause a shift, gentle enough to make a lasting impact. Everlasting will be the influence, forever in love; that will be the ramifications!

There were, and are still times; when I’ve been hard headed. But the impact of Your love, has drilled down so much truth into my soul. I’ve learned a lot, a heart partially made of stone; was starting to allow Your love, to chisel away the rough edges. A love that has impacted, a love still impacting; a love with so much impact. A love firmly pressed up against my heart, a love that has now left a deep impression. First, I felt a touch, but even that first oh so gentle touch. Had such an impact, causing a truly significant change; altering how my heart truly sees. A heart being transformed, being shaped and molded. Into a heart, that is truly ready to be used. To show how Your love has made an impact, on me!


The Message; Style, and Grace!

I’ve not only seen, but felt a love; full of so much Style, and Grace. A love that draws you in, a love so well put together; a love that captives your heart. A love that has taught my soul so much, not about just social graces; but about truly living, only because of Grace. My heart has searched, the world has tried to entice; but my soul got an early taste of heaven. My heart became full, Grace was truly enough. The things of this world, has truly lost its tasteful flavor. Jesus, unveil my heart to see; that there’s nothing truly greater, than His love. My heart is now hidden within God’s Grace. Being styled and fashioned, to look more like His perfect love!

These days my heart is not one to chase after the material, I have a love; that relentlessly chases after my heart. I’m no longer enamored, with all of the propped up distractions. They may have style, but very few; truly knows what it is, to be graceful. Most of it is surrounded by so much madness. My soul refuses to take on the madness, even if it’s socially acceptable. I’ve searched, surely looked. But I’ve found absolutely nobody greater, nothing to compare; to God’s Grace and Mercy. We all need air for our hearts to live, but all hearts need Grace. Just so our hearts can truly know, how to be forever alive; through God’s redemption plan!

Jesus, a heart You will never take, without promise; but Your love You first freely gave, before a heart even started asking. Your love is what my heart is now styling; Your Grace, what forever clothes my soul. Let Your love be the reputation, on display within my hearts glow. So many people, believe that they can outrun God’s love, with style. But ultimately all the truly end up doing, is running straight into God’s Grace. The mercy our hearts truly don’t deserve, but for those who have stopped running; Your love becomes the overwhelming Grace. I know I need it, my heart knows it’s truly worth it. Jesus, Your love is truly the real thing; that All hearts, should gracefully embrace!

“Each time he said, “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me.” 2 Corinthians‬ ‭12:9‬ ‭NLT‬‬


A Story; The Undiscovered Love!

The month of November has five Friday’s, so I thought I would post this piece. I’m constantly writing, some you may get to see. This one I originally wrote four years ago for my own enjoyment, but decided to edit it a little today as a treat for you. It’s a bit longer than what I usually like to post, but like I said; it’s a treat for those who like stories. At the very end there’s also a reference, may it help guide your heart. If you like the piece, comment below; I may post another one again in the new year!

My heart has brought me to this place, everyone of my heartbeat; was the compass. Amongst all the chaos, my heart beheld a beauty; within a Risen Star. And oh how my heart just can’t seem to stop, orbiting The Light; radiating from within this love. At first, my initial instinct was to throttle back the emotions, reverse course; but resistance was futile. My heart was captivated by a gravitational pull, a love my soul has never known; a love with so much strength. At first I just couldn’t understand, why this love had such an unbelievable pull; on my dangling heartstring? I tried to Engineer a way out of the hold, but my heart was being shifted. I was strong willed, but I didn’t have enough power; to withstand the strength of this love. It seemed inevitable; that my heart and this love, would surely collide!

This love captured my imagination, my heart just didn’t know; if my soul even wanted to be set free? There was this undeniable security, being forever held; within the depth of this loving embrace. I had to check my Sensors, was I still breathing; the heart of the Vessel, wasn’t ready to burst. This love has a force, my heart had never before encountered such strength. The closeness, that was the true encounter; a warmth like no other. This love has a grip on my heart, my soul forever locked in an unbreakable holding pattern; this love was encompassing my entire heart. I always thought, I was the captain of my own heart; but my heart found itself, in an uncharted place. The magnetism of the love, is so unbelievably strong. This love has the ability, to see into the very depth of my soul; a love with an undeniable presence!

My heart, my soul, my known universe; forever changed, this love has taken over my heart. I don’t think I can stop my heart, from wanting to forever be assimilated; into this overwhelming love. My heart is absolutely locked, within a real attraction; fatal, would be if my heart ever denied such a love. My heart is Beaming, locked forever within a gaze; felt deep down within my soul. My heart is truly overwhelmed, by the essence within this Amazing Love. My heart is secure, wrapped within a truly substantive love. This love is penetrating every aspect of my shields, my heart is left absolutely exposed. This love truly seems to be having its loving way; with my entire heart and soul. Now my heart is being sent, an away mission; to seek out hearts, lost within this world!

Captains log, Star date; 11.30.2018. My first officer, and crew; K.I.D.S, have set out on a journey. Trying to give each other Space to grow, to Discover The Final Frontier. Voyagers, together in life; but on a Mission, to Explore. To Seek out the newness within this World, within this civilization; to Boldly Go, where our heart will take us. Along the way, my heart has experienced a wave of emotions. At times desperately trying to cloak my heart, trying not to be absolutely vulnerable; but my shields have often failed, to stop a love that has already moved my soul. My heart has never been one to beat a thousand miles a minute, but some days this love has my heart racing at Warp Speed. Most days I try to keep it humming, at One Quarter Impulse; doing my very best, to not get ahead of the love!

My heart was once lost within the black hole in my soul, but there’s a light; a love that repels the darkness. My heart is being stretched, my soul has not yet reached its capacity; forever being molded by a truly indescribable love. My heart has to daily rediscover, seeking means to find this love over and over; undiscovered, the deeper parts of this love. Abiding forever within this love, my heart will truly Live Long and Prosper. My soul has Trekked too far, for my heart to ever turn back now. So, until the day my hearts journey comes to an end, and my soul finally gets to go home. Until then, James T.. wo, the first; will be a safe passage, to help a heart get through it all!


My Every Breath?

How, how could I ever attempt to breathe; without You? You are the air, that moves within my lungs. I simply can’t, and I simply wouldn’t; try to attempt such a feat. Your love is my life, my very lifeline; the life that moves within every beat of my heart. Every single day I ask my heart just one question; are you crazy like a fox? I couldn’t even imagine, or could even begin to think; about a life without Your love!

Crazy is as crazy does, but that kind of crazy; wouldn’t even sense; to think that you could possibly breathe on your own. Foxes have dens, birds have nests. So, why would I ever want to fall out of love, with a heart teaching my soul how to soar. Just to fall into a den of thieves, trying to steal my every breath. Heart, take a moment to breathe that all in. Resuscitation is possible, but let every deep breath of this love; be what forever moves your soul.

Your love takes my breath, but yet Your love is what helps me to breathe. Your love is the breath within my heart, the love that breathes throughout my soul. I live and breathe, only because Your love is the air; the love that makes a heart feel truly alive. I couldn’t live, much less to even try to breathe; without Your love. Oh my soul, take a deep breath; but exhale only when your heart knows. To live your life through a deeper love; then you will truly be able to love, the life you get to live. If it happens to forever take your breath, living will now begin; because you finally know how to breathe!

So how, how could I give You less of my love, when my heart wants to give You my every breath? They say less is more, but less of Your love. Could never give my heart more of the air, my soul simply needs to breathe. How, if I don’t forever make Your love; My Every Breath?


Fun Friday; The Wheelhouse Infusion!

First and for most, the opening statement is going to be Blunt. This first one is dedicated to A to the M to the Y… you ask? She’s the one who suggested I participate in the; Quips, Idioms, and Lingo Tag! Don’t call this a Rap, I also have to give a shout out; to Kathy Wire from Maggie Tiggles, the creator this tag. So, let me get straight to the point; I normally don’t participate in these. I already have a hard enough time trying to keep up; with everything else associated with blogging. So instead I decided to infuse it, with the regular Fun Friday post. I didn’t realize when I started blogging, that along with sharing stories; we would also be playing tag. Well, I did post a few months ago; about Hide and Seek. I guess even kids at heart; will forever likes stories, and a wonderful game of tag. So, that leads to my next point; about this wonderful person. Sure, she may have a led foot, but this story is not about pedal to the metal. And I’m sure, her heart forever races; whenever she, Aims her hearts arrow… high!

I’m in my Wheelhouse, my heart is at ease; with Humorous expressions. My heart can Wheel a few jokes, deep within this House; Iies a boatload of humor. Writing for your enjoyment, will never be tedious. I’ve been known to be Playful, some have called it Witty. Okay, confession time; I’ve been called Sarcastic a time or two… many to count. But I like to think of it as Whimsical, don’t think that to be Laughable. Within everything, there‘s always teachable moments; even if it’s done in Fun. So, don’t think of me as a Pest. Even though I won’t cry boohoo, just to become a Mess, this is all done in Jest. King Kong doesn’t have anything on me, what’s better than being a child of God? So therefore, you will never see me beat my Chest; I always try to give the ego a Rest. I rather put the focus on you, did I ever tell you; You’re All The BEST? No need to doubt, just put my heart to the Test. But all joking aside; love and peace, are my only Quest!

My heart tells me I’m blessed, gifted with the ability; to put Tongue-in-Cheek. Yes, truly gifted; I know how to put tongue, in left or right cheek. Now you might say; that makes me a bit too Cheeky. Okay, TRUTH be told; I do like making Wisecracks. I even loved watching the game show Lingo; when I was younger, I loved playing Bingo. If I had a dog, I would name him; B-I-N-G-O. It’s ironic, being a bit Comical; to me it has always made Sense, of the Humor perspective. Who knew, that writing about the love within; would become the new characteristic, the passion that now moves my heart? These days, I’m too Blessed to be Stressed, God’s love has cleaned up the Mess. Some days I face a Test, but within God’s love; my heart has forever found Rest, and that the honest TRUTH!

In closing, another shout out to AMY, and SADJE. They both asked me to participate in the, Quote Me. The words are Family, and Truth; I infused them both within today’s post. But please, don’t quote me; okay, Quote Me. Amy, Sadje, I’m up for the Challenge. So, can you handle the TRUTH? Don’t worry, this is not TRUTH or Dare. But let me take you for a Spin, on The Bottled up emotions. Here’s the question on FAMILY, and how I see this TRUTH. FAMILY, what is FAMILY? Is it evident, only because you share a special bond; is it also about having a unique connection? Do you know the TRUTH, do you just guess answer; what say you? If you guessed that the WordPress community is just about being social; then you’ve guessed wrong, it’s like an extended FAMILY. Made up of so many hearts; who seem to have made an unexpected, but a truly wonderful connection. So, go ahead, I Dare you; #QuoteMe, this is my TRUTH. Tag, you’re all it; the FAMILY I’ve been talking about!