• iSwear, to love you with every breath within my beating heart.

• iSwear, to keep building my heart around your love; let my heart continue be your strong foundation.

• iSwear, to rise up each and every day, to call heart extremely blessed; to have your love as part of my soul.

• iSwear, to hold on tight, gaze endlessly into your heart; I’m not ready to let go of your heart.

• iSwear, that I will love you always, drop the “F” bomb; whenever you just need to hear it said. Woman, the “F” word my heart speak of, will always mean; Forever… iSwear!


A Mother!

As women, people like to label you; categorize you. When you’re young and single, they label you with words like; Hot, Sexy, Fearless. When a woman is older, married and have kids; you become far more than just a sticker price. The labels seen only through the lens of the eyes, but the heart is where the true beauty lies; into you, that’s what they need to see. A woman will never loose the label used to describe her youth, they just simply age like fine wine. Aging heightens the beauty; maturing is what defines the essence within!

As men, we absolutely need to know how to appreciate the true essence. Essence is defined as: An intrinsic nature. The indispensable quality that serve to characterize; that used to identify something, someone. It’s the most important ingredient, the crucial element. The inherent, unchanging nature; A Mother!

Sure, outer beauty is nice to have, but a woman is defined by her true beauty; the essence within. What really makes a woman truly special, is the definition that radiates from within. This label that I speak of, is that of a Mother; a label that speaks of Love, and true Strength. A Mother looks after the home, but that doesn’t define her. She nurtures her kids, with all the love within her soul. All while working to help support the family. A mother’s love; unwavering love!

When you’re young you may be able to turn a few heads, and be admired for your outer beauty. But when a woman truly knows her Worth, she doesn’t need to turn heads; she has learned how to inspire a generation, with her heart. She has truly realized that she is a SUPERWOMAN; with the ability to even stop hearts, with just her presence!

Mothers, the label; scratch that. You have a title; built on Strength, but the foundation is Courage. The strength to be, with the courage that is; flawless. Mothers, I Celebrate You this day, and every day. Don’t let any label define you, it’s a Title that best Describes You; A Woman!

God Bless You, Happy Mothers Day!


Hide and Seek!

I used to try to hide my heart from Your love, but You would know just how to find it; maybe because Your love was at the center of my heart. Sometimes I’ve even turned my back, but Your love was still so relentless. You clearly saw that I had a foolish heart, my heart could never truly hide from Your love. I tried to avoid Your touch, but could never avoid Your presence. Your love became my heart, the very moment I gave it to You. There’s no need for You to seek, my heart can no longer hide; Your love is my heart!

Hide and seek is a game that kids play. Passion, desire, love; they play endlessly within my heart. They may hide, but Your love forever seeks; my heart is Yours. My heart wants to forever brag and boast, that Your love has become my everything. The more I seek, the more of You I find. The more I love, the more reasons a want to love. I don’t want to ever hide my heart, not when Your love has been my hearts closest friend; my heart is never alone. I will never again hide my heart, it’s the only thing Your love seeks!

I will seek You first, seek You faithfully, but seek Your love wholeheartedly. Just so my heart can forever be found, enjoying the presence of Your loving embrace. If You were to ever hide Your love, I will seek Your face. If You were to ever hide Your face, then I will seek Your heart; to forever have Your love. A heart will never truly know You, until that heart stops hiding; don’t ever hide Your love from my heart. Hide and seek was a game my heart used to play; tag I’m it; a heart forever in need of Your love!


The Hurt Locker!

We’ve all been hurt, some of us can still even feel the pain. Scars fade, the pain goes away; if you let go, and let God. Give God your pain, don’t be ashamed to show Him your scars; there’s a locker. Sure, I know it’s easier said than done, but what’s the alternative? Just let it sit within your heart, and fester; until something becomes truly rotten, but it turns out to be your soul? Life is a journey, the path may not be easy. The journey can be sometimes short, don’t waist the moments looking back. Let it be, ashes to ashes; dust yourself off. The journeys not over, until Him face to face. His love will always, and forever be the final destination!

Let me tell you about my heart, may it be an inspiration. My journey has been far from easy, but it has truly made my heart stronger. My heart has been called, let your heart be one of the chosen; to be good, and truly faithful. My desire is to have a heart like David. It didn’t matter what David faced, he held true to his faith; in God. Even when he could have taken Sauls life, he waited for God to promote him; the hurt was placed within the locker!

I want my faith to be as bold as Job, he said; “though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.” He lost every single thing he had, but yet his faithful heart; was secure within his God. That just blows my mind; curse God, die, wasn’t an option, not even a second thought for Job. What a great faith to truly behold, the hurt, the pain, the suffering; placed within his locker!

My friends, God’s got it; God’s got you, right in the palm of His hands. Put the hurt, the pain, put your trust; in Him who is able. His love is the key, He has a locker with your name on it. Give your hurt to Jesus, let His love be your comfort!


The Selfless Heart!

Nanu Nanu.

Hey friends, can I pull up and park beside your heart? The two words above are from a tv show that aired around 1980; called Mork and Mindy. It was a greeting that Mork used, which basically means; Hello! The message below I wrote back in the summer of 2014. A time when selfies and mental health was taking flight, now they’ve taken center stage. Robin Williams was Mork, and his death that summer shocked me and the world, but got my heart thinking; so I wrote the following.

In society today we have new words, like selfie; which derives from the word self. There’s nothing wrong with the words self or selfie; we just need to put them into prospective. Don’t let them take root within, and evolve into the word; selfish. Read the questions below; assess yourself as a person. See if the word that best describes you is none other than the word; selfless?


• Is the love for your partner in life true, unconditional; forever?

• Do you feel that it’s an absolute need to encourage, and speak life into the hearts of those around you; just because?

• Can you see more beauty within people, more than the beauty you see; in the mirror?

• Do you work hard; regardless of how you feel, or even if you never get recognized?

If you’ve said yes to these questions, then it’s exactly as I thought. You see that it’s not about you, you’ve chosen to walk the path of selflessness. You haven’t bought into the message being told these days; “that it’s all about you!” You’ve realized, and know that it’s more rewarding to build up. Your selfless act could very well be the lifeline, that they so desperately need; to stand, stronger. We should never make life all about us, shine bright the light you have within. Be that beacon of hope, someone just may need to see the light. The only light they see, probably comes from a darkened soul; but the darkness, still overwhelms from within!



My heart wants to tell a thousand stories, of how Your love has been so precious; as precious as the air. Your love is my breath; life. Breathe a deeper understanding of Your love into my soul, until I have ten thousand stories. Your love is not just life, but everything. My heart will breathe deeply; overwhelmed would just be the start, amazing would still never be the end!

My soul just can’t seem to believe, that it’s playing second fiddle to my heart. Your love is that gentle feeling, that moves my heart in and out. The air my heart breathes, every breath within my lungs. Your love is the gentle whisper upon the wind, absolutely blowing my mind. To uncover the scars, You want my heart to be forever exposed; to show the beauty within Your love!

Your love flows gently within my heart, every breath of Your love moves my soul. Breathe, I need every breath within my heart to be just Your love. Every facet, gently moving, but mightily felt. Your love doesn’t just blow my mind, it has shifted my heart; but forever moves my soul. A love undeniable, truly unexplainable, but so unforgettable; Whispers!



Tell me, does my heart please you; does my soul speak truth? With all my heart, I’m trying to show the love. With everything that’s within me, myself, yeah, I do; do love You. Do You believe that, or am I still that fool… ish heart; still trying to reach Your heart with just my own strength? Here I am, looking through the lens of my own heart, it can become broken; not shattered, hello!

Do I, oh does my, can you truly feel the love that resonates from within? The struggle is real, sometimes I feel like I’m not getting anywhere; are You trying to tell me something? Closer, draw my heart closer; let Your love be the only thing I hear. Liar, liar, heart of mine the devil is still a liar. God’s trying to tell you something; speak Lord, my heart’s listening!

When the love moves, my heart wants to move. When He breathes, I hold my breath; the awe and wonder. When I exhale, I once again get moved; the love is what moves my soul. With every breath, my heart takes; the love moves on the inside. My heart moves, trying to allow the love to breathe through my soul, but only when; I stop trying on my own. Shh, shh, listen; God’s trying to tell you something. Let His love move your heart, don’t try to move your own heart. Don’t even try to breathe on your own, just listen; then let the words flow out as love, like a river!