The Pretender!

How deep do You want to go, is there a limit to Your love; or am I the one, putting the limits on You? I will never pretend to know Your mind, but I am trying my best; to know Your heart. Some days I feel that I am Your hero, but in that very same day; I feel that I have turned into an absolute zero. So, please tell me the truth, my heart can handle the truth; how do You truly see me? I’ve got a think skin, over my tender heart. So tell me, do You see me with a loving heart, or just as a pretender?

I can be anything You want, but I already know. That You would rather see a heart, totally transformed; forever faithful. I have worn many hats, but wherever I lay my hat; that’s never truly been my home. My heart has only ever felt at home, resting safely within Your love. So therefore, I will never pretend; to just give You my heart, it’s forever Yours. I am not a pretender with my love, I will never pretend to love You; with just my lips. My heart glows much brighter, the moment I trusted; completely believed, that Your love would never let me go!

I’ve never been a slave to fear, but

I fear; that I’ve questioned my own heart at times, but I’ve never once had to question Your love. Trust can never be a true reality, if the heart doesn’t first believe; in that which it truly places the trust. My heart has been forever touched by Your love, where my belief started; my trust, forever in that love!

Within my heart I’ve never pretended to be anything, but truly grateful. Never once claimed to have perfect vision, my heart couldn’t even pretend to see straight; if not through the lens of Your love. Would not even pretend, that I’ve never once fell. At the very first encounter, it was head over heels; for Your love. So, I will never pretend; that Your love isn’t the true hero of this story. The unequivocal hero, that saved my heart. There’s absolutely no pretending, that my heart loves You so!


Song Inspired; You Say!

Growing up I fought, thoughts within my mind; playing over and over within my heart. The question placed to my heart, are you truly enough? But deep within my soul, there was a voice, the only thing that drowned out my own thoughts. Small still whispers, my solace, a peace within my soul. A voice with so much strength; strong and mighty, the gentleness is what moved my heart. My soul didn’t always believe, in what I couldn’t yet see; but my heart, learning how to hear!

My silence, was the only thing; that I truly knew to be real. You see, I was a child; that spent many hours alone, I could tell you stories. They all involve the same known characters; Me, Myself, and I. Playing make-believe, that I was sometimes visible; a world I would occasionally visit, within my own heart. Some days, the struggle was oh too real; just believing, that I was truly loved. I wasn’t blind to my world, but yet still too blind to see; that my heart was forever held.

My heart couldn’t see, so how could it even believe; that a love could possibly find a heart, barely breathing within the silence? Trust and believe, that was the word resonating within my soul. The lie that I wasn’t loved, was a fruit from the old poisonous tree. My Eden wasn’t a place, but a presence; bearing much fruit within my heart. Every single lie that told my heart, that I would never measure up; fell on the Rock, my soul was now covered. My soul now has a song, a story; it’s written upon my heart!

God, remind me again who I am; I need to know? Sometimes I can’t believe, that You love me so. Give me a moment, just knowing I’m so loved; my heart needs a moment to breathe. The only thing that matters to me now, is what You think of me. In You I find my worth, in You I’ve found my identity. In You my heart has a purpose, deeper into Your heart; that’s my destiny. The depth of my heart, is more than the sum; of every high, and every low!

• You say I am loved, when I couldn’t even feel a thing!

• You say I am strong, when I thought I was too weak!

• You say I am held, when I felt I was falling apart!

• When I felt like I didn’t belong; You say I am Yours!

• You took my every doubt, in You I have my every victory!

Now all I care to know, is what You say: I am. Nothing else will my heart ever again believe, or trust. You say believe, in that; I only trust!

Today’s song inspired, is a song by Lauren Ashley Daigle; an American contemporary Christian music singer-songwriter, from Lafayette, Louisiana.

I pray that this story, a glimpse into a part of my journey; is an encouragement. Even within the silence, God knew who I was; the only father I ever knew!



Mayday, oh mayday; my heart wants to declare a state of emergency. Oh, there’s a gaping void, within the center of my heart. A hole, that just wants to suck the life; right out of my heart, this is a mayday. Oh, why did I ever think that I could just put Your love on autopilot; when Your love truly requires my full attention. Now I can’t seem to fix, this decompressed feeling within my heart. Can You please advice, or at the very least; won’t You please talk my heart down?

This is a mayday of the utmost, and of epic proportions. My heart is loosing so much altitude, a sinking feeling; within the very pit of my stomach. Mayday, I can’t seem to prop up my heart; onto the love of Your horizon. Surely my love has become more than just a blip, on Your radar; or is my heart just absolutely missing Your mark? How does Your love, have the ability to surround my heart; like an ocean? I don’t want my heart to crash, and burn. Unless I would be crashing, twenty thousand league; into the depth of Your love?

If I was to fully let go, would I be forever engulfed, by Your flame? And be absolutely consumed, by the flame of Your burning love? Testing, testing; why am I having such a hard time, hearing Your heart? Help, I need somebody, help; not just anybody, I need Your kind of help. The AIR around my heart is becoming so thin, I need Your love; to help me breathe. For the TRAFFIC is swirling within my mind, it feels as if it’s moving at the speed of sound. I’m trying desperately not to lose total CONTROL, of my every emotion… help!

I am the Captain of my heart, but that doesn’t mean; that I won’t let Your love take the wheel, and fly my heart straight into the clear blue yonder. Mayday, take my heart higher; thirty thousand feet, wouldn’t even take me to the edge of Your love. I don’t think that I can make it to the runway. In my mind is an absolute runaway. My heart just wants to run, into the arms of Your love. For Your love is a beacon of hope; the voice that captures my heart, calms my fears. Whenever the love within my heart feels, as if it’s in a constant state of flux. My heart feels like it’s experiencing a catastrophic failure. Your love is all I need, to stop my hearts rapid rate descent!

So, won’t You please acknowledge my heart, won’t You please rescue my soul; take my heart to a higher level. Your love is the wind beneath my wings, power up my heart; with the thrust of Your love. Completely let it level off my soul, on Your brand new horizon. I’m coming home to You, Your love has given me the faith to believe; that I can truly fly. I trust You, I know that my heart is absolutely going to make it. My heart is about to touch down, touch down safe; within Your love. Oh may… day, after day; my heart feels forever safe, within the safety of Your love?


Through It All!

Our love has been tested, through the storms of life; within this love journey. Through it all we’ve learned to trust, trust that the anchor will forever hold!

• The winds blew strong; but stronger was the anchor, to this day it still holds.

• The tidal waves came, high were the waves. But the higher the waves, the deeper went the anchor; it still holds.

• The rains were torrential, sometimes the downpour so overwhelming; but yet, the anchor still holds.

• The waters rose high, but my heart was never drowning. My heart was secure, I knew within my soul; in whom the anchor holds.

Even when our hands could not hold tight, we still didn’t lose hope. Within every moment, within every situation; our hearts were still anchored. We held on tighter than ever, the anchor was God’s love. Yes, through it all, within our weakness. Through it all, our faith remained strong; knowing that the three strands, could never be broken!

Babe, our hearts have weathered many storms; our love is still securely anchored. The storms came, to test the strength of our hearts. But the strength of our character, that’s what have fortified our love. How can two hearts ever tell how strong they truly are? If not for real test, and unyielding trials; but through it all.

Sweet lady, listen to my soul. Hear that your love is still entwined, beating with the rhythm of my heartbeat; a beat ever so strong. Your love is the reason, why through it all; my heart is still anchored, to the strength of your love!


God is…

• God is… The light, even when the time seems to be so dark; God is!

• God is… The protection, when my mind tries to attack my heart; God is!

• God is… The joy, when my heart can’t bare to see so much sorrow; God is!

• God is… my heart, my soul; my life, my strength, my everything, my God is!

• God is… my today, my tomorrow, my forever. In all, within my heart; ten thousand times yes, God is!

He removes the pain, the misery, the strife. He promised to keep, never ever leave, to provide all our needs. What God does, Who God is; why God is!

He will never come short of His word, fast and pray; stay within the narrow way. You’ve come so far, now is not the time to turn back. Keep your life clean, keeps your heart holy. God lives within, my friends; God is!

“He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High, will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” Psalms‬ ‭91:1-2‬ ‭ESV‬‬


Fun Friday; Is it a Man’s World?

I am a man, I have a castle; you sure better believe, I have an incredible queen. As a boy, I was led to believe; that it’s a mans world. But they failed to include; a how-to manual. So like most men; I kicked back on the sofa, enjoying my world. Women, on the other hand, are a little different; they’ve been known to get together. I’m sure to get tips, to strategize. On how to keep the castle, running at peak performance. Every woman knows, that you can’t leave those kinds of decisions; up to the man. It must be within one of those strategic sessions; the how-to, and the honey do, was engineered? 🤔

Boy, they sure forgot to inform the man. That even though it’s “a man’s world,” and the “so called king.” It’s a superwoman, a domestic goddess, a mother extraordinaire; that has the ability, to truly run it all. Don’t worry men, you have the ability to put on the pants; it will always be one leg at a time. You can wear “The pants;” well, at least the one that she picked out for you. Don’t get me wrong, every man needs a strong woman; to help navigate the turn by turns of his world, a GPS for short (Good. Powerful. Superwoman)!

They loving nudge assist encourage, with a strong assertive tone. With intuition, such attention to details like, “dear, you forgot the bread… again; go back, recalculate your positioning.” You see, it’s all in the informative details; they don’t seem to miss a thing. It’s all about keeping the mans world, in perfect alignment; with the sun… shine within her heart. Yeah, they may call it a man’s world, but he can never keep it humming; all on his own. His world will never truly be complete, without an unbelievably strong Queen. God made them, to be part of your heart!

So Men, if you know to share your world; if you truly learn how to share your heart. Her unwavering, her unapologetic, her undying love; forever becomes your world. Embrace her strength, take her by the hand. Cherish her love, then let her love; forever take you, by the heart!


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The Workaround!

Change is inevitable, my heart can sometimes be predictable. Your love has been so incredible, a workaround; to a foolish heart. Work out the issues within my heart, until my heart no longer has a work around; but Your love. Do a complete walk around within my heart, thoroughly check every crevice within my soul; see if I’ve truly given You my everything? If there is anything that my heart’s still holding back. Move my heart, until even my very soul; has nothing within that‘s hidden!

Eliminate every possible escape route, eliminate every workaround. Make me have to go through Your heart, to know how to love. I’m a thinker, a problem solver; an innovator. Sometimes even trying to engineer, my own work around. But I think that I’ve once and for all solved the problem. It’s my mind, that’s always trying to get between Your love, and my heart. Your love has never been the problem, it’s the solution. I need to let Your love work through my heart, and not just work around my solution based thinking!

For so long Your love has been my everything. That’s the very reason, why I can no longer let there be a work around. So, I will remove the clutter; there needs to be a clear path, to the center of my heart. I need You to forever make my heart Your home. I will let Your love completely clean house, top to bottom. Throw out every one of the insecurities, remove every last doubt. Remove the baggage, my mind needs to stop tripping. I will clean the mirror, until my heart is a true reflection; of Your love. My heart needs to truly know, that there’s absolutely no work around; to Your love!

Why should I try to get around, why would I even want to go around? Your love has been working within my heart for such a long time. Breaking down walls, remodeling my heart from the inside; making it into Your imagine. I don’t want You to ever think, that Your love has gone unnoticed. Within my heart, there will never be a work around. If my heart wants a deeper love, this can only happen; going through Your love!