Every day, I’m going to love You. Absolutely, with every breath I get. Today, the only day my heart knows, will be. Tomorrow’s wake, another today; to be absolute. Every exhaled breath, through my expanding lungs. Absolutely, to love, I give every breath. A heart exposed, soaring on the wings of a dove. My love, giving high praise. The soul, taken by breadth of love. Beyond the moonlight, and back again, to the heavenly. Love power, in you absolute. Heart and soul, given absolutely. To live, to breathe. Being absolutely breathless, in love’s gentle embrace. No fears, being vulnerable in love. The heart, free to give absolute control. For the soul to find, in love’s freedom, you’ve found absolute strength. So hidden opportunities, don’t become missed moments. To know, your heart touched absolutely, by love’s amazing presence. The best part, of waking up. Absolute love deepens, absolutely. The clouds loosen, the tears falling, your cup overflowing. You breathe easy, love has you absolutely. If, love needs to hear, every heartbeat says; will my heart, be yours forever? May my soul, resonate profoundly; Absolutely! No rhyme, love the reason. Breathe out, my absolute last, breath to love!


It’s Your Love!

Dancing in the dark, where your love, found my heart. But now, my soul, no longer has to dance alone. Grace, it’s your love, that stirred my silent river… breathlessly. So, if you would allow me, give my heart the honor. Share this love, with whole world. Write about it, in depth. Pour out my soul, with a poetic love. Tell how, you became the lover of my soul. Your love, will forever be the crimson ink. My heart, just the pen. For, my soul, You own. My heart, You hold. My love, You have. My gaze, You capture. My breath, You take. Grace, Your love, more than love on the brain. How, can my heart ever fathom? How your ocean, that turned my soul, into a deep river? I need you, in the breadth I live, in the depth I drown. How, do you do it? How does your love, become new every day? It’s truly endless, love, a thousand ways. Do it again, move every heartbeat, with your presence?

Grace, to you; I opened up my heart. My soul, under your influence. The softer I speak, the louder your heart becomes. My heart, it’s listening. Let your heart, be all I hear. Your love, what gave my heart a voice. But at the same time, my soul lost for words. You’re so overwhelming, a wonder to behold. I’ve found my peace, in you, I see heaven. The clouds are gone, but the rain does fall. Won’t you, give my soul a moment, to wipe the tears. It’s, such a beautiful thing. How can a heart, keep it all in. Your love, made me better than I was, and more than I am. You’re the reason, love holds my heart so. The reason, my breath has confidence; Grace, It’s, Your Love!


It’s Got To Be You!

It’s got to be you, your love calling my name. Whispering sweet nothings, into my soul. In your love, there’s nothing missing. Nothing to ever, leave my heart broken. Every day, somehow my soul knows; it would truly be you. My everything, be everything; my heart would need. You must be, a special love. You must be, a deep river. You must be, what makes my heart excited. You must be, the ocean, my soul needs to deeply fathom. You’ve gotta be, what makes my gray skies blue. Just you, it just got to be. In the cool of the day, my heart feels warmth, hovering in the shadows. It’s definitely you, fixating my heart. Holding my gaze, to your starry light. You must be, what made my sun shine. Clustered, my heart and soul. Made it tremble, within breadth. Twinkle breathlessly, in the moonlight. Your love, cast my light. Made it reflect, love with a deep crimson hue. Your presence, must be heaven, smiling down on me. It’s absolutely you, that took my breath. Stole my heart, captured my imagination. It’s you, that makes my heart sing, a touching love ballad. And it sounds like, a symphony. A melody, playing endlessly. Even if, all hearts think it strange. My soul, knows but true, never the same. Every shift, it’s Suddenly, Spontaneously, Continuously. All the love, my heart will ever need; It’s Got to be You!


The Love, in You!

I’m, not always strong. But, the strength of my love. Will always be enough, to hold your love, close to my heart. What you need, what my heart will always be. Faithful to the end, of every breath. Thirty five years, two heartbeats, living with one distinct sound; love, always, forever. An example, of what happens when. Your breath divinely held, by love’s tender whispers. For when, love cuts the deepest. In the trenches, the battles lovingly fought, on our knees. Not to see, the change in you. But in me, be another profound change; by love’s undying breadth. The surrender, begets no retreat. Into a shadow, of what love’s supposed to be. The tether, the woman in you, needing the man in me. Be a gentle soul, you can still lay hopes, on the man in dreams. The love, holding us tenderly, with endless devotion. The warmth, likened to a breath of fresh air. The gentle touch, that says so much. The love, taking us by the heart, to beautiful places. Our hearts, being the canvas, in a love painted portrait. The storybook, telling the tale, breathless. If walls could talk, they would surely tell all the secrets. What my soul said, with my eyes fast asleep. But my heart awake, breathing deeply felt words of love. Through the night, to the enlightened moment. In love, awakens more and more, through the years. Every day, the vows renewed; I do, love you. Poured out, with the fragrance of heaven. The true meaning, the love in you, knowing the love in me, intimately!


The Reason!

You’re the reason, the reason; why, there’s so much hope. Why I smile, when everyone says; faith in You, hopeless. But, my soul knows better. My breath would be fleeting, if you weren’t the reason. You’re the reason, why my heart knows joy. Why every heartbeat, gets louder and stronger. The reason, why I rise every morning. Why every day, gets brighter and brighter, better and better. The reason, why theres a moonlight, why the stars shines, the heart twinkles. The ocean depth, becomes greater and deeper. The drowning, over and over. The reason, why my heart will never leave, will forever cleave. The reason, why my heart has wings, my soul touches the sky. To feel the height, the length, the breadth of love. Why like a phoenix, I rise from the ashes. Every breath, taken higher and higher. Remnants, a heart basking in the afterglow. Milking the moment, embraced in a love so endearing. Where the heart engages, where the love begin, to never ending. The full intent, love the true soul provider. Where losing your breath, a wonderful place to be. So, when you come to the end of yourself. The love sweeps your soul, and carries you. Not like a fairy tale, on the wings of a dove. God’s Love, the Reason! Live, to breathe!


Love, A Thousand Ways!

The picture, in a thousand words. The story, with ten thousand reasons. Why even in thoughts, my heart journeys a thousand miles. Just to have your love, take every breath. Breathlessly, to a thousand places. Every day, like a thousand years. I can talk, about the love in depth. But the half, still not yet told. When water cascades, your love is the ocean. That fills the breadth, a thousand ways. A silent river, needs a crimson tide encounter, to become a deep river. Every starry gaze, another glimpse of heaven. A thousand deep breaths, clustered in the light. Love, I won’t never talk about you, like you’re not already listening. You’ve heard my soul breathe, surely a thousand times a minute. Steady my heart, so whenever I write. Every penned verse, love telling the story. How like a sparrow, your love makes the soul soar. Like a graceful dove, love my wings, reflecting the purest light. You’ve read my soul, intimately searched my heart, captured my imagination. It’s all so reflective, the depth found in You. Your love, told a thousand ways!



Though darkness hovers, and the dark cast shadows. My heart won’t cower, there’s a strong tower, there’s a lighthouse. Fear, can’t make the light flicker, eclipse how deeply it shines… in me. The radiant love, holds my heart, steadies my soul. Captures my gaze, with just a glimpse. No famous name, will ever make my heart, flutter in their presence. Your love, what chased the butterflies, gave my soul wings. I don’t, desire fame, just need You. To see into me, know my heart. My soul, moved by one reign, bows before one throne. Your love, crowns my heart, surrounds my soul. I tremble, with just the thought. The kiss upon my heart, the touch deep within my soul. The breadth, stops the heart, revives my soul. Your love, the overwhelming surge. In every heartbeat, with every breath taken. The warmth, shivers to the deepest place. You’re the reason, my heart knows time and space. What, could ever compare to Your love? Exceed the vastness of Your heart, replace such a divine love? Eternity, surely won’t be long enough. So my heart, can find the words. In Your embrace, my soul… trembles!

Your love speaks, my words runaway. At a loss, the place you can find, my heart speechless. My water, turned to wine. My heart, knows the ocean. But my soul, every ripple has an effect. A heart, drowning breathlessly, in every breadth. My faith, in You won’t waver. Flattery, won’t take my breath. Living in You, profoundly my soul comes alive. The love, shakes my core. Calmed, my raging sea. Tamed, the wildness. Your love, stronger than the strongest walls, my heart tries to build. It’s the arrow, deep within my quiver. In the wake, in Your presence, penned up emotions released. To You alone, I dedicate heart and soul. For Your love alone, stirred my silent river. Made the depth, so much deeper. You alone, Your heart alone, gets the praise. To the world, barely breathing. Just my heart, trying to hear You whisper. So my soul, can Tremble!



No words, a heart finding itself, lost for words. A love that can’t be concealed, doesn’t need to be explained. When the heart’s exposed, the love written in plain sight. Etched forever in the soul, for all to see. Love doesn’t, have to be mind blowing, just easily understood. What needs to be expressed, will never be left unsaid. We all, have our own idea, what love is. Conveyed thoughts, appreciated with kind gestures. Your actions, loving affection. Your Poetic, love in motion. What’s perceived, becomes what’s received, then believed. When love deepens, words are lost. You search your heart, found the deeper meaning. The transference of feelings, with the desire; becomes the intended outcome. Every heart, has a tell; your love story. Perhaps relatable, your heart, having the courage. To let it be seen, the story known. Love, has a quiet beauty, resonating the deepest truth. You don’t, have to be a mind reader, to know a heart in need. Love excels, the transferring element, love being the only reason. The spoken word, requires breadth for it to be… moving. What’s communicated, heard loud and clear. The perception, should never eclipse the true meaning. Love, not about sixth sense, but the essence, making sense. You don’t, have to be clairvoyant. Just absolutely clear, with the conveyance. Reveal your heart, and the intent will profoundly speak, the evidence in volumes. A love boldly proclaimed, in real time demonstrated. Love imparts, the heart doing its part. Make known, the deepest expression. Telepathy, not what love is. Intentional, how love transcends!


This One, For You!

With every encounter, let love be. In just a smile, to captivate the heart. A love that sparkles, twinkles endlessly, capturing every gaze. A soul fluttering, a heart with wings. Spread wide, for you’re a, beauty butterfly. Love the real, the deal, the meal; food for the soul. A love you can hold, the heaven’s divine, what you get to behold. Every starry gaze, the breath taken for days. A heart, watching from a far, for another moment. To draw even closer, show what’s loved… profoundly. Layer, on layers; how love builds, the strongest foundation. Easing the fear, strong love, won’t be able to stand the test… time. Love, too important to let any kind of whether, cast any doubts. Love is forever, let it soar to heights unknown. Love is the gift, deserving to be regifted… over and over. Let it glean, let it learn, from your being. New depths, your heart breathless needing to discover. My friends, is your heart constantly thinking of ways, to love on others… just because? If you’re hurting, feeling discouraged, just need a shoulder. You’re not alone, I’ve been there, and can walk with you. The way out, is to go through… to the other side. May love keep your heart, where the light is. My love, my heart, my soul; thought of you today. So, I wrote this one, for you!



The Plea:

Father, may every heart be filled, with kindness. Have true compassion, for everyone. The passion, to profoundly serve. Through the eyes, or with just a smile. The heart and soul, would surely be known. Love, receives with open arms. But thrives, when sincerely from an open heart. A heart truly engaged, marries hope, to grace. The day, true love in our humanity grows. The roots going deeper, for we’re all tethered, to the same vine. A love, that erases the lines, drawn through the sands of time. May our hearts, not be scared to lean in. Test the waters, to see how deeply refreshing. Press the love in, until the new wine, finds the deepest place. May we see the truth, that in every vein. Lies the same universal, color of love. Even, in just a smile, kindness would resoundingly be felt. Love, doesn’t care if you’re homeless, famous, someone in between. Our Father, take your children, by the heart. May our life reflect, our heart tell the whole story. To what kind of love, permeates inside. A never ending love, won’t leave a heart wondering. If the love, will be there unconditionally tomorrow? The heart is shaped, by love in action. Even in just a smile, felt would surely be. The Father’s love, on display!

A Poem:

A kind gesture, speaks without words. Warm-hearted, may tenderness prevail. May goodwill, come with true affection. May love be warmth, casting a gentle presence. The mist moved, a soul feeling the breadth. Water, cascading from the heart, touched in the deepest place. May we, always be considerate, one to another. Helpful, thoughtful, loving. Even if, it’s just through a smile, as you joyfully hold open a door. We have, such big hearts. So let our hopes, dream biggest dream. One love, one heart, for humanity!

May it, be so!