This Heart!

The measure, the portion, equally proportioned. The texture, the fabric, love’s intrinsic tapestry. Tug on the string, but don’t rip out my heart. Love, holds my brokenness together. So, I don’t desperately have to cling, to all the pieces. Love tethers everything, to my devotion. Love is the instrument, to make my soul sing. My poetic muse, every inspired thing, the love I bring, from within this heart of mine. I don’t, have any loose change, just a wad of love; I let it reign. Change is truly irrelevant, if kindness doesn’t make the act, evident. Love’s perception, affirmed by the action taken, the love given. The piece of your heart, you’re freely willing to share. Letting others, see into your love, peer into your soul. It’s a vulnerable state, but a rewarding time, and space. When love breaks, for what feeling broken. The void in that place, makes the heart feel whole. True love is actions speaking, louder than words. To love I don’t cleave, one day; this world I will leave. Love is no good, if I keep all the pieces my heart, to myself. So, ask of me, heartfelt portions of my love, what my soul will impart. The best parts of me, I give to you, wholeheartedly. Letting go, the most profound way, to make a difference, enhance our humanity. Roses are red, violets are blue, but does your love beautify too? Sweet love, meant to be handed out, like candy. Why, give someone a piece of your mind, when you can indulge everyone, with your sincere affection? We all, have it to give, the sweetest love. Even, the piece of your heart, you keep locked up behind, the veil. Friend, take care, I’ve shared with you, the deepest parts of me. I need to go find someone, and share the finest thing I have, the love inside of me. And if, you should ever need more love? I will be waiting and ready, to give all I have, in this heart of mine!


Beyond Words!

You are a song, a poetic expression. A strong tower, a breath of fresh air. You fill me, fulfill me, thrill me. You move me, you touch me, you teach me, you amaze me. Beyond the seen, much meaning. Beyond known, the reason. Beyond perceived, the purpose. Beyond the unknown, the horizon. I am enlightened, my worth illuminated; my light, you are. So faithful, so constant, so loving, so patient, so gracious, so powerful, so wonderful, so amazing, so beautiful, so true. You never forsake me, never mistake me, never mislead me; you placate me. You see me, you know me, you’re for me. You lean in, I press in, intimacy deepens. You write upon my heart, breathe into my soul. In plain sight, with so much might, this feels right. In my perception, in my peripheral; the perspective. Love beyond words, what this is!



In the jungle, you don’t have to float like a butterfly, your heart doesn’t need to sting like a bee. You don’t need gloves, when you’re in the fight of your life. Love in the heart, makes your humanity, undisputed. Heart to heart, how battles are won. An indifferent soul, can never contend, with a fear-less love. You don’t, need the ability to leap tall buildings, in a single bound. By leaps and bounds, courageous love uses its intrinsic might, whenever it leaps into action. A warrior, fighting the good fight, vanquishes whatever comes in the cloak of darkness. A fear-less soul, climbs every mountain, never dreads walking through the valley. A heart conquers fear, wielding a brilliant smile, displaying a beautiful mind. Shadows of death, won’t eclipse the light, can’t distinguish emboldened confidence. Shackle can’t restrain a heart, that knows what it takes, to break chains. A soul knowing true freedom, not swayed by limitations. You don’t, have to be fearless, just know how to fear-less!

Fear-less, not about being unafraid, but being fearless, to show strength reigns inside you. A heart knowing its worth, doesn’t look to be heroic, just needing a reason to be faithful. A purpose driven life, a heart born to rule, govern with intent, living intentionally. Rise from the ashes, like a phoenix, spread wings like an eagle. A soul free like a bird, soars higher and higher, with wind beneath your wings. You don’t, have to be the king of the jungle, to become an overcomer. A heart of a lion, doesn’t protect territory, but guards the heart. If you’re a lioness, if you’re a lion, rise up and roar. Rise up and rock, rise up and lock, on to your destiny. Hopes and dreams, show the way, faith says you can, get there; fulfilling your purpose. Rise up, activate your heart. Rise up, dominate your mind. Rise up, and change the landscape, overtake the negativity. A fear-less perspective, try it on; freedom will look good, on you!

Fear becomes a thief, when the door is left open. Close the window to your soul, and fear will know, open door is an illusion!

Fear can consume you, with only the oxygen, you provided. A heart set ablaze, burns passionately. Love breathed in, makes fear exhale!

Fears can’t eclipse light, can only mask perception. Fear gets nervous, when it sees your strength is about to rise up, and shine fearlessly!


Peace, in the Drowning!

I found peace in the silence, found peace in a deep river. Peace took my breath, left my heart, at the quiet stream. Peace taught my soul, how to be, free. And now, I find peace on the mountain, find peace in the valley. My peace is found, in fields of enlightened dreams. I find peace on the journey, know there’s peace, on every winding road. I find water in the desert, I find peace in the raging sea. Peace fills my soul, breathlessly. In the stillness, my love learned to be, intentional. I find peace in chaos, have peace of mind in the madness. My peace waits in the unknown, in suffering, peace holds my heart. Letting go of brokenness, I found piece of myself, searching the depth of my being, peace lives inside of me. In the drowning, my heart takes a breath, to let the peace in my soul, breathe!



Feeling, like breathing isn’t easy? Believing, you can’t take another step? Thinking, the journey has come to an end? Looking, like you can’t overcome? Sending, up an S.O.S, hoping love, will save your soul’s distress? A life knowing love, a heart beating with purpose. Words have power, but gives it meaning, intentionally purposed. Hopes and dreams, living and loving, life with profound synergy. Purpose has reason, transcends season. Purpose reveals its effect, love enlightens effectiveness, imparts equilibrium. Without reproach, with resolve, by design. Purpose empathizes, will emphasize, love’s true nature. Take a breath, take every step, with purpose. Believe the journey, will never be over, for an overcomer. When, life tries to break your will, the tears starts to spill; look within and know. Beyond, what you can fathom, what eyes can see. Your heart, beats because you have, purpose!


I Will Be!

The strands in your heart, keeps my soul tethered, to your endearing love. The colorful moments in love, paints our hearts in a graceful light, revealing the beautiful nuances of love. Profound love is a display, the portrait hanging on our heart. The deepest meaning, love’s heartfelt ambiance, captured in the mosaic beauty. From the moment, love made itself known, whispers penetrated my soul. Love persuading my soul, don’t be better, when love grows older, but be everything; love makes the heart able. Love, takes the soul to a better place, if the heart willing. Love is living proof, actions speak, when words are hard to find. Even when, voices in the wind, tried to tell my heart, we didn’t belong together. But, they couldn’t have known, my soul, knew chasing after the wind, was meaningless. Empty words, could never sway a heart, destined to be one, with forever. I don’t, desire to dress up my heart. I rather bare my soul, let everyone see, what love is. Love faces heartache, will test time, but not meant to counter; just encounter love’s breathtaking nature. Faith propels belief, compels hope; guide dreams. My soul, doesn’t need a special day, my heart a hallmark moment, for my love to be the enduring expression. Daily, her love elevates me, to celebrate my boo, share my heart too, give my love true. If love, doesn’t soar to new heights, want to fathom depth, how can the heart, know the breadth? Love asked of me, to let this be my confidence. If my soul is sincere, my heart always there, love will be dear, till the end of time. A heart tangled up, a soul held breathless, in strands of love. A loving shoulder, a strong presence, a gentle spirit; faithful love. Whatever her heart and soul needs, I’ll be!

Sunday May 28th, will be our 35th wedding anniversary. With my wife being in the hospital, and though I will be there. This will be the first time, we won’t be able to celebrate it, on our terms. But I am grateful, that we are still able to celebrate it together!


Ain’t No way!

For me to love you, is my pleasure. For me to want you, for my heart to, need to breathlessly, watch your love bloom, become a beautiful flower. Ain’t no way, my heart would ever, let love wither. Ain’t no mountain, my love is not willing to climb. Ain’t no way, my love would ever leave you. When the heart falls, my love will be there, to catch your soul, be everything you need. Ain’t no way, I won’t, give all of me. My love got you, hold on to my heart. Fear is just a lie, running out of breath. Fear can never, overwhelm my heart, love is what makes my soul, breathless. Ain’t no way, I would ever abandon your heart. My heart is not ready and willing, to let you go. For better, in the worse of times, in sickness, in health. My vow is predicated, trust the foundation, truth the essence. They say, love is blind, but my love has always been deep. Blindness is a stigma, that could never stop this heart of mine, from seeing clearly. Ain’t no way, for my heart and soul, to love you any less. Love’s lessons learned, won’t become a display; if the heart isn’t in it, love. Ain’t no way, I can ever be, someone I’m not. Profound love, leaves the heart exposed. My faith and love, can never be lessened, by distance. A heart beats a mile, not to know minutes, but live in moments. Nothing my heart would face, could ever change my love; ain’t no way!


So Beautiful!

A mother, deep within her being; love is. So beautiful, your heart, lovelier than springtime, dearer than a touching love song, captivating as a shooting star. More refreshing, than the morning dew, sweeter than the honeydew, precious as the rising sun. Your presence, radiates like the sunlight, inviting as the daylight. An illuminating nightlight, hovering in the shadows. The gaze, beauty with no haze, love for days. When a heart needs to know, comforting is every heartbeat. Beauty, in the heart of, love in the arms of. Though, at times you need to be held, everyone else, held beautifully within your care. Don’t marginalize her love, celebrate your worth. In the hustle, through the bustle, her love remains picture perfect. A work of art, capturing her essence, a beautiful portrait of love. Where, where would the world be, without a love like this? At love that says clearly, put your heart in mine, and together let it become, love’s rhapsody. Your love is a destiny, beyond a fantasy; her beautiful reality. Your love is infectious, your heart so endearing. Your soul, smiles within your sleep. Your heart, laughs out loud, in daydreams. Toiling done gracefully, twirling passionately, displaying what needs to be seen, your inner beauty. A mother’s love, so delightful, the most fragrant May flower, a crimson rose. Beautiful, so beautiful. How, how can a heart not find words, to express what you are, love personified!

This post, is dedicated to All the wonderful mothers! May the day be bright, your heart be a delight. Your love is a light, every day, and night! Special thanks, to my wife, who collaborated with me, on this Mother’s Day card design! Happy Mother’s Day’s, save a copy!


Her Instrumental Love!

Her love, strums my soul, deeply, tugs on my heartstrings, effortlessly. Her symphonic rhythm, moves me, profoundly, takes my breath, spectacularly. Her melody, sways me, her lyrical tone, tells me, the way to her soul. Her angelic sound, heavenly, her melodic vibe, takes my breath. Her instrumental love, plays a significant part in my life. Her influential presence, contributors to my well being, deep and profound. Her love, doesn’t perform, it’s a conducive collaboration, with my heart and soul. Her heart and soul, an instrumental light show, reflecting the colors of her love. Her beautiful expression, music sweetly holding me, with her simplicity. Her love is in tune, with my acoustic hue. A heart, lost within the sweet sound of love, will always find itself, breathless. Her love, makes my heart speechless. Her words are not needed, for my soul to be swayed, by her Instrumental Love!