What have I done? The question my heart has so often pondered. I was such a sinner, and You such a great love. So Why, my heart knows the When and Where; the What is the ponder. I know When my heart came face to face with Your love. You Relentlessly chased after my heart, the blessings are now running me down. What have I done, to deserve this?

The depth of Your love, I can’t even fathom; so high I couldn’t possibly see how much. The length and breadth, will take my heart a lifetime; to merely get a glimpse. How deep does it go, that’s What my heart is learning. I can’t even pretend to understand, so How could I even begin to repay? The Why, it’s beyond my comprehension!

• When I am thirsty, You alone; What becomes the water!

• When I am hungry, Your love is What I forever feast on!

• When I am weary, Your heart is What I rest on!

• When the water starts to flow from my heart, the What has truly struck a chord; it overwhelms me. What Have I Done?

Oh God, my heart wants to know; What have I done? Nothing, I have done nothing; there’s nothing I can ever do. Every day, of Your love; You choose to freely give. I truly don’t deserve, a love like this!


The Pretender!

How deep do You want to go, is there a limit to Your love; or am I the one, putting the limits on You? I will never pretend to know Your mind, but I am trying my best; to know Your heart. Some days I feel that I am Your hero, but in that very same day; I feel that I have turned into an absolute zero. So, please tell me the truth, my heart can handle the truth; how do You truly see me? I’ve got a think skin, over my tender heart. So tell me, do You see me with a loving heart, or just as a pretender?

I can be anything You want, but I already know. That You would rather see a heart, totally transformed; forever faithful. I have worn many hats, but wherever I lay my hat; that’s never truly been my home. My heart has only ever felt at home, resting safely within Your love. So therefore, I will never pretend; to just give You my heart, it’s forever Yours. I am not a pretender with my love, I will never pretend to love You; with just my lips. My heart glows much brighter, the moment I trusted; completely believed, that Your love would never let me go!

I’ve never been a slave to fear, but

I fear; that I’ve questioned my own heart at times, but I’ve never once had to question Your love. Trust can never be a true reality, if the heart doesn’t first believe; in that which it truly places the trust. My heart has been forever touched by Your love, where my belief started; my trust, forever in that love!

Within my heart I’ve never pretended to be anything, but truly grateful. Never once claimed to have perfect vision, my heart couldn’t even pretend to see straight; if not through the lens of Your love. Would not even pretend, that I’ve never once fell. At the very first encounter, it was head over heels; for Your love. So, I will never pretend; that Your love isn’t the true hero of this story. The unequivocal hero, that saved my heart. There’s absolutely no pretending, that my heart loves You so!


You Never Denied Me!

Lord, for years I didn’t know my own worth. Even though You died for me, I had the saddest smile, a distant heart; but You Never denied Me!

My heart was searching for answers, looking for Love and Peace; the search didn’t need any further, than within my own heart. I Looked everywhere possible, But Up; But God. I couldn’t fill my empty cup, my heart was thirsty; my soul was hungry, You Never Denied Me!

Your Love was reaching out for me, perhaps I wasn’t ready to see; maybe my heart was too blind, but now I see. You stood at the door and knocked, but I still won’t let You in. But You still Prayed to the Father for me; “help him to see, that I will Never Denied him!”

But the Father couldn’t at that point help me, I wasn’t yet ready to surrender; I wasn’t yet willing, to go on my knees. I was too strong, to know that I was weak; without the heart changing love of God. I didn’t yet have the strength, to be truly broken; But You Never Denied Me!

So, I wondered within the Wilderness, thinking I was all alone. The Journey was winding, but Jesus; You walked with me. Every single step of my lonely road, You Never Denied Me!

Lord, I’m Ready to surrender to You, I’m on My knees, Have your way in Me, Renew My Faith, I want to know My Worth! I don’t need to Search any longer! I have Your Love and Peace in My Heart, My Cup’s Running Over and I don’t Hurt anymore, All because You Never Denied Me!

Jesus, the Bible says; “You Pray to the Father, makes intercession for us!” Your Love seeks, Your love finds. You picked up the lost sheep, put them on Your shoulder, take us into Your Promise. Thank You, Jesus; You Never Denied Me!


It’s You!

My heart used to be a private dancer, dancing alone in the darkness. But then Grace found me, and my heart never again; had to dance alone. Oh Grace, if You would allow me; I want to take Your love, and put it on display. I can keep it all to myself, hold it ever so close; tucked away, within the depth of my soul. Grace Your love is such an emotional rush, how I need it; more and more. Your love touches my heart, just like a ray of sunshine; touches my skin. Grace the moment You touched me, Your love went straight to my heart. There’s absolutely no way, my soul could ever get enough of Your touch. Every single day, You just do it again!

Grace, the sheer emotions I feel for You, it’s strong. A fire shut up within my bones, a consuming fire; burning within my soul. Grace I’ve just got to let You know; Your love just won’t let my heart go, but You already know that; for You my heart sings. Your love has done something to me, what manner of love is this; my soul surely knows. My heart needs You to keep doing what You do; it’s a beautiful thing. This love is such a wonder to behold, if my heart didn’t know any better; my soul would say, it’s too good to be true. Grace, I must be under Your influence? I must be forever Intoxicated, by the constant outpouring of Your love? Before You, I’ve never had these kinds of feelings. Not until I opened up my heart, to forever receive Your unbelievable love. So I have therefore concluded, it’s Your love; that has my soul feeling this way!

Grace, everyday Your love just gets better than the day before; every day my heart gets stronger, beating faster than ever. Making me better than I was, more than I am; this all happened, the moment I trusted Your heart. Your love has done something special to my heart, my soul is happy and free. Grace Your love is such a beautiful thing, but how can it not be; when Your love is absolutely stunning. My heart grew, knowing how to be seen and not heard. Just knowing Your love, has given my heart this voice. Grace, Your love is unmerited, truly overwhelming; absolutely Amazing. I have found such peace, it’s You; Grace!



Mayday, oh mayday; my heart wants to declare a state of emergency. Oh, there’s a gaping void, within the center of my heart. A hole, that just wants to suck the life; right out of my heart, this is a mayday. Oh, why did I ever think that I could just put Your love on autopilot; when Your love truly requires my full attention. Now I can’t seem to fix, this decompressed feeling within my heart. Can You please advice, or at the very least; won’t You please talk my heart down?

This is a mayday of the utmost, and of epic proportions. My heart is loosing so much altitude, a sinking feeling; within the very pit of my stomach. Mayday, I can’t seem to prop up my heart; onto the love of Your horizon. Surely my love has become more than just a blip, on Your radar; or is my heart just absolutely missing Your mark? How does Your love, have the ability to surround my heart; like an ocean? I don’t want my heart to crash, and burn. Unless I would be crashing, twenty thousand league; into the depth of Your love?

If I was to fully let go, would I be forever engulfed, by Your flame? And be absolutely consumed, by the flame of Your burning love? Testing, testing; why am I having such a hard time, hearing Your heart? Help, I need somebody, help; not just anybody, I need Your kind of help. The AIR around my heart is becoming so thin, I need Your love; to help me breathe. For the TRAFFIC is swirling within my mind, it feels as if it’s moving at the speed of sound. I’m trying desperately not to lose total CONTROL, of my every emotion… help!

I am the Captain of my heart, but that doesn’t mean; that I won’t let Your love take the wheel, and fly my heart straight into the clear blue yonder. Mayday, take my heart higher; thirty thousand feet, wouldn’t even take me to the edge of Your love. I don’t think that I can make it to the runway. In my mind is an absolute runaway. My heart just wants to run, into the arms of Your love. For Your love is a beacon of hope; the voice that captures my heart, calms my fears. Whenever the love within my heart feels, as if it’s in a constant state of flux. My heart feels like it’s experiencing a catastrophic failure. Your love is all I need, to stop my hearts rapid rate descent!

So, won’t You please acknowledge my heart, won’t You please rescue my soul; take my heart to a higher level. Your love is the wind beneath my wings, power up my heart; with the thrust of Your love. Completely let it level off my soul, on Your brand new horizon. I’m coming home to You, Your love has given me the faith to believe; that I can truly fly. I trust You, I know that my heart is absolutely going to make it. My heart is about to touch down, touch down safe; within Your love. Oh may… day, after day; my heart feels forever safe, within the safety of Your love?


Great You Are!

You are love, You are Great. You gave life, Your love gives life; Your love is the greatest!

You are hope, Your love strengthens all hope. My hope; in You, and You alone. Your love is the hope, the strength within true faith!

You are the breath, You are the air. Your love is the breath, the air within my lung; You are!

There is darkness, these are darkened times. But there is a light, there is a Great light. Great is Your light; You are Great. You restore, Your love restores; the greatness within every heart. The broken hearted, can have their light restored. You are Great, so Great You Are, Lord!

“Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable. One generation shall praise thy works to another, and shall declare thy mighty acts. I will speak of the glorious honour of thy majesty, and of thy wondrous works.” Psalms‬ ‭145:3-5‬ ‭KJV‬‬



Your love is amazing, whenever my heart thinks; that I’ve figured You out. My heart realizes, that there’s still so many sides; to my never ending amazement, of Your love. Turn by turn, I find myself face to face; with Your splendor. I draw closer to Your heart, but at the very same time; I’m absolutely bewildered. That You would even allow my heart, to draw so close?

Your love has such height, but it’s the length and breadth; that stretches my imagination. At times I don’t think that I can measure up, but then I rise up; day after day, it’s another journey into Your heart. To overcome, is to trust forever in Your love; to not give into fear, of the unknown.

Once I get to the end of this journey, Your heart will surely be the treasure; forever worth seeking. So I press on, believe in Your worth; a love worth chasing!

In my mind’s eye, I see my way; but this is the amazing part. For me, true beauty is seen through the beauty of Your love; but that beauty, even goes beyond words. Beyond walls, beyond what I can even see. A-Maze, is still just a fraction of what I see; the ending, it’s still being written. My heart is drawn, drawn to Your love; but it’s Your heart, that holds the true mysteries!

Which parts of Your love, is my heart bold enough to explore? Finding myself lost within the presence of Your love; that in itself is an overwhelming feeling. Knowing that Your love patiently waits, for my heart to find it’s way; means it’s a love truly worth finding. So, to the center of Your love at any cost; sold out, the true test of any heart. Your love is embedded within my soul, nestled up against my heart; pulling me through. You A-Maze me, Your love is truly A-Maze-Ing. My heart will never stop, until my soul forever knows. Where Your love ends, and my heart will ever begin; to stop being utterly Amazed?