Overwhelmed, by the tenderness, the faithfulness. Each breathtaking glimpse, into a love beyond words. Oh, my soul; captivated by the breadth, the scope. The length Your love is willing to go, to know my heart. Your love, recklessly stormed the gate to my heart. Then, patiently waited at the door. For my soul to trust You, with the key to my heart. To be no more castles built, just to crumble back into sand. It’s overwhelming, how graceful the love walks with me. How gracefully, it speaks to my heart. My comfort, the peace; walking throughout your soul. A love over my head, but so close it hovers. And moves, underneath every breath. Such an immense impact, what the love has been. A heart taken, by the awe. Captured, forever by the beauty. A heart, being overpowered, by the essence therein. Just thinking about the goodness, makes it hard to not be overwhelmed. A heart overcome, by waves of emotion. A soul drowning, living in the breathless wonder. To know the unfathomable depth, into the deep. Forever, will be my soul in search. Your love, will surely make the way possible. For a heart to know, how deep the love… truly goes? To let it be my heart, living in the sweet surrender. Overwhelmed, in heart and thought. A soul forever feeling, a love deeply moving. Your love, my shadow on the ground; and in the moonlight shining down!

A heart, loving in the open. Because fear, no longer has a hold on my soul. In Your love, I’m forever held. Every loving touch, becomes a love deeper felt. For a love, willing to give such overwhelming dedication. Should be a love, getting a heart’s undistracted devotion. Your love, chose to believe in me. When believing in love, only an imaginative contemplation. A love impressed, to become a love pressed into, more and more. A soul deeply touched, a heart profoundly changed. Your heart is, the candle within my soul. A heart becoming, light as a feather. Being forever blown away, by breadth within the love. A crimson love, radiating with every color of love. A love that heard my heart, even every silent heartbeat. Saw that the silent river in me, would become Your deep ocean. Into me You see, Your love, is my forever. Meet me here, make my soul forever be. Overwhelmed, living breathless. Deep, within the stillness… of Your heart. Your love sought my heart, when my soul needed to know, an overwhelming love. A soul, no longer wandering. Trying to avoid the cracks, on my feeling broken road. You are the voice of love, that shattered the silence; with just a tender whispering. A love that descending, like a dove. To be a soul knowing free, to soar high on the wings of love. All that was wrong, Your love makes it right. The strength of Your love, pushing against even the slightest doubt. Overwhelming, wouldn’t be my heart again tomorrow. Every breath, being overwhelmingly swept away. A soul wanting nothing less, be a heart in this place. Left Speechless, and Overwhelmed!


Faithful Love!

Faithfully, Your love gently loving on my soul. A faithful love, in You I have found forever. Comfort for my soul, for safe keeping I give my heart. Your love, offers my soul so much hope. A heart fallen, is a soul desperately needing; to be closer to Your heart. A soul hungering for the love, a heart yearning; to be faithfully full by love. Your heart is so unwavering, so faithful; to be my greatest joy. A heart taken by splendor, captivated by the beauty. Let my adoration be a heart, filled with the essence of Your love. The breadth, moves my soul. Leaves my heart truly speechless, moved beyond words. What words could my heart ever find, to encapsulate a love so faithful. Speech optional, living deep within Your heart. A love so redeeming, for a heart living breathlessly abandoned. A soul rescued, only to be a heart swept away. Beneath the water, every tear a poured out; bottled up emotions. Mercy, Your love has brought my heart to this place. Overwhelmed, knowing how hopelessly lost my soul would be. If Your love wasn’t so faithful, wanting to gracefully be my forever. Your love has my soul, drowning breathless within the ocean. My heart touched, deeply by the love. Your love, such a wonderful friend. Never hesitating to let my soul, find rest so close to Your heart. Why my heart, can’t help but to press deeper into a love. In weakness, Your love becomes the strength; My Faithful Love!



Your love speaks, every breadth echoes resoundingly. I am moved, imagining what will become of my soul. Clear every obstacle, relentlessly kick down every single wall; desperately trying to block out the day. Whenever my soul gets anxious, Your love becomes the only thing; that can quiet my heart. Don’t allow any barriers, to come between what Your love truly means, and how much closer my heart needs to be. A realigned mind, body, soul. Speak, let Your love breathe. Let my heart, be absolutely lost to find words. Make the breadth of love so loud, let Your love be all; my heart will forever hear. Tell my heart, to hush, and just listen; for what You will have of my soul? Let Your love be, the only spoken word. Let my heart resoundingly affirm; it is well, with my soul. The softer my heart becomes, the more Your love becomes the breathless living word. My heart and soul wants to know, how to truly listen; Speak!


Oh My!

Oh My, Your love just won’t let my heart be… alone as I gaze into your forever. You won my heart, right from the very beginning; my soul took its first breath. Your love is so soft, a tender blanket of warmth. So gentle, likened to a delightful summers breeze. Your love is the wind, that won’t endlessly stop blowing away my heart. To catch a second wind, is to become breathless in the moment. How my heart would forever be lost, if Your didn’t always know exactly where to find my soul. I swear, and the hope is to die; lying deeply within the love, in the sweet embrace. I’m absolutely positive, that there will never be any negative; trying live breathlessly. Being in love, possible only because of the fall. So therefore, why shouldn’t I absolutely tell the world; I’m in love? Yes, I swear; I’m not tripping. I fell… hard, it was because of Your heart. I’m not a liar, yeah, sure; I sometimes avoided the truth; Your love’s everything, my heart will ever need. There can be no true living, without You being the air!

Oh My, Your love has my wings. On the breadth of Your love, how my soul takes flight. Into the heavenly, to what lies beyond thought. I have a big heart, and even though some days; it seems a bit too heavy. That’s when, I know You got me; because You never failed to get me. At the end of days, Your love is always well able, to lift my spirit. You are My heart, You are My soul. Even when tears, becomes part of the outside forecast. Your love is what, will forever reign on the inside… of my heart. Even when, the night is holding on to my eyes. Every day, Your love is what always wakes my soul, so my heart can have an enlightened day. Oh my, just getting another chance to know Your heart; goes beyond words. Your love, will never let me down. For whenever, I look into Your heart. I can see forever, how; Your love has always been so amazing. Oh My… heart!


Life; the Obstacles!

Hearts around the world, do you just live off the cuff? Do you just let the day, call your bluff? Every day seems the race, a heart trying not to feel overwhelmed; trying to keep the right pace. When the day, keeps begging your heart to quit. Don’t let it, stand your ground; stay in the race. Be a winner, winner; not the chicken, that gets eaten for dinner. The real love for life, will forever be a winding marathon. The journey, just trying get through the sands of time. Will require hard work, dedication, and true grit. Once around the track, only gets you so far. Every day, let your heart do it again. Every heart has the stamina, to go beyond what seems the limit. Oh hearts, taking it slow is okay; just, never stop. A race, will truly test your endurance. Why everyday, you have to mentally prepare to go the distance. To no one else, will ever have to prove yourself. But yet, some days it will be a sprint to the finish line. Run your own race, and please stay in your lane. Jump over every hurdle, that tries to get in your way. Keep focus, don’t let distractions trip you up. Kick down the barriers if you must, and keep on going. Even if you fall, you will never be disqualified. Forever let your heart still be in it, to win in it; life!

Heart, around the world; every day’s a choice, for a time such as this. Look up, and everyday keep looking up. Before you know it, you will have cleared the bar… set before you. Don’t lower your expectations, just to please someone else. You can never truly stand out, without first knowing how to stand up… for what you truly believe. Don’t make life, be about how you measured up; but how chose to persevered. Around every bend, will be a better day; in the true becoming! Take the long jump, over every fear trying to hold you back. Stretch your faith, conquer what is just a passing shadow. Oh hearts, life have so many obstacles. Challenges, that we all have to intentionally overcome. Just know, the heart will forever be; the hardest working muscle in the body. In knowing your true embodiment, gives everyday another opportunity, to check your true form. Life, will never be about how well you know to posture. Sometimes, your back will surely be up against the wall. But that’s when, you turn the corner, and take an even greater leap of faith; the test, of your character. When life comes to test your resolve, display you know what’s true height, length, and breadth. Don’t be afraid of commitment, by taking that deeper dive. Sink or swim, two choices for sure. When entering deeper waters, show you know how to flip… the script. Do the backstroke, like a faith filled superstar. Show that you have the heart, looking like a graceful butterfly!

Some days, the heart competes; as a struggling weightlifter. A soul pressing, but a heart not feeling the weight ever being lifted. My friend, every weight can truly be lifted. When you don’t see the burden, greater than…. what even a prayer can forever change. Get it off your chest, seek and find the love; the heart of the burden bearer. Love, never let it be just a sport. A mixed up form, of holistic gymnastics. Authenticity, how love in a heart truly soars, to another level. After every season, showcased is a heart truly tested. Every battle scar, they shall surely fade. But always be mindful, that the battlefield; can wage another war on the mind. When, a heart becomes too distracted. Even though, it’s your own well tucked away baggage. Don’t let life, drag your heart around, from place to place. Throw away, what’s not a true need. To be forever replaced, with an enlightened perspective. Don’t think too highly, or put your heart on a pedestal. It’s okay, to let someone else in need be first. The worlds greatest, just a title worn… out. A title will never truly matter, when it comes to matters of the heart. With all of the obstacles, life relentlessly brings the test your resolve. Take heart, in knowing that there’s a true path, to victory!


A Story; Reminisce!

Special Lady, l vividly remember, the moment; the day your love bumped into my heart. You boldly stepped to me, and stunningly; my heart never backed off. That was the day girl, your love and my heart; started an intense tango, the dance of a lifetime. Girl, when we met; you were a true Tomboy at heart. A jungle gym, had nothing on you. Our love playground, two hearts still waiting to exhale. Fly girl, you definitely showed me your moves. The sweet dance of a butterfly, trying to catch a tiger by the tail. This serious Kat, wasn’t always having that. A gentleman, you can trust and believe that. Every day, a tip the hat. Sugarplum, honey bun; loving you, will never be dumb. Forever, kicking it; together until, every breath is done. Even when, I catch a glimpse of how you roll, with those ebony eyes. Sometimes, there’s a hit and miss. Life’s not a forever bliss, but why should that stop a heart… to Reminisce!

Woman, so beautifully you befriended my heart. Profound became the sound, when bended knee hit the ground. Caribbean Queen, nuff respect do; to Fi Mi Island Girl. Pop the collar, sometimes living off the cuff. Marriage is Tuff, but encompassed by such wonderful stuff. Milady, your love came from royalty. A heart forever crowned, with pieces my heart. Nothing has changed, you still don’t have to be scared; to keep my love close to your heart. Girl, you still have the key. Woman, bat those eyes. I still don’t mind, the sometimes drive me crazy down this road… life. Love, forever the give, and the take. Hearts with true elasticity, are tested to know the love will truly last. Woman, you had me from the start of our slow jam. The moment my heart looked, into a grace-filled soul; an angel in disguise. Rockabye, my heart won’t you baby; your love’s still such a rock, sweet lady. A Rock, a reflection of the bright Star. Thirsty plus year, gives a heart much to reflect on; to Reminisce!

A forever stroll, down memory lane. Sometimes, a tip toeing through the dandelion. Sometimes, we found the violets swaying… to the blues. To smell the sweet scent of a rose, a heart has to know how to embrace. The recollections of what has already passed, to truly appreciate, what’s still to come. So, whisper in my ear, don’t hesitate to let my heart know; what your heart still needs it to hear. Just whisper it softly, unless you’re deliberately trying to blow my mind. Just know this, you will never get your heart back. Like I told you then, your heart will be my forever. Even when, the days are forecasted to be a bit dark. I will still see your heart, filled with a love always shining. A thousand years from now, I know what my heart will surely be doing. Sharing another Story, and Reminisce!


Time; the Understanding!

Dearest time, today we agreed to meet; but it seemed, our timing must have been off. Waiting for the right time, can be the day; leaving you so wound up, a heart feeling ticked off. An action, which is so counterintuitive. Sometimes, we chase to find the perfect time. While forgetting to appreciate, every precious moment; the time we have right now. When minutes cannot be found, we have to embrace; what adds up within each second. Time, when we take our eyes off you; that time is a moment simply gone. Make it a habit to be on time, and time managed will be therefore favorable. Punctuality is time honored, for time never stands still for anyone. You can believe, time is on your side. But, time will always be neutral; will never show any favoritism. We can be faithful, be precise with our time. Every day, we all get the same amount of time. It’s only the years, that’s beholden to the appointed time. Our predetermined destiny, with the end of time. Why we have to always give thanks, for the time we have. A heart, the string. On time, the thing; that moves on. Let no regret, be the time past thing; questioning now everything. Every day, there’s the push, and the pull. Sometimes the up, the down. The hand removed, hours through the sands of time!

Killing time, the proverbial; but yet just a rhetorical. Why try to kill, what’s not in your control, and such a precious thing. That’s when, time will call you a fool. Death is the place, where time will surely be waiting. Thinking, time is on your side. Only to find, time has no respect for you, me. So many think, they can buy time. Time is a destiny, time reached is the destination. Tomorrow is in the peripheral, but what you have in yours today; the moment you get to take hold of. It’s not about the time of your life, but the time you invested; into making it a life clocked wisely lived. Sometimes, we have to hold on to the day, let go of the past, and take the time to just breathe. Time changes, every season never the same. Sometimes, it’s a long time, a short time; but time will heal. We have to just have to, give it time. It doesn’t matter, how hard anyone tries. Even the most perfect timing, becomes another meaningless pursuit to meet time. For there will surely be another shift, taking place in time. You can’t stop time, but you can keep it from slipping away. Whenever it seems, you’re stuck in another moment in time? Be thankful, that it’s another moment in your heart to know; this moment in time!

Father of time, oh how can hearts; not come to see? That when the moment becomes unprecedented, hope is found when truth becomes understood. The true meaning within time, knowing what’s revealed within two outstretched hands. Show us how, to value every second we have breath. Minutes past, but in every day; with every time spent, may we learn how to breathe easy. May we truly understand, what fills the time. Doesn’t have to be what, gets to monopolizes our full attention. For the only time we have, what each new breath will allow!


Love, the Ocean!

A heart wants to know, a love deeply moving. A soul that can fathom, love encompassing the deepest ocean. A love with a depth so deep, the overflow runs into the deep places. A love that floods the soul, drowned in the depth becomes the heart; living breathless. A heart not wanting to be left, gasping for each breath. A soul trying to live, in a love feeling shallow. To be taken even deeper, what should forever be the heart’s desire. A love that feelings, like an overwhelming tidal wave; but yet in the midst of the blissful calm, it becomes a heart swept away. A thirst quencher, a love that’s so refreshing. That even when a moment, becomes a desert experience. The love will still more than satisfy, every parched crevice within a thirsty soul. A love that pours out like rain, drenching a soul from head to toe. An ocean of love so captivating, the heart will never feel shipwrecked. Love the anchor, to keep your soul forever drowning. A heart submerged fully, within the depth of the love. A soul seeking, to fathom the greatest treasure; Love, the Ocean!