Of the Utmost!

Absolutely nothing, nothing will ever be able to separate Your love, from my heart. It’s so vital, vital to sustain, my every heartbeat. The love is forever, forever soaked in my being. And it’s deeply, deeply moving; moving throughout the depth, of the innermost. It’s doing, doing a work within soul, making it whole. Why I have to admit, admit to the whole world. It’s truly, truly undeniably; it’s the best love, my heart has ever known. Love is of the essence, for it’s in the essence; your soul finds the hue, of love’s crimson beauty. It’s absolute, absolutely pressing; every day to position the heart, and press into love… deeper. Yes, surely, surely my soul will never ever be the same. For my breath, my breath has been profoundly taken, and all my heart has been left with, the breadth of love. It’s oxygen, oxygen so my heart can truly fathom. Depth in an ocean, in this sea of love. Removing, removing the love from my soul, it would be a catastrophic event, of the Utmost!


Hearts in Bloom!

When, love speaks with tulips, the heart, dances through meadows. The soul, speaks for it needs to, the love, reciprocated because it needs to. My May flower, her love, lavished within the reign. Love’s passion, the fruits of our labor, cherished in every season. The changes, the beauty, hearts in bloom. Rose petals, in the shape of love. Violets hue, cascading the breadth therein. Love expressed, being naturally expressive. A true display, love’s deepest expression. The richest of love, blooms the most vibrant colors. The soul, feeling the sun rise. The heart, knowing the sun shines on love, on the cloudiest day. Love in bloom, emanates the fragrant affection, of love’s aroma. Love, at the heart of feeling, in an ever changing world. Forever in love, at the deepest roots. Love is the reason, hearts see a faithful bloom. When, the heart chases the butterflies, love attain wings, to fly. Love gazes at the sunflower, bask in subtlety, love’s perpetual afterglow. Love, will never be a bed of roses. But yet, the heart can be profoundly moved, by love’s endearing scent. Love is my baby, love is my wife, love is my forevermore. Hearts in bloom, will never be more loved, than in the moments, loving the essence!

Happy Anniversary, you are, my perennial love! May 28th, will be 34 years married, for my bride and I. When God’s love, is truly at the center, forever is attainable!


Lyrically Speaking!

Lyrical love, swaying hearts and minds. Leaning in, holding your gaze, tugging on your soul. The Mystique, the Mysterious allure; M and M, melting… into you. Love ballads, played in a symphonic way; instrumental. What’s love, got to do with it, Everything. The simplicity, propels the trajectory, into the beautiful array. Not every heart, is lyrically incline. But every heart, beats rhythmically inline, to the interwoven love song. Lyrically spoken, words of essence, speaks the quintessence. Love’s harmony, transparent with specificity. Words, spoken in humility, speaks to the heart. Speaks of the nature, to what’s relevant, when spoken from the heart. Humble expressions, won’t stretch the truth. Depth of vocabulary, never a factor. The flow compels, the heart swells, the rhythm moves, lyrically speaking!

Love, love is the reason. A soul rises in the morning, harmoniously. To passionately render, love’s true expression. In some hearts, the melody, deeply introverted, but the soul profoundly expensive. Real love, speak in volumes, not needing to seem impressive. The kind, that finds, ways to never be dismissive. Words, spoken in love, transcends space, and time. The poetry, love in motion. The rhyme, though no reason, there’s always a season… to shine. Every heart, knows how to writes, its own rendition, of Endless Love. The simplicity, what leaves an impression. Deep love sways, artistically. A portrait painted, the picture endearing; love portrayed, masterfully. Poetic love, emotionally expressed. The remnants, in a breathtaking hue. Love, swaying hearts and minds, with words; Lyrically Spoken!



Love’s intrinsic nature, the art of cultivating. Heart and soul thrives, when love is attentive. It’s elevated, weeding out the unnecessary. The emergence, love to a higher plain. In essence, the heart sows, the soul reaps. Planting good seeds, with love being the soil; hearts in bloom. The perseverance, love for humanity. Love is the gentle flower, when given abundant sunlight, and watered intentionally; perpetual love, blossoms profoundly. Fertilized unconditional, cultivated deeply, the root will go deeper. Love becomes fertile, removing the unwanted shrubs. Whenever the season, seems overwhelming, dig deep. And, when growth becomes a little stagnant, dig a little deeper. A heart divinely rooted, grounded in depth, so faith can grow… sublimely!

Parched encounters, don’t stick a fork, or uproot. Sometimes, the love just needs to be transplanted. Don’t shovel dirt, when you should apply a rack, to gather up your heart. A spade, by any other name, is still a spade. On your knees, sweat equity; in gardening, prune the unbecoming, root out the envy. Love, not about getting it done, going through the motions. Love is, about becoming; from the ground up, the beauty comes alive. The more, the heart leans in. How the soul, gets a profound glimpse, into love’s divine nature. The true artistry, knowing there’s a Potter, and seeing what becomes, of clay. From ashes, hope rises. Love’s garden, faithfully attended, with the deepest sacrifice. A labor of love, yields a thriving heart, a soul baring, the sweetest fruits. Love, the breadth within increases. When the heart allows, the deepest love to reign… forevermore!


Tears from My Heart!

Love keeps leaving, leaving tears on my pillow. Tears, falls from my heart. In my eyes, when the night fades, love breathes in twilight. In the breathless wonder, the moonlight lingers, the stars endlessly glisten. The dawn enlightens, the majestic beauty, life’s in bloom. A soul touched deeply, makes tears fall, from the heart. The raindrops on roses, dew resting on the morning. Love falling for, the heart racing to, another encounter. How the sun shines, in the crimson hue. A natural glow, what beautifies the deepest love. Things, done together, time spent, holding love close. What let’s the soul, breathe in love’s timeless fragrance. Through the years, tears have fallen from my heart. Cause, love keeps leaving, leaving my soul, endearing moments. Love never sleeps, love never stumbles, through the darkness. Cause, love is the light, a song in the night. I’ve done, done what a man can do. Said the words, my heart can find. The ones, not washed away, by the silent river. Sometimes, thought go astray, searching for the silver lining. Tears of joy, when I gave God my heart. When my bride and I, said I do, and our kids were born. Love can bring sadness, when last year we lost our daughter; the heart swelled, and the tears fell. Love, the word that leaves you at a loss. Love’s deep embrace, will make the tears fall. Love keeps leaving, leaving a profound impression, on my heart. Heartfelt expressions, in love’s divine presence; Tears from My Heart!


What Would I Do?

What do you do, when your heart is so good, at hide and seek? Lost, but found, the predestined encounter. Love, found my soul hiding, behind a painted smile. What can you do, when the walls comes down, the light came in, your heart is taken, and a love story begins? What can you do, when to Love, you surrendered… everything? It’s impossible, to escape love’s embrace. The gentle presence, looking to capture your heart, captivate the soul. How, do you hide from love? When it seeks your heart, but you willingly, bare your soul. A heart exposed, can’t hide, what tears reveal. You can’t avoid, love’s relentless pursuit, to touch your soul, profoundly. Tell me, what do you do, when the search for love is over, but the chase never ending. What’s a heart to do, when love finds it, depth of being? My love, can no longer hide. My soul, love owns, my heart I give have. In plain sight, my breath it takes, my gaze taken captive. Where would I be, whom would I have become, if love didn’t want me?

The more I seek, a deeper love I find. The more love I give, the more reasons I find, to never hide behind feelings. What do you do, when you’ve been found, but your heart utterly lost, finding words. What do you do, when love becomes, your hiding place? What can you do, when love knows your thoughts, hears when the heart whispers? What do you do, when love sees your heart, and knows your soul, intimately? How do you stop love, from talking your breath, making your heart gasp? Seeking out a place in your soul, to leave the most endearing love? There’s nothing you can do, when being vulnerable, is not about fighting feelings? But all the hidden place, love comes to reside… forever. Where would my heart be, if my silent river, didn’t have a profound destiny? Why, there’s absolutely no need, to fathom deNial. Love’s greatest triumph, the promise land, beyond the Sea. What, can this heart of mine do, the love I need to fathom, it’s oceans deep. Hide and seek, what my soul can no longer play. Love, reflects a transparent hue. Passion and desire, never counts the cost. Oh, What Would I Do, without, Grace, the lover of my soul?


Love is, Affirming!

Love is profound, renowned; will astound, love is amazing. Love is fearless, love is distinguished, love is heroic, love is courageous; love is valiant. Love is an artist, artistic, an artistry; love is a portrait. Love creates, love is creative, with every creation; love is a work of art. Love is freely given, love doesn’t count the cost, love is completely sold out; love is priceless. Love is expressive, love is an expression. Love will express, what words can’t verbalize; love is beyond words. Love is the sun, the moon, the stars; love is out of this world. Love is a teacher, a leader, a listener; love is a believer, in the impossible. Love is playful, love is serious, love is passionate, love is bold; love has a beautiful story. Love is thoughtful, love is kind, love has your back; love is a friend. Love is lyrical, love has rhythm, love strikes a tone; love is a song. Love is a poem, a poet, poetic; love is poetry, in eMotion. Love gives hope, love brings joy, love shows grace; love is amazing. Love is an eagle, a sparrow, a dove; love has wings. Love has height, love has depth, love has breadth; love has perspective. Love is an ocean, love is a deep river, a soothing stream; love is water, love is so refreshing. Love has stature, love takes action, love will inspire; love is incredible. Love is engaging, love is captivating, love is endearing; love is Affirming, love is Everything!


Kenny; the Montage!

Crazy,” what they said; what doth young love, know about an endless vow? I do, I will; till death, this I vow. For, “She Believes in Me,” I will forever hold her love, in my heart. “Lady,” in my eyes, I see no one else, but you. To the heavens, I cast my gaze, and to you my love, I pledge my days. Though at times, “Islands In The Stream.” In my dreams, my island girl, and I sailing, to love’s deepening horizon. Thirty four years, proves the naysayers were right. Our hearts, still Crazy, in love. “Through the years;” we’ve known love, shed doubts, shared joy and heartache. Lady, I’m so glad we stayed, right here, in love. You’re, an angel in disguise. I see the reflection, in your eyes. Your heart, mirroring a love divine. Pretty woman, I love your soul, appreciate your heart, believe your love. Every day, it’s resting gracefully, on my heart. So many, looking for a hero, to save the day. My heart, just needs forever. It will save for my soul, the last dance. An endearing love song, telling a captivating story. Two hearts, caught up in the rapture… of love!

You Can’t Make Old Friends,” but you can make the love, be always. True love, “You Are So Beautiful;” into me see, how you’ve beautified my soul. Love of a lifetime, plays a heartfelt ballad. When, the day feels like quicksand, my heart will never struggle. Deeper, how the soul becomes free. Deep in love, the place where the heart needs to be. Sweet Lady, what will my heart do, when heaven needs my angel? Our journey in love, has come to an end? If, another love was to knock at my door, would I ever open my heart? Would another love, tell my soul the truth; can I, trust you with my heart? Who, could inspire my love story, the way you did? Where would I begin, to tell how the story, has reached an end. Since way back when, it’s been me and you. Will my heart sing, when our love is no more? Apart from you, who could fill in the harmony. Who on earth, could replace the rhythm, make my heart fall in unison? Without you in my life, no love song would have the same meaning. God, created the world, “And You, Decorated My Life,” in a portrait called love. “We’ve got Tonight,” and we will have forever. For, our heart have found a home, in love’s embrace!

Kenneth Ray Rogers, lived August 21, 1938 to March 20, 2020. An American singer, songwriter, actor, record producer, entrepreneur. He was elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame, in 2013. He charted more than 120 hit singles, across various music genres. Topped the album charts, more than 200 individual weeks, in the United States alone. He sold over 100 million records worldwide, during his lifetime. Making him one of the best-selling music artists, of all time. This song inspired montage, a tribute to his legacy. I was looking to do this, back in March of 2020, but then Covid. Again last year, but then, my daughter’s passing in March of 2021. I guess, 2022, it was meant to be!

I hope, the montage resonated? Many, said my bride and I were too young to get married. But, when two hearts are predestined, and you have the faith to believe; forever, will be the destination!



Every day, the heart has to trek, through the sands of time. Trying to avoid, what lurks in the dark. On the winding path, in love’s journey. We live in a world, where things are quick. But yet the simplicity, not becoming a true fulfillment. The heart, can’t evade the changing times. But yet can escape, the gravity. A soul free, with a point of reference. Helping you, rise above the fleeting moments. When, a heart’s deep in love, it doesn’t look for the easy way out. The endearing moments, requires love to go deeper, your heart to open wider. The rhythm, quickening the love. So the rhyme and reason, becomes one resounding heartbeat. A heart, that builds castles in the sand. Will have a foundation, easily swept away, by the rising tide. True love, doesn’t yield to pressure, or let the heart get sucked in, to the notion. The focus needs to be, about falling in love. Through the sands, the commitment be, the afterthought. A heart, can’t stand firmly on the sure. If all the love wants to do, stroll on sinking sand. Pulsating heartbeats, doesn’t mean love long lasting. Quick decisions, means the mind’s not waiting. So the heart, can take the lead. Sometimes, to elude the Quicksand. The heart needs to know, how to move beyond. What will quickly consume, mind, body, and soul. So every moment, will be forever!


Merry Christmas!

In this world, your soul can sometimes feel, like you’re in the lions den. But, in the midst of the fire, and the darkness. Let your faith be the lantern, still burning bright. Hark, within the stillness, hope speaks with gentle whispers. Let your soul be still, let the breadth of love, be your heart’s hiding place. The angel of love, will be a song in the night. With peace for your soul, and joy for your heart. When fear comes, to steal your hopes, and dreams!

“Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.” Luke 2:13-14 NIV

Merry Christmas to all. May your heart’s be well, and your soul find peace. Now, and forevermore! Save a copy, of my Christmas card!