In The Quiet!

In the silence, in the midst of the peace; breadth forever found. Breathless, what becomes more, than just a feeling; but what’s truly important. The ear may not hear, but the heart will surely know; the moment love speaks. When, in every breath of the heart, love bares its name. Love, will never come to preach; love comes to teach. In the depth, of the quietest space. Unmolested, love lives, flourishes, and thrives. A heart moving breathlessly, what becomes the feat. When breadth, becomes the spell bound, and breath becomes a heart; living in the deeper meaning. Love, in the pure glory, and the profound truth. Amidst all the silence, the true voice of love is heard; resoundingly. Unbeknownst, doesn’t mean unannounced. Love harkens, to every beckoning heart. A soul can feel, what another struggles to fathom. The breadth of love, whispers in the night. A heart knowing, a soul perceiving; love is worth a heart believing. Even at rest, though absence of speech; love’s never diminished. For love will bare, whatever a soul needs bared. In the quiet, in the midst of the stillness. True love, becomes the spoken word. Uunderneath every breath, through every breath, in every breath. The words that matters, With, Every, Breath, Love, You; Truly. Trying, to utter anything else. A heart and soul, might as well keep silent. Distractions, block a heart from hearing, even in the quiet moments!

Having an open mind, doesn’t stop you from being; a heart closed off. It’s crazy, to believe thoughts and feelings. Are all love needs, for love to thrive. You can know love, but not understand. Though you have understanding, tone deaf can still be the perception. A heart, will not be absent of the deeper meaning. When every whisper of love, breaks through the deafening silence. To be still, and know; how love helps fight every battle. In the crevices of love, in the clefts of the rock. Where, I find my confidence, and securely anchor my heart. Even though, tomorrow’s not promised; this promise true. Your love I will find, when Your heart I truly seek. There’s no place, for a heart to hide. In the quiet, love hovers. You can run, when falling is what you fear. The light of love will find you, it waits in the shadows. You can never outrun your destiny, for you and it; are heading towards the same direction. You don’t need to know, if tomorrow will be a lovely day. Only, what kind of love, is willing to meet you there. So hearts, shh; don’t hold on to every breath. In the quiet, take a moment to listen. For when love, begins to profoundly speak!


The Heart of Worship!

Every day, every hour, every minute, every second; with every heartbeat. Let your first love, be a heart of worship. A heart, moved by the breadth. The purest love, from a heart and soul; surrendered to the One. Let it be a lifestyle, for a lifetime; the air you breathe, to the end of your days. Every breath, likened to a breathtaking symphony, and a glorious hymn. Let love be in the rhythm, that soothes the blues. Let the beauty of His love, leave your heart in a breathless awe, of the wonder. A soul, experiencing the height, the length, the depth. A heart pouring love, until every drop becomes no more. Hush the day, to let your worship, wholeheartedly speak. The heart of God, is listening. Let His heart know, “His love,” is the reason. Why your soul, knows the greatest love song. It’s not about, what words are said, or learning the art. Just about having, The Heart of Worship!

“Sing to the LORD, all the earth; Proclaim the good news of His salvation from day to day. Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous works among all peoples. For great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised; He is also to be feared [with awe-filled reverence] above all gods. For all the gods of the peoples are [lifeless] idols, But the LORD made the heavens. Splendor and majesty are [found] in His presence; Strength and joy are [found] in His place (sanctuary). Ascribe to the LORD, O families of the peoples, Ascribe to the LORD glory and honor and strength. Ascribe to the LORD the glory and honor due His name; Bring an offering [of thanksgiving], and come before Him; Worship the LORD in the splendor of holiness. Tremble [reverently] before Him, all the earth; The world is firmly established, it will not be moved. Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth rejoice; And let them say among the nations, “The LORD reigns.” 1 Chronicles 16:23-31 AMP


My heart!

My heart, the noted description; blessed, first and foremost. Although, my heart bleeds, this I must concede. Life, is but a breath. A soul, faced with the undertaking. Trying to be still, when the heart finds ache. A heart, knowing full indeed. Every heartbeat, moving with ease, but drowning in the deepest place. A silent river, knowing depth in an ocean. Deep within my soul, love through and through. It moves, it compels. My heart, it swells. My soul, it is well. Pieces you won’t see, for peace I have found. Breadth, what becomes the spell bound. When breath, becomes a soul living; in the deeper meaning. My heart, wants to scream. My soul, wants to cry. But, my faith will never die. As I, draw closer to Your heart. To lose myself, in the unfathomable depth!

My, my, my; my hallelujah, what my soul will forever raise. To the giver, of a grace no heart can ever earn. The mender, of what the day finds broken. To never be found shattered. Up from ashes, a soul soars like an eagle. A heart, every breath forever held. To let the love, show a soul how to deeply breathe. A heart and soul, moved by a breathless dance. A heart, called to have many titles; but answer, to one name. My heart, and the love in; be everything. A soul, that won’t be free… without it. A heart not knowing glee, without it being freedom… in me. In every breath, I breathe. In love, every breadth will be. An alabaster heart, flush with the warmth of amazing love. King of my heart, though a heart break. Wholly, will it be placed in your loving care. To let my soul know, nothing missing; though broken. My soul, being in You; will be a rescue story. My heart, called forever by You… Love!


In Our Hearts!

Where do I start, when your heart knows. The beginning starts with life, is but a breath. What do you say, what can I say? When I don’t have words, when words will never be enough? What do you do, when words are heard; but no one, will never understand your heart. A heart that aches, for every breath is tightly held. This day, seems a dream. That will leave a heart feeling, what happens in the wake!

Who is, Justinea Angelina Richards?

She’s March 9, 1990. A born fighter, weighing in @ 6lbs, 5 ounces. Our baby girl, ready for the world @ 37 weeks. I held her, as her love held my breath. My soul leaped to the heavens, an angel gave my heart wings. She had a smile, that knew how to brighten a heart for days. Her presence, could capture every gaze. Even, the unexpected heart. A baby girl, become a little lady. Who turned a teen, with a heart so keen. Our miss Independant thinker, her intelligence not in spoken words. A woman, with so much hopes and dreams. To see every heart touched, by the light of her love. She’s a daughter, a sister, a friend. A heart loved, beyond just family, and friends!

You Live!

You live, in our heart, in our soul. You live, because we won’t forget, we won’t let the memories fade. You live, because time can’t erase. What a heart won’t let be erased, through the sands of time. You live, in what the night can’t eclipse, in what the day can’t hide. You live, in the reflections, in the lasting impressions. You lived, you’re living, you will live; forever… in our hearts!

In loving Memory, of our baby girl!


The Chill Mix!

A soul laid back, against a heart; that will always have my back. My heart, kicking it. My soul, deeply loving it. My love, knowing how to chill. Every day, another this; the chill, with a new remix. Though the wind blows, and the occasional chill felt within the bones. My heart’s relaxed, knowing the best yet to be told. Even if, the weather becomes cold. My heart, won’t contemplate the whether. To chill, so my soul can be still. For, whatever the day has to behold. A heart, must be willing to boldly go. With the blood flowing, and the soul truly knowing. It’s a heart, that never mix being a bit shaken. With being a soul forever stirred, by this one factor. In this heart of mine, the love You breathlessly hold. Nothing but love, whispered underneath every breath. Mixed up platitudes, never in this heart full of so much gratitude. Every day, the chill, in the bliss. The love, no doubt. My soul, and another slow jam; love dancing with my heart. The breadth, so soothing. Every heartbeat, what my heart proving; the love’s moving. In a love so strong, every beat; playing the greatest love song. How can a heart, ever go wrong? When the love plays deeply, soulfully; with the sweetest melody. My heart, in the rhythm. My soul, in the groove. My stringed instrument, a heart and soul; laid back!


What’s On My Heart!

At the end of my days, I will lay me down to sleep. But, before I do; thought You should know, just how my heart feels. First, let my soul, slip into a comfortable place. Laid back, resting up against Your heart. Knowing, Your love will always be there. Your love is my pillow, the blanket; the covering for my soul. A love laid so heavily, on my heart. A love to swell, the story You tell. My love is strong, knowing Your heart; could never be wrong. Being close to Your heart, there’s a song in my soul. Your love, playing such a lullaby. A heart, knowing forever safe in Your arms. What night, would ever dare try; to out shine the light of Your love? Even though the darkest night, my heart knows. The sun will come out tomorrow, or even the day after… tomorrow. It truly doesn’t matter, in my life, and in my heart. Your love shines, in the sun, the moon, and the stars. The love, that came to rescue me from myself… ish pride. The ocean, that forever changed the tide. The love, my heart can’t again hide, or ever deny. My heart, doesn’t ever want to be accused, of taking Your love for granted. Move my heart, please still my soul; with every gentle whisper. Be the word, the love, my joy, my hope; be forever. My heart’s just saying, do it again, and again. Take every breath, leave my soul speechless!

Your love, is the flood; that overwhelms my soul. A heart, that can no longer restrain. An overwhelming tidal wave of emotions, caused by Your love and devotion. Your love is the ark, protecting my soul; whenever my rain begins to fall. Underneath the surface, of what others can begin to see. Your love, the calm in my storm. Yet in a silent river, it becomes the raging sea. Just saying, if I don’t share my soul; how would You, ever know my heart? Your love, does my heart… just right. Why, my heart will never need a special reason. Just to say, I love You so. Just thought, You should know; what Your love has done to my soul. I’m not afraid to show, reveal that it’s not about being a heart exposed; but my inside out. A story of love, etched in crimson words. This, is coming from my heart. Your love, my soul; forever indeed will be. It was love, that took hold of my heart; with the first hello. Your love, is my heart, my soul. Just, needed to let You know; What’s On My Heart, Your Love. At the end of my days, I will lay me down to sleep; at the foot of Your heart!



The remnant, love hovering in every breath. In the wake, the breadth; love hovering in every remnant. With every dawn, my eyes don’t need to see, my ears don’t need to hear. Just have a heart, needing to be forever awaken. Deeply moved, to feel what my soul needs to truly know. The amazing power of love, and the remnants felt lingering, underneath every breath. Endless love, remnants in the overflow. The world is busy, days trying to steal my attention. But distractions, will never have my heart. Things, could never measure up, to Your love. Drawing, closer to Your heart; lingers in all the desires. A heart moved, by love lavished on my soul. Your love, will never be the leftover; used to tie my heart over. Even in the smallest quantity, therein lies love filling with such a great quantity. Remnants, a soul clothed in love’s peace. There’s nothing, greater than this. In every remnant, the bliss. Even the small amount, a heart full forever, and a day. A soul, that won’t know how to ever survive. On remnant of the past, even yesterday’s portion. Remnants, must be in every breathless residue. Remnants to live and breathe, to overwhelm thoughts; become an ever changing heart. In every fragment, love remaining to be, found so very faithful. In every Remnant, my soul, You own. My heart, You hold. My love, You have. My gaze, You capture. My breath, You take. Even, in the end of days, and the last bit of love breathed. May the surviving trace be, Remnants!



Overwhelmed, by the tenderness, the faithfulness. Each breathtaking glimpse, into a love beyond words. Oh, my soul; captivated by the breadth, the scope. The length Your love is willing to go, to know my heart. Your love, recklessly stormed the gate to my heart. Then, patiently waited at the door. For my soul to trust You, with the key to my heart. To be no more castles built, just to crumble back into sand. It’s overwhelming, how graceful the love walks with me. How gracefully, it speaks to my heart. My comfort, the peace; walking throughout your soul. A love over my head, but so close it hovers. And moves, underneath every breath. Such an immense impact, what the love has been. A heart taken, by the awe. Captured, forever by the beauty. A heart, being overpowered, by the essence therein. Just thinking about the goodness, makes it hard to not be overwhelmed. A heart overcome, by waves of emotion. A soul drowning, living in the breathless wonder. To know the unfathomable depth, into the deep. Forever, will be my soul in search. Your love, will surely make the way possible. For a heart to know, how deep the love… truly goes? To let it be my heart, living in the sweet surrender. Overwhelmed, in heart and thought. A soul forever feeling, a love deeply moving. Your love, my shadow on the ground; and in the moonlight shining down!

A heart, loving in the open. Because fear, no longer has a hold on my soul. In Your love, I’m forever held. Every loving touch, becomes a love deeper felt. For a love, willing to give such overwhelming dedication. Should be a love, getting a heart’s undistracted devotion. Your love, chose to believe in me. When believing in love, only an imaginative contemplation. A love impressed, to become a love pressed into, more and more. A soul deeply touched, a heart profoundly changed. Your heart is, the candle within my soul. A heart becoming, light as a feather. Being forever blown away, by breadth within the love. A crimson love, radiating with every color of love. A love that heard my heart, even every silent heartbeat. Saw that the silent river in me, would become Your deep ocean. Into me You see, Your love, is my forever. Meet me here, make my soul forever be. Overwhelmed, living breathless. Deep, within the stillness… of Your heart. Your love sought my heart, when my soul needed to know, an overwhelming love. A soul, no longer wandering. Trying to avoid the cracks, on my feeling broken road. You are the voice of love, that shattered the silence; with just a tender whispering. A love that descending, like a dove. To be a soul knowing free, to soar high on the wings of love. All that was wrong, Your love makes it right. The strength of Your love, pushing against even the slightest doubt. Overwhelming, wouldn’t be my heart again tomorrow. Every breath, being overwhelmingly swept away. A soul wanting nothing less, be a heart in this place. Left Speechless, and Overwhelmed!


Faithful Love!

Faithfully, Your love gently loving on my soul. A faithful love, in You I have found forever. Comfort for my soul, for safe keeping I give my heart. Your love, offers my soul so much hope. A heart fallen, is a soul desperately needing; to be closer to Your heart. A soul hungering for the love, a heart yearning; to be faithfully full by love. Your heart is so unwavering, so faithful; to be my greatest joy. A heart taken by splendor, captivated by the beauty. Let my adoration be a heart, filled with the essence of Your love. The breadth, moves my soul. Leaves my heart truly speechless, moved beyond words. What words could my heart ever find, to encapsulate a love so faithful. Speech optional, living deep within Your heart. A love so redeeming, for a heart living breathlessly abandoned. A soul rescued, only to be a heart swept away. Beneath the water, every tear a poured out; bottled up emotions. Mercy, Your love has brought my heart to this place. Overwhelmed, knowing how hopelessly lost my soul would be. If Your love wasn’t so faithful, wanting to gracefully be my forever. Your love has my soul, drowning breathless within the ocean. My heart touched, deeply by the love. Your love, such a wonderful friend. Never hesitating to let my soul, find rest so close to Your heart. Why my heart, can’t help but to press deeper into a love. In weakness, Your love becomes the strength; My Faithful Love!