Drip, Drip!

The sound, the constant sound echoing within the heart; drip, drip, drip, drip. The continuing slow drip, when the heart needs to see… an endless flow. Even though you believe, you’ve tightened up the loose end. Thought you’ve fixed the problem, thought you’ve dealt with the issue? Your heart wonders, is it just you? Is it just your heart, and soul that just won’t let it go? It’s frustrating, it seems so annoying. You cover your ears, but it echoes throughout heart, and soul. Drip, drip; why does the heart keep on listening, to the negative perspective? When the ears keeps saying, talk to the hand. I’m a handyman, but it’s the heart that has determined; it’s a matter of the heart. Oh me, oh my heart; wants to know, why just one drip at a time? When the heart would rather have a constant flow. A love that won’t stop dripping, water flowing into the soul. Love will never be filling, until you embrace every little drip!

A heart coming to realize, every constant drip… still water. To let wash away fear, and drown the heart in the love. If your heart can’t embrace drips, how can it truly handle more… love. At the very least, learn how to enjoy every moment; will be the overflow. A heart not scared, to let every drip of love flow. A heart willing, to take in every drip. For it’s not about, how much love you get in each moment; but how consistently it comes. Embracing little drips, until it becomes a heart drowning. A silent river may run deep, but will never be heard. If you don’t let the dam break, so the love can run even deeper. Love is powerful, when every drip flow relentlessly. Love can start off as just a little drip of water, but when the flow is truly forever; it becomes an ocean. Let it sink.. in, not just let the love… go down the drain. Endless will never truly mean forever, without a heart willing to embrace; the little Drip, Drip moments!


The Story; They Called A Crime!

Let me tell you the story, how it drove a heart to passionately want. Set out to unapologetically steal, what wasn’t mine. I was young, some called me crazy; said I was making a huge mistake. A decision, that was going to ruin my life. Call me naive if you will, I wasn’t looking at the writing; they struck upon the wall, just the love written… on the desire. The co-conspirators; heart, and soul. It was a want, but also something I needed to do. If I truly believed what a voice, whispered into my soul. The passion drove thee, but all they could see, just a crime. It was thirty two years ago, when my heart committed; but it’s the act itself, that will forever be remembered. The crime they saw, but the passion I felt. My heart was heavily invested, I guess you can say; “the heart wants, what the heart wants.” Powerless to stop, wasn’t the conviction. Call it what you truly will, but I forever vowed; to stand by my heart’s conviction!

She never saw it coming, the love took her by surprise. It was a predestined encounter, a soul looking for love. Her heart fit the profile, a glistening rare jewel. A silent river runs deep, but even I didn’t yet know how deep? The ability, to the reason; completely swept away. I got what I wanted, there was no going back; the crime was carried out. The love was out of the bag, what’s a girl to do? She surrendered, to the power of an irresistible charm. Well, that’s how it played out… in my mind. The crime of the century, not; but it surely will be talked about for decades, by a convicted heart. Enjoy my new found jewel, that was my every intention. But I had to be very intentional, not treat what I had; like just another possession. This love, was so much more than that. Someone can else take, what you don’t choose to hold close to your heart. The day came, when I had to confess. Be a man, tell the one who’s heart I stole. What got into my heart, what led me to that moment in time? Go back to the scene of the crime, reveal the true intention, and deeply confess. I went down on one knee, I needed to ask the question; will you…

Months later the day came, it wasn’t a trying time. Even though, I had to stand before the peers. As they watched me stand there, to tell the one I perpetrated the stealing of heart. Walked towards me, to look me straight in the eye. They watched to see, if I would totally crack under pressure. Fall apart, or fall even deeper… into a lovely moment? I didn’t need to plea, try to get a lightly scented… handkerchief. I didn’t need to wipe off the love, to my face; coming out of the pores. Forever, what it is. It was the never ending walk, for her to get to where I stood… strong. I was moved only by the beauty, unveiled in my poetic justice. Get what my heart and soul, had coming. She finally reached, stared deep into my heart. The decision came down, for what my soul had to answer. In love forever, or forever in love? That was the dilemma, the room went absolutely quiet; trying to hear my heart’s confession. Tell her what she needed to hear, out of the depth of my soul. I Do, I Am, I Will, I Did… take; you’re my forever!

I looked, waited; but heard no one objections. She needed to know the truth, absolutely deserved the answer. Clearly, decisively my heart said. I’m guilty, wanting to take your heart; as my own. Just as I said that, I heard a voice in my heart say; “this is your beloved, in whom I am well pleased!” The verdict was in, my heart knew with absolute certainty; it was the right decision. I am guilty, my heart knew what it was doing. The clear intention from the start, steal her heart. Not to be part of a collection, but be forever treasured. The beautiful, heart shaped gem. I’m not ashamed of the love, my soul wants to be; forever shackled to this truth. I will never show any remorse, or have a case brought; to be presented as having regrets. I refuse to take back my confession. Chain my heart to the confession, for a thousand years. Lock my heart up within the love, throw away the keys. The time of passion, has no statute of limitation. I’m in for life, and I will never have a need… to be freed!


The Compass!

You must think, our hearts are foolish? To keep finding ourselves lost, so many times? Following our own ill-advised path, has led us to this place; wayward. Hearts so far off course, but of course; you have to be open, to be able to truly see. Confusion says, a heart will always have a lack of understanding… in the darkness. Without first knowing the light, is what illuminates an uncertain path. Even a degree of separation, will never get a heart face to face, with the true destination. The days are like sands, of which time can never stop… from slipping away. To leave a lasting footprint, follow the blueprint. You have to stretch out our faith, to know where true hope is found. My words are truly at a loss, to capture the breadth and scope. Why we profoundly need to fix, a broken moral compass. May true love, permanently take us by the heart. The true Compass, how a heart finds Forever!

How can we be so lost, when the way has been made so clear? Hearts tethered to Grace, mercy forever leading the way? You’re not surprised, how we ended up in this place. Your love knows exactly why, we needed a savior. Even in an unprecedented moment, Your love is still the brightest lighthouse. In, and on the horizon; it will forever be, our beacon of truth. If our hearts are truly open to see, it’s our only hope. Even if we don’t see it, even if a heart doesn’t believe it; Your love is a compass. It’s guiding our hearts, helping us to navigate the pitfalls. Giving us glimpses of hope, within the darkness. Hearts may believe, they just need to rely on a G.P.S. But, what they leave out, of that flawed equation? God. is Positioning. the Sensor. His heart is the instrument, with such a magnetic love. His love the true northern star, that will never steer hearts in the wrong direction. Your love has set the parameters, how to find forever. The scope of Your love, breathtakingly has no limits. Unfathomable, but knowable. What will bring us back to Your heart, Your love; The Compass!


The Vow!

Lady, from the moment we met. It was clear to me, there was something to the encounter. You may not have known it, but I believe your heart took a quick glimpse, into my soul. A racing heart, but stopped by the gaze. The encounter left the soul with a question, for the heart to ponder. Was she the one, that has been part of my dreams? Every time our hearts met, it was our heaven. Your heart, my love; part of a glorious design. I didn’t vow to have you, but there was a chase; you stole my heart. So, what’s a man left to do; vow to love her… forever. A love that has given my heart, strength when I am weak. Much comfort, knowing my soul has your heart to lean on. Your love has been a lighthouse, when I have lost my way. Standing on what’s sure, a heart wide open, your love the treasure. May, the month and a day; we vowed to give forever, so hearts we exchanged!

My love, from the depth of my soul; I tell you this. Your love, all I’ve ever needed. What I am today, you’re very much part of the reason. What I have in you, what makes my heart complete. All my dreams came true, with the love I have found in you. I love you, give me forever to show; it’s more than words can say. Your love is close, so close to my heart. Breathing becomes easier, knowing your love is always there. Helping to take some of the weight, off my chest. Because I feel the love, nestled up against my soul. The place reserved, for the truest love predestined; to get the deepest part of my heart. Two hearts, but one heartbeat. I vowed to keep your love, within the forever place. My heart, until my last breath. No one, will ever be able to take your love. Pry it away, from my undying love. Forever, saved for you. My heart the river, dreaming to find a gentle stream of love; but encountered an ocean, vowing to carry our hearts… into forevermore!


Song Inspired; Every Moment!

Every moment I get to breathe, every moment my heart is awaken. The radiance of Your love, is the light that shines; deep burning the desire. To have Every Moment, to keep Every Moment; a heart forever in an embrace. This is what it means, this is what it truly is. To know dearly loved, a heart held close to your love. Every day, is a moment to flex… my thoughts. But Every Moment, be very pointed. To show my thoughts, don’t get to control the moment. A heart taking the lead, a soul wanting to be led. A heart, breathing deeply, love expanding the soul. Growth seen, deeper becomes the love… with every breadth. A heart saturated, with the color of love. The fragrance laced with the aroma, of an overwhelming peace. If I could bottle it up, what my heart will surely try. If I could contain it, that I wouldn’t hesitate. Even I can’t do it, that doesn’t mean I won’t try. Within every word, therein lies a heartfelt verse. Love captured, in every syllable. Pen down words, every line.. another pent up muse. Poetry in every eMotion, a heart exposed by the love. What was bottled up, no longer contained. Even if I could, how do I put back into my chest. All the love that has forever escaped, between every breath!

Every day, with Every Moment; closer to Your heart, lost in the awe and wonder. Every moment, becomes my end. So in You, I have my beginning. In my heart, the revelation is love. In my soul, the genesis of love revealed. Every day, in the mind the battle rages. Living Every Moment, deep within the love; defeat can never accost my soul. The retreat, and the surrender; into the love found in You. Love, meant to be endearing; last a lifetime. Love, a coming together; the giving of heart and soul. Your love, what profoundly been the change; within Every Moment I breathe. The deeper understanding, hovering over my soul. Your love is my heartbeat, never failing… to astound my soul. Every day, I’m taken by the love. Every Moment, my heart blown away. Your love is the wind, why my soul knows to soar. Every day, Every Moment; within Your love I can stretch my wings, so You can watch my soul take flight. Every day, Every Moment I rise; looking past what’s momentary. Within Your love my heart is encouraged, to be fearless, be the best me… for You. I know I can stand, walk a mile. Shoeless, doesn’t stop a heart to show more… love!

A Mother’s heart, hardwired to love; Every Moment, unconditionally. An inspired love collaboration, between heart and soul. A love so strong, the heart becomes completely intoxicated. A soul slurring words, a heart stumbling… to keep a balance. Beautiful poetry, in every eMotion. A love so intentional, to portray every breath of the love; a muse heartfelt. Deep within the heart, a soul forever moved; by a love intoxication. Captured by every gaze, the fire of love within. Every day, many flaws are seen. Every moment, not about what’s flawed; but what’s deeply felt. Beautiful are the scars, showing a heart where it has been. Rough are some of the days, but every moment yours to embrace. Embedded deep within, what the love has taught. The experience, the memories; what needs to be forever cherished? Knowing how, to extract the deepest moments. Time slips away, like sand; an Hour, just Glass. A moment to reflect upon, but a time to keep moving forward!

February, celebrated as love month; a time to honor, a moment to show the love within. As long as we don’t forget, love is meant to be celebrated every day; and every moment to be cherished. For me, May is more meaningful. Mother’s Day, celebrating a mother’s love. May 1988, when my wife and I got married. Two special opportunity, that I can celebrate our love, and her motherhood! Within the piece, I would like to celebrate all the mothers; Happy Mother’s Day!

This song inspired, is by Forever Jones. A christian family gospel group, mother, father, and their five kids!


A Message; Way-Maker!

When an empty road, has the power to overwhelm the heart. And it doesn’t matter how hard you try, all your heart can see. Left, right, left, right; your heart is at a crossroad. Who; What; When; Where; Why; How? You ponder, but forget about the wonder. The Way forward, the direction that helps ease the heart; look up. Remember the Cross, the Road… may not be easy; but always necessary, for growth. You have so many plans, but God has His plan. “I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you, and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope, and a future. Then you will call on me, and come, and pray to me; and I will listen to you. You will seek me, and find me; when you seek me, with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:11-13 How a heart finds the courage, to get past the unprecedented moment. See not just an empty road, but to the Way… to Cross. To anchor your soul, forever on the winning side!

You might have a well planned system, your heart has come to rely on. It’s not about the perfect method, or the right technique. It will always be about the process… of elimination, doubt, and fear. To help a heart see the clear path forward, with faith and trust. When your heart feels overwhelmed, may your heart be the river flowing deeply; into an ocean of deepest love. God has made a Way, not for us just to expand our lungs. But be transformed, with a new heart Make-over. Displaying a radiant light, even on the darkest day. Peace, regardless of what makes the day seem uncertain? Let your heart move, breathe. Have your being… stilled, by the calming breadth of His love. His peace hovers, Hope found. Once the Way becomes clear, don’t follow the signs; that point your heart, in the wrong direction. Don’t blindly follow the church Way, follow God’s Way; through the Bible. You don’t have to strategize, every step you have to take. But know how to be led, through the heart of; The Way-Maker!



Why are so many content, letting others put their heart in a tiny little box? Just because they believe, they know which one is the best fit? As for me, and my heart; it will forever be a proverbial square peg. Squarely focused, on not being a heart; that can fit into any random box. Many have tried, to compartmentalize my heart. Not knowing my heart had learned the art, how to departmentalized fickle feelings. You can’t box in a heart predestined, not to fit into just any mold. When others, try to put your heart into a certain group. So many are try to fit in, but you have to be intentional; for your heart to stand out. Even a cute looking tag, is just another label; choose to never let it stick. I’ve lived through being stereotyped, as so and so. Branded, as being such and such. Even at a young age, my heart knew enough to know. They were just boxes, that an odd shaped heart; would never be able to fit into!

My heart was grounded enough to know, how to think outside of the box. Music became a solace, a song in the night; a melody within my heart. Limited thinking being drown out, through a little boom box. So many have tried, to see through a led based heart. A heart being led to not follow anyone, without the true power to save. A box will always be transparent, when a heart wide open. Knows how to see, through a different lens. We can have desires, passions, hopes, and dreams. But, are they rooted deeply, ventilated through a substantive truth. So they don’t become, a box shelved so long; dry rot becomes the expiration date. Many have called, my kind of thinking square. What Ever… box they try to put me in; didn’t matter. I’m not moved by what others will, or the powers that be. It’s not about will power, but where I get my strength!

Most glove boxes, are packed with things. A wallet, flashlight, insurance, registration, pen, wipes; essentials a vehicle should have. When others come, try to put your heart in a box. Be equipped with the deeper things, the true essentials. Know what’s in your heart, therein lies the truth; your identity? Don’t be scared, to shine your light; when the darkness surrounds. Show that you have, the only insurance policy need. Your soul registration, forever in the book of life. Written down, underlined in red. Even though, we’re living in unprecedented times. One thing is certain, don’t allow your heart; to get boxed in… to a corner. Free your heart, from a one size fills all. Be encouraged to know, you’re more than any label. There are so many dimensions to a heart, don’t be defined; by what how others see you. Let your heart be transform, through a renewed perspective!