Prevailing Word!

It carries the day, it holds your breath, it reins forever. It praises, it rejoices, it sings, it’s a song. It gives you strength, it encourages. The conqueror of fear, warrior of the darkness. At the center of every triumph, the victor in every circumstance. It will come out ahead, even if it comes in last. It will succeed, been proven superior. It will exist, even if you don’t believe it. It will be present, in the unseen. It will obtain, whatever it seeks. It will still exist, through time and space. It’s in the moon, in every starry gaze, shines like the sun. It will endure, will survive every test. It’s persistent, has a relentless pursuit. It’s common, but yet so mysterious. It delights, it excites, it races the heart. Because it comforts, it embraces, it touches, it’s endearing. Yes, it confronts, it hovers, it fights, it protects; because you’re worth it. It’s deep, it’s so profound; its renowned, with a beautiful story to tell. How it drowns, and saves at the same time. For it’s loving, it’s kind, it’s patient; why it will always sway, so gracefully. Love, the Prevailing Word!



True love, likened to a river, flowing through the deepest ocean. Hearts finding, though there be islands in the stream. Loved too much, love being elevated, to another level. The heart swept away, by the depth therein. Deep love, blesses even, the broken roads. Head held high, the heart wide open, to see every need. Elevated love, leaves the soul better than it was. More than what the soul can be, without the breathless elevation. All this happens, when love takes you by the heart. Your innermost, lifted to the highest… heaven. Then, it will be, from glory to glory. The heart, forever changed, never the same. Like the wind, having its way, with a gentle soul. Elevating your heart to a point, that it doesn’t matter. How many beautiful sunsets, your soul gets to behold. Just how many, souls your love will bring, into the enlightenment. The disciplined heart, doesn’t look to dress up love, as if naturally pristine. The soul, bared by the evidence, elevated by the truth. Real love, never lowers the expectation, it elevates the experience. Through your life, within your heart, with every breath. May the deepest breadth of love, be Elevated!


Have of Me!

Bite my head off, if you think that I’m sweet. Rip my heart out, if you feel the need, to always have it close. Cut me down to size, if you believe, I’m getting too big for my britches. Pick my brain, if you truly need to understand, what’s truly on my heart. Take my last breath, if you need to know, I will give you my every breath. Love, you can have my right arm. You have always needed, to have a hand in my life. Afforded me the opportunity, to offer you my eyes. For then, every heart will truly see, how deeply profound you are. Break my heart, if you know that’s the only way,. My soul will truly fathom, the depth in love’s wholehearted essence. My heart and soul, will never want it any other way. My deepest love, why I need you to forever take. Whatever you would, Have of Me!


In This Place!

In this Place, the rendezvous. For no special reason, but just to show, the way I feel. And let my soul, lean into your love. Press into your heart, to lose my breath. Trying to tell you, how I need you so. For in this place, and in the moment. Brokenness, won’t meet us there. Just, my breathless muse, in love’s deep embrace. A gentle stream, of love flowing through, every tear. No lazy river, can be love oceans deep. In this place, wholehearted giving way, to my deepest breadth. Truth be told, the first encounter. Captured my gaze, but freed my soul. Through every season, my soul is ever changing. Your love, won’t let me stray too far, from your heart. You’re the answer, in all the questions. In you, my joy is found, my faith is secure, my peace is illuminated. The darkness, hides from the light of hope. We have history, in this place, your love showed up the last time. So why, wouldn’t it be there, to again leave me in awe? My house, would not be a home. If my foundation, wasn’t built on your love. When one door closes, love will be the window, to see into your heart!

In this place, the light of heaven, shines on my deepest desires. Love searches my heart, and captivates my soul. Here, I’m deeply changed, and every day, changing still. In the stillness, love speaks into my soul. Love, let your heart, be all I hear. Let the reign, seep into depth of soul. Let there be, no restraint. When my rain, becomes the overwhelming flood. Colliding with my soul, breaking down my walls, drowning every doubt. Your love, won’t be my calm, when every breath is taken, and when in this place, time stands still. When, minds are running wild, hearts chasing dreams. In this place, I don’t hold my breath. With you here, I share my deepest love. All I am, to you I give. Like the wind, with every fiber of my being, have your way. My flaws, and failures, weaknesses made perfect; your love, eclipse them all. Why, in this place, I’m deeply fulfilled, and contented. Every heartbeat, knows the rhythm of your love. The rhyme and reason, why my soul will never get tired, chasing after your heart. In this place, forever my heart and soul; will wait here to rendezvous, again with Your Love!


The Weight!

My heart, seen many years. Along the way, I’ve acquired knowledge. The understanding, revealed through wisdom. Heavy becomes the weight, whom much is given, much required to carry. To lose the weight, the heart first needs to be searched. The purge of toxic thoughts, in the crevices of my mind. Cleanse fragmented influences, from the depth of my soul. So the fiber of my being, can become insulated, by an intrinsic love. Leaning to stand, first means learning to breathe, through love’s deep-rooted presence. The freedom discovered, will be the essence embodied, released in the purest expression. A soul, resting against love’s freeing encounter. Finds the resolve, the heart beating freely. Even when, the weight rest on every heartbeat. Love’s firm foundation, won’t ever be heart and soul. Facing the agony of defeat, under crushing the weight… of life. Scales, identifies a heart, weighed through the prism of a test. The measure of, builds strength of. Your character, and the courage therein. Though we wade, in the wake of loss. A soul bared, reveals a heart lighted. Holding on to memories, just a part, in the weight of loss journey. A lot on the mind, the heart heavier some days, than others. The weight of love, still tugging on the heartstrings. I’m, not always strong, but this I know. The greatest weight, lifted when you’re faithful. To be your strongest, in the moments… your heart needs to shine. Breadth is held, when the height of what you believe, becomes the greater perspective. When the weight, gets to be a bit too much. A heart, held to the flame, becomes a soul, changed by the fire… within. A little faith, will move mountains. Great faith, doesn’t try to move the weighted mountain. That they will gracefully, have the ability to conquer! Jan 12, 2022

The Fiber!

Insulated, your love, intrinsic within the fiber of my being. My heart swaddled in the warmth, when the chill in the air, tries to ravish my soul. All my desires, every breath, mind, body and soul. My worth, encased in the depth of your heart. Living, in the deepest place, what shields my soul, from the outside world. My being, forever tethered to your love, keeps my soul from harm. Your love, what soundproofs my heart, and covers me. When the day, tries to split my heart wide open. So all that resounds, the deepest love. Echoing, within the stillness of my soul. To be consumed, by the breadth therein. My heart, doesn’t need safeguards. Just a deep place, to immerse your deepest trust. Your core, not worrying about being shredded, just heart and soul, threaded. The essence, strengthened by the true texture. A virtuous display, within The Fiber… of your being!



The old, becoming new. A heart, not beholden to the ties, and the lies that binds. Living free, flawlessly replicated, knowing the deepest love. It will never be, impractical to replicate. The essence, found within the truest love. Over and over, love does it again. Leaves a deep impression, in heart and soul. An expression of love, creating breathless moments. Every breath, reproducing another encounter. True love, should never be about anything, but about someone. With a quality, so profound your heart, mirrors the reflection. A mirrored image, of a love divine. Resembling a heart, imitating what’s deep inside. A heart devoted, to display love’s greatest characteristics. The greatest love, becomes a moving song. When the love, becomes truly breathtaking. Love, paints the picture, but it’s the heart, that replicates the portrait, into a beautiful love story. Similar, can never be portrayed, as a perfect likeness. Love, seen in its purest light. Will profoundly eclipse, what a shadow, ties to recreate. A close variation, will never truly become. The perfect vision, of what love was meant to be. Love, in its undeniable form. Wholeheartedly will be, a faithful display. To soften the heart, in love inspire confidence. So love can be, the renewed perspective. Every day, my hope will always be this. That every heart, will forever become. A genuine Replica, of the Truest Love!


Love, the Deeper Understanding!

True love, will always take the heart, deeper. Since the beginning of time, my soul, pulled knee deep into love. And over the years, every doubt removed. The love I found, wouldn’t be enough, to sustain the deepest desire. Though, the soul never becomes a slave, fear never became the ties that bind. Sometimes, breaking free of the mundane. Can leave your heart feeling, like one crying in the wilderness. But that’s when, you dig deeper, go a little bit deeper. So when quicksand comes, the sands of time, doesn’t change the perspective. Pulling your heart, into a dark, lonely place. Why, you have to constantly train your soul, with the truth of love. Love can’t grow stronger, with lack of trust. There has to be a foundation, for you to build your hope on. Real love needs, there be a deeper meaning, to build on a firm foundation. The kind, where the breadth, will lift your faith, to a higher level. Where the love, becomes wind beneath your wings, the air within your sails. Where the love, let’s the heart deeply know, what’s in a deepened devotion. Love’s destiny, finds new depth in soul. So, when the heart bleeds, crimson becomes the tide. So when, the soul becomes profoundly revealed, words are forever lost, in the deepest place. Love’s destination, will always begin, with the end in mind. The destiny, what draws the soul closer, to forevermore. In the searching, in the finding. True Love will always leave heart and soul, with the Deeper Understanding!


The Nuance!

The New, even a subtle change, in love’s presence. Can make the heart, burst with the anticipation. The soul, taking it in, the truest expression. Though, the view can be seen, through different lenses. The heart, what tells the true story. The meaning of love, nuanced through a crimson hue. In facial expressions, in a subtle smile, in joyful laugh. Feelings expressed, situations created, where love bares the heart. The subtleties, the nuance creating an opportunity, for a deeper expectancy. Though, the year’s a foot; the heart racing, the soul preparing. We have to remember, life’s but a breath. The nuance, the days of your lives. Should never become, just another footnote. As our hearts, stroll through the sands of time. Let even the subtle heartbeats, beat with the breadth of life. Anchored faith, what tethers hopes, and dreams. One day at a time, how the months become, life changing. Every day, we need to rise like the sun, to our light shine. When, we don’t allow indifference, to skew the reference point. The nuance is refined, when the motivation is true. But, the degree to how deeply you love, what defines the essence therein!

Real love, with a distinct perspective. Makes all the difference, to all of love’s heartfelt characteristics. You should never, allow your heart to ring in the new, without a reason. Why your soul needs to reach, its true potential. Through, the healing light of love. The heart meets, a lover for your soul. That will forever, awaken your intrinsic nature. With the love, never being a show, but a true display. How the ambiance of love, reveals the light of truth, and your destiny. In the new, the heart doesn’t wait to live. But resist the urge, to let love be just a figment. Shoot for the stars, but aim for infinity, and beyond. Let your heart, toy with the story. Your wings, and heart, will take you there. The subtlety in true love, the quintessential reason. Why even an ounce, becomes love in a different texture. A word, with a greater context. Even, with a chill in the air. The warmth, will never fade. The old, rings it up. The new, ring it in, and celebrate. For love, even in its subtle moments. Won’t leave your faith shaken, the heart deeply stirred. The Nuances of love, fireworks, dancing with your heart and soul, into the wee hours of forevermore!



Every day, the heart has to trek, through the sands of time. Trying to avoid, what lurks in the dark. On the winding path, in love’s journey. We live in a world, where things are quick. But yet the simplicity, not becoming a true fulfillment. The heart, can’t evade the changing times. But yet can escape, the gravity. A soul free, with a point of reference. Helping you, rise above the fleeting moments. When, a heart’s deep in love, it doesn’t look for the easy way out. The endearing moments, requires love to go deeper, your heart to open wider. The rhythm, quickening the love. So the rhyme and reason, becomes one resounding heartbeat. A heart, that builds castles in the sand. Will have a foundation, easily swept away, by the rising tide. True love, doesn’t yield to pressure, or let the heart get sucked in, to the notion. The focus needs to be, about falling in love. Through the sands, the commitment be, the afterthought. A heart, can’t stand firmly on the sure. If all the love wants to do, stroll on sinking sand. Pulsating heartbeats, doesn’t mean love long lasting. Quick decisions, means the mind’s not waiting. So the heart, can take the lead. Sometimes, to elude the Quicksand. The heart needs to know, how to move beyond. What will quickly consume, mind, body, and soul. So every moment, will be forever!