Strike a match, set my heart a blaze; let Your love burn deep within. Forge my soul, in the fire of Your love. Until my heart resembles an instrument, forever changed. Beauty from ashes, a heart forged; by the power of real love. So take a front row seat, watch to make sure; it’s a soul on fire. Conduct real time adjustments, make sure it’s a heart; truly ready to serve. Fan the flames, if the wood is ever in question? Would my heart truly be willing, to be totally consumed; by the power of Your love? Strike while the iron is hot, melt my heart; with the passion of Your love!

Your love has opened my eyes, but has forever opened up my heart; to sing of Your great love. Oh strike up the band, Your love is the song; that lets my soul come alive, with the sound of music. Your love is striking, strikingly beautiful; a love that Strikes every cord. Your love Strikes a truly beautiful, a natural tone within my heart. Play my heart, play every sting; just like a finely tuned stradivarius violin. Your love has been so instrumental, what keeps a tone deaf heart; forever in tune. Never stop tugging, on every single heartstring. Your loving touch, truly poised; to Strike all the right cords, within my heart and soul!

Your love is the true composer, my heart; just the string. Play Your heart out, move every bit of my soul; until it’s with the greatest of ease. I will never just strike a pose, it’s not just about positioning; but also a direction, vertical. Ill-advised posturing; serve no true purpose. A heart on display, should not be just for show; but for the true purpose. A heart needs to be a show-stopper, but a true showcase; showcasing the love within. Your love is strategically positioned, at the center of my heart. I would never ever ask Your love, to Strike a deal with my soul. My heart already knows, that Your love is the real deal. But every single day, I will need Your love; to still deal very pointedly with my soul. Deal with my heart, in whichever way Your love so chooses!

Strike down every vain imagination, that wanders across my mind. The true wonder, will forever be Your heart. Your love has always been the only thing, my one thing; my heart has truly ever needed. Your love Strikes the right balance, within my heart and soul. And even though I speak with the tongues of men. Your love has the unbelievable power, to make my heart sing; like an angel. Relentlessly Strike a cord, until my heart and soul is pitch perfect; perfectly in tune, with every breath of Your love. You are the light, Your love lights up my soul. My heart may be in the spotlight, but it’s forever Your love; on display!


The Pitch!

The pitch, the tone of my heart; moved by the vibration of Your love. My heart may not be perfect, but every flaw; still part of a masterpiece. The sound quality, every variable; the love, I let govern my heart. Deep within the undertone, small still whispers heard within my heart. It’s the love I feel, pitch perfect; a song within my soul. At times ego gets in the way, negativity becomes the downward shift; part of our noticeable flaws. The tone then starts to sound off, to what degree; how the pitch impacts, the receiving heart. I always try to watch, but I realized that a watch; only reveals in time, real change starts within!

I’ve learned that it’s not about the level of intensity, but a point, a degree… of separation. The tone and tenor, within the heart and soul; so important. Don’t let my words hang loose, don’t get caught up in just good vibrations; it’s about the verbiage. A noticeable change, within every spoken word. The instrument that effects true change; the compassion within. An ongoing process, every instrument; requires constant tuning. If the outcome, if your heart truly wants to become; better than most!

The key to any change of tone, will require a mindful thought process. Followed up by real, but frequent reflections; to what’s truly in the heart. Clear your throat, hum a new tune; let the new tone be called, pure in heart. Let your heart be persuaded, not through a sales pitch; but through the Good Book. Talk is cheap, true change is seen; through an action, a chorus of change done together. Even when it’s pitch black, others would rather follow one with a light; not who sounds the loudest, but still lost in the dark!

As humans, we need to speak with one voice. Let our hearts sing in harmony, strive to always be in unity. Let love become the melody, that is truly pitch perfect. It’s not difficult to take it up a level, expressing love in a different note; on a higher level. Letting G… sharp, be the major; be the everlasting cord, that binds us all together. If we just let Real love be the true gauge, to what guides our hearts. The indicator, a loving tone; coming from within. May it forever be, forever be on display; within each notable change!


Song Inspired; To Love Somebody!

Lady, I remember the day; the day I laid my heart, in the palm of your hands. A special day, with the fondest of memories; the day I promised you, Forever. From the moment we met, I felt the rhythm; your love, moved my heart. It took years, to get into the groove. Learning to love somebody right, isn’t easy; you have taught me a few moves. This love is still groovy, groove is in the heart. It’s been years, but my heart still hasn’t stopped; slow dancing with your love. The song that plays endlessly within my soul; Always. Your love, my heart; embraced in a forever dance!

The love, I see it in your eyes; it’s felt within my heart. I’ve always known, it was never just trust and believe. Right from the start my heart knew, your heart would get my forever. There’s a light, a certain kind of light; the love that shines from within your soul. It was never a question, if I could live with? The question I posed to my heart, could I truly live without… my special lady. Your love has helped to shape, God’s love; what has molded my heart, to be part of another. Together we’re both better versions, of what I absolutely know; to be a predestined union. When nights are cold, when my love seemed a little too cold. Your love, what warms my heart!

To show the love inside, I have failed many times; my heart had to learn the deeper meaning. Love, to know the depth, is to truly know; to love somebody. I have experienced much, also learned a lot. How to love, how to be loved. I’ve never been much of a romantic, romance; was a foreign concept. You can know an ocean of love, but it’s when a heart drowns there in; when a soul truly becomes free. Romance is a pretty word, but it’s the substance within; that gives it true meaning. With so many, feelings come, feelings go. In love one moment, not liking very much the next; not my heart. Forever in love, was never ever a question. The forever part was settled, my heart just had to learn how to share!

There has never been, nor will there ever be conditions; to have my love. My heart will never contemplate when to love; it’s always, and forever. What I’ve always strived to be, and will be to the very end; faithful, with this heart of mine. In love, many are blind to the truth. A knock down, dragged out… conflict, by two hearts at odds. It doesn’t have to be, no longer in love. One heart, means a coming back together; to be whole. I am a man, a man of faith; a complex man for sure. A man blessed, to live and breathe; through a special kind of love. For me to believe in true love, I didn’t have to wait years; to see if I should give my all. I am not blinded by faith, and it’s not blind faith; choosing to love forever. I first had to believe the heart of The One, I chose to put all my trust. Sweet lady, I trust your love; it only took me days, to know your heart. If love is not forever, then how else does a heart truly learn; To Love Somebody?

  • Songwriters: Barry Gibb / Robin Hugh Gibb / Maurice Gibb; The Bee Gees.
  • To Love Somebody, was first released in 1967; by the Bee Gees. In 1969, Janis Joplin released a version. Then in 1992, Michael Bolton released his rendition; which is part of my music collection.
  • Later this month, my bride and I will be celebrating our 31st anniversary; this song Inspired speaks to all the years. I hope you enjoyed it. Happy upcoming Mother’s Day; to all the wonderful mothers. Have a wonderful weekend!


Sometimes I’m truly amazed, everyday I’m absolutely amazed. Yes, every time I just think; I’m mind-blowingly amazed. That Your love would even notice, the heart of a river? They say silent rivers run deep, but a depth; only Your love can truly fathom. Your love is the calm, but also what stirs the water; what moves my soul. Maybe I’m just amazed, that Your love would want to make a home; in a heart of stone? Your love has forever softened my heart. Maybe I’m absolutely amazed, how Your love makes me emotional; a beautiful exchange!

Maybe I’m just totally amazed, that I would even be sharing this. My heart, my soul; and a love held so dear. This from a heart, within a lonely, silent river. Very much skilled in the art, of being absolutely seen; but rarely heard. But it’s Your love, that has profoundly changed my being; heard, the love that moves my heart. Maybe I’m amazed, but not You; it’s all part of the master plan. Maybe I’m amazed, at the way I have come to love You. I know now, You’ve loved me all the time. Maybe it’s just me truly amazed, that Your love has never changed; even after all these years!

Maybe I’m just simply amazed, that I’m not afraid, ashamed of the way I love You. Maybe I’m just amazed, that I’m not even the slightest bit afraid; to say all the ways I need You. Maybe I’m amazed, how Your love has a forever hold; on my heart. A slow dance, Your love is the song; my heart sings. Your love is bigger than my heart, but yet an absolute perfect fit; I truly hope, I wear it well? Your love knew me, Your love knows me. But every day, is an opportunity; for me to get to know You. Maybe some might say, this is just a story; called boy meets world? Maybe they better think again, but no need to think!

Every time pen meets paper, the story is being told; how a man found love. The world already played its part, how the boy’s heart got turned to stone; and cast into the silent river. Why I’m utterly amazed, that even though I never grew up knowing “real” love. I can still know A love, so Amazingly true. A love my heart will absolutely treasure; a thousand years. Maybe You might be amazed, that I meant to say; Forever, and a day? Well, Maybe… Not; You know my heart. Maybe, just Maybe. My heart will never ever want to stop being; Utterly Amazed, with this love!


Hidden Words!

Hidden meanings, words a soul feels; but the truth within real love, still hidden from so many hearts. The seen, but unseen; love isn’t just about feelings, but knowing. Love is word that so many ponder, a word that makes a heart wonder. Can my soul truly see, can my heart forever know? A heart at a crossroad, a heart on a journey. Wanting to find, needing to know; a love not hidden, but very much a Cross-word. A word that crosses the mind, no need to look at it cross-eyed. Let it cross your heart, the hope; to die forever in love!

If you keep your heart vertical, the love will become clear; within each new horizon. So many hearts are puzzled, when the JIG is up; hearts are still left wanting, real love. Not what just looks like love, not what they SAW… in the movies. True love, not a See, Saw; over before there is a true experience. The take away, never Saw it coming. A love that tried to out do, that seemed like just a game. We all need the kind of love, willing to die for… you. Real Love, to really understand, to start to truly comprehend. When it truly begins to make perfect sense, the love will become forever clear; not just warm, but fuzzy!

The word search, is first a love search. Finding out how the love becomes truly real. It’s not a word to unscramble, or a riddle; that just twist the heart up in knots. For love to truly thrive, it requires a true disconnect; from what the world calls love. That version, have thrown so many hearts; into such confusion. Looking, but not seeking… the truth; love first gives, everything. Finding the right words, not always easy; to seek, is to forever find!

When you truly know it, if you’re happy and you know it; show it. Love should never be a game, Life is not a game; called SCRABBLE. Don’t make it, be about the guessing and spelling. Part of a puzzle, a picture still unclear; love still in a box, because it’s not what you pictured. I’ve never been one, captured by the lies. So many are a captive, to what blinds. Let your heart be forever captivated, by the truth within true love. Ask, Seek, but when the Knock is felt; open your heart. Let Love, no longer be the hidden Word; hidden from a heart, truly in need!