Hidden Words!

Hidden meanings, words a soul feels; but the truth within real love, still hidden from so many hearts. The seen, but unseen; love isn’t just about feelings, but knowing. Love is word that so many ponder, a word that makes a heart wonder. Can my soul truly see, can my heart forever know? A heart at a crossroad, a heart on a journey. Wanting to find, needing to know; a love not hidden, but very much a Cross-word. A word that crosses the mind, no need to look at it cross-eyed. Let it cross your heart, the hope; to die forever in love!

If you keep your heart vertical, the love will become clear; within each new horizon. So many hearts are puzzled, when the JIG is up; hearts are still left wanting, real love. Not what just looks like love, not what they SAW… in the movies. True love, not a See, Saw; over before there is a true experience. The take away, never Saw it coming. A love that tried to out do, that seemed like just a game. We all need the kind of love, willing to die for… you. Real Love, to really understand, to start to truly comprehend. When it truly begins to make perfect sense, the love will become forever clear; not just warm, but fuzzy!

The word search, is first a love search. Finding out how the love becomes truly real. It’s not a word to unscramble, or a riddle; that just twist the heart up in knots. For love to truly thrive, it requires a true disconnect; from what the world calls love. That version, have thrown so many hearts; into such confusion. Looking, but not seeking… the truth; love first gives, everything. Finding the right words, not always easy; to seek, is to forever find!

When you truly know it, if you’re happy and you know it; show it. Love should never be a game, Life is not a game; called SCRABBLE. Don’t make it, be about the guessing and spelling. Part of a puzzle, a picture still unclear; love still in a box, because it’s not what you pictured. I’ve never been one, captured by the lies. So many are a captive, to what blinds. Let your heart be forever captivated, by the truth within true love. Ask, Seek, but when the Knock is felt; open your heart. Let Love, no longer be the hidden Word; hidden from a heart, truly in need!


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