Sometimes I’m truly amazed, everyday I’m absolutely amazed. Yes, every time I just think; I’m mind-blowingly amazed. That Your love would even notice, the heart of a river? They say silent rivers run deep, but a depth; only Your love can truly fathom. Your love is the calm, but also what stirs the water; what moves my soul. Maybe I’m just amazed, that Your love would want to make a home; in a heart of stone? Your love has forever softened my heart. Maybe I’m absolutely amazed, how Your love makes me emotional; a beautiful exchange!

Maybe I’m just totally amazed, that I would even be sharing this. My heart, my soul; and a love held so dear. This from a heart, within a lonely, silent river. Very much skilled in the art, of being absolutely seen; but rarely heard. But it’s Your love, that has profoundly changed my being; heard, the love that moves my heart. Maybe I’m amazed, but not You; it’s all part of the master plan. Maybe I’m amazed, at the way I have come to love You. I know now, You’ve loved me all the time. Maybe it’s just me truly amazed, that Your love has never changed; even after all these years!

Maybe I’m just simply amazed, that I’m not afraid, ashamed of the way I love You. Maybe I’m just amazed, that I’m not even the slightest bit afraid; to say all the ways I need You. Maybe I’m amazed, how Your love has a forever hold; on my heart. A slow dance, Your love is the song; my heart sings. Your love is bigger than my heart, but yet an absolute perfect fit; I truly hope, I wear it well? Your love knew me, Your love knows me. But every day, is an opportunity; for me to get to know You. Maybe some might say, this is just a story; called boy meets world? Maybe they better think again, but no need to think!

Every time pen meets paper, the story is being told; how a man found love. The world already played its part, how the boy’s heart got turned to stone; and cast into the silent river. Why I’m utterly amazed, that even though I never grew up knowing “real” love. I can still know A love, so Amazingly true. A love my heart will absolutely treasure; a thousand years. Maybe You might be amazed, that I meant to say; Forever, and a day? Well, Maybe… Not; You know my heart. Maybe, just Maybe. My heart will never ever want to stop being; Utterly Amazed, with this love!


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