Fun Friday; Passionate vs Faithfulness!

Passionate, Faithfulness; two true heavyweights. They, might seem in the same weight class. Spoiler alert, one will emerge greater, than the other. Both, have stand alone power… in their own right. But together, the combination will be epic. Both, know how to press in, and accept the challenge. Never backing down, when the day calls your heart out. So, deliver a heartfelt moment, worth remembering. The heart and soul, both getting a ringside seat. Watch a-bout, how they intend to square off. Passion, for short, has a deep desire. Give chase, pursue the prize, with vim and vigor. The downside, to Passion? Becoming easily distracted, by a wayward heart. Faith will never be, a short-handed approach to Faithfulness. Faith, needs to be the substance. That Will, produce the evidence… Pound for pound, the strongest muscle in the body; the heart. Passionately, a heart will step to the podium. But the soul, tells a heart. You have enough faith, to fight through every adversity. One, looks to take center stage, have the top billing. The other, looking to take the stand. With hard work, and dedication; be the greatest. Some days, the battlefield is the mind. Going toe to toe, with the heart. But, when love prevails. The stand, becomes shoulder to shoulder. So the outcome will be, heart to heart!

Even, in a knock down, dragged out… encounter. Passion, will surely rise to the occasion. With a Passionate, bob and weave routine. Forgetting, true Faithfulness, doesn’t waver. When push, and shove collides. Faithfulness, will always counter with the right… extension of love. With, no pun intended, just love extended. Without feeling the need, to brag, or boast. Passionate, feeling it, eagerly comes out swinging. But Passion, without the right follow-through; doesn’t produce the intended desire. Faithfulness, not into perpetually; keeping your guard up. It’s a-bout, knowing; Someone’s in your corner. With encouragement, love, and devotion. A heart dependable, remaining true. Regardless, of any extenuating circumstances. To be, or not to be? A Passionate heart, with a Faithfulness soul? Strong in feeling, but drawing strength. From what you believe, to be your unwavering truth. Being Passionate, shows a heart with promise, likened to lionhearted. But, without the right stamina, found in a faithful heart. Even, the best intentions, lacks the steadfast zeal. Why, when Faithfulness delivers. Passionate… feelings, takes a step back. Refocuses, never feeling; it’s time to throw in the towel. A mind undecided, becomes a heart, double visioned. A heart, needs to be intentionally trained. To allow the soul, to have what it needs. The fierce confidence, to fight the good fight. The right demonstration, will make comPassion favorable. To rank higher, on the disregarded scorecard!

When the day, seems like the fight of your life. The feeling like body blows, a heart feeling in tatters. When, your back’s against the ropes. Dig, deep into your repertoire. Let hope become the rope, that will always have your back. Life, best fought with a surrendered heart. Passionate moments, sometimes fade. But, for every committed moment; Faithfulness, never show fatigue. Having a strong faith, requires the heart be consistently in practice. So, it won’t be stunned, by an unexpected jab. Breathing, sometimes optional. Most days, you have to gather up your pride, and put it back in your heart. Then tell life,“is that all you have… to offer?” I am Passionate, my Faithfulness, will become undisputed. Passion, in heart the woven fabric. But Faith, needs to be the thread. Sometimes, the day won’t let you catch your breath. It can hit below the belt, bringing you to your knees. Take the moment, to give your soul right clarity. With a gut check, let the heart decide. Will it be, a Passionate stance, displaying a graceful heart? Or will the moment, let Faithfulness display, how to stick and move? Sick to your faith, and Move… with renewed momentum. Wordplay, will never be smack talk. When you’re Passionate, about setting up, the right hook. So, let your Passion, be a heart forever guarded, with grace. So your Faithfulness, will emerge showcasing, the victor’s crown. Say won’t, or could never be. Faithfulness, will surely prove you wrong!


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