The Symphony, A Hymn!

Strike up the band, prick my heart. For thee, my soul will take a forever stand. Sound the trumpet, let the love blow my mind. Tug on my heart, make it your stringed instrument. To your heart, tether my soul; three strands strong. A soul, tuned to the breadth of your love. Let the anthem resound, until my soul resonates… the truest love. Let it be, heard loud and clear. In my heart and soul, your love will be a sympathy, an angelic hymn. Playing within my soul, the greatest love song. For a heart set free, triumphant in thee. Beat the drum, let the love beat out of my chest. Call my heart, into thy love, rapture my soul. So, I can hide, myself forever in thee. Thy love, has plucked my soul. In your love, no repercussion will ever be found. Just, the sweetest melody; holding me close. The orchestrater, of my love symphony. A love, likened to a musical, with a lyrical sound. A heart draped, textured within a crimson love. Becoming so instrumental, for the taking of every breath. In every season, in every stage of life. May the resonation, be you’re my first love. A heart, singing thy hymn. A soul, dancing a breathless dance. As Your love, dances with my heart. The poetry in motion, with a poetic love. Descriptive, becomes every breadth of love. In heart, in mind, in body, in soul. To be a life well lived, it’s with specificity. Love, in its simplicity. That will change not, just forever will be. A Symphony, A Hymn!


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