In the Morning!

In the morning, I rise, place my heart on the surface, but press my hopes beyond. It’s another day, another moment to rise up. Every day, I have to stand up, love takes action. If I rise, my heart can’t help but shine. When, my love becomes a light. One step, one heartbeat, one breath at a time, how love gets you to your destiny. But, I have to step out with faith, pursue the day with confidence. Love illuminates, the breadth enlightens. Love’s presence, in it an experience, the true expression, nuanced. Love is a fragrance, you release into the atmosphere. For the breathtaking moments, heartfelt encounters. For, my love to become a light shining; In the Morning, my heart has to rise!


Songs of Freedom!

There’s a land, you may have heard about. A land, far across the sea. A dreamland, independent and free, Knocking on Heavens doors. Some hearts, live for the roots, the rock, the reggae. True Independence, comes when the heart is rooted, anchored to the rock. Souls dancing, the heart singing, songs of freedom. Even though, powers were Putting up Resistance. On August 6, 1962, Jamaica got its independence. From the mountain, to the ocean, Jamaicans were jamming. On this Caribbean island, we do it island style. Jamaica, has a rich history, her beauty is the tropics, beautiful sunrise the topic. Appealing lyrics, the melody sweetly holding you. So, Smile Jamaica, smile for you have independence. It’s Growing, love your freedom truly. I wish, you cherish every moment, your heart gets to breathe. My hope, we Stop the Fussing and the Fighting. Get up, Stand up. Brothers, treat your island girl, like a Nubian Queen. No if’s, no but’s. Crown her heart, with your love. She’s a lady, graced with her independence. Let her heart sing; you’re her favorite boy, that brings joy to her world!

A Love Thang, the Groovy Little Thing, you have going. Though, there’s Many Rivers to Cross. Hearts in love, will find a way over, wandering doesn’t mean lost. When Push Come to Shove, true love keeps holding on. Ringing through, every beat of your heart. Love, sweet and dandy, bubbles endlessly. The love, resting gently on your soul. Independent hearts thrive, a nation survives. With one voice, One love, One heart. United together, Nothing can Divide us. Wanting to be independent, never a Wait in Vain… for your love. Even though, the struggle is real. A beautiful love of freedom, what overcomes. Every day, Jamaicans have to thank God, for the gift. Being able independently sing, Songs of Freedom, as long as you live!

On August 6, 1962, Jamaica became an Independent Nation, and a member of the British Commonwealth. Jamaica is known to be the birthplace of reggae, Bob Marley, world’s fastest sprinters, Blue Mountain coffee, Red Stripe beer, Jamaican rum, beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts, majestic waterfalls. The national dish, ackee and saltfish. To all my fellow Jamaican bredren, and sistren, bless up. May the celebration of the nation’s day of independence, ring truly; God’s resounding love, and favor!


This Side of Time!

When the word heard is, they have passed, the tears will fall. But they won’t see it, the love in your heart, this side of time. The moment, to pour out your soul, has already passed. When there’s a need, to wipe somebody’s tears. Do it, share your heart, don’t let the moment pass. And though, your heart is moved, to send a bouquet of condolences. They won’t be able, to smell the roses, enjoy your crimson hue. All that will be seen, how time makes, moments wither. Give them your love, while they can appreciate your heart. When you feel, the need to stand up, express your heartfelt sympathy. Let it be, dear heart, this side of time. For, they won’t hear you say, how much they’re loved. Don’t let endearing moments, escape your thoughts. Even though, words may be at a loss. Now is the time, today is the moment, let your heart be known. Don’t, let time get away, let love seize the moment. In every breath, love breathes life. Expressions of love, memories to cherish, moments to relish; this side of time!

In Fields of Dreams!

In the twilight, your heart sparkles, your light, illuminates the heaven. In the daylight, daydreams come alive. Your love, invades every thought, visits the captive soul. In fields of dreams, the reign comes, the tears fall, the love blooms. In feelings, the soul is swept away, by the overwhelming love. Bottled up emotions, love welling from an underground spring. From the bottom of the heart, the soul pours out, endless love!

In loving memory, for all the loved ones, who have given their last breath; this side of time! If you would like, to share the name of your loved one? Leave their name, and I will place it on the rose!


Don’t Leave Me!

You invade my soul, you’re all up in my heart. Some days I don’t feel you, some days can’t tell if the love is real. When the clouds roll in, the rain falls. Some days, I question what you see, what you believe it’s will become, don’t leave me. Some days I don’t know, why you want me? Why you don’t leave, whenever I push you away. Sometimes I don’t know, who are you, I don’t know you right now? Maybe, I’m still just learning, how to love. Why, don’t you give the word a rest? I don’t believe, I’m getting your best, your whole heart, don’t leave me. It’s all in jest, I just had to get you off my chest. Today, my heart says I don’t need you, but tomorrow, be close to me. I’m going to need you again, to hold me tight, don’t leave me. In my mind, I just need to get away, but in my heart, I need you by my side, don’t ever walk away. Even if, the years take a toll, love will surely have a role. Sometimes, I just need to be left alone, but please don’t leave me… forever. The constant arguing, just love tugging on the heartstrings. Words coming out strong, too much being said, but not enough love articulated. The question is, will love still be, the common ground. So even if, I say I need some space. The heart will always know, you’re still in love, don’t leave me. Sometimes, you leave me feeling, your time leaves me wanting. But, all that needs to known, will the love, leave my soul needing? I am imperfect, my heart sometimes irrational, when breath can’t be found. Love, you invade my soul, you’re all up in my being. Love, you’re my everything; don’t leave me!

In every relationship, there’s the back and forth, the ups and downs. Two souls, not seeing heart to heart. Every day, there’s the fight, to stay in love. Learning to love, never a bed of roses, but that doesn’t mean, the love won’t be… forevermore!