Don’t Leave Me!

You invade my soul, you’re all up in my heart. Some days I don’t feel you, some days can’t tell if the love is real. When the clouds roll in, the rain falls. Some days, I question what you see, what you believe it’s will become, don’t leave me. Some days I don’t know, why you want me? Why you don’t leave, whenever I push you away. Sometimes I don’t know, who are you, I don’t know you right now? Maybe, I’m still just learning, how to love. Why, don’t you give the word a rest? I don’t believe, I’m getting your best, your whole heart, don’t leave me. It’s all in jest, I just had to get you off my chest. Today, my heart says I don’t need you, but tomorrow, be close to me. I’m going to need you again, to hold me tight, don’t leave me. In my mind, I just need to get away, but in my heart, I need you by my side, don’t ever walk away. Even if, the years take a toll, love will surely have a role. Sometimes, I just need to be left alone, but please don’t leave me… forever. The constant arguing, just love tugging on the heartstrings. Words coming out strong, too much being said, but not enough love articulated. The question is, will love still be, the common ground. So even if, I say I need some space. The heart will always know, you’re still in love, don’t leave me. Sometimes, you leave me feeling, your time leaves me wanting. But, all that needs to known, will the love, leave my soul needing? I am imperfect, my heart sometimes irrational, when breath can’t be found. Love, you invade my soul, you’re all up in my being. Love, you’re my everything; don’t leave me!

In every relationship, there’s the back and forth, the ups and downs. Two souls, not seeing heart to heart. Every day, there’s the fight, to stay in love. Learning to love, never a bed of roses, but that doesn’t mean, the love won’t be… forevermore!


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