This Side of Time!

When the word heard is, they have passed, the tears will fall. But they won’t see it, the love in your heart, this side of time. The moment, to pour out your soul, has already passed. When there’s a need, to wipe somebody’s tears. Do it, share your heart, don’t let the moment pass. And though, your heart is moved, to send a bouquet of condolences. They won’t be able, to smell the roses, enjoy your crimson hue. All that will be seen, how time makes, moments wither. Give them your love, while they can appreciate your heart. When you feel, the need to stand up, express your heartfelt sympathy. Let it be, dear heart, this side of time. For, they won’t hear you say, how much they’re loved. Don’t let endearing moments, escape your thoughts. Even though, words may be at a loss. Now is the time, today is the moment, let your heart be known. Don’t, let time get away, let love seize the moment. In every breath, love breathes life. Expressions of love, memories to cherish, moments to relish; this side of time!

In Fields of Dreams!

In the twilight, your heart sparkles, your light, illuminates the heaven. In the daylight, daydreams come alive. Your love, invades every thought, visits the captive soul. In fields of dreams, the reign comes, the tears fall, the love blooms. In feelings, the soul is swept away, by the overwhelming love. Bottled up emotions, love welling from an underground spring. From the bottom of the heart, the soul pours out, endless love!

In loving memory, for all the loved ones, who have given their last breath; this side of time! If you would like, to share the name of your loved one? Leave their name, and I will place it on the rose!


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