To Be, in Love’s Care!

Love, my soul would be absolutely lost, without your presence guiding. Wrapped up tight in your love, is to be in your endless embrace. Breath taken, words lost, the heart found, breathless, drowning within an ocean of love. To be truly contented, to be profoundly aware, flaws could never define, the true content within a heart. Deeper in love, after the fall, comes the stand, will you stay in love? When, nothing else will do, love takes the heart to new heights. To be, a soul touched deeply, by the breadth. An extraordinary feet, love requires only six inches. For love’s whisper to be, and the love to move, from ear to heart. Love imparts, the understanding will be, the love reciprocated. Love bares the soul, exposes the heart!

Love, doesn’t need a rhyme, for love to be the reason. Why in every heart there be the rise, the fall, the rhythm in every heartbeat, moved with every breath. With care, we pant softly, to let love carry the vulnerable heart truly. With care, love gathers up the brokenness, the pieces becoming a heart, whole. With care, love pulls you through the moments, with every expression, love releases the heart, to be… free, with wings like an eagle. With every encounter, love encourages. To exist, to draw breath into being, the heart deeply moved. When love takes place, the love has happened. When love materializes, the love has come to pass. When love is positioned, the love will be… forever. When love remains, the fragrance lingers. When love persist, love will prevail. When love finds the heart, to be, or not to be… in love, never the question. The heart falls, but will it rise up, forevermore? Life’s greatest moment, about becoming; what your love was meant to be. A search of the heart, therein lies the eternal answer. Love is a sacrifice, with a price, satisfaction when gone are the days. The heart stops chasing, after what won’t last, but will be. A love story, even through an introverted prism. Still a tale to be, the love shared, from a endearing heart!


Love, the Stronghold!

Love, knows a hideaway, the place, where the heart can retreat. A safe place, in the deep of love’s embrace. Heart and soul, strengthened to withstand, the sands of times. An ocean without borders, a river with living water. An oasis will be, a soul resting, on the peaceful sure. Time sways the minutes, but can’t change what you make, become the moment. When, love becomes the stronghold, chains are broken. The power of love, strength through a graceful plain. The height, gives sight to the perspective. The breadth, what fathoms the depth therein. Love, whispered into the soul, tells the heart, I see into you, to the deepest places. Wherewith, deep in being, the truest sanctuary, found in love’s graceful moments. Love, has a secret place, wherein life breathed, breathless becomes the encounter. The soul, finding comfort to breathe, love’s blessed assurance, your heart will be okay. When, you know love as a stronghold, it’s an intimate place, with its beautiful exchange, where your peace can rest. A soul free, to know your faith is held, when love holds your gaze. A place, where you can profoundly breathe, be a soul surrendered, to the love within. Love withholding nothing, a heart under the canopy, in the refuge of grace. Hopes and dreams, are discovered in; Love’s stronghold!

“Are you weary, carrying a heavy burden? Come to me. I will refresh your life, for I am your oasis. Simply join your life with mine. Learn my ways and you’ll discover that I’m gentle, humble, easy to please. You will find refreshment, and rest in me.” Matthew 11:28-29 TPT


Caught Up!

Caught up in the moment, a heart, swept by the love. Out on the proverbial limb, you’re hanging, on to every word, love whispers. My soul, left me, my love needed to be enlightened. Out in the open, my heart was exposed. In the stillness, under the quiet; love came, rested on my heart. Love is like the wind, it blows your mind, takes your breath. On wings of the butterflies, chasing after love, how you catch your breath. Like a kite, my soul hung on to the breadth, to love’s breathless whim. No strings, but my soul tethered, love has me by the heart. Attached, to the unconditional love, and the affection. The forever sway, wind may I; be overwhelmed by love’s unyielding draw. Oh, I’m caught up, a soul profoundly moved, swayed by love’s unwavering presence. What has this come to mean, what has love done to me? This heart of mine, was arrested, by love. I got caught, now love has captured my gaze. It wasn’t a catch twenty, my soul not damned; freely, I do this, give my heart to love. No retreat, no remorse; my soul surrendered. When, your heart gets caught, between the moonlight, and the gravity of heaven. The best thing your soul can do, let your heart, fall… in love, again and again. Life can make you, get caught up in the excitement, but is the love endless? For me, and my heart; everything is changing. I’m no longer, waiting to exhale, a second wind has my breath. When you’re caught up, all you know; time is a distraction. A heart taken captive, all that matters; what will the love story become? The journey, your soul being caught up, in the rapture… of love!