Caught Up!

Caught up in the moment, a heart, swept by the love. Out on the proverbial limb, you’re hanging, on to every word, love whispers. My soul, left me, my love needed to be enlightened. Out in the open, my heart was exposed. In the stillness, under the quiet; love came, rested on my heart. Love is like the wind, it blows your mind, takes your breath. On wings of the butterflies, chasing after love, how you catch your breath. Like a kite, my soul hung on to the breadth, to love’s breathless whim. No strings, but my soul tethered, love has me by the heart. Attached, to the unconditional love, and the affection. The forever sway, wind may I; be overwhelmed by love’s unyielding draw. Oh, I’m caught up, a soul profoundly moved, swayed by love’s unwavering presence. What has this come to mean, what has love done to me? This heart of mine, was arrested, by love. I got caught, now love has captured my gaze. It wasn’t a catch twenty, my soul not damned; freely, I do this, give my heart to love. No retreat, no remorse; my soul surrendered. When, your heart gets caught, between the moonlight, and the gravity of heaven. The best thing your soul can do, let your heart, fall… in love, again and again. Life can make you, get caught up in the excitement, but is the love endless? For me, and my heart; everything is changing. I’m no longer, waiting to exhale, a second wind has my breath. When you’re caught up, all you know; time is a distraction. A heart taken captive, all that matters; what will the love story become? The journey, your soul being caught up, in the rapture… of love!


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