To Be, in Love’s Care!

Love, my soul would be absolutely lost, without your presence guiding. Wrapped up tight in your love, is to be in your endless embrace. Breath taken, words lost, the heart found, breathless, drowning within an ocean of love. To be truly contented, to be profoundly aware, flaws could never define, the true content within a heart. Deeper in love, after the fall, comes the stand, will you stay in love? When, nothing else will do, love takes the heart to new heights. To be, a soul touched deeply, by the breadth. An extraordinary feet, love requires only six inches. For love’s whisper to be, and the love to move, from ear to heart. Love imparts, the understanding will be, the love reciprocated. Love bares the soul, exposes the heart!

Love, doesn’t need a rhyme, for love to be the reason. Why in every heart there be the rise, the fall, the rhythm in every heartbeat, moved with every breath. With care, we pant softly, to let love carry the vulnerable heart truly. With care, love gathers up the brokenness, the pieces becoming a heart, whole. With care, love pulls you through the moments, with every expression, love releases the heart, to be… free, with wings like an eagle. With every encounter, love encourages. To exist, to draw breath into being, the heart deeply moved. When love takes place, the love has happened. When love materializes, the love has come to pass. When love is positioned, the love will be… forever. When love remains, the fragrance lingers. When love persist, love will prevail. When love finds the heart, to be, or not to be… in love, never the question. The heart falls, but will it rise up, forevermore? Life’s greatest moment, about becoming; what your love was meant to be. A search of the heart, therein lies the eternal answer. Love is a sacrifice, with a price, satisfaction when gone are the days. The heart stops chasing, after what won’t last, but will be. A love story, even through an introverted prism. Still a tale to be, the love shared, from a endearing heart!


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