This One, For You!

With every encounter, let love be. In just a smile, to captivate the heart. A love that sparkles, twinkles endlessly, capturing every gaze. A soul fluttering, a heart with wings. Spread wide, for you’re a, beauty butterfly. Love the real, the deal, the meal; food for the soul. A love you can hold, the heaven’s divine, what you get to behold. Every starry gaze, the breath taken for days. A heart, watching from a far, for another moment. To draw even closer, show what’s loved… profoundly. Layer, on layers; how love builds, the strongest foundation. Easing the fear, strong love, won’t be able to stand the test… time. Love, too important to let any kind of whether, cast any doubts. Love is forever, let it soar to heights unknown. Love is the gift, deserving to be regifted… over and over. Let it glean, let it learn, from your being. New depths, your heart breathless needing to discover. My friends, is your heart constantly thinking of ways, to love on others… just because? If you’re hurting, feeling discouraged, just need a shoulder. You’re not alone, I’ve been there, and can walk with you. The way out, is to go through… to the other side. May love keep your heart, where the light is. My love, my heart, my soul; thought of you today. So, I wrote this one, for you!


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