This Poetic Love!

Pen to paper, not what I need; to have a poetic moment. This is not about feeling, but I feel. This is not about capturing the moment, but my heart is truly captured; by the poetry within Your love. I didn’t always pour out my heart, but again and again; Your love is been poured into my soul. Your love has always been at the very center of my heart, a forever love affair, growing stronger and stronger. Your love is the pillar, the foundation that grounds my heart; the poetry that moves my soul, Your love is a poem!

My heart is trying to give Your love a voice. The melody within my heart, is Your love song playing within my soul; I hear an Endless Love. Your love is what first moved my heart, but now flows in an endless loop; throughout my very soul. A breathtaking love, that takes my every breath. Living is not living, if it’s not lived; through Your love, and Your love alone. A love that has my mind so blown, that I can’t even believe; these words are even within my heart. Your love is so more, than a poem; but truly poetic!

How deep does the love go, my heart is still trying to know. Your love gives my heart an overflow, words can’t even express; to what depths, Your love is trying to take my heart? But this one thing I know, my heart is truly in love. Your love is the poetry that moves my soul, the true emotions that have left my heart vulnerable; a wonderful place to be, within every poetic moment. I will forever let Your love speak to my heart, my soul still needs to discover; more ways to write about this poetic love. Your love is a poem, let my heart forever be the muse!

Your love is more than just words, it’s living, very active; deep within every breath of my heart. Loving You, is so much more than me writing pretty words. It’s the poetic love, that doesn’t just move; but truly inspires my soul. Let my heart be a true instrument, let Your love forever be the inspiration. My heart is on a journey, with a love that flows deep within; moving throughout the innermost parts of my soul. This love is a poem, my heart has so much more to say; about This Poetic Love!


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